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Road Warrior Animal and host Joe Roderick talk about the old days of professional wrestling and the current product you see week-to-week. RoadWarriorAnimal.com @WhatARushPod

Road Warrior Animal and host Joe Roderick talk about the old days of professional wrestling and the current product you see week-to-week. RoadWarriorAnimal.com @WhatARushPod
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Road Warrior Animal and host Joe Roderick talk about the old days of professional wrestling and the current product you see week-to-week. RoadWarriorAnimal.com @WhatARushPod






Episode 64: Hockey & Wrestling Talk

Joe and Joe open this week's show talking hockey???? As both show hosts are from the St. Louis area, they discuss the St. Louis Blues winning their first ever Stanley Cup. Has Animal ever touched the Cup? Stories of the Laurinaitis family playing hockey, and more. Then we move on to the latest in pro wrestling, with a recap of the Saudi Super Showdown, and what changes need to be made to the current product. Sponsored by: Teige Hanley Skin Care for Men (Tiege.com/WhatARush and code WHATARUSH...


Episode 63: Double or Nothing review and more stories about Vince

Fresh off a weekend in Vegas for Starrcast II and AEW's first show, Double or Nothing, Animal talks about what he liked from the debut of wrestling's newest company. Also, after hearing Jon Moxley talk with Chris Jericho, Animal shares 2 legendary Legion of Doom stories about times he had to deal with ideas that Vince thought would be home runs. Sponsors: Blue Chew (CODE: RUSH) Glory Pro Wrestling Nocking Point Wine


Episode 62: Owen Hart Tribute

20 years ago, on 5/23/1999, Owen Hart tragically passed away in a WWF ring. On this week's episode, Joe talks about his friendship with Owen, the first time they met, ribs Owen played on Joe, Owen's death, and attending the funeral. All as we remember the late, great Owen Hart. Also, Joe and Joe give their thoughts on the MITB show from last Sunday and the new 24/7 Championship. The guys also talk about the passing of Ashley Massarro and her inclusion in the concussion lawsuit. Sponsors:...


Episode 61: Thoughts on the WWE product and Vince McMahon

There have been a lot of thoughts recently about Raw and Smackdown's poor ratings, with rumors of what the atmosphere has been like backstage in the WWE. With AEW soon to arrive, how will the landscape of professional wrestling change over the next few months? And what was it like to work for Vince at different times over the years? Animal gives you his thoughts and more in this week's episode. Glory Pro Wrestling Blue Chew Nocking Point Wine


Best Of What A Rush: Conrad Thompson, X-Pac, and Jim Cornette!

On this best of episode of What A Rush with Road Warrior Animal, Starrcast's Conrad Thompson, WWE Hall Of Famer X-Pac, and legendary manager Jim Cornette are all here!


Episode 60: Jay Lethal

Let Joe and Animal take you back to WrestleMania week in New York this week on the podcast. We travel to the backstage areas of Madison Square Garden where the guys had a chance to interview, then ROH champ, Jay Lethal prior to his match at the G1 Supercard.


Episode 59: WrestleMania and New York Weekend Recap

Animal and Joe have returned from New York where WrestleMania weekend has come and gone. Hear stories of their days in the city, what to expect in future episodes, thoughts on the G1 Supercard, and everything that happened in the WWE. Sponsored by: Nocking Point Wine Blue Chew Glory Pro


Episode 58: WrestleMania 35 Preview

Animal and Joe are back before they head off to New York for WrestleMania. This week they preview the card on Sunday and also talk about the class for the Hall of Fame on Saturday. Hear Animal's thoughts on everything, with a few predictions thrown in as well. Sponsors: Nocking Point Wines Blue Chew Statements Games: Behind the Barricade


Episode 57: Stevie Ray

This week Animal talks to a soon to be Hall of Famer, and 1/2 of another great tag team, Stevie Ray. The 2 discuss tag team wrestling today compared to 20 years ago. Why they never worked a program together. Comparing each other team's managers. And so much more. It's a Hall of Fame edition of the What A Rush Podcast that you don't want to miss. Sponsored by: Glory Pro Wrestling Nocking Point Wines Blue Chew


Episode 56: Fastlane and Road to WrestleMania

Animal and Joe Roderick give their thoughts on last weekend's Fastlane PPV and the Road to WrestleMania, with topics including wrestlers repeating the same move, Shane's heel turn, Kofi vs Vince, and the Women's Triple Threat buildup. Animal also talk about the passing of his dear friend Wally Yamaguchi. Sponsors include: Nocking Point Wines Statement Games Behind the Barricade WrestleMania Tailgate Party Blue Chew Pro Wrestling Tees Glory Pro Wrestling


Episode 55: Tribute To King Kong Bundy

One of the first wrestlers to be associated with Hawk and Animal was King Kong Bundy, and 30+ years later you know Animal is going to have some stories to share about a wrestling legend who passed away earlier this week. Hear some of them on this week's episode, along with Animal's thoughts on the Road to WrestleMania which saw a few great promos this week. Also be sure to check out our newest sponsor StatementGames.com, and see the deal they have on an awesome WrestleMania Tailgate Party...


Episode 54

After month off, Animal and Joe return to catch up on where they were all of February. From car wrecks to teeth pulled to miles and miles of travel the boys we catch up on the world of wrestling and talk about WrestleMania SZN. Sponsored by Blue Chew (promo code RUSH) and Nocking Point Wine (promo code ANIMAL)


Episode 53: DDP & Ken Shamrock

While Joe is doing his St. Louis radio duties this week from Radio Row in Atlanta, he's found a few of Animal's old friends to bring on the show. DDP and Ken Shamrock each sit down with Joe and they call back to Animal to reminisce and talk about a variety of topics. 2 truly unique interviews this week! Sponsors: Blue Chew Come Hell of High Water on FiteTV Nocking Point Wine Glory Pro Wrestling


Episode 52: PCO

This week's guest on the What A Rush Podcast isn't human... he's PCO. Animal and PCO faced off on a Raw back in 1998 which you can see on the Network, but in this episode they talk about the difference between singles and tag wrestling, along with PCO's first memory of Animal and Hawk, and how he has reinvented himself over the past 18 months. Prior to PCO, Animal and Joe preview this Sunday's Royal Rumble. Sponsors: Blue Chew, Nocking Point Wine, Glory Pro Wrestling, and McAloon Productions


Episode 51: The War Kings

Animal brings on his newest proteges this week, Jax Dane and Crimson, The War Kings!!! The 3 of them, and Joe Roderick talk about their careers and what led them to having a Road Warrior in their corner for NWA today. Hard times in the old NWA and TNA, and how things are different today. Also, what the future might hold for this massive tag team. Also hear what WWE tag team Animal is a new fan of... Sponsored by Blue Chew and Nocking Point Wines


Episode 50: Talking AEW with Alex Marvez

This week was potentially groundbreaking in the world of wrestling with the introductory rally for All Elite Wrestling in Jacksonville, Florida. SiriusXM NFL host, Alex Marvez was there to serve as a co-MC and he joins the boys (11:00 mark) to talk about the atmosphere and the excitement surrounding the event. Animal also lets the world know that he wants to work with Cody and the Bucks on this new venture, the same way he once worked with Cody's father, Dusty. It's an exciting time to be a...


Episode 49: Remembering Mean Gene Okerlund

t's the first episode of 2019, but unfortunately it's a sad topic as Animal and Joe discuss the passing of "Mean" Gene Okerlund. Before talking about Gene, Animal addresses comments he made last episode that made their way to Becky Lynch and Tyler Breeze. Hear what the Hall of Famer had to say about the 2 WWE Superstars tweets about him. But back to Gene. Hear about Animal first meeting "Mean" Gene, and his last interaction with his fellow Hall of Famer. Hear clips of times that Gene...


Episode 48: WWE TLC Recap

Animal and Joe wrap up a great 2018 with one more show. Talking about all the great things in wrestling from 2018 and reviewing the TLC PPV, along with the return of the McMahons on Raw and Smackdown.


Episode 47: Christopher Daniels

Hours before the final ROH PPV of 2018, Christopher Daniels of SoCal Uncensored joins the podcast to talk about life in ROH and discusses tag team wrestling with Road Warrior Animal. How social media and merch sales have changed the business. ROH vs WWE in 2018 compared to 15 years ago. Growing up a wrestling fan. And so much more. Prior to Daniels, Animal talks about comments he made last weekend that were blown out of proportion and tells us how he feels about the Samoan tag team in WWE....


Episode 46: Earl Hebner

Animal and Joe continue their string of great interviews this week with Earl Hebner. The long time referee talks about the first Road Warriors match he called, and how important the ref's role is during a match. Animal and Earl also discuss how things have changed in recent years with the respect of officials. Before Earl, hear Animal's thoughts on the passings of Dynamite Kid and Animal's longtime friend and mentor, Larry Henning.