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Big names. Big questions. Big opinions. Welcome to Grandstanding, the Yahoo Sports all-sports podcast. We're like your best friends at the bar, but we won't stick you with the bill. Featuring Jay Busbee, Kevin Kaduk, and a rotating cast of famous and not-so-famous folk.

Big names. Big questions. Big opinions. Welcome to Grandstanding, the Yahoo Sports all-sports podcast. We're like your best friends at the bar, but we won't stick you with the bill. Featuring Jay Busbee, Kevin Kaduk, and a rotating cast of famous and not-so-famous folk.
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Big names. Big questions. Big opinions. Welcome to Grandstanding, the Yahoo Sports all-sports podcast. We're like your best friends at the bar, but we won't stick you with the bill. Featuring Jay Busbee, Kevin Kaduk, and a rotating cast of famous and not-so-famous folk.




Will Tom Brady distance himself from Donald Trump?

Welcome to the Friday Five, Grandstanding's rundown of whatever's on the minds of hosts Jay Busbee and Kevin Kaduk. Today, we're talking Trump, and specifically the close association of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady with the GOP frontrunner. Based on Trump's recent controversial anti-Muslim comments, will Brady distance himself from a guy he's called a close friend? From there, it's on to other subjects: what athletes have taken stands that we admire, what would be the worst gift of the...


Why isn't a Heisman a guarantee of NFL success?

The Heisman Trophy presentation takes place this weekend, and with rare exception (the current leading contender for the MVP, for instance) Heisman Trophy winners have a tough go trying to make it in the NFL. Why is that? And could the current crew of quarterbacks (Newton, Mariota, Winston) buck that longstanding trend? From there, we discuss Week 14: who's up, who's down, who's in trouble, and who needs a win desperately. (Pittsburgh.) We offer up our locks and upsets of the week, as well...


Kobe Bryant's high school point guard speaks!

Who was the most famous person who went to your high school? Yeah? Chances are, Evan Monsky has you beat. Evan, a correspondent for CSN Philly, attended Lower Merion High School in the '90s and played point guard on the basketball team, where he dished the ball to a young fella by the name of Kobe Bryant. Evan talks about life with Kobe then and now, as he and the now-retiring Lakers superstar had a reunion in Philadelphia last week. We also discuss the woeful state of Philadelphia sports...


Is Conor McGregor sports' next great star? Plus: Heisman, NFC East

Another Tuesday trio comin' atcha this week, three stories from three of Yahoo Sports' fine journalists. First off, we start with Kevin Iole, fight writer extraordinaire, talking about the upcoming Conor McGregor/Jose Aldo MMA fight, as well as Ronda Rousey's prospects with a loss now on her record. (1:30 mark) After that, we switch over to football, running down the Heisman Trophy contenders with Dr. Saturday's Sam Cooper. We talk about the pluses and minuses of the three players who are up...


Why don't people respect the Panthers?

The Carolina Panthers are 12-0, and yet they get almost no respect from fans or the media. Why is that, you think? Small fan base? Bias against Charlotte as a smaller market? Anti-Cam Newton sentiment? Yes, yes, and yes. After that, we're on to New England. Are the Patriots in real trouble? How will the rest of the AFC Wild Card playoff race shake out? We close with a Lightning Round of rapid questions with Frank Schwab, and Frank tells us what it was like going to high school with Tiger...


What's the worst way to lose a game? Plus: 90s music, beer, and rivalries

In the wake of Thursday night's debacle of a loss for the Detroit Lions, we consider: what's the worst possible way to lose a game? Also today, we consider: -Craft beers, and the long lines we wait in to get them; -The best albums of 1994, in memory of Scott Weiland (RIP); -Rivalry games where you don't much care who wins; and -The current player or coach right now you'd be most surprised to see in another team's jersey. This is the Friday Five edition of the Grandstanding podcast with Jay...


Get the Lions and Browns out of the league, plus Week 13 picks

Look, let's be honest: it's time to get the Lions and Browns out of the NFL. They're not helping anyone, they're stinking up the joint, and the few decent players on them could function better on other teams. That's the contention of our Kevin Kaduk, and it's a sound one, based on these recent two heartbreak games. We discuss how in the world you'd get rid of these two barnacles, as well as our Week 13 locks and upsets. It's good stuff, enjoy.


Is Jeopardy a sport? Talking with Jeopardy champ Alex Jacob

Is Jeopardy a sport? Eh, maybe, maybe not, but one thing's sure: winning is a hell of a lot of fun, as our Grandstanding guest today can tell you. He's Alex Jacob, he won the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions, and he's here to give you all the details about his experience, from how to prep to how to intimidate other players to how to revel in your victory. This is a fun one, so enjoy. Thanks for listening!


An interview with Kyle Busch, 2015 NASCAR champion

Look who joins us today: 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Kyle Busch! He discusses everything from the Denver Broncos to the wreck which sidelined him for 11 races, from recovery to making the Chase, from survival through the Chase's early rounds right up to the final laps at the championship. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!


Kobe Bryant's legacy, college football chaos, Kyle Busch interview

Big day on the podcast: three interviews on three of the biggest sports stories of the day. We start with Dan Devine of Yahoo Sports' Ball Don't Lie blog, talking about the complicated legacy of the soon-to-retire Kobe Bryant (2:45 mark). From there, we talk with Nick Bromberg of Yahoo Sports' Dr. Saturday blog on the chaos reigning in college football (19:15 mark). Finally, we close off with an interview with newly crowned NASCAR champion Kyle Busch (33:55 mark). Enjoy, and thanks for...


Patriots fans are the whiniest in sports, or: Relax, New England

In the best game of the season so far, the Patriots lost to the Broncos on Sunday night, and Patriots Nation, from Tom Brady right on down to sports-talk radio callers, is claiming conspiracy, bias, and other nefarious deeds. Come on, really? Why do the Patriot fans whine more than any other fanbase in America, and why can't they see that their team is just fine? We discuss the Patriots' postseason hopes (certain), their Super Bowl hopes (not a lock, but not bad), and the odds that Denver...


Could the Packers miss the playoffs? Plus: Week 12 preview

After a Thanksgiving feast of football, what do we know? Well, for starters, the Green Bay Packers are in a world of trouble. Aaron Rodgers is as great as ever, but he doesn't have anyone to throw to. And when you get rolled by the Bears, that's no good. In the other T-giving games, we saw the end of Dallas as a viable team in 2015, while Chip Kelly could be on his way out of Philadelphia. We discuss all this and more in our latest podcast. Enjoy, hang out, avoid the Black Friday crowds and...


Are officials biased against the Redskins because of the team's name?

Time for the Week 11 wrapup here at Grandstanding, and we begin with one of the more ridiculous theories we've heard in awhile: that referees are biased against the Washington Redskins because of the team's name. They're insane...or are they? Next up, we consider the shameful way the Rams' Case Keenum was allowed to play while clearly concussed. After the break, we discuss Osweiler vs. Manning and break down the rest of the week's games. It's great stuff, and you'll hate yourself if you miss...


NFL celebrations are great and there should be more of them: Week 11 preview

Look, friends. We have to be upfront with you here: we start the podcast with some discussion of deflate-gate. Don't worry! It's over quickly, and we get on to talking about the Week 11 games. After the mid-podcast break, we discuss celebrations like Cam Newton's: acceptable revelry or horrifying lack of decorum? Plus: some discussion of whether the Patriots can remain undefeated, and our locks and upsets of the week, as well as the game we'd pay to see. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!