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Shaquille O'Neal is one of the world's most dominant big men, entertainers, entrepreneurs... and podcasters! Nischelle Turner & Spice Adams join Shaq each week to go big on everything from music and sports to what's trending in pop culture. And you know it's bound to be a good time when DJ Diesel breaks out his turntables and welcomes a celebrity friend or two on The Big Podcast!


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Shaquille O'Neal is one of the world's most dominant big men, entertainers, entrepreneurs... and podcasters! Nischelle Turner & Spice Adams join Shaq each week to go big on everything from music and sports to what's trending in pop culture. And you know it's bound to be a good time when DJ Diesel breaks out his turntables and welcomes a celebrity friend or two on The Big Podcast!




The Big Boxing Glove | Gary Payton & Errol Spence Jr.

Our Hall of Fame Finale tips off with a very special guest: NBA Champion Gary Payton joins to talk Heat culture, how Miami can win it all and reminisce on playing with The Big Fella. Shaq details why he thinks the Boston Celtics should break up Tatum and Brown. Errol Spence Jr. previews his upcoming fight with Terence Crawford and Spicy ends the season with a round of Yo Mama jokes that will have you rolling. See for privacy information.


The Big MYB

The crew is back together again to talk everything from Jokic's run through the West, the NBA's coaching carousel and Jimmy Butler's swag on and off the court. Nischelle fills the guys in on the latest drama surrounding 'Vanderpump Rules' and Spice breaks down the beef between DJ Envy and Rick Ross. See for privacy information.


The Big Yeaahh! | Lil Jon

Grammy Award-Winning rapper Lil Jon stops by The Big Podcast to talk about his start as a DJ, passing along the music genes to his son, and NBA Playoff Predictions. Shaq gets real about Lonnie Walker keeping the Lakers’ playoff run alive and send his apologies to Devin Booker. See for privacy information.


The Big Circumstance | Kenny Beecham

Shaq wastes no time getting to his take on the Memphis Grizzlies’ announcement that Dillon Brooks will not return ‘under any circumstances.’ The Big Fella continues to sip the playoff tea with discussions surrounding Jokic, Steph and Embiid’s historic play, a Warriors/Lakers series prediction and more. House of Highlights Lead Content Creator & Host of the Through the Wire Podcast Kenny Beecham stops by to host an ‘All-Time Playoff Performer’ Draft… We’ll give you one guess who picks Kobe Bryant. See for privacy information.


The Big Shark | Jeremy Piven

The Big Fella makes his return with some high praise for fellow LSU Tiger Angel Reese. Shaq also weighs in on Rudy Gobert's suspension, the Play-In games, and the close MVP race. Jeremy Piven joins the crew to share stories from watching Shaq and the Lakers and talk his new movie 'Sweetwater.' See for privacy information.


The Big Birthday

Shaq jumps right in with his thoughts on Ja Morant. The Big Fella also puts pressure on AD and the Lakers, declares what it takes for the Knicks to be back, and breaks down the budding rivalry between the Suns and the Mavs. Nischelle and Spice gift Diesel a very fitting gift for the newly 51-year-old. See for privacy information.


The Big Mac | Mac McClung

The crew is reunited after Spice’s trip Down Under and Shaq’s sick day (confirmed by a "real" doctor). The Big Fella makes a case for Portland to trade Damian Lillard, explains what AD and the Lakers need to do to make the playoffs, and weighs in on Trae Young’s ‘coach killer’ reputation. Dunk Contest Champion Mac McClung drops by to set the record straight about Diesel’s viral speech and answer if he really will defend his title next year. Nischelle, Spice and Shaq debate Coach Deion Sanders' viral recruiting philosophy. See for privacy information.


The Big Bully | Candace Parker

Candace Parker joins the Big Fella in studio for a special episode live in the Bleacher Report App. Shaq defends Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Performance, reacts to the Suns blockbuster trade, discusses how KD will fit in in Phoenix, & brainstorms landing spots for Russell Westbrook and how to restore the Dunk Contest to its former glory. In the spirt of Valentines Day, the crew curates a playlist of love. See for privacy information.


The Big Meme King | Josiah Johnson & Lindsay Barnette

'The King of NBA Twitter' Josiah Johnson drops by to fill in for Spice and talk everything from Kyrie's trade to Dallas, discuss what's going on in LA and even break down the 50 Years of Hip-Hop celebration at the Grammy's. Shaq gets a surprise from Kultured Misfits founder Lindsay Barnette as she shares what it's like to make Shaq-sized sweat suits. See for privacy information.


The Big Bandwagon

With the 49ers advancing to the NFC Championship, Spice is eager to rub it in The Big Fella's face. Shaq empathizes with Dak Prescott, shares some advice for Joe Burrow's relationship and gives his honest take on the Lakers trade for Rui Hachimura. The Big Diesel introduces a new segment he crafted up himself. See for privacy information.


The Big Shaq Pampers | Jamal Crawford

3x NBA Sixth Man of the Year Jamal Crawford joins Shaq and Nischelle to talk about LeBron's chase to be the all-time scoring leader and if the Warriors can turn it on at the right time. Nischelle puts TNT Tuesday's newest member to the test with a game of Who's More Likely: Tuesday or Thursday? See for privacy information.


The Big Dreamful Attraction

The Big Podcast crew is ready for a BIG 2023. Shaq, Nischelle and Spice send their thoughts, prayers and best wishes to Damar Hamlin, his family, and the Buffalo Bills. The Big Fella reacts to the offensive explosion in the association and ponders his original MVP take. All three hosts pick a focus word for the year ahead. See for privacy information.


The Big Scrooge

The crew is trying to get into the holiday spirit, despite The Big Fella’s Grinch tendencies. The sale of the Phoenix Suns has Shaq talking ownership and he doubles down on his Big 3 take. It wouldn’t be a holiday edition without gifts from the crew. See for privacy information.


The Big One-Stop Shop | DJ Suede the Remix God

Avid remixer of the show DJ Suede the Remix God drops in to talk about getting in to producing, share some exciting upcoming projects, and even debut his latest mix of The Big Podcast. Shaq stands his ground on the iconic "one, two, three, not one, two, back to one" moment on Inside the NBA. See for privacy information.


The Big Wrapped

Shaq isn't the only Big Podcast host with a documentary and Nischelle gives Spice his flowers for it. The Big Fella breaks down Anthony Davis's recent dominant play, Deion Sanders move to Colorado, and makes the claim he's the last person to beat Michael Phelps. As we wrap up the year, the crew shares a few of their favorite songs. See for privacy information.


The Big Demolition

In an episode you almost have to see to believe, Shaq makes his points in a BIG way...demolishing everything is sight (and sound). The crew weighs in Patrick Beverley & Deandre Ayton's altercation and Rudy Gobert's comments about supporting the team through thick and thin. Nischelle serves up a game of 'The Big Lyric Filler.' See for privacy information.


The Big Brain Freeze

In true Big Podcast Thanksgiving fashion, Shaq, Nischelle and Spice have the ultimate stuffing vs. dressing debate (again!). The Big Fella breaks down Giannis' ladder incident in Philly, Anthony Davis' resurgence and the Kings hot streak. Spice sprinkles some extra heat with the spiciest topics on the internet. See for privacy information.


The Big All-State | Von Miller

2x Super Bowl Champ Von Miller joins the Big Podcast crew to talk about his new Bleacher Report show 'The Voncast,' break down the insanity of the Vikings-Bills game, and give his best pitch for OBJ. Shaq opens up about his back-and-forth with Kanye West and Spice can't believe what Israel Adesanya claims he's done to make weight. See for privacy information.


The Big Remix | Diplo

Grammy Award-winning DJ & music producer Diplo drops by to talk about how he creates his sets, what it's like to play with DJ Diesel, and reveal the origin of his professional alias. The Big Fella's Dallas Cowboys were victorious over the Bears, so Spice pays up and inquires about another friendly wager. Shaq shares his thoughts on the Nets' recent coaching changes and Donovan Mitchell's hot start to the season. See for privacy information.


The Big Lazy Eye

Is The Big Fella finally coming around? Nischelle gets Shaq to empathize with Ben Simmons and get real about Russell Westbrook's situation in LA. The Bears-Cowboys matchup gets another friendly wager on the table and The Big Diesel calls for comedians to lay off his lazy eye. See for privacy information.