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Hammerin' Ales #10: Will He Stay or Will He Go?

Well, Saturday sucked. And then Louisville fired Petrino, and openly said they were going to go after Brohm, so that sucked too. So let’s talk about about feelings about this weekend on our latest podcast. Don’t worry, this is a safe space. No Louisville fans welcomed here. In our 10th edition of the podcast, Juan, Travis, and Holmes (a rare sighting) discuss the horrendous game at Minneapolis this weekend, and of course, address the elephant in the room: will Brohm stay or go to Louisville...


Hammerin' Ales #9: Iowa Corn is Overrated

Not only did Purdue get their third win over a ranked team this season on Saturday, it came against their most hated rivals, the Iowa Hawkeyes. Juan, Travis, and Drew discuss Saturday’s win, as well as what we should expect against Minnesota on Saturday, as Purdue has never won in TCF Bank Stadium. Additionally, now that Purdue is 1 win away from bowl eligibility, we discuss the possible bowl games that Purdue could land in. Given our schedules, we are a little late on these podcasts, but...


Hammerin' Ales #8: Snap Back to Reality

After a lackluster performance against the Michigan State, Juan and Drew quickly recap what happened and what we should expect as Purdue hosts a tough Iowa team on Saturday. This is a relatively short podcast after we experienced technical difficulties trying to record one earlier in the week, but we hope you listen in an enjoy it anyways.


LGWS #5: The 1918 World Series, the Spanish Flu, and World War 1

As the World Series kicks off between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers, Travis and Paul Banks dive into the famous 1918 World Series match up between the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox. With this being the 100th anniversary of the match-up, they dive into the extraordinary circumstances facing this game as the Great War raged in Europe and the US was hit by an extraordinary flu epidemic that was mainly covered up. We hope you listen in and enjoy.


Hammerin' Ales #7: O-H-N-O

Oh what a night. We’re still on a high after Purdue’s beat down of #2 Ohio State on Saturday night. Juan, Travis, and Andrew (the jumbo one) discuss the big win for Purdue and what this means going forward. And of course, we discuss Tyler Trent’s enormous impact on the football team, the Purdue community, and even all of America. We wrap up the podcast with a quick preview of Purdue’s trip to East Lansing to face Michigan State. So we hope you listen in!


Hammerin' Ales #6: You-Make-Me I-L-L

After expecting a tougher match up against Illinois on Saturday, Juan, Travis, and Drew discuss Purdue’s big and lopsided win against the Illini as they retie the series for the first time in over a century and keep the Cannon for the 3rd straight year. Additionally, they discuss the elephant in the room that is visiting West Lafayette this weekend: the 2nd ranked Buckeyes. Can Purdue pull off the upset on Saturday and repeat Purdue Harbor? And does Purdue have a shot at making a bowl game,...


LGWS #4: 1984 Illinois Rose Bowl Team and the Playboy Urban Legend

Just a warning about this podcast: it’s definitely a bit more on the PG-13 rated side of things. Normally, that doesn’t matter, but I just wanted to warn you in case you decide to listen to this podcast with your kids in your car. Just in case you don’t want to explain what Playboy is and what not. Now that you have been warned, it’s time for a new edition of the Let’s Get Weird, Sports podcast, with our friend, Paul Banks. In this episode, Travis and Paul discuss the famous 1983 Illinois...


Hammerin' Ales #5: A Winnable Game, A Recordable Podcast

After Purdue won a winnable game by double digits in Nebraska, Travis, Juan, and Drew recap the game as Purdue heads into the bye week. We also discuss Purdue’s upcoming match against division foe, Illinois, and why they may not be as easy of an opponent as some will think. Additionally, we give a special shout out to Tyler Trent as he continues to battle cancer. It’s a relatively short podcast today, so we hope you listen in!


Hammerin' Ales #4: Everything's Coming Up Boilers!

Football is much more fun to discuss after a win. Especially when it’s a win over a ranked team. And a big win at that. In today’s podcast, Juan, Travis, and Drew discuss Purdue’s win over #23 Boston College on Saturday, as well as looking forward to Purdue’s first road game of the year, as they travel to Lincoln to face a struggling Nebraska team under first year head coach, Scott Frost. Can Purdue turn it around and go into the Ohio State game 3-3? Or was the win on Saturday a fluke?...


Hammerin' Ales Episode 0-3

It's our third edition of the Hammerin' Ales football podcast, and Purdue is now 0-3...yikes. In today's episode, Travis, Juan, and Drew discuss Purdue's exciting but disappointing loss to Missouri on Saturday night, and if Purdue can salvage their season as a ranked Boston College team comes to West Lafayette next week. Apologies on the audio quality in the end. Something went wrong on my end and it sounds like it was auto-tuned. But I promise you it'll be worth it just for the ending.


LGWS #3: Disco Demolition Night

In our third edition of the "Let's Get Weird, Sports" Podcast, Travis and Paul Banks (TheSportsBank.net) once again focus on a story from the Chicago White Sox, this time the infamous Disco Demolition Night. The White Sox were known for their weird promotions under their owners at the time, and this promotion might be the most famous of them all. Listen in to hear the story.


Hammerin' Ales Podcast #2: West Lafayette, We Have a Problem

Well, we didn't expect Purdue to be at this point in the season. While the Northwestern game was a toss up, most Purdue fans expected Purdue to beat Eastern Michigan this past Saturday. But the mighty EMUs had other plans. Purdue is now 0-2 for the first time since 1996. Will Jeff Brohm turn this around in just his second year in the program? Travis and Juan discuss the losses and how Purdue can start to turn this ship around before it's too late. Additionally, thanks to user boilerU for...


Hammerin' Ales Podcast #1: 2018 Opener and Season Preview

Our regular podcasts are back! And we are changing things up a bit. We are going to have dedicated and separate football and basketball podcasts. Given that, we want to have better names for these pods, and we need your help. Give us some name suggestions, and we will run a poll in the next football podcast. In today's episode, Juan, Travis, and Ledman (aka Jumbo Heroes) preview Purdue's Thursday night season opener against fellow B1G West foe, Northwestern. We also quickly discuss Purdue's...


Let's Get Weird, Sports #2: Shoeless Joe Jackson

After the initial recording failed. Travis Miller and Paul Banks (TheSportsBank.net)discuss the famous story of Shoeless Joe Jackson and his involvement with the 1919 Chicago White Sox World Series team, also referred to as the Black Sox Scandal. Be sure to listen in on a fascinating story.


H&R Podcast #39 - Paul Banks on Big Ten Football Media Days

Paul Banks from The Sports Bank stops by the podcast to talk Big Ten Media Days with T-Mill.


Let's Get Weird, Sports Ep 1

A new venture in sports story telling where we dive deep into the weird, phenomenal world of sports. Drunk History meets 30 for 30 sports documentaries where we tell you about fascinating and hard to believe sports stories.


Let's Get Weird, Sports Ep 1 Teaser

Let's Get Weird, Sports A new venture in sports story telling where we dive deep into the weird, phenomenal world of sports. Drunk History meets 30 for 30 sports documentaries where we tell you about fascinating and hard to believe sports stories.


H&R Pod #38 - Karlaftis is Coming

Drew and Casey sit down to talk about the players who will have an immediate impact this season and who will be here in 2019 to help Brohm get over the hump at Purdue.


H&R Pod #37 - Grumpy Casey and the Sweet Sixteen

The boys get together to talk the first two rounds wins, and the upcoming match-up against Texas Tech.



Travis, Drew, and Casey talk about Purdue's draw in the NCAA tournament, expectations, and what's going to happen this weekend.