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GTC261: Where Do We Go From Here?

John and Mike are back to talk about the last four months since we lost our brother Tom. We’ll reflect on where we’ve been, share some stuff about Tom you may not have known and talk about what lies ahead for our podcasts. We’ve got some major news to discuss about changes here at

A Network Announcement

Earlier this month, our brother Tom passed away very suddenly. This is why we have been off the air the last two weeks. We are still stunned at this news and trying to process all of this. He was our little brother. Our initial thought was that we would hang up our podcasts […]

GTC260: Play Ball!

Summary The Tribe gets the season going on their second try. The Browns jettison another aging vet. And Lebron deems the Cavaliers as ready for the playoffs. The fans are ready too. It’s GameTime! Hosts: Mike Kresic, Tom Kresic Running Time: 41:40 Listen Now [powerpress] 1Q: Indians Open 2016 Season Play Ball! Indians […]


GTC259: Browns Sign RG3

Summary The Browns signed former Heisman Trophy winner and Redskins QB Robert Griffin III to a two year contract. He may become the 25th starting QB since the team returned in 1999. The Cavaliers continue to have people talking and their skeptics are louder than ever. Much to do about nothing or real cause for […]


GTC258: Busted

Summary Some surprises in March Madness as Michigan State and Kentucky get sent packing. The Cavaliers need some home cooking and a lot of sleep after their busy week that sent them cross country. And the Browns have been busy checking out a lot of QBs, with a new surprise visit to Berea. It’s GameTime! […]


GTC257: Browns Turning It Over

Summary It’s time to go dancing. The field of 68 has been set and fans are filling out their brackets. The Cavs appear to be getting in sync as the playoffs approach. And the Browns have begun the process of rebuilding. What are they up to? We’ve got ya covered. It’s GameTime! Hosts: Mike Kresic, Tom […]


256: More Drama in Cavs Town

Summary The Cavaliers are trying to keep it together as the playoffs approach, but they just can’t do anything the easy way. Kyrie is the center of the latest controversy and losing some games has fans and critics nervous. Can they get on track? We’re talking Cavs. It’s GameTime! Hosts: Mike Kresic, Tom Kresic Running Time: […]


GTC255: Cavs Get Frye

Summary The Cavs pulled off a 3 team trade before the deadline, sending away a fan favorite in exchange for a sharpshooting big man. On the court, the team looks good post-All Star Break in wins over the Bulls and Thunder. Meanwhile, the Browns spark controversy with plans for a statue. And would you take […]


GTC254: Will The Cavs Stand Pat?

Summary The shortest month is also the slowest month for sports fans. The NBA is on their ‘spring break’ but will David Griffin make any moves before Thursday’s trade deadline or will he let the current team gel with their new coach? It’s GameTime! Hosts: Mike Kresic, Tom Kresic Running Time: 28:50 [powerpress] 1H: […]


GTC253: SuperBowl 50

Summary: It’ll be a long wait before we see football again now that SuperBowl 50 has come and gone. We’ll recap the big game and check in on the Cavs who hit the All Star Break. Will they make any trades before the deadline? It’s GameTime! Hosts: Mike Kresic, Tom Kresic Running Time: 43:19 [powerpress] […]


GTC252: Cavs Push The Panic Button

Summary: The Cavs made shockwaves when they fired Head Coach David Blatt halfway through a season in which his team was leading the Eastern Conference with a 30-11 record. Assistant Coach Tyronn Lue takes over and he wants to get the Cavs running. The Browns are expected to cut ties with Johnny Manziel in March […]


GTC251: Horton Hears a Hue

Summary: Fortunately the NBA playoffs don’t start in January because the Cavs failed miserably in their test against Golden State. If the good guys were trying to send a message, it got returned to sender. Meanwhile Hue Jackson is busy filling out his staff and the NFL playoffs are as crazy as ever. It’s GameTime! […]


GTC250: Knock Knock. Hue’s There.

Summary: The Browns get their man and his name is Hue. Will Coach Jackson be able to turn this ship around and align with the newly redesigned front office? Speaking of front office, the Browns made news with their hiring of baseball’s Moneyball guy Paul DePodesta. How will analytics shape the future of a team […]


GTC249: Browns Commit a Turnover, at the Top

Summary: If the season ends with a game against the Steelers, that can only mean one thing. The Browns are firing their coach and starting over. True to form, Jimmy Haslam boots the Coach and GM and plots a new course to right the ship. The Buckeyes end their season with a bowl win, but […]


GTC248: Remembering Hot Rod

Summary: The Browns showed up for a changed and looked like a team on both sides of the ball against the 49ers. Was it a mirage or a sign of better things to come? The Cavs lost a legend from the 80s-90s era team and we’ll remember Hot Rod Williams. On the court, they got […]


GTC247: Fighting Irish, Not Final 4

Summary: With a quarter of the season left to play, the Browns finally decide it’s Manziel time. How long that lasts remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the Cavs hit some bumps in the road and the Buckeyes learn their bowl fate. It’s GameTime! Hosts:Mike Kresic,Tom Kresic Running Time: 31:11 ... Read More The post GTC247: Fighting Irish, Not Final 4 appeared first on Same3Guys.


GTC246: Kick 6 In The Gut

Summary: The Buckeyes rebound nicely in their win against the TTUN. The Browns find a new way to lose and will have a 24th starting QB on Sunday against the Bengals. The Cavs aren’t exactly struggling but things are not perfect at the Q right now. Our Thanksgiving hangover is ... Read More The post GTC246: Kick 6 In The Gut appeared first on Same3Guys.


GTC245: Johnny’s Team Now

Summary: After another crushing loss to the Steelers, the Browns owner says no front offices changes right now. But there’s a change at QB as the Browns name Johnny Manziel the starter for the rest of the season. Meanwhile, the Buckeyes season gets serious now with Sparty coming to the ... Read More The post GTC245: Johnny’s Team Now appeared first on Same3Guys.


GTC244: Brown Out in Cincy

Summary The Bengals dominated the Browns in Cincinnati. Will Pett go back to McCown again? Cardale goes back to the bench after JT’s suspension, but the Buckeyes got the win against the Golden Gophers. The Cavaliers keep winning in the early going. It’s GameTime! Hosts:Mike Kresic,Tom Kresic Running Time: ... Read More The post GTC244: Brown Out in Cincy appeared first on Same3Guys.


GTC243: No Fire Sale In Berea

Summary: What a week for our teams. The Browns flamed out against Arizona and have to get ready for the undefeated Bengals on a short week. But trade rumors threatened to make this a tumultuous week in Berea. Ohio State’s QB issues just won’t go away even when they are ... Read More The post GTC243: No Fire Sale In Berea appeared first on Same3Guys.