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The White Line Wireless cricket podcast will look at all the happenings in the world of cricket, with a focus on the Australian cricket scene. Informative and irreverent, engaging and entertaining, the White Line Wireless cricket podcast has all your cricketing needs covered!

The White Line Wireless cricket podcast will look at all the happenings in the world of cricket, with a focus on the Australian cricket scene. Informative and irreverent, engaging and entertaining, the White Line Wireless cricket podcast has all your cricketing needs covered!
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The White Line Wireless cricket podcast will look at all the happenings in the world of cricket, with a focus on the Australian cricket scene. Informative and irreverent, engaging and entertaining, the White Line Wireless cricket podcast has all your cricketing needs covered!






Week 9: 13 July - Durham and Leicestershire

Tangents this week include: Is Dame Nellie 1919’s Madonna or Taylor Swift? How WWI unified disparate cultures around Australia and why it holds such a central place in the development of Australian National Identity. Shakespearian dick jokes. Why Roller Derby is a better candidate sport for the Olympics than Cricket. Corrections this week include: The Australasian Championships become a major in 1924, the Australian Championships in 1927, and the Australian Open in 1969. Nurses serving with...


Week 8: 6 July - West of Scotland and Scotland (twice!)

This week the AIF head north to Scotland to play against the West of Scotland, and twice against Scotland, all in six days. Tangents include players who could have played for multiple nations, the Scottish weather, and the difficulty of getting selected when you’re from the bush.


Week 7: 29 June - Gentlemen of England and Northamptonshire

This week the AIF XI take on the best amateurs in England and then head of to 'hants. Tangents include rank and pay in the military, Canada's performance in the 2003 World Cup, and more nuggets of Gregory trivia.


Week 6: 22 June - Yorkshire and Hampshire

This week the AIF XI take on The County and then get rained out at Hampshire. Tangents include English versus Australian barracking, a young Hampshire player by the name of Dallas Brooks, and the cost in cricketers of the first world war.


Week 5: 15 June - Sussex and Lancashire

This week the AIF XI face Sussex and Lancashire. Tangents include the amateur professional divide, the impact of WWI on Australian identity, and using wickets made out of steel plates.


Week 4: 8 June - Surrey and The M.C.C.

This week the AIF are up against Surrey and The M.C.C., but the major story surrounds a captaincy controversy. Tangents include early 20th century handwriting, the importance of cricket to a normal life, and slumming it in 1919 London.


Week 3: 1 June 1919 - Middlesex and Oxford

Cow Corner's tour diary continues. This week we cover the games against Middlesex and Oxford, the safe arrival of airmen Hawker and Grieve, and tangents include the Danish royal family, the fielding philosophy of the aristocracy, and Australia’s relationship with England in the Edwardian era.


Week 2: 25 May 1919 - Essex and Cambridge

This week the AIF XI meet their first first-class opponents. They battle Essex in that county's return to first-class cricket from the war, and then Jack Gregory takes the students of Cambridge under his wing for an absolute master-class in fast bowling. Tangents include the Gregory's, Muscular Christianity, and honestly, probably too much laughing at Cambridge.


Week 1: 18 May 1919 - AIF XI v Lionel Robinson's XI

Anth is joined by Cam Boyle to read Cow Corner's diary of the first real week of the tour. Tangents this week include the development of the googlie, where the 'Test' match comes from, and John Pauls Getty I-III.


Week 0: 11 May 1919 - Introducing the Players

In this episode Anth is joined by Cam Boyle to read through the first of Cow Corner's diaries where he lays out the squad from which the side will be selected. Top tangents include why no one would want to live in Queensland in 1919, the nature of warfare at the turn of the 20th century, and Blackadder. To follow along with Cow Corner's interactive diaries, head to: https://anthonycondon.com/2019/05/06/0-5-may-1919/


Introduction to the Australian Imperial Forces XI

In 1919 a cricket team made up of Australian soldiers awaiting repatriation in England toured the U.K., South Africa, and Australia on a mission to rebuild cricket. Using the 'found diaries' of Cow Corner, a fictional journalist embedded with the team, Anthony Condon and a host of White Line Wireless favourites will take you through the tour week by week. In this first episode Anthony gives the context for the formation of the tour, as well as an explanation on the methodology behind the...


South African Music

While The Australians visited South Africa, Anth talked to Danish musicologist and producer Simon Lundsgaard about the development of South African music that led to Kwaito and Bubblegum. Not a whole lot of cricket in this one, but a great companion to the Apartheid episodes for those who want to get a deeper understanding of the cultural context of contemporary South Africa. There's also some sick tunes, a perfect way to start your Friday night.


Roar of the Crowd: #SandpaperGate

At lunch time on day four of the fourth Test in Cape Town, Anth Condon sat down with Supun Ambepitiya, Krish Prasad, and Yasitha Amarasinghe give their hot takes on #SandpaperGate. Who is the leadership team? What is an appropriate punishment? Where were the umpires? What is the reaction around the world? Plus a special bonus treat courtesy of @MessyJez and @GuerillaCricket - Ball Tampering Bancroft, the musical.


Tea Time Chat - Affiliates

Cam Boyle, Russ Degnan, and Anth Condon spend the tea break on Day 2 of the Third Test between South Africa and Australia in Cape Town discussing affiliate cricket. A homily to the value of the affiliates to world cricket, and a screed against rushing into the Olympics.


World Cup Qualifying update

Cam Boyle and Anth Condon had a chat about the ongoing World Cup Qualifiers during the tea break on Day 1 of the Third Test between South Africa and Australia. Pro-associate, anti-ICC content followed. And some obscure Dutch cricket trivia.


Roar of the Crowd: Sledging.

Live from the Lunch Show for Day 1 of the Third Test at Newlands, Cape Town, Cat Jones, Andrew Donnison, and Ben Renick take on this week's biggest cricketing sledging story, Smith v Rabada (with a side Philander hacking).


Pitches have niches

@AnthCondon is joined by @TheAmanMisra for this live (at the time) from India podcast. Responding to the call from The Grade Cricketer for a Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History of the WACA, Aman and Anth take a deep dive into the science and history of the cricket pitch. Should home teams be able to prepare pitches to their advantage? What's the deal with organic matter? Why do pitches get political? When did a wicket keeper open the batting for India? For more on the science behind this...


History of Dutch Cricket

Anth is joined my MJ Knoestler to take a deep dive into Dutch cricket. A game born on Flemish village greens, brought to England by religious refugees, distilled through the English aristocracy before returning through invasion - cricket's Dutch connections run deep and broad. Colonialism. Empire. World Wars. The story of Dutch cricket is the story of Europe.


Women's Test Cricket

Anth is joined by Liz Yates and Josh Robinson for an in depth discussion about the history of Women's Test Cricket. From the deep context of Victorian England's first wave of Feminism, through the early years of women's cricket and the first test in 1934. The history of the 20th century is examined through the careers of two of the greatest players of all time: Enid Blakewell and Betty Wilson. Finally we discuss how we've gotten to where we are today, the importance of supporting the game,...


Cricket and Alcohol

James Wickham of @TheDrinksBreak joins @AnthCondon to talk about booze. From being the raison d'être of English v Australian internationals through to David Warner smacking Joe Root in the melon, we take a hazy trip down blackout lane to look at one of the fundamentals of Australian cricket culture. Includes tales of the questionable Don Bradman, and the legendary David Boon.