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The GERE Network programming, which is shared multiple podcasting affiliates.

The GERE Network programming, which is shared multiple podcasting affiliates.
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The GERE Network programming, which is shared multiple podcasting affiliates.






BLTD Podcast #126: Septembercast

Ryan Wolfe is joined on the podcast this week by Mr. Perez and GERE Network CEO John Cimino. While the podcast is baseball-centric, with the playoffs right around the corner, Ryan is also tasked with keeping the podcast on task. Luis and John find themselves in the same car, as they venture to a wedding together - a recipe for disaster. Listen in to hear what all three think about the on-going MLB playoff races!


BLTD Podcast #125 - Catchupcast

It has been a few minutes away from the microphones for Ryan Wolfe and Mr. Perez but fear not, the dynamic duo is back! BLTD #125 has been titled the "Catchupcast", which is very fitting with the content it provides. Ryan and Luis talk about their respective lives over the past few months. Ryan talks about his bachelor party, wedding and subsequent wedding, while Luis talks about his new venture with Uber. Listen in!


BLTD Podcast #124 - Musiccast

Better Live Than Dead's Music Contributor TJ Luckman joins Ryan Wolfe to talk everything music. In a first for the BLTD Podcast, nothing but music is covered in a podcast. TJ and Ryan talk about music, what they are currently listening and how they continue to find new music despite the music scene being very saturated with many different kinds of new music. Also, we get a quick glimpse into the very important Backstreet Boys vs. NSYNC argument. Listen in!​


BLTD Podcast #123 - Sabres' Summercast

It is July 4, America's birthday. No better time than now for Brayton Wilson and Ryan Wolfe to get together and talk about the last few weeks of Buffalo Sabres moves! Brayton and Ryan start off with the NHL Draft, with the arrival of defensive wunderkind Rasmus Dahlin. From there, they talk about July 1 and the newest free agent arrivals to Buffalo. To wrap things up, the guys talk about the much-anticipated trade of Ryan O'Reilly, which was consummated on July 1 as well. LIsten in to get...


BLTD Podcast #122 - POPROC'cast

Ryan Wolfe and Mr. Perez are back together for the first time in a while, as they are on location at POPROC in downtown Rochester, New York. Ryan and Luis sit down to discuss the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup Final and truly whatever else might come across their mind. With it being long enough since their last chat, everything found its way into the conversation. The guys also find themselves joined by POPROC co-owner and former WWE superstar, Colin Delaney about twenty minutes into the...


BLTD Podcast #121 - Corabicast

On this edition of the BLTD Podcast, host Ryan Wolfe is joined by the lead singer of the Dead Daisies, John Corabi. Ryan and John discuss a myriad of different musical topics throughout the podcast, including the Dead Daisies latest critically-acclaimed record "Burn It Down". The band is slated to be heading across North America on a 24-city tour this summer, including a stop in Rochester on August 22 at the Montage Music Hall. Also, Ryan could not let John go without asking about his time...


BLTD Podcast #120 - Quickcast

The BLTD guys are back with a podcast they have dubbed the "Quickcast". It truly appears as if they have run out of names. Brayton Wilson and Ryan Wolfe take the time to discuss a myriad of NHL and Buffalo Sabres-related topics. The two discuss the impending Eastern Conference Champions as well as the newly minted Western Conference Champion Vegas Golden Knights. Also, stick around for words on Rasmus Dahlin, John Tavares and the future of Ryan O'Reilly. All this and more in this...


BLTD Podcast #119 - Sabrewrap

The Buffalo Sabres season has mercifully come to an end, as the NHL playoffs have begun. One of the worst seasons in franchise history is in the books. There were some bright spots but many more lowlights sprinkled throughout. Brayton Wilson and Ryan Wolfe take a retrospective look at what this latest version of the Buffalo Sabres brought to the table. Brayton and Ryan also take a way-too-early look ahead at what next season's team might look like when October rolls around. Listen in!


BLTD Podcast #118 - MLB Previewcast

We are just a few days away from the opening of the 2018 Major League Baseball season! Better Live Than Dead's Ryan Wolfe is joined by GERE Network founder John Cimino on this action-packed podcast. Ryan and John break down the top storylines heading into this season's slate of games. What does the outlook look like for the Yankees with Giancarlo Stanton now in their lineup? Can anyone in the National League dethrone the Dodgers? And who will win the World Series? Listen in and find out!


Episode 43: WWE to Fox TV?

Back in the studio brings us to another edition of the TTRP Cyclone and Pat G discuss the recent talks that Fox Networks is looking to a acquire WWE Television and what it could mean overall in the first segment In 2nd segment, we discuss the tag teams and individuals on Independent scene that the WWE could scout and give a contract to within the next 5 years.


BLTD Podcast #117 - Pre-NHLDeadlinecast

Better Live Than Dead's Brayton Wilson and Ryan Wolfe join forces to discuss the impending NHL Trade Deadline. As always, there are a lot of moving pieces and every one affects the other. How will the Buffalo Sabres fare? Brayton and Ryan take a look into who could be moved and for what. Listen in.


BLTD Podcast #116 - Baseball Hall of Famecast

Ryan Wolfe of Better Live Than Dead is joined by GERE Network's John Cimino to discuss the recent announcement of the 2018 Baseball Hall of Fame Class. John and Ryan share their thoughts of this year's class, whether or not they felt the class was the right class to put into Cooperstown. We also take a look into the next four years of potential Hall of Fame inductions. What happens to Bonds, Clemens? What about Mike Mussina? And are we staring at back-to-back first ballot Hall of Fame...


BLTD Podcast #115 - Super Bowl 52 Previewcast

Ryan Wolfe of BLTD Sports brings together two writers from their respective blogs to discuss the fast-approaching Super Bowl 52. Ryan is joined in the first-half of the episode by Bleeding Green Nation's Editor -in-Chief, Brandon Gowton. Brandon discussed the Philadelphia Eagles' first appearance in a Super Bowl since their loss in 2004 to the New England Patriots. What is the mindset of an Eagles' fan heading into the Super Bowl? Listen to find out. In the second half of the podcast, Ryan...


BLTD Podcast #114 - NFL Playoff Previewcast

Luis Perez and Ryan Wolfe dust off the podcast and return to the airwaves to discuss the hot topic of the sports week - the impending NFL playoffs. With the improbable addition of the Buffalo Bills to the mix in the AFC, along with three of the six NFC representatives being from the NFC South, things surely are set to get a little weird. Luis and Ryan break down their individual playoff predictions and talk about what we might see on the road to Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota.


BLTD Podcast #113 - Sabrecast

​Don't adjust your dials - Brayton Wilson and Ryan Wolfe are BACK with the latest Sabrecast to discuss the state of the Buffalo Sabres. With their poor start to the 2017-18 NHL season, there is not a whole lot of good news to cover but Brayton and Ryan try to turn the ship around. Tune in to hear what the guys think about the current state of the team and how they think the team can turn things around. Also, a look at the Rochester Americans' early season success happens later in the...


BLTD Podcast #112 - October Sabrecast

The Buffalo Sabres season is underway and boy, has it been UGLY. What is going on in Buffalo with this rocky start? Brayton Wilson and Ryan Wolfe take a deeper look into the Buffalo Sabres start with large rants included. Scoring is down, the defense is bad and the Sabres aren't winning. At least Jack Eichel is here, right? Sponsored by our Amazon page:


BLTD Podcast #111 - Sabres Seasonpreviewcast

The calendar has turned to October and the return of the National Hockey League is imminent. It is time for the Buffalo Sabres to return the lives of Western New Yorkers. Brayton Wilson and Ryan Wolfe join forces for the first time in a little while to discuss the upcoming Sabres season and what fans should expect. From Jack Eichel to the Rochester Americans, Brayton and Ryan try to touch as many topics as possible in BLTD #111. Listen in! Sponsored by our Amazon re-direct link:...


BLTD Podcast #110 - "MLB Septembercast"

For the first time in what feels like forever, the original BLTD Podcast duo are back together in real life. Luis Perez and Ryan Wolfe sit down to discuss the landscape of Major League Baseball in the month of September, as all teams are staring October straight in the face. Who will win their respective divisions and what do the postseason matchups look like? Perez and Ryan give you a look into that and more in BLTD 110 - the MLB Septembercast.


BLTD Podcast #109 - "NFL Previewcast"

Don't look now, but the NFL season is just a few weeks away! As the calendar shifts to September, the sporting world's focus turns to football and the BLTD Podcast brings you an early look at what the season might turn out to be. Armed with predictions from the USA Today, Luis and Ryan break down and discuss the possibility of what exactly might go down between now and Super Bowl 52. As a bonus, we also get a quick look into thoughts about the Mayweather/McGregor superfight. Tune in!​...


BLTD Podcast #108 - The Buffalocast

A day after the Buffalo Bills shocked Western New York and the National Football League world, Brayton and Ryan got together at the new-and-improved Wolfe Den Studios to discuss exactly where Buffalo goes from here. We are also a few weeks away from National Hockey League training camps opening up, which gave Brayton and Ryan the opportunity to briefly discuss the locks and potential swing players for the upcoming Buffalo Sabres season.