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Ep22: Chris Tomlinson brings it to Jerome

Former NFL star LaDainian Tomlinson began the last section of his Pro Football Hall of Fame induction speech with “If this was my last day on Earth, and this my final speech,” then shared the story of his family. It is a story of West Africans, slaves, freemen, that is inextricably linked with Chris Tomlinson’s family story of slave owners, Klansmen, political and social power brokers. LaDainian Tomlinson is black. Chris Tomlinson is white. Chris Tomlinson joined this episode of “Bring It...


Ep21: Jeff Bagwell brings it to Jerome

Jeff Bagwell, who Jerome says is the Astros’ all-time best player, took time out from prepping for his Hall of Fame speech to Bring It To Jerome. Bagwell doesn’t do a lot of media interviews – “I don’t like talking about myself,” he said – so this was a special episode, during which, Bagwell talked about a host of subjects, including his playoff struggles, his disdain for sabermetrics, his upcoming Hall of Fame speech, and this year’s Astros’ chances are of winning the World Series. “I...


Ep20: Carl Lewis Brings it to Jerome

Five-time Olympian Carl Lewis, once the world’s fastest human, slowed down for a bit to join “Bring it to Jerome” from his office at the University of Houston, where he has been an assistant track coach for three years. Never afraid to speak his mind, Lewis weighed in on a variety of subjects, including his role in the professionalism of track and field, his pursuit of excellence in the sport and his brief foray into politics, as a candidate for New Jersey state legislature. It was the...


Ep19: Jeff Van Gundy Brings It To Jerome

Jeff Van Gundy may have lost his job with the Rockets, but the longtime NBA coach turned broadcaster, didn’t lose his affection for the City of Houston, despite having been here just four years when he was let go by the team in 2007. Funny, outspoken, and not afraid to challenge opinion – attributes that make him an outstanding television analyst – Van Gundy has a caring heart and a passion for giving, as shown in his work with Pro-Vision, a charter school started by NFL retiree Roynell...


Ep18: Major Applewhite brings it to Jerome

The few weeks he has been the head football coach at the University of Houston have been a whirlwind for Major Applewhite, but he took some time out of his busy schedule to bring it to Jerome on a variety of topics, including his recruiting philosophy, the hiring of assistant coaches and his response to the critics of one particular hire, defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio. “I don’t get my true news from Twitter or Google,” Applewhite said. “There’s a lot of groupthink in this country...


Ep17: Chip Rives bring it to Jerome

In many ways, the story of Phi Slama Jama is like most Houston sports stories. Spectacular, exciting, and, in the end, disappointing. That’s the story of the team, not the film “Phi Slama Jama.” Austin-based filmmaker Chip Rives captures the world’s tallest fraternity in a wonderful ESPN “30 for 30” film. The day after the 20 anniversary of the Oilers last game at the Astrodome, Houston native Rives joins Jerome in this episode where they discuss growing up as huge sports fans in a city...


EP16: Kenny Houston and Elvin Bethea bring it to Jerome

Pro Football Hall of Famers Kenny Houston and Elvin Bethea joined Jerome for a quick chat that centered around the good old days of the NFL, where even if a trainer held up three fingers and a player thought he saw five, the result was “Coach, he’s OK, he’s ready to go,” said Bethea. In the 1970s, there was no such thing as concussion protocol. “It was something that was overlooked,” Bethea said. “In most cases, if you didn’t go back out there, you were going to lose your job. Back then it...


Ep15: Aaron Wilson brings it to Jerome

Houston Chronicle Texans beat writer Aaron Wilson brings it to Jerome with a behind-the-scenes discussion on the first half of the season. Wilson compares the Texans' quiet locker room to the more boisterous one he covered in Baltimore for many years. Wilson, one of the top news breakers among NFL media, also goes into detail about J.J. Watts's injury, his rehab and medical opinions about whether Watt will return to form after two back surgeries. If you want to know what's going on inside...


Ep14: Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf brings it to Jerome

Former quarterback Ryan Leaf, the No. 2 pick in the 1998 NFL Draft, brought it to Jerome in a different tone than any prior episode. Addiction is a serious subject. As per usual, there was some laughter, and sports – Leaf is the most famous quarterback from Montana, not the Texans Brock Osweiler – but Leaf’s tale of addiction and recovery doesn’t lend itself to many jokes. He talks about how he broke into homes searching for pills and how he attempted suicide. “I wanted to die,” he said....


Ep13: Jackie Joyner-Kersee brings it to Jerome

The “First Lady of Track” stopped by the Houston Chronicle offices on a promotional visit for Comcast, and Jerome wasn’t about to let her get away with recording a podcast. Jackie Joyner-Kersee, three-time Olympic Gold medalist and one of the greatest athletes of all-time, was the perfect post-Rio guest, as she talked about her love for the Games and the highs and lows she sees and feels when she watches today’s athletes. In the short chat Joyner-Kersee, a pioneer whose feats changed how...


Ep12: Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz brings it to Jerome

Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz brings it to Jerome like the hard-charging fighter he is. In an entertaining episode, the four-time world champion boxer covers a wide range of subjects. He talks about winning another title, and has fun with how he has toyed with fighters since his return to the ring in 2013. He also makes fun of his physique. “I’m a fighter, not a body builder.” But the 32-year-old lightweight, who turned pro when he was only 16, gets serious when he discusses eventually leaving the...


Ep11: Jenny Dial Creech brings it to Jerome

The episode begins with Jenny Dial Creech's moving reading of one woman’s struggle with a Baylor University system whose “leadership challenges and communications issues hindered enforcement of rules and policies, and created a cultural perception that football was above the rules,” according to the findings of fact of an investigation by the law firm Pepper Hamilton. Creech has interviewed or read court documents from cases of more than a dozen women who say they were attacked or sexually...


Ep10: Wade Phillips brings it to Jerome, Part II

While fans don’t always acknowledge his genius, in football circles Wade Phillips is recognized as an all-time great defensive mind. In this episode, Phillips, who is writing a book about the 3-4 defense, talks about some of his favorite wins and shares details about his coaching philosophy. He cites a mental barrier that keeps players from playing as hard and fast as they possibly can, and how he works to move them past that. Phillips, who held the tackles record at the University of...


Ep9: Wade Phillips brings it to Jerome, Part I

The longtime NFL coach, the Son of Bum, took time out from his celebratory ride since the Broncos won the Super Bowl to chat with Jerome about a wide variety of issues. In this episode, Phillips talks about the jeweler mix-up that resulted in his championship ring having the wrong name on it, why he wears his ring every day and how special it was to finally win a Super Bowl after 39 NFL seasons. As great as the championship feeling was though, Phillips, who calls Houston home, says it...


Ep8: Dale Robertson brings the ‘Houston 10’ to Jerome

Longtime Houston columnist Dale Robertson and rookie Chronicle columnist Brian T. Smith join Jerome to discuss the 10 most relevant sports figure in Houston. The Chronicle’s annual feature has become a hot summer debate topic in recent years and the 2016 edition is no different. Is it possible that Brock Osweiler will be atop the official list ahead of the unparalleled J.J. Watt and inimitable Simone Biles? Listen and find out who made the list, who was snubbed and who Smith and Solomon...


Ep7: Mike “There is a D in D’Antoni” D’Antoni brings it to Jerome

In a laughter-filled interview, the new Houston Rockets head coach talks about being from West Virginia, his playing career, which ended with his jersey being retired in Italy, and his coaching philosophy. D’Antoni also goes into the emotional impact of being a basketball player at Marshall when 36 members of the football team died in a 1970 plane crash. D’Antoni, one of the first to regularly use an undersized lineup, says the dominant low-post big man is like a dinosaur in today’s...


Ep6: Daryl Morey brings the full Monty to Jerome

Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey stepped out of the draft war room, and brought it to Jerome with a late-night interview at Toyota Center that ended with talk of Morey stripping naked at the celebratory parade should the Rockets ever win an NBA championship under his watch. Yes, they went there. Morey admitted the Rockets didn’t handle success well after they advanced to the conference finals and lost to Golden State in 2015. The firing of head coach Kevin McHale 11 games into...


Ep5: Barry Warner brings it to Jerome on Muhammad Ali

Legendary radio broadcast journalist and personality Barry Warner shares first-person tales of the great Muhammad Ali, who passed away on June 3. In the 1960s and 70s, Warner spent time around Ali when the boxer was tried, convicted and sentenced to prison all in Houston. Warner, a native New Yorker, was friends with the attorney who represented Ali in his trial for violating Secret Service laws by not answering when his name was called after he was drafted into the Army. He also worked...


Ep4: Baylor alum John McClain “Brings it to Jerome”

Baylor alum John McClain “Brings it to Jerome” just after the stunning news that head coach Art Briles was fired and school president Ken Starr reassigned in the wake of a scandal involving the school’s and football program’s pitiful response to assault allegations by female students against players. (Athletic director Ian McCaw resigned a day after this podcast.) McClain, a Baylor season ticketholder and longtime fan, has seen some down days for the program, but said this mess made him...


Ep3: Jim Crane brings it to Jerome

In an honest discussion, the Astros’ owner delves into the finances of baseball “We can’t compete on the payroll with L.A. or Boston,” the importance of team chemistry, playing golf with Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, his own baseball playing career and how he turned a business with one phone line and a single employee into one with 300 offices that generated $4 billion in worldwide sales. Crane also jokes about his failed MLB business partnership with Mavericks owner Mark...