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Inspiring mind-stimulating sports talk.


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Inspiring mind-stimulating sports talk.




Full Show 12/29/20

Nate opens the show discussing his thoughts on the New England Patriots season. He discusses his feelings on Cam Newton, Bill Belichick, life without Tom Brady, the future of both Belichick and the team, and what he believes needs to happen in the off-season. Nate commits to giving Belichick a pass for a COVID riddled season and he cites his own being off the air for two months due to the pandemic but he says next year, there are no passes.


Full Show: 09/21/2020

Nate discusses how teamwork is required to be successful in all parts of life and he directly relates the segment to New England's 35-30 loss to Seattle on Sunday Night Football. He says that it wasn't Cam Newton that lost the game for New England, no, he says that Nick Folk should be blamed for not doing his part. Folk, 1-3 this season, missed a crucial field goal which if he had gotten, would've set the Patriots up with a chip shot at the end and a Cam Newton game winning drive. Instead,...


Full Show 09/14/2020

Nate returns for season five and he tells us why it's important to stay positive. He discusses Cam Newton's journey to the New England Patriots and says boldly that in 2020 we are all Cam Newton's story. We've hit set backs, we'll hit more set backs, but we need to keep our eyes on the prize. Nate says that at no point did Cam give up despite not being wanted by any other team. Instead, he remained positive and he gave a team what it was looking for.


Full Show 03/28/2020

Nate returns to thank listeners for tuning in during season four and to let listeners know that because he had to cut the season short, he made donations to One Mission and the Make A Wish Foundation of Vermont. He talks to listeners about the XFL season, the sports stoppage in general, and he looks forward to returning for season five in September!


Full Show 03/02/2020

Nate discusses routine and how sometimes when you don't change it, fate changes it for you. He says that in Tampa Bay, Marc Trestman was so fixed on his routine of playing two quarterbacks that the only thing that would change it is a blessing in disguise. He says that Trestman couldn't do it himself but because of fate, when the change was made, good things began to happen. Tampa Bay won its first game. In the second segment, Nate reviews his week four picks and makes his week five picks...


Full Show 02/24/2020

Nate discusses the LA Wildcats first win and says that in life we sometimes need to make change even if that change isn't popular. He explains that Winston Moss made change after week one and because of it, his team bought in and learned valuable lessons. Nate explains what those lessons are and says that opposite of Winston Moss, Marc Trestman did the opposite. In the second segment, Nate talks about his week three picks and makes his week four picks while also talking about Time Travel...


Full Show 02/16/2020

On today's show, Nate discusses Eli Rogers decision to play football on Saturday rather than attend his Mother's funeral. Nate says that in life, we need to make decisions that are best for us and not always everybody else. He talks about how in 2020 our decisions are often impacted by what people say or think online and he draws comparison to bullying and what things were like in the 90's vs 2020. In the second segment, he gives you his week three XFL picks and gives you the results of Time...


Full Show 02/10/2020

Nate is on to the XFL and talks about the success of week one! He says that in life, we must be creative and we must believe in ourselves and that creativity. He says that sometimes its ok to ask for help and he points to Vince McMahon's second go around as one where he did and he says it's going to translate to success. In the second segment, Nate makes his week two XFL picks and tells listeners the result of week one of Time Travel Fantasy. In the final segment, he treats listeners to a...


Full Show 02/03/2020

Nate talks about how we should never give up in life and he says that because Andy Reid has never given up, he's finally punched his ticket to Canton. The Chiefs defeated the 49ers in Super Bowl 54 and Nate uses the win as an example of never giving up. He talks about how the Chiefs not only came back in this game but how they found a way all post-season. In the second segment, he talks about how Vince McMahon, like Andy Reid, didn't give up and how his revived XFL will launch this weekend....


Full Show 01/27/2020

In this special episode of Nate's Take, Nate spends two segments discussing Kobe Bryant. In the first segment, he admits he was wrong on the way the Lakers handled Kobe in his final season and he also encourages listeners to make amends with anyone who they're having conflict with in life. He talks about his feelings on Kobe, what it meant to him, and what it meant to so many who spent the day mourning the loss. In the second of the two segments, Nate discusses a special card of the day.


Full Show 01/20/2020

Nate talks about leadership in the 49ers organization and he says that because they found a guy with a similar vision and took a risk, they're playing the Super Bowl. He explains how we need to stop judging people by what their resume says they can do and instead to take the time to listen. He also says that on the other end, we need to not be afraid to take those risks and make those ideas happen. In the second segment, he recaps some of Championship weekend in the NFL while also using the...


Full Show 01/13/2020

Nate talks about how in life we should never not expect the unexpected and he makes the comparison to the NFL Divisional round games between the Houston Texans and the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans. In the second segment, Nate discusses the divisional round match ups and goes over his AFC and NFC Championship game picks. He closes the show talking about a new segment on the show called Time Travel Fantasy Football and an all new card of the day!


Full Show 01.05.2020

Nate opens the show by discussing the Patriots loss to the Titans and he tells listeners that sometimes in life all good things come to an end. He explains that the Patriots are now in rebuilding mode and you should only expect them to get younger. In the second segment, he reviews his wildcard picks and makes his divisional round picks. He has a new card of the day in his final segment.


Full Show 12/30/2019

Nate discusses two things in life that happens to a lot of people and relates those two things to what Tom Brady is currently up against with the New England Patriots. He discusses the loss to Miami, the road ahead, and the fact that Saturday night could potentially be Tom Brady's last game in New England. In the second segment, Nate makes his wildcard picks while in the third he has a special card of the day!


Full Show 12/26/2019

Nate discusses XFL 2.0 in the first segment and he spends a significant amount of time talking about the "life story" of Vince McMahon. Nate says that what's made Vince successful is his ability to change the way he does business. He says that Vince is someone who takes risks, makes ideas happen, and gets back up and try's again in times where he doesn't get the result he wanted. In the second segment, Nate gives his week seventeen NFL picks and in the third, Nate discusses his pick for this...


Full Show 12/18/2019

Nate returns for a season four and talks about the rumors surrounding Tom Brady leaving the Patriots in the off-season. In the second segment, he gives you his week sixteen NFL picks. In the third, he discusses the first Card of the Day of season four. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Nate's new takes!


Full Show 02/04/2018 SB52 SPECIAL

Nate returns for his annual Super Bowl special and this year he tells you that in America, when you become successful, you become the villain. He talks about how American's grow bored with success. American's want to try new things, over and over again. In the second segment, he announces the 2017 Super Steamy Streamy award winners and tells listeners how much the Nathan's Team program will donate to the Make A Wish Foundation. Nate closes the show by giving listeners his Super Bowl pick.


SB 52 Pre-Game Party

The Nate's Take Pre-Super Party.


Full Show: 12/20/2017

Nate opens the show by telling people to follow the LEEIB Fantasy Football Final. He then spends the first segment talking about Jimmy Garoppolo and he asks the question on everybody's mind: Why didn't anybody else go for this guy? He explains that Patriot fans shouldn't be upset for not getting more and tells you why winning can sometimes have bad effects on a person or team. In the second segment, he gives his week sixteen NFL picks and he closes the show with a new segment called FSM.


Full Show: 11/21/2017

Nate returns from his vacation to talk about the Jimmy Garoppolo trade and he tells listeners that Bill Belichick is sending a message with the move. He also says that Brad Stevens should already be in consideration for Coach of the year. In the second segment, he tells you his week twelve NFL picks and gives you an update on our total donation numbers. In the closing segment, he has a special Card of the Day.