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Podcast for, and Indianapolis Colts blog.
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Podcast for, and Indianapolis Colts blog.




Colts Cast: Analyzing Colts' defense on Eagles 11-minute drive; Holding the line with David Strauss

The Indianapolis Colts Week 3 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles was a heart-breaker. Maybe the most difficult thing to swallow was the amount of time the Colts' offense was off the field -- and the defense on it -- throughout that possession. This drive's duration featured some bad plays by a few individuals on the defense, but mostly the defense brought their high-energy, fast approach and did a very good job in keeping Carson Wentz guessing. The Colts weren't helped by some awful calls from...


Reacting to Colts 20-16 Week 3 loss to Eagles

The Indianapolis Colts found themselves in a familiar position Sunday in Philadelphia. They, despite having an awful day offensively, were in a position to control their own destiny. Unfortunately, and as you already know, the Colts failed to take advantage of that, and several other opportunities throughout the game. Between Andrew Luck and Frank Reich something has got to change with how this offense is performing. Luck threw the ball 40 times Sunday and until late in the final...


Colts Cast: Colts-Eagles Week 3 Primer with Kevin Hickey and Michael Kist

As the Indianapolis Colts prepare for their Week 3 matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles the personnel availability for both teams is not pretty. Each squad faces a loss of multiple heavy contributors, which ironically also will feature the return of Carson Wentz for his 2018 debut. The Colts won't have Jack Doyle, Anthony Castonzo or Marlon Mack against a very stout Philly front seven, but the Eagles' backfield is coming in with a depleted backfield and receiver corps which may be a lot for...


Colts Cast: Tracking Colts PFF Grades Through Week 2

The Indianapolis Colts have been a roster that has shown that the youth and speed brought in throughout the offseason has become a huge benefit for the long-term success of the team. Something that cannot be overstated, though, is Frank Reich's scheme and playcalling. Last week the Colts floundered against the Bengals in the second half as they held a sizable lead, but in Week 2 the Colts held on to their lead and dominated on both sides of the ball for large portions of the...


Examining the Colts 21-9 win over the Redskins; Individual performances

After a disappointing loss in Week 1 after the Colts held a 13-point lead, the team bounced back in a major way yesterday against the Redskins. The defense was swarming all day, the offense was methodical for large stretches of the day and the coaching was excellent as well. Today we look back on Darius Leonard's fantastic performance and what that means for the Colts' defense going forward, the offensive line and how, with subs getting significant snaps at tackle, they continue to protect...


Colts Cast: Colts Week 1 PFF Grades

The Indianapolis Colts weren't in top form Sunday in their loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. You have to like what you saw from Andrew Luck, and depending on your viewpoint of where the Colts' defense is heading, there were some good signs of growth there as well. Who graded well, and who didn't? Which grades do I relatively agree with and which aren't up to snuff? Today I take you into the Colts top PFF grades at each position to see how they were seen from another point of view. Going...


A cursory look at how the Colts stack up against the Redskins in Week 2

Today we begin to look at the Indianapolis Colts Week 2 opponents, the Washington Redskins. The Colts were first half warriors last week, but the Redskins put nearly all of their points up in the second quarter. What does this mean, if anything? Maybe nothing, but we do know that the Colts are going to have to be much better late in the game if they're going to stand a chance in Washington. The Colts will be dealing with an extremely efficient quarterback in Alex Smith, a resurgent Adrian...


Colts Cast: Examining Colts 34-23 Week 1 loss to Bengals

The Indianapolis Colts came into their Week 1 battle against the Cincinnati Bengals on a mission. Andrew Luck was back under center, the defense is young and was excited to show off their speed and on top of all that, a new play-caller in head coach Frank Reich as well. 34-23 looks bad, but this game was so much closer than the final score suggests. The Colts built themselves a halftime lead, and put up some cushion on their second drive of the second half to lead 23-10 halfway through the...


Breaking down Colts-Bengals Week 1 matchup with Joe Goodberry

The Indianapolis Colts have a lot to look forward to with their youthful roster. But, will that be a delayed in the Colts' home opener against the powerful defense of the Cincinnati Bengals? Joe Goodberry (from the Athletic Cincinnati) joins Matt Danely to discuss every facet of the team's 2018 season debut. The Bengals offense will be one where we largely know what we're getting. A.J. Green, Andy Dalton, Joe Mixon and more will be squaring off against an inexperienced Colts defense in...


Examining the Colts 53-man roster, and corresponding roster moves

Saturday the Indianapolis Colts set their initial 53-man roster. For the most part, they put together a group that most of us saw coming. There were some surprises, and those moves set the Colts fan base down a strange path. Fans and analysts alike didn't agree with them, but Chris Ballard certainly has his process that he believes in and is sticking to it. Two of those moves were the release of John Simon, and Ryan Delaire being waived after making the initial roster. One that is also of a...


Who to watch in Colts-Bengals preseason matchup

The Indianapolis Colts, like every other NFL team, will be getting that chance to see a ton of their depth players tonight in the fourth preseason game of the year against the Cincinnati Bengals. Today we'll take a look at each of the positions, and which players there will need to put on a show in order to make their case for the initial 53-man roster. The offensive line needs to show up, playmakers need to be formed in the back-7 of the Colts' defense, and some of the depth along the...


Possible league roster cuts of interest for the Colts; 2018 Colts wagers

With 53-man roster cuts looming throughout the league, we know that the Colts can be expected to be active as waivers start going through. There are plenty of positions in which the Colts could use an influx of more talent in order to improve their roster. Today we take a quick look at a handful of players who may be cut at the end of the week, at positions the Colts might need to take a look at. Naturally, we can't possibly know who all will be available around the league, but there are...


Cut Day Looms; Colts Strengths & Weaknesses | with Stephen Holder

One thing we continue to admit, regardless of how successful the 2018 Indianapolis Colts are, is that there are multiple areas of the roster that will bring excitement to the season. Today Stephen Holder joins me to examine some specific roster battles, and concerns that we may find with certain players. The defensive end position continues to draw some real interest in regards to how real Ryan Delaire is and what he could bring to the position. The obvious questions surrounding Tarell...


Reviewing Individual Performances from Colts 23-17 Win over 49ers; Roster Talk

Andrew Luck is still back. Despite the national craziness over his second preseason outing, Luck proved to everyone that he simply didn't have his best day. Saturday, he actually did have his best day in the preseason and led the Colts to a 23-17 victory over the 49ers. Luck wasn't the only one who stood out, though. At least one player at each position had some positive to discuss, but there were a few who made it quite clear that they aren't where they need to be quite yet. A lot of...


Should Colts Pursue Khalil Mack Trade?; Who I'm Watching in Colts-49ers

There were a few interesting developments regarding Oakland Raiders' stud defensive end Khalil Mack yesterday. There was a tweet from Eric Galko stating that he was indeed on the trade block. Then there was a tweet stating virtually the opposite from Ted Nguyen of the Athletic. At any rate, this conversation is simply too fun not to have. I take a look at what we...


Reviewing Individual Performances in Colts PSW2 Loss to Ravens

The Indianapolis Colts took a loss in their second preseason game of the 2018 season to the Baltimore Ravens. Nobody is excited about what they saw from Andrew Luck, but that doesn't mean that anyone's concerned by it either. On the other hand, there were other individual performances that did catch our attention and should lead to some intrigue when looking ahead to the 2018 regular season. While the Colts have an extremely young roster right now, the focus is naturally going to be on those...


Who to watch in PSW2 matchup against Ravens

It's finally here. The Indianapolis Colts seem to have had a massive layoff between their first and second preseason game, but Monday night the Colts host the Baltimore Ravens. The Colts will then have their third and fourth preseason games within the next 11 days. Today we touch on some of the latest news surrounding the team, including the joint practices with the Ravens, new injuries who will keep some players out as well as the news surrounding the iconic voice of the Colts and his...


Who's Who on the Indianapolis Colts Roster? | with Kevin Bowen

The Indianapolis Colts are setting up for their second preseason game in a matchup with a Baltimore Ravens next Monday night. The two squads are also set to conduct joint practices on Friday and Saturday, which should bring some added excitement for these two practices. Kevin Bowen joins Matt Danely on the Colts Cast to talk about anything and everything regarding the latest on the Colts. We touch on Hard Knocks to start the show, and though it doesn't feed directly into anything related to...


Colts Camp Roundup; Unresolved Positional Battles

The Indianapolis Colts still have several unresolved positional battles, and even more positions that are being hampered by injuries. Charon Vonberg ( joins Matt Danely to dive into these topics as the Colts prepare for their second preseason matchup against the Baltimore Ravens. The Colts will be holding joint practices with the Ravens, and after their Thursday matchup in Seattle are getting a bit more of a break between games with their second preseason game being Monday....


Reacting to Colts Preseason Week 1 Victory over Seahawks

Finally the Indianapolis Colts have officially kicked off the preseason last night in Seattle. And just as we will during the regular season, we’re going to go through what we saw on the field from the 2018 roster. We talk early takeaways from Andrew Luck and how he looked in his first action in forever, how the offensive line protected him, how Luck looked getting his first hit of the season, the running game and more from the offense. Additionally, many are already down on the Colts...