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Live From Schlafly: Women’s Soccer Is the Topic!

At this point in the soccer landscape, there isn’t a reason to dedicate a special episode to the women. The USWNT is significantly more successful than the men’s team. The Fire and Ice are by far and away the most successful soccer team in St. Louis over the Louligan’s history. But there’s a lot of […]


A Special Edition: It’s All About the Ladies!

At this point in the soccer landscape, there isn’t a reason to dedicate a special episode to the women. The USWNT is significantly more successful than the men’s team. The Fire and Ice are by far and away the most successful soccer team in St. Louis over the Louligan’s history. But there’s a lot of […]


The Break is Over, 2019 is Underway!

As our friend Sam Wise said, the season starts with the American Outlaws STL vs Louligans Charity Match. And it was a great one! We’ve got a lot to talk about. More than I can type here. It’s been almost a month with the holiday break, so a lot to cover, and lets be honest, […]


Like The World Cup, He Appears Once Every Four Years…

Former USMNT Captain, NASL Rookie of the Year, Steamers Legend, and Wichita Public Enemy #1, Steve Pecher joins us! Steve’s stories are always some of the best we’ve heard. He doesn’t need a green jacket to share the St. Louis soccer history we all know and love; he lived it and he’s here to make […]


Offseason Starts, But #MLS4TheLou is Kicking Into High Gear!

Now that the Phoenix Drogbas have lost to the two time champs Louisville, USL news is pretty much nonexistant. But that’s ok, we spent 10 minutes with Carolyn Kindle-Betz, of the effort to bring MLS to St. Louis today. The boys talk about that progress, what’s going on with the Board of Aldermen, and what […]


Fan Favorite Sean Reynolds Joins Us!

Sean is one of our favorite guests, and seems to be one of the listeners as well. He doesn’t hold back, can hold court with his stories and opinions, and we always end up chatting longer than anticipated as a result. Sean talks about the end of the season, what he’s looking forward to for […]


The Season May Be Over But We’re Not Done Yet.

After a disappointing game saturday, we begrudgingly accept the end of the season. But the pod isn’t done with that. We’ll keep doing shows, most likely every two weeks unless there’s big news. And we don’t have much news this week, so it’s mostly a recap and take your hot takes. Listen as you do, […]



That’s all it is, isn’t it? We’ve made the playoffs. We needed four points in two games, and we got it. And here we sit, playing the team’s first playoff game on saturday. So needless to say, there’s so much to talk about with STLFC. Playoffs, Louligan Player of the Year, the road leading up […]


Playoff Push Comes With MLS News!

Sorry for the embargo on the release…but we were bound by the law of International Waters…Or threats by Jim and Tom. Jim Kavanaugh, CEO of WorldWide Technology and CEO of Saint Louis FC, calls in to the show to talk about the news today (well, for you listening) regarding #MLS4TheLou!!! Jim and the Taylor family […]


Lewis Hilton Agrees With Bird: US Chocolate Tastes Like Waxy Vomit.

Waxy vomit? You should listen to find out why. Bird won’t say it’s back on, but I think the rest of us are now. Not only are we excited about our form, so’s our guest, midfield dynamo Lewis Hilton. Lewis is definitely a top contender for Louligan Player of the Year, and we’re happy to […]


We Saw a Road Win For the First Time as a Group.

…but as Sean Reynolds said, “we’re not f**king done yet”. We own our own destiny. And it starts this weekend against San Antonio. we absolutely have to PACK THE PARK. Bring friends, even if they don’t want to go. We talk about the huge win in Kansas City on saturday, the joy of riding a […]


Lost Two of the Last Eight. Control Our Own Fate.

While the Portland game was disappointing, and we were “angry for the team” as Bird put it, it’s not the end of the season. The character of this team seems to be able to take care of business. We discuss it, and we will see how it goes. We’ll be there regardless. And next year […]


A Draw In Seattle Isn’t As Bad As Thought.

True, we should pick up points where we can, but we can’t complain about a draw on the road. Win at home, tie on the road. Next two games against teams ahead of us are important, and that’s what we talk about. There wasn’t much news this week, but we have an in depth discussion […]


The Streak Ends, But Time To Start Another One.

The loss may have ended the streak of not losing, but we’ll start another one Saturday. The game in Fresno was gonna be rough with travel after a midweek game. But the hosts aren’t worried; in fact, they’re ready for the run to the playoffs. We take your questions, talk about the This Is Silly […]


Jeremy Alumbaugh Returns and It’s Without Complaining At Him!

A FOUR GAME WIN STREAK! Jeremy Alumbaugh sits down with us to talk about riding the storm out and getting these results. And some results they have been! Undefeated in 5, 4 wins in a row…it’s safe to say the boys have gelled and are getting after it. Bird won’t say it’s back on, and […]


Two Wins is Good. Three Will Be a Streak.

It’s nice having a positive podcast where we have nothing but good takeaways from the previous game! The boys looked good on saturday, but the test is coming up…the next few games we can own our destiny and make a jump in the standings. We do the usual: talk about the league, the upcoming game, […]


Joey Calistri Joins The Pod!

Joey sits down with us and talks about USL and MLS life, coming on to games and making a difference, and the infamous Sportscenter moment. Not his, Kyle Culbertson’s. 🙂 We cover this week’s poll, the news, and all the in betweens. Listen cause Joey’s mom told you to!


We’re Almost Like A Radio Show This Week.

We follow the format: general talk, interview, news, and questions. We’re just missing weather and the traffic on the nines. Lots to talk about: Fire and Ice’s run ends in disappointment, STLFC puts in a hard game against a quality opponent, and then we air an interview Mitch did with Aedan Stanley before he heads […]


They’re Still In It! Fire and Ice SC’s Coach Z Is On the Couch!

We think she might be the second most capped guest on the pod, and Lindsey Kennedy-Eversmeyer has the full scoop on losing the Midwest final and somehow making it to the National Semifinals! We discuss the WPSL’s lack of presence on social media, how polite Coach Z is when she yells at refs, and how […]


Dr. Sample Provides The Podcast Rants.

Because they’re repeats of what we’ve said about the disappointing performances as of late, Mitch samples the statements from previous pods and plays the repetitive statements. Brad gets annoyed, so we say the same things we said without the sampler. We discuss the World Cup, the soon-to-be-announced USL teams, the Britney’s preparing for the playoffs, […]