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They’re Still In It! Fire and Ice SC’s Coach Z Is On the Couch!

We think she might be the second most capped guest on the pod, and Lindsey Kennedy-Eversmeyer has the full scoop on losing the Midwest final and somehow making it to the National Semifinals! We discuss the WPSL’s lack of presence on social media, how polite Coach Z is when she yells at refs, and how […]


Dr. Sample Provides The Podcast Rants.

Because they’re repeats of what we’ve said about the disappointing performances as of late, Mitch samples the statements from previous pods and plays the repetitive statements. Brad gets annoyed, so we say the same things we said without the sampler. We discuss the World Cup, the soon-to-be-announced USL teams, the Britney’s preparing for the playoffs, […]


Bird Wants to Talk World Cup. So We Do.

Not much to say after Saturday’s game. Just wasn’t good nor our night. But there’s a lot of soccer news going on…Loisville’s coaching change, Charity Du Jour, and oh yeah, the World Cup. We discuss all the above, the state of US Soccer (it’s not good), and take your questions. Settle in, it’s a long […]


We Are Live From the STLFC Trivia Night With Tomas Gomez!

Before the trivia night gets started, we got together, drank a few STLFC Ale’s from Schlafly, and sat down with goalkeeper Tomas Gomez! After recovering from injury, Tomas has been unbeatable in goal. How’s he doing it? He’s gonna share his secret trick with us! I’m kidding. No tricks, all skills. We talk the come […]


Live From Schlafly At the New STLFC Ale Release!

That’s right, the new beer is being released and we are onsite to celebrate the release! Unfortunately mother nature tried to spoil the night, so we moved in from the patio to the Crown Room to continues sampling the tasty ale and talk to our friends. We are joined by defender Phanuel Kavita first, talking […]


That Was a Statement Win.

The boys showed their character saturday night after a dreadful midweek game, and that character is tough. Nothing to complain about from the game; the players were all top notch, and the Louligans brought it as well. It’s nice having a positive podcast, even though we’ve been told the negative ones are better. I’d rather […]


Therapy is Now In Session. We’re Here To Get Better.

It’s been a hard few weeks for the team. The fans are frustrated. But Dr. Mitch, Dr. Bird, and Dr. Brad are here to help you get through it. We discuss the struggles, and how we can get better. We let you vent on social media today, and we took your takes to the airwaves. […]


The Road to the Open Cup Goes Through Louisville

We discuss the win in Duluth last week to start the show; that leads to where we’re headed this week: Louisville. The Kings Cup will be a winner-take-all in Louisville. And the Nut Cup. 🙂 . Mitch and Brad are headed down, while Matt prepares to head to Colorado Springs for the saturday match. We […]


We are Due.

According to Matt Bird, we are due in the US Open Cup. We won’t get ahead of ourselves though; first up is Duluth in Minnesota. The boys are already up there and ready to play. We discuss the game at OC Blues (I won’t call them otherwise), and how the team rebounded after the bad […]


Two Losses in Eight Games. It’s Not the Same Old.

Was the loss against LA Galaxy II a mess? Yep. But we think it’s an anomaly. This team is better than that, and still scored three goals. What really matters is how they recover against Orange County. We recap this and the game against Portland Timbers II, take your questions, and talk about the US […]


We Are On Location at Sugarfire 44 With Head Coach Ant Pulis!

First off, thanks to Sugarfire for hosting us and for the newest sandwich to their specials, the This Is Silly! It was delicious! Head coach Anthony Pulis is on the pod tonight, and we get in depth about the team’s form, dealing with injuries, and how we keep progressing. Ant gets into a lot of […]


Corey Hertzog is on the Pod. 100 Percent.

One of the biggest offseason signings is on the show! Corey continues the streak of entertaining players that join us for a chat. This veteran knows the league and has shown he can produce, but also produces good stories as much as he scores. (Which is often) We talk about his time in the league, […]


Seven Points Out of Nine? We Are Pleased.

It’s not quite back on, but we really like what we’re seeing so far. I know, when we’re playing well the show isn’t as good as when we struggle. But I think the three of us are perfectly fine with it. We talk about the game this weekend, the upcoming game against OKC. We discuss […]


GM Jeremy Alumbaugh Checks In!

It’s been a different feel this season, and the team feels it as well. General Manager Jeremy Alumbaugh is here with us on the couch to give his impressions of the season so far, what he’s seen, and what he wants to see. (Hint: More GOALS.) Jeremy may not be as frank as Sean Reynolds […]


Sean Reynolds Lays It Down on the Pod!

Just like his tackle saturday, he’s going to cover it all and make you take notice. Seriously, maybe one of our favorite interviews. Sean tells you the unvarnished truth, and is as standup on the couch as he is on the pitch. He’s got great stories, an amazing experience, and shows what the make up […]


Captain Jonathan Barden Sits on the Couch!

The hard tackling #2 joins us tonight to talk about the first two games of the season. What’s the mood among an all-new team coming in to the home opener? He’s going to let us know. Jonathan also shares what the locker room is like, how the team is coming together, and how they’re looking […]


The Last Podcast of the Preseason!

From here on out, they all matter. It was a great away day saturday to see Saint Louis FC play Louisville City; we talk about the 1-1 draw, our takeaways from it, and what it’s going to mean for the team’s starting eleven friday night. That’s right, friday night, it’s on. First game of the […]


2018 AGM

It wouldn’t be an AGM without technical difficulties. The laptop was unable to connect to the onboard, so we have to take the audio from the GoPro onstage for what we have here. It’s not the best, but better than nothing. Hope you were one of the several hundred in attendance and this is just […]


Saint Louis FC’s Newest Signing…Kyle Greig!

Here for less than 10 days, and already making an appearance on the couch! Kyle has played for several of our opponents over the years, so he knew what to expect when coming to St. Louis. He talks about that journey from Wilmington that led to St. Louis, and how the team is coming together […]


Our Last Week Without Soccer!

…because starting next week, the preseason is under way! And it can’t come soon enough. Seriously. We need live soccer again. It’s a drug, and we’re hooked. (Does that make Jeremy our pusher?) So we talk about the buildup to the season…what other teams are up to, what our former players are doing, and what […]