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We talk Dallas Cowboys Football






Catch This Fade: Cowboys fans lost their minds after Broncos' loss

One loss. That's all it was, but a lot of Cowboys Nation is acting like the Wall is being melted by the Night King's dragon on all that is sacred. The loss to the Broncos was bad and embarrassing, but the reactions of a certain part of the community have been reprehensible. Those folks, they're going to have to catch this fade!


Dez-Knee on Ice: Cowboys suited to skate with injuries in 2016?

The Cowboys are caught in a wave of injuries, and it will test their front office's offseason. Position by position, we break down how the team addressed their biggest 2015 weakness, depth. We also check in with Cowboys' Insider Mike Fisher, who breaks down the circus-like handling of Dez Bryant's hairline fracture and all of the other major injury news surrounding the team, namely Tony Romo and Charles Tapper. All this on the brand new edition of Cowboys Crunchtime with KD!


Exclusive Interview with legend TE Jay Novacek

What does Jay Novacek think about Rico Gather's path to the NFL and his chances of catching on? The legendary Cowboys tight end checks in with K.D. Drummond to discuss this, as well as Tony Romo and Jason Witten's legacy. The two also dive into a hot topic from the summer, whether or not coaching is a major factor in the ascenion of players or whether it's completely on the player himself. All this and more on the latest episode of Cowboys Crunchtime! For all other episodes, make sure to...


Cowboys Offseason Explodes- Guests: Dane Brugler, Mike Fisher

We go in-depth to talk the NFL Draft and the Cowboys fourth pick possibiities with the one and only Dane Brugler of From the group of quarterbacks that could make an impact to other skill position possibilities, we tackle the offensive targets Dallas could be eyeing. With the help of co-host Keith Mullins, Crunchtime dives into Jared Goff vs Paxton Lynch, Carson Wentz and the Senior Bowl, Treadwell at Z Receiver and more. Then, Cowboys Insider Mike Fisher steps in to join KD...


Cowboys Almost Out Of Misery, NFL Coaching Carousel Begins

There is no offseason; but there is a chance to refresh, regroup and reload. The Cowboys enter the final week of the season and are in full-fledged Organic Tanking mode. KD Drummond is joined by the usual suspects to discuss any and all things Cowboys. Who's being held out? Who's hot? What's the biggest disappointment of 2016? Where are the biggest defensive needs? Mike Fisher, Keith Mullins and Joey Ickes join to discuss. Chip Kelly got a jump on Black Monday, all of the fun Cowboys fans...


Cowboys' Season Goes FUBAR, Here's How The String Sounds Being Played Out

KD is flanked by Cowboys Insider Mike Fisher as they discuss the latest in Valley Ranch controversy, the team shutting down beat writers, releasing a player thought to be promising and refusing to oust depressing starter Matt Cassel. Then, Keith Mullins joins the fray as he and KD analyze the Cowboys offensive needs based on the performances of this season, looking ahead to free agency and more importantly the draft. The team might be lackluster, but this coverage is a winner, tune in!


Cowboys Keep Hope Alive- Take Over Washington

Meaningful games in December! Dallas came from behind and with the game on the line made the plays necesary to pull out the win. Joey Ickes joins to break down the emergence of Demarcus Lawrence, the defense's prowess and the offensive roadblocks. The best recap you'll get on the trip to DC.


Can Cowboys Spay And Neuter The Carolina Cats Like Bob Barker Asked Them To?

3-7 vs 10-0... that's not a mismatch. What crazy record does a healthy Romo bring to his battle with MVP-contender Cam Newton? Why does Vegas like a bad team so much? How will the Dallas defense attempt to slow down the dual-threat offense of the Panthers? What inherent advantage do the Cowboys have on Thanksgiving? KD is joined by Cowboys Insider Mike Fisher and co-host Keith Mullins as they dissect and everything about the Dallas quest to turn their moribund season around. Listen in! Also,...


Cowboys Finally Win Again, Romo Returns, Dallas Victorious

You'll get no better recap of the Cowboys 24-14 victory over the Miami Dolphins than when KD is joined by X's and O's guru Joey Ickes of CowboysHQ to discuss the in's and out's of how Dallas snapped their seven-game losing streak. From Romo's return to the offensive line pseudo-struggles, from the pass rush to the exemplary linebacker play, it's all on the table. Join us as we dissect Week 11 in preparation for Week 12 and Carolina!


Tony Romo Returns! Can He Save Cowboys Season?

Is Romo that good of a superhero? After missing 7 games,the franchise QB returns,but is there enough time to enact a miracle comeback? KD is joined by Cowboys insider Mike Fisher to discuss this and several roster moves the team made. then,Dolphins writer Kevin Nogle checks in with an update on Sunday's opponent, before cohost Keith Mullins drops by with full analysis. e


Cowboys Mid-Season Assessment ft "Knights of the Round Table" Discussion

KD is flanked by the biggest and brightest stars of #CowboysNation, as Landon McCool and Rabblerousr join he and co-hosts Keith Mullins and Joey Ickes in a round table discussion on the entirety of the Dallas Cowboys 2015 season. From Tony Romo's absence and the lack of team foresight, to Sean Lee's 2nd concussion, the Greg Hardy long-term plans to midseason awards... everything and anything is covered here. Listen in as the guys pontificate to the State of the Dallas Cowboys!


Cowboys Kick Randle To The Curb, With Love. Dez Is Back, Does It Matter?

What the hell went down with Joseph Randle? Is Dez healthy? Will the team still be in in when Romo returns? KD takes on all this and more when he's joined by Cowboys Insider Mike Fisher. From backup quarterbacks having no chance, to the complete evisceration of the passing game big play, Dallas is in a five-game losing streak that must stop for them to have a chance. Dive in feet first as we wade through the misery. Tune in!


Wk 8 Part 2: Cowboys Getting Dez Back! Air Support On It's Way

In Part 2 of our Week 8 preview, Cowboys Insider Mike Fisher joins to discuss the return of Dez Bryant, compare Greg Hardy to J.J. Watt and dissect the running back situation. Co-host Keith Mullins joins to chop it up on the backup QB conundrum and Byron Jones maturation, and Joey Ickes gets in on the action to break down why Darren McFadden had the success he found, contrary to being a "bad fit" for what Dallas normally does in the run game. You don't want to miss this episode!


Cowboys On The Brink: Seattle Preview W/ Danny Kelly

A whirlwind weekend spills over into Week 8. KD opens things up analyzing everything Cowboys, from Dez's "almost" to Hardy's tirade to the erroneous "AWOL" reports. How did Matt Cassel affect the entire offense and where exactly is the offensive line? He's joined by Danny Kelly of to bring everone up to speed on the 2x NFC Champs. Legion of Boom, but with Cary Williams? Offensive line a turnstile? What's the latest on the revenge-minded Seahawks? Ryan Burns then checks in.....


Cowboys Return To Action, Is Dez Bryant Joining Them? Is Hardy In Line?

KD and Fish chop it up, discussing the in's and out's of Dez Bryant's possible return against the New York Giants. Dallas looks to end a three game losing streak on the backs of... their defense? Tony Romo gets to start practicing, when? The running back rotation looks like what? Greg Hardy said... oh yeah, you're going to need to tune in to the latest episode of Crunchtime!


Cowboys Upturn Apple Cart, Major Changes Made During Bye Week

Things could never be the same. After struggling to command the bus, Brandon Weeden has been reassigned to a less crucial route. Matt Cassell is in, but he isn't the only new player that will be in the lineup when Dallas returns from their bye week. Changes on the offense to go along with the infusion of talent on defense is the way the Cowboys are planning to achieve greatness in the second half of their season. Cowboys Blogfather Bob Sturm returns to the show to share his insights on Elite...


The Greg Hardy-Running Back-Coaches Fault Cowboys Free-For-All Podcast Rumble!

Nothing is off limits as KD checks in with the latest episode of Crunchtime. Greg Hardy and Rolando McClain return and with them comes a firestorm of national controversy with our own Mike Fisher embroiled. Fish weighs in on the situation while Joey Ickes and Keith Mullins join KD in parsing through the strange Cowboys coaching decisions (and shortcomings) as well as the fits for the returning players and how things will look moving forward. It doesn't get any more hectic than Week 5, with...


It Was Weeden's Fault. Michaels To Get His Shot? N'Awlins Talk. Cowboys.

No, it wasn't all Brandon Weeden's fault. Yes, Brandon Weeden showed serious limitations. No, Joseph Randle didn't have a bad game. Yes, the Cowboys should heavily consider getting Christine Michaels some snaps (and it looks like they intend to). KD is joined by Joey Ickes to discuss the Checkdown Game, Cowboys Insider Mike Fisher to talk the latest from the Ranch and ESPN 100.3 New Orleans' Scott Alexander to update on the Saints.


It All Hits The Fan! Romo Out, Dez Out... Will The Cowboys Be Alright?

Tragedy struck the Dallas Cowboys quest for the Super Bowl as Tony Romo's broken left collarbone placed him on IR/DTR and will keep him out until late November. Dallas has traded for Matt Cassell as Brandon Weeden takes the reigns. Can they remain in contention while Romo and Dez Bryant battle back from serious injuries? KD Drummond of CowboysHQ is joined by Cowboys Insider Mike Fisher to discuss this and the latest from Valley Ranch. Also, Joey Ickes joins the show to talk the return of...


Cowboys Look To Create NFC East Distance After Giants Win, Eagles Next

Which is it, 4? 6? 8? 11 weeks? How long will Dez Bryant be out? Who's in line to take on the Cowboys in Super Bowl 50? What will the injuries do to the offensive system the Cowboys deploy? Who will step up in Dez's abscence? How many more hits can the defense take, already missing Scandrick, Hardy and McClain and now with rookie Randy Gregory out for a while? KD Drummond is joined by Mike Fisher, Ryan Burns, Joey Ickes and as always Keith Mullins to discuss the Cowboys and the NFL in...