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A fun journey into the world of professional wrestling from a fan's perspective.

A fun journey into the world of professional wrestling from a fan's perspective.


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A fun journey into the world of professional wrestling from a fan's perspective.






CW Anderson – UTRR081

This week we go back to 2001 and talk to former ECW star CW Anderson. Anderson talks about how he got started in wrestling and working out at the WCW Power Plant. Plus how he was in the right place at the right time when he got his job with ECW. Anderson talks about his […]


Tom visits the Beach Shop – UTRR080

Enjoy this weeks show as we present to you our 80th episode. Tom talks about his week in Florida and how he visited the holy grail for Hogan fans. Plus he had a chance to meet Jimmy Hart and talk with him a little. It was a great vacation for a wrestling...


AEW Ramblings – UTRR079

With AEW Fyter Fest just around the corner, we felt is was a great time to discuss how AEW is doing and what we like and don't like. Tom and I both talk about our poor luck in trying to get tickets to All Out and reminisce about All In. Plus a look ahead...


Former Nitro Girl Fyre – UTRR078

We open the Under the Ring Report Vault and go back to 2000 and listen to an interview we did with Teri Byrne, formerly Fyre of the Nitro Girls. She talks about her time in WCW and being part of the Nitro Girls. Plus she talks about when things started t...


I’m Taking a Break WWE – UTRR077

I'll apologize for the rant on WWE before we start, but I'm still pissed at Lesnar winning MITB. This week we talk about the problems with WWE and why we've both lost interest in the product. So much talent and resources and you still can't put on a comp...


Superstar Shakeup & ACW – UTRR076

This week we talk about the aftermath of the WWE Superstar shakeup. It's been three weeks and we have high hopes for a few superstars that could make big impacts on the new brands they are a part of. Plus I recap my experience at this years ACW WaterCity...


Biggest Wrestling Weekend of the Year -UTRR075

After close to 20 hours of watching Wrestling, I think we will both tap out. At least it's only once a year, so now we talk about what we like and what didn't work. Enjoy our big takeaways from Wrestlemania weekend, including NXT Takeover and the G1. Plu...


Who’s excited for Wrestlemania – UTRR074

Wrestlemania is almost here so Tom and I try to find something to get excited about. It's strange to not be counting down the days for the Granddaddy of them all, instead it just feels like another regular PPV. Plus I test Tom's Wrestlemania knowledge wi...


General Skandor Akbar – UTRR073

This week we go back to the Under The Ring Report archives and listen to an interview with the late General Skandor Akbar. He was a main stay in World Class Wrestling and GWF managing some of the who's who of professional wrestling. His stable Devastatio...


More Live Show Memories – UTRR072

Tom was a little upset he missed a chance to talk about his first live wrestling show, so this we we revisit the topic and talk about all the shows we've been at. Tom talks about a show that has very special meaning to him and I almost forgot that I was ...


I Want Out – UTRR071

This week Tom is back and we talk about Dean Ambrose's decision to not resign with WWE. We throw around ideas of what he could do next. Plus we talk about Hideo Itami asking for his release and being granted it, plus what could have been if injuries hadn...


First live Wrestling Event Memories – UTRR070

This week John is flying solo, so it will be a short show. We look back on his first live wrestling show he attended and he talks about the excitement and fun he had at a WWF show in 1989. Feel free to lets us know about your first show you attended and ...


Change the World – UTRR069

Welcome to 2019 and with it comes a lot of news from the world of professional wrestling. Tom and I discuss our thoughts on All Elite Wrestling and their first big event Double or Nothing. Then we talk about where we rank this years Wrestle Kingdom 13 an...


2018 Year End Awards – UTRR068

It's time to look back on 2018 and share our awards for the best of 2018. Tom and I handed out a lot of awards to NXT this year and we discuss some of the things that made 2018 such a great year for wrestling. Hope you enjoy and thanks to everyone that ...


Elite Free Agents – UTRR067

This week it time to break down the hottest free agents wrestling for 2019. We talk about where we think the Elite will end up and some of the pitfalls they could encounter depending on where the decide to go. Plus a new hot tag that includes our thought...


Flashback Interview with Dan Severn – UTRR066

This week we dig into the Under the Ring Report archives and present an interview with Dan "The Beast" Severn from 1999. Dan is the first man to ever compete for UFC and WWE and is a UFC Hall of Famer. This was right after Dan had ended his run in WWE an...


What We’re Thankful For 2018 – UTRR065

It's the 2nd annual What We're Thankful for show. So many things happened this year in professional wrestling and Tom and John countdown what they are most thankful for. Enjoy this special Thanksgiving edition, plus a special Hot Tag. Facebook Discussi...


The Gift of Jericho – UTRR064

The last couple of years have been some of the best of Chris Jericho's career and it's time to have a serious talk about how much he is changing the business. Tom and I discuss how he's been part of some of the biggest independent events in the last year...


Wrestling with Movies – UTRR063

It time to talk our favorite wrestling movies and least favorite wrestling movies. Plus favorite wrestler in a movie and worst wrestler in a movie. We had do some digging for some of these movies, plus we found out that one wrestler did a softcore porn m...

Our Favorite Managers – UTRR062

Since WWE seems to be bringing back managers to their weekly programing, Tom and John decided to discuss some of their favorite managers of all time. We give our criteria for a good manager and also who we feel is the best managers of all time and some m...