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Join Jared & Kyle as they talk Ohio State Buckeyes, as well as other topics including NFL, NCAA Football & Basketball, and pop culture. We're your new favorite Buckeye podcast. Join us at,, & @SloopCast on Twitter.

Join Jared & Kyle as they talk Ohio State Buckeyes, as well as other topics including NFL, NCAA Football & Basketball, and pop culture. We're your new favorite Buckeye podcast. Join us at,, & @SloopCast on Twitter.
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Join Jared & Kyle as they talk Ohio State Buckeyes, as well as other topics including NFL, NCAA Football & Basketball, and pop culture. We're your new favorite Buckeye podcast. Join us at,, & @SloopCast on Twitter.






S3E65 – The Rules They Are a-Changin’

#OhioState gets two commitments in a week Does #OhioState have the answer at center for the next few years? Craig Young chooses #OhioState, but at what position? #OhioState makes the top5 for a top ranked WR The journey of Isaiah Prince Coaches, confidence & hard work Changes in the redshirt rules… good thing? How will coaches manage the new redshirt rules? Common sense rule change comes to transfer regulations What other rules in NCAA Football would you like changed? Let’s...


S3E64 – Is Mertz The Man?

S3E64 – Is Mertz The Man? #OhioState looks towards new targets after Gunnel chooses Arizona Who are #OhioState’s primary targets at QB now? #OhioState gets in unexpected visit from one of 2019’s best centers EDITOR’S NOTE: Harry Miller committed to #OhioState after we recorded #OhioState make the top 5 for Indiana 4Star WR, David Bell How does #OhioState’s recruiting class rate against the nation? The #B1G is off to another slow start in recruiting Little animal to receive big...


S3E63 – It’s Mathematical!

S3E63 – It’s Mathematical! This is maybe our geekiest episode ever… BE WARNED! One of Michigan’s best spurns the Wolverines Predicting Ohio State’s Offensive Tackle recruiting class Can Urban fight off Saban in West Virginia? Two WRs recently include #OhioState in their top team lists #OhioState might sign a boatload of WRs in 2019… but whom? #OhioState hopes to get a big WR commitment on Aug 7th. Jared wants you to temper your expectations for #OhioState vs TTUN… sort...


S3E62 - New Podcast Preview 7071 (S1E1 - Shred The Master Design)

A review of the Playing to Vapors 2017 album "Shred The Master Design" You can listen to (and BUY) this album on Playing to Vapor's Bandcamp Page: Playing to Vapors on Facebook: Offical Website: 7071 Info: Offical Website: Twitter & Facebook: @7071Music


S3E61 – Geaux Joe

S3E61 – Geaux Joe Burrow to the bayou Is Borrow an immediate starter at LSU? How improved is LSU by Joe Burrow? Will you cheer for Burrow at LSU? Ohio State and Texas reschedule their home-and-home We look at #OhioState’s future out of conference matchups What are the chances both Urban & Herman are around in 2025? Who are the top 2019 targets still on #OhioState’s board? #OhioState in good position to land 2 or the top 3 2019 recruits Does #OhioState still have a shot at...


S3E60 – Full Time QB

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S3E60 – Full Time QB Looking for something to do on Fridays? Jared’s got you covered We reverse the episode because, why not? Burrow, not Burrows What was said between Burrow and the coaches? Joe Burrow has options, we break them down We all know that Burrow is heading to Nebraska… right? Does Chip Kelly make UCLA too good to ignore? Should we read into Burrow’s extended stay at LSU? Ohio U might be too small-time for Burrow… what about Cinci? What...


S3E59 – Just a Kid from Ohio

S3E59 – Just a Kid from Ohio Garret Wilson is “coming home” How the 247 composite rankings and the “stars” work Cade Stover chooses #OhioState in the most #B1G way What do Star Wars and high school 40 times have in common? Zeke Correll and how his decision is bigger than #OhioState vs Notre Dame We take a look at some of the best remaining 2019 Ohio footballers Is Notre Dame looking to reclaim Cincinnati? Could a couple OHSAA rule changes raise the recruiting ranks of Ohio...


S3E58 – Enter the Wasteland

S3E58 – Enter the Wasteland #OhioState is a family Jake Wray cracks the seal on the 2020 class The #Buckeyes steal a safety from the Badgers #OhioState adds two new recruits… or is it three? Shea Patterson in Michigan… big deal or nah? In defense of the super fans… nope, kidding, they suck Is #OhioState is scholarship trouble? Antonio Williams transfer a win-win for all involved Denzel Ward is heading home to Cleveland Jerome Baker to rejoin Raekwon in Miami Sam Hubbard...


S3E57 – Post-Spring Depth Chart

S3E57 – Post-Spring Depth Chart One of #Ohio’s best chooses the #Buckeyes #OhioState gets a commit from an awesome-named Georgian Another transfer announced from the #Slob room We talk QB Battle… has someone switched to team Burrow? Weber or Dobbins? Does it matter? Is McCall really the 3rd HBack on the depth chart? Mack or Victor… Campbell of Dixon? Urban told us who’s starting at TE… Will Ruckert disrupt the depth chart? Where is the biggest surprise in the depth chart after...


S3E56 – Spring Game Review ‘18

S3E56 – Spring Game Review ‘18 Spring Camp is over (please don’t leave us) Highly rated NJ athlete chooses #OhioState Austin Texas WR to commit soon… will he choose #OhioState? Two-hand-touches… or just kinda getting close… whatever Super Demario will force coaches to McCall his name more Why can’t I hold all of these running backs? Well, we thought we knew who is playing left tackle The biggest spring game revelation, is also the biggest concern Does the roster split give...


S3E55 – Spring Game Preview ‘18

S3E55 – Spring Game Preview ‘18 A couple 5-Star defensive players visit Columbus Two 247Sports top25 players on campus… Does #OhioState have a shot? Is this the most talent-rich #Buckeye team ever? Why this QB controversy won’t be like 2015. Urban Meyer one-ups Jimmy Harbs once again We get MATHMATICAL! If you had to replace Urban, today, who do you chose? That time Jim Tressel achieved peak-Tressel Who will be the Spring Game MVP? Kyle is drive the Austin Mack fan bus…...


S3E54 – Burrow Buzz

S3E54 – Burrow Buzz 69% of you say that two is better We ask, you answer… we review your opinions on last week’s topics. Bates-Diop goes pro. Will #OhioState be competitive next year? A pair of Walk-ons shed their #BlackStripe… but the watch is still on Has Thayer Munford won the right-tackle battle? How are the battles at RG & Center going? Has one of the OLine positions grown into a big concern? How much confidence do we have in the OLine? Burrow buzz; don’t count him as...


S3E53 – The Sunspear Package

S3E53 – The Sunspear Package We hear from you, the listeners, about some of the questions we asked We draw a line at recruit’s top-whatevers #OhioState lands on the best RBs in the country Will #OhioState stop at one RB in the 2019 class? The advantage & disadvantages of player rotation We talk about Illini football… seriously Is Denzel Ward a top 10 NFL prospect? Can Billy Price and/or Sam Hubbard go in the first round? Jerome Baker’s draft stock is underpriced… or is...


S3E52 – Superlatives

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S3E52 – Superlatives We hand out superlatives to review the BBall (preview football) season -Basketball- Who are the MVPs on the #Basketball #Buckeyes? Who was the most improved and biggest surprise? Who do you most look forward to watching next season? What was the turning point on the basketball season? Basketball motto for this year? -Football- Which #Buckeye is most likely to win a Heisman this season? Who will be offensive/defensive MVPs? Which...


S3E51 – Lets Predict The Depth Chart

We predict #OhioState’s 2018 depth chart Is the SloopCast on the verge of war with another podcast? If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding! Who will start at QB? Is the open battle a good thing? Could a QB be transferring out of the program soon? What changes could we see in the #OhioState offense? Can #OhioState have two 1,000 yard rushers? Kill the kickoff Can Rashod Berry hold on to the TE spot all year? Who will be the starting 5 OLinemen? Is there a chance...


S3E50 – Early In The Cycle Part 3

S3E50 – Early In The Cycle Part 3 Who is #OhioState is targeting at WR & DB in 2019? #OhioState addresses a pair of needs with their latest commit. With Ryan Jacoby committed, can #OhioState land Zeke Correll as well? With a lot of departing WRs, #OhioState looks to reload in 2019. The #Buckeyes look to steal the best player from the Hoosier state Can #OhioState continue having recruiting success in Texas? Does the emergence of Georgia hurt #OhioState ability to recruit...


S3E49 – Slobs & Toters

S3E49 – Slobs & Toters We look at 2019 #OhioState targets along the OLine & RBs. The #Buckeyes offers their 10th QB. #OhioState needs Linemen, luckily 2019 has some studs. #OhioState is good shape with Ohio’s (and WV’s) best linemen. Why tackles sometime get moved to guard at the next level. How many running backs will #OhioState sign in 2019? Who is #OhioState’s primary target at running back? What will #OhioState do with all these running backs? BBALL: What the heck happened...


S3E48 – Let’s Talk About 2019

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S3E48 – Let’s Talk About 2019 Who are the #Buckeyes targeting in the 2019 class? With only one commit, committed, is #OhioState off to a slow start? #OhioState looks towards WV to resupply the OLine. Could #OhioState be thin at QB a year from now? Class of 2019 QBs… who #OhioState will pursue Pro-Style TX QB decommits from TXAM after #OhioState offer, coincidence? #OhioState targets a pair of TX QBs, both named Grant. Can #OhioState flip a...


S3E47 - #Supreme18

S3E47 - #Supreme18 Schiano is staying, Urban is setting roots Did #NSD18 have enough drama? Did the early signing period help or hurt #OhioState? Urban responds to biggest recruiting loss, with his biggest win at #OhioState Why (we think) Rasheed Walker chose Penn State Which #Supreme18 freshmen will have the biggest impact this season? Is the #Supreme18 #OhioState’s best class ever? Why actual Nation Signing Day was so important for #OhioState’s momentum National Signing Day...


S3E46 – National Signing Preview 2018

S3E46 – National Signing Preview 2018 Why the early signing period is bad Who does #OhioState want, who will they get? #OhioState adds a 4* from California …and the good looking chick is #OhioState Twice a certainty, this recruit appears to move on from #OhioState #OhioState needs Rasheed Walker… who will he choose? Does #OhioState have a legit chance at Nicholas Petit-Frere? #OhioState looks to add one more Ohio kid Can #OhioState hold off UGA, and win the #1 recruiting...