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A weekly Pokemon TCG Podcast

A weekly Pokemon TCG Podcast
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A weekly Pokemon TCG Podcast




Victory Star #7: Preparing for Harrogate Regionals!

As we approach the Harrogate Regionals, Elec7rify takes us through his preparation process and what deck he might be running. We also look at the two recent Japanese tournaments that completed including some really interesting decks! Plus we take a look at a HUGE batch of non-GX Pokemon leaked over in Japan. What Pokemon is the best? Which fails to impress the two? (Well, mainly Elec, Hardy loves everything!) Plus we answer your questions! Music by Jonny Atma!


Victory Star #6: Tag-Team Takeover!

All of Japan's Sun/Moon 9 Set leaked and there are so many cards to talk about that it needs to be split into two weeks! First up though, there's 4 new Tag Team GX's to take a look at as well as the new Trainer cards we will be getting. Plus we take a brief look at the Roanoke and Brisbane Regionals from the past week and discuss how little the meta-game can seem to change at times. Then we answer YOUR questions as well as a very special discussion about steaks! Don't forget to follow us so...


Victory Star #5: A Dragonite Dragon Fight!

A new Dragonite card is causing a rift between Hardy and Elec7rify. What does it do and why do they disagree so much? Meanwhile, Magikarp and Wailord is here and towers over every other card EVER! Plus a look at more new cards, a passionate prediction about the 2019 Rotation, a LIVE pack opening by Hardy and advice on the best budget decks for starting out! Intro music by Jonny Atma!


Victory Star #4: International Incident!

The Sao Paulo Internationals are behind us with a very controversial finish to the Masters Finals! What happened and who won in the end? Plus we take a look at new cards revealed including a Supporter that will likely become a staple in every deck as well as a special trip down memory lane with a look at the...not so great history of Charizard. Plus we answer YOUR questions and much more on the fourth episode of Victory Star! Intro music by Jonny Atma!


Victory Star #3: Time to EXPAND our Knowledge!

This weeks episode of Victory Star we discuss... Tweet us @VictoryStarPod with your thoughts and questions for future episodes and follow our Youtube Channel Hardy on Twitter Elec7rify on Twitter Music by Jonny Atma!


Victory Star #2: The Top 10 Cards of Lost Thunder!

Hardy and Elec7rify break down their personal Top 10 most anticipated cards for the new Pokemon TCG Set, Lost Thunder! Which card will take #1? Share your picks with us on Twitter @VictoryStarPod! Intro Music by Jonny Atma!


Victory Star #1: A Pokemon TCG Podcast!

Welcome to the first episode of Victory Star, a weekly Pokemon TCG Podcast hosted by FoolHardy and Elec7rify. In the first episode, we introduce ourselves and how we got into the game, and then cover a variety of topics, from which decks we are currently playing, which deck is the best in the format, as well as taking a look at the recent Tournament in Chile and our Lost Thunder pre-release experience!