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would really appreciate if i could have my show on tunein. thanks Big Lou

would really appreciate if i could have my show on tunein. thanks Big Lou
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would really appreciate if i could have my show on tunein. thanks Big Lou






Thomas And Amy Podcast

The adventurous couple who enjoy riding bikes together, Thank you Thomas and Amy Rambacher for coming on the show and Talking story with us. We got to hear about the awesome trips they both have been on including racing some Enduro World Series events in Europe. Racing EWS is no joke and you must be both physically and mentally prepared. Stages are long and raced on some downhill tracks and the days are long. We also got to hear about Dr. Thomas Rambacher positive impact on his patients...


George Smith podcast

Who knew that making beer was a mix of mad science and chemistry. We had the pleasure of talking story with Cismontane Brewing Co, George Smith. He's the manager and the man responsible for the cask brews the are released every week. Uncle B and I learned a bunch and got some inside info on the future of the company. Sometimes its not about what the current trends are that makes you a hit, Cismontane's a perfect example of doing what you want and being successful. We are very grateful for...


The Real Talk- Dayseeker 1.02

We have an excellent and entertaining podcast show for you guys today. We had the pleasure of having Dayseeker in the studio along with cohost #TheRealTalk Neal Hairston!!!! Dayseeker has been selected to be one of many awesome bands on the Vans Warped Tour 2018. We got to know more about who they really are and what they are all about. Make sure to give them a follow and stay connected with us as we continue to deliver fun, educational, entertaining and quality content.


The Real Talk - Enter Neal 1.01

Yeah buddy.. I would like to introduce our newest addition to the Beyond the bike network. The Real Talk with Neal Hairston, we still need to come up with his nickname..any suggestions?? I have known him for a long time and am stoked to welcome into the studio for a once maybe twice a month show. His show will be guest based and will cover anything and everything with music and so much more. Make sure to follow him in the Insta at 101thereal. Cheers amigos


Luke & Jason From RIGd Supply Podcast

Another Awesome show with cohost Brenton Ong aka UncleB, we had the pleasure of hosting RIGd Supply's very own Luke Wronski and Jason Denny. These guys are very passionate of the great outdoors, overlanding and hanging out with friends and family. Luke and Jason with RIGd Supply is all about and how they help people, not only connect with like minded off-road enthusiasts but people who want to buy and sell outdoor products and not worry about scammers. Blessed to call them my friends and...


Julieanna Castellanos With Destiny Rescue Podcast

WOW that was a great podcast with someone who has a passion for helping others in need. I had the pleasure to talk story with Julieanna Castellanos from Destiny Rescue which is a not for profit organization that focus on the sex trafficking trade in countries like India, Thailand, Cambodia and others. Got to learn so much on how Destiny Rescue works. From training under cover personnel who pose as customers to find under age kids working as prostitutes to helping entire villages grow and...


BS With Uncle B Episode 5

Another fun and entertaining BS with UncleB episode. We enjoyed some awesome brews from Epic Brewery located in Utah. We talk story about his adventures in Utah and Hawaii. We discuss the recent trend of beer news, you know the lawsuit of Stone Brewing vs. MillerCoors because of how MillerCoors uses Keystone name on the new cans. Kinda looks like they are trying to confuse people into buying Keystone instead of Stone Brewery beer. We also cover what people may consider a dip or slowdown in...


Homeless Solutions With John And Sheena

All eyes on Orange County as they tackle the Santa Ana riverbed homeless situation head on thanks to the Honorable Judge O.Carter. Will this plan work or will it create a bigger problem? We had the pleasure of talking to though provoking artivist John Safari and social worker Sheena Innocente. I truly hope we can find a permanent fix and help these people get back on there feet. Some unfortunately will refuse the help, and thats something we need to plan for.


Who Is Megan Welch podcast

Another awesome podcast episode with a local shredder Megan Welch who rips on a bike. We get to know all about Megan and why she got into bikes. So awesome to have so many women riding and racing bikes.


Barley Forge Head Of Brewing: Kevin Buckley

Stoked on having our first ever beer guest and this one is a big deal. the Magic man behind Barley Forge Brewing, Kevin Buckey was our special guest. We got a little glimpse on how it all works at the brewery and how big the brewery business has gotten. He walks us through the brewing steps and how they keep the beer consistent. If you guys haven't stoped by Barley Forge in Costa Mesa I encourage you to do so, good beer, good food and a good vibe. Cheers!! Can't thank co-host Brenton Ong...


Brent Foes Podcast

Stoked to finally get Hall of Fame bike legend Brent Foes into the Hits 101 radio studio. Brent shared is story on how he got into fabrication and build off road race trucks and winning championships and later starting Foes Fab in 1992. He brought the offroad aspect into mountain biking and build the industry's first 6 inch mountain bike and all built by hand. We got to hear how the bike building process works and how much work it takes to build these works of art on wheels. Brent also...


Nature Of The Pure Show

Such a fun filled and entertaining show with the Nature of the Pure band. Thoroughly enjoyed the banter, beers, BS and the passion they have for creating and playing music with each other and for others. We got to know who they are and what they are all about. We got to hear recently released music, Grind and Bear it and got hooked up with the latest song that will be released in a few months was well as other tracks. Cant thank the guys enough for coming into the Hits 101 radio studio...


Troupe Racing Roastery Podcast

Still buzzing after taking story with the guys from Troupe Racing Roastery (Tim and Travis) and cohost UncleB. We learned how it all started and the passion and dedication these guys have to roasting and selecting the best coffee beans so we all can enjoy it. Tim and Travis are the backbone of not only the coffee biz but they also manage a mountain bike race team and use Troupe Racing Roastery to fund the race team. Go to and at check out use *Beyondthebike* to get...


Racing With Chivo Podcast

Gonna be a fun filled race season with this new Kinda Tires contingency program. The Path Bike shop race team has teamed up with Kenda Tire to support Kenda racers. Stoked to have Raul aka Chivo be the key guy to work on race bikes!! Raul and Kenda will be all the California Enduro Series and the Socal endure and endurance series. You can email to get signed up to be part of this awesome program. Cheers amigos


Chrismas Special 2017 With UncleB

Feliz Navidad amigos!!! we have an awesome show for your listening pleasure. This is our first ever Christmas special with UncleB playing the ukulele for our closing show song. Cant tell ya how blessed and stoked we are to have had so many amazing people on the show to talk story with us. Looking forward to an even better 2017. But before we ring in the new year we will have Nature of the Pure to close out the year of 2017!!


Who Is Warren Hornaday Podcast

Another awesome guest has graced the Beyond the Bike studio with a awesome story. I have known Warren for years and now i feel like I really know him. Thats what this show is about, talking story and getting to know people. Who knew that Warren would travel 1,400 miles with very little money in his pocket to get from Washington to Nebraska and meet awesome people in the process. Its like a Forest Gump moment- I felt like riding lol.


BS With Uncle B Episode 4 - Baja

One of our funnest BS with Uncle B podcast episodes to date. Brenton makes his Ukulele debut live on where we do our live show every Friday night at 7:30 pm!! We cover our recent Baja trip to ride awesome trials with our amigos and drink killer craft beers from Cerveceria Agua Mala and a few others in Ensenada. Thanks to the hospitality from David Franco who runs the local Ensenada Enduro Series and as always from the staff from Horsepower Ranch.


La Ruta With Kimmi Runner and amigo Dan Blurton

We welcome Kimmi Runner back into the studio to get the scoop on her latest and greatest adventure, racing one of the hardest endurance races in the world. La Ruta de conquistadors in Costa Rica. Kimmi is such a badass and proud to call her an friend and coach who has helped and inspired me to do endurance races. Dan Blurton also joins us to talk story about his endurance win at the 8 hours and Vail in Temecula.


BS With UncleB Episode 3

Aloha amigos and welcome to the third installment of BS with UnleB with special guest Uncle Jo from Hawaii. We chatted about my recent Baja trip and the local brewery I visited. Was awesome to hear about Uncle Jo's traveling adventures all over the state and all the breweries he had visited. Uncle Jo also shares about all the trail work he and others had done in Hawaii and if you have plans to head to Hawaii and want to get a mtb ride in, check out We enjoy good beers from...


OverTheHump Podcast with special special guest Mike Franze!!

Aloha amigos, I had the pleasure of having Matt Wenger and Adam Olson, the fellas of the wold famous midweek mountain bike race series, Over The Hump series. Was stoked that my friend Mike Franze was also able to sit down and talk story. We chatted about how OTH started and how huge it has gotten and wow almost 10 years of racing fun. Matt also shares a bit about his families traveling adventures all over the US and Mike chats about racing and what a positive impact OTH has been to kids on...


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