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9/7/17 - Are you calling from Italy?

The blurbcast is back, consider this a "Preseason Episode" before GRA's season premiere. On this blurbcast, JC is revisited by his old friends at the "I.R.S." and finds out how much he owes, and what will happen to him when he returns from another country. #ListenIn Support GRA and GERE Network by doing your Amazon shopping using our redirect link:


7/24/17 - The Jerky Episode, Part 2

On this blurbcast, JC was provided a phone number by a friend of his that was spam called, and he proceeds to call the number and much to his delight, they answer. #ListenIn To purchase music heard on this podcast, please use our Amazon redirect link,


Feelin' Alive on Episode 45!

JC/DC are back again! For the first time on-air together in 2017, these two crazy lovebirds are back and talk a little bit about who is at fault for the podcasts very sporadic releases. From there, John releases a prank call in which someone was trying to access his computer, not realizing that John is an IT student, and knows his way around a computer without having one in front of him. It feels good to be back. #ListenIn Support this podcast by shopping on Amazon, using our re-direct...