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would really appreciate if i could have my show on tunein. thanks Big Lou

would really appreciate if i could have my show on tunein. thanks Big Lou
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would really appreciate if i could have my show on tunein. thanks Big Lou






Guns & California, Evan's Gun World Podcast -Beyond The Bike radio

We would like to Thank Evan's Gun World owner Peter Schumacher for coming into the Hits 101 radio studio to talk story with us all about guns. Pete shares his experiences working and doing business in California. We wanted to get a first had experience on the process of applying for a CCW the do's and don'ts of a legal gun owner. Lots of important and useful information in this podcast, take a listen and if you have any questions go see Pete over at Evan's Gun World in Orange.


Enter Charles Grace Podcast- Beyond The Bike Podcast

We welcome back local singer/song writer Charles Grace into the Hits101 radio studios in Costa Mesa CA. It's always a treat when we have a returning guest with news about upcoming music and tour dates!! We highly recommend you taking a look at his music and show some support. Its tough to be an artist let alone an artist in California where everything is extremely expensive and most artist are on a pay to play system.


Rock n Road Cyclery podcast with Matt Ford and Brandon Gritters- Bike Centric Hour with JayStey

We had the pleasure of having Matt Ford, owner and founder of Rock n Road Cyclery (4 locations) and long time supporter and ambassador Brandon Gritters on the Bike Centric hour with JayStey. So much goodness mixed in with good beers and an insight on being a bike shop owner in SoCal. Matt shared how and why he started RnR and the gradual progress of growing his company. Matt also shares his love and passion for the community and racing. Brandon shares his racing background and how he got...


We Heart Whiskey With Len Eckstein Of Deerhammer Distilling Company - Beyond The Bike Podcast

Where to start on this rad podcast....ok here ya go. We had the awesome pleasure to do our first ever over the phone podcast with Len Eckstein owner of Deerhammer Distilling Company from Buena Vista Co. ( No its pronounced Bee-una Vista lol) This podcast was packed full of awesome info on who-what-where-when and why Whiskey. Something we like to preach on is authentic and organic content and this ladies and gentlemen was that and then some, kinda like your favorite episode of California's...


Comedy - Politics And VIdeo Games With Jerry Rocha- Beyond The Bike Podcast

We welcome back our amigo and comedian Jerry Rocha back into the studio. We get elbows deep into video games lol, we had no idea how passionate Jerry is about old school games. We also get into a great discussion about comedy and politics and how the times have changed. We are always stoked to welcome back in awesome guests like Jerry and hope you enjoy our latest podcast. Cheers


Re Enter Dan Williams - The Bike Centric hour on Beyond the Bike Radio

We welcome back our amigo and recent sommelier Dan Williams into the Hits 101 radio studio. So much awesomeness in this podcast that I'm not going to spoil it for ya so sit back pop open a fine bottle of wine and enjoy the show.


BS with UncleB/Bike Centric Hour mashup- Beyond the bike Podcast

No Pos Wow we had a last min audible and brought in the heavy hitters of Brenton Ong and Jordan Steyer to fill in. We cover a gambit of topics including Jordans new Specialized Epic from Rock n Road in Irvine, Beers, Adventure, Asian massages and so much more.


Enter Dr. Schotorst and Whiskey- Beyond the Bike Radio

Cigars,Whiskey, music and good times is whats for dinner on our latest podcast episode with Dr. Johan Schotorst. We enjoy a good old fashioned and discuss music, life and everything in between. Tune in and enjoy the good times with amigos


Who is IAmGenius ??? Beyond The Bike Radio

We had the pleasure of talking story with an up and coming Hip Hop artist, IAmGenius from Compton. As most of you know we are more beer and bike centric, so doing this show was a treat for us to learn about the process of creating music that has meaning to it. Genius also got a lesson in beer thanks to UncleB, I think we got him hooked lol.


Enter Z WAAAAAZ Podcast - TheBikeCentricHour With JayStey

Stoked to have had Zak Rustigian aka Z_WAAAAAZ on the Bike Centric Hour with JeyStey. Such a fun and entertaining show. Ever wonder what all that drama and controversy with OC Parks and Zak, well you are gonna have to listen to the podcast and find out. Blessed to have so many amazing people here in SoCal that are stoked to come into the studio in Costa Mesa CA to talk story.


BS With Uncle B And The Boys Jordan And Big Lou

What can I say about BS with Uncle B. This show was an entertaining train wreck with JayStey and Big Lou. We cover the Rams/Pats big game. We are rooting for the Rams!! Uncle B brings in some beers as well as our awesome sponsor Cismontane. We cover Luge n Brews and all around just a great time chopping it up with the boys. Good amigos, Good Beers and Awesome BS!!!


Giant Bikes, Mark Helms - The Bike Centric Hour With JayStey

Giant Bikes, Mark Helms - The Bike Centric Hour With JayStey by Big Lou Mollineda


Pastor Garid Beeler Podcast

We were honored to have had Vision City Church's Pastor Garid Beeler on the show to talk about Demon possession, Heaven, Hell and other topics. Yes this was a very heavy topic but worth discussing. Please be aware that these topics might not be suitable for children.


New Years Resolutions And You!! Jordan And Lou Discuss

Happy New Year amigos. We have our eye on the prize this year to create outstanding content and to grow our listener base. We were stoked on how many people take time to listen to us talk story. In this episode we cover New Years Resolutions and who so many people fail. We encourage all of you to consider resolutions as a marathon and not a sprint race. Enjoy the podcast and as always we welcome listener feedback and comments.


The Real Talk - Episode 1.07 - Ferin Kidd of Black OC -

CEO of The BLACK OC, Ferin Kidd, sits in with us and walks us through his life's rollercoaster experience of how he overcame his struggles, problems, and growing up Black in OC to become the OC influencer he is today. His passion for the minority and the disenfranchised, music and community, and photography and media are his drives and we get to experience his energy and learn from him. We also feature a couple of OC local artists! Tune in!


Doping And Enduro Racing - Jordan And Lou Discuss

We welcome back in JayStey and Big Lou into the Hits 101 radio studio to cover some important topics that will include the partnership of UCI and Endure World Series starting next year. Lots of discussion about what this will mean to grassroots racers and teams and if we will see a higher cost to race these awesome events. We also cover the news of EWS riders, Richie Rude and Jared Graves testing dirty. Will this disqualify them from racing in 2019??


The Real Talk - Episode 1.06 - The Real Real w/ Guapo

Guapo is an up and coming West Coast Hip Hop Artist who goes beyond his genre, killin the game, pursuing his passion with some amazing results! We don't get in his head, we get in his shoes! Sit down with us.


We Heart Kimmi Runner- With Big Lou And Jaystey

We can't thank Kimmi Runner enough for coming back into the Hits 101 radio studio and taking story about her latest mtb adventure. We get a crash course on preparing for a 24 hour mountain bike endurance race. How to train and eat for such a demanding race and also to prevent from hitting the wall. We are a big fan of Kimmi and all the help she has personally given to me (Big Lou) last year when I embarked on a 6 and 8 hour race. Tune in and enjoy this rad podcast with Kimmi Runner Jaystey...


The Real Talk- Episode 1.05- Chef Joshua Levitate

Chef Joshua is a Sous Chef for Toast, an artisan restaurant in Costa Mesa and a host of Sobremesa a multi-chef culinary event, fueled by heart and creativity. Aimed to fund megs for those who cannot feed themselves. Chef Joshua sits with us sharing drinks and pie and talks with us about his passion: Cuisine, creativity and most importantly community. Come sit at the table with us.


I Heart Whiskey And Bikes -BS With Uncle B,JayStey And Big Lou

I Heart Whiskey And Bikes -BS With Uncle B,JayStey And Big Lou by Big Lou Mollineda