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Join Jared & Kyle as they talk Ohio State Buckeyes, as well as other topics including NFL, NCAA Football & Basketball, and pop culture. We're your new favorite Buckeye podcast. Join us at,, & @SloopCast on Twitter.

Join Jared & Kyle as they talk Ohio State Buckeyes, as well as other topics including NFL, NCAA Football & Basketball, and pop culture. We're your new favorite Buckeye podcast. Join us at,, & @SloopCast on Twitter.
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Join Jared & Kyle as they talk Ohio State Buckeyes, as well as other topics including NFL, NCAA Football & Basketball, and pop culture. We're your new favorite Buckeye podcast. Join us at,, & @SloopCast on Twitter.






S4E35 - GAF Levels

S4E35 - GAF Levels Zach Harrison & Larry Johnson updates Who will win the Bowl games this weekend A new Bowl Season game How well does Kyle know his bowl names? What bowl games will you actually watch? Los Angeles: A big city in California Hawaii is playing in the Hawaii bowl, you guys! Miami is traveling north for a bowl game! B! 1! G! B! 1! G! B! 1! G! B! 1! G! B! 1! G! SCARLET! We are NOT sponsored by MeUndies… yet. Can Ryan Day be as good as Urban? How much rope does Ryan...


S4E34 - Recruiting & Basketball

S4E34 - Recruiting & Basketball North Carolina = Zombie outbreak. Some clarity & good news about the coaching situation. Coaching changes = recruiting upheaval. Recruiting: Who’s in, who’s out, who is cloudy still. Two 2020 kids decommit after Urban’s announcement. Could the #Buckeyes lose out on a pair of instate studs? Why didn’t the 2019 class never catch momentum? What to expect during the early signing period. Basketball updates! Is #OhioState surpassing expectations? What...


S4E33 - Urban Migration / A New Day

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S4E33 - Urban Migration / A New Day Urban migrates into retirement But is Meyer done, done? We’ve got puns! **Except Luke Fickell A new Day in #BuckeyeNation Should #OhioState have conducted a national search? Coaching changes equals recruiting losses Who is staying/going from the coaching staff? Is Marcus Freeman still on #OhioState's radar? Does anyone care if Day isn’t an “Ohio guy”? Favorite Meyer moment? What does Day as head coach mean for the...


S4E32 - Nothing Matters, Everything Matters

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S4E32 - Nothing Matters, Everything Matters Should #OhioState have been top 4? Georgia 5, #OhioState 6… Does it matter? Does Notre Dame belong in the top 4? Does this committee devalue the B1G? Who can beat Bama? Its ok to feel both happy and disappointed #BuckeyeNation feels the disrespect. #OhioState looked good for 3 qts of the game. Passing-d and running-o continue to struggle. Dwayne “The Goat” Haskins… if you smell what I’m cooking The Heisman is...


S4E31 - It's A Matter of How

S4E31 - It's A Matter of How #MACtion! What is the likelihood of a Oklahoma upset? Can UCF survive without their QB? Can Pitt play the pilferer once again? What’s the most generic mascot name? Can you even imagine if #OhioState lost to Akron? Bowser smash. How Northwestern’s offense will try to succeed. Another big game for Dwyane? The strengths and shortcomings of the NU defense. Does HOW #OhioState wins matter to the committee? Salty SloopCasters More Michigan musings… how...


S4E30 - The Team We Expected

S4E30 - The Team We Expected Cowards & Crow What we got right, what he got wrong The Golden Age of #OhioState Football Don’t let the “39” full you, the D was great There's a reason why #OhioState knew how to exploit this D The Linebackers and #Slobs step up bigtime Chris Olave with the coming out party Expectations, enjoyment, and the hell of loving #OhioState Do we want Bama? What to do with Tate Martell? #OhioState wins the red zone Can these #Buckeyes hang in the...


S4E29 - Lowered Expectations

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S4E29 - Lowered Expectations Urban health initiative. #OhioState stuck at 10… right or wrong? #Everybodysucks Which Florida team is worse? Jared predicts the end of the #IronBowl. Death to BTN-plus. Is Kyle’s Field Kyle’s second favorite field? #OhioState is an underdog for the first time in a while. It’s hell being an #OhioState fan. Will Chase Winovich play? Does a shootout favor #OhioState? Can #OhioState pass effectively… stop the run? Have the...


S4E28 - Scheming

S4E28 - Scheming What's still broke, what’s been fixed? Dwayne train has no brakes. Biakabutuka’d The defense always needs to adjust, instead of being adjusted to. Is the coaching room headed toward massive turnover? Too many chiefs in the coaching room? Back off the ‘backers Tuf Borland will be Terry McLaurin next year. LineBACKers Find ball, get ball Another February win… Dwayne Haskins is gone… right? Are other teams closing the gap on ‘Bama? Is #OhioState in the CFP still...


S4E27 - Things That Don’t Matter

S4E27 - Things That Don’t Matter Black Stripes, injuries & Idiots Should we even bother worrying about the Playoff Committee? Is #Ohio state in a “win & in” position? Lose in the playoff, or win the rose bowl? Does this committee really have an SEC bias? Is Oklahoma, LSU, or WVU playoff-worthy? Best possible outcome for #OhioState this weekend? ND loses. T-E-R-R-A-P-I-N-S A TRUE #Buckeyes defense would keep this team under 10 Where is THIS defense? Can #OhioState keep the run...


S4E26 - We Named This Episode After Drue Chrisman

S4E26 - We Named This Episode After Drue Chrisman #OhioState defense does what it needed to do. The wheels fell of the Sparty wagon. Why the intentional safety was MADNESS. Drue Chrisman, MVP. Sparty is who we THOUGHT they were. How do we feel about the running game now? OLine issues continue, but consider the competition. Why we’ve seen Haskins slow down. Is #OhioState using Martell correctly… enough? Is #OhioState’s defense actually this improved? The slowest fast guy...


S4E25 - Too Many Kyles

Booms in tandem #OhioState, SEC, and the CFB Playoffs Kyle in, Kyle out Will Jared stay with the #AntiPicks? Wisconsin & Penn St… who is worse? Why is GameDay highlighting a game with a 20pt dog? One simple change could make Spartans the coolest team in sports. Michigan State… half great Lewerke & Bollman… need we say more? MSU defense has legit NFL talent Where is Michigan State on the rival hierarchy? Best beer from Michigan? Can #OhioState continue their success on the...


S4E24 - Fixed It?

S4E24 - Fixed It? Did #OhioState get better… better enough? No read option, or new read option? Running game… fixed? No such thing as a makeup call? What does #OhioState do at safety now? Fix the targeting rule! Did we see better play at LB? What do we do, now, with our expectations? Urban now, Urban always. Does the coaching staff lack chemistry and/or passion? Who carries the flag? Is this a playoff caliber team? Can #OhioState beat Michigan? Oline looked better running,...


S4E23 - Sugar High

S4E23 - Sugar High Maryland… WYD? Is Urban in his last year at #OhioState Black jerseys… pros and cons. Does Kyle have a Delorean in his pocket? #AntiPicks Is Notre Dame walking into a trap game? Can LSU break their losing streak vs Bama? Is Nebraska the best 2-6 team #OhioState has ever played Can #OhioState slow down Martinez Man-to-man or zone… why not both? What a difference two weeks makes. Is the OLine, therefore the running game, even fixable? What is the likelihood...


S4E22 - Son of a SloopCast!

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S4E22 - Son of a SloopCast! With special guest host Mike Meals (Twitter: @MMeals, @SonsOfSchmidt) The importance of childhood fandom Top 3 things that can be done to “fix” the #Buckeyes? How does Urban & Stud fix the OLine? How much blame should the RBs get for the running game failures? #BuckeyeNation’s scapegoat, who has really earned it Does this team lack leadership? Is putting the LBs on the LOS ever a good idea? Are the players focused...


S4E21 - Fix It! Fix It! Fix It!

PSA: Jared is NOT a doctor. Another player lost to injury, which feels odd. Place your bets Whats wrong with the LBs and Def as a whole? The SloopCast calls James Laurinaitis to the stand The New Orleans Buckeyes What can Brown do for you? Coaches hunker down and try fix all the things More snaps for Martell? Beginning of end for UFM? ...we don't think so Buy stock in Trevor Lawrence, sell Northwestern Is Florida really a top10 team? Who even is Penn State anymore? Ain't no one...


S4E20 - Got Iowa’ed

S4E20 - Got Iowa’ed PSA: If you tweet mean things at players, YOU SUCK. Dear #OhioState, we aren’t made, just disappointed. Of all the problems, which one hurt #OhioState the worst? Be honest, we all saw this coming. Can this be fixed? Where do you even start? How are the leaders on this team? Defense lacks an identity, a playmaker, and a leader. Terrible voids left by Bosa, Price & JTB. Was the team better under Ryan Day? Why the play calling is NOT the issue. It ALL starts and...


S4E19 - Don’t Get Iowa’ed

S4E19 - Don’t Get Iowa’ed We've been lying to ourselves Has Michigan finally hit their stride? Undefeated ACC foes face off... why thats rare. Can PSU pull themselves back together? Train puns? Train puns. How worried are you going into this game? Rondale Moore will absolutely break a long TD, right? The New Purdue Can #OhioState turn the run game around? Are #OhioState's OLine problems a talent issue? What the hell happened to the "Best DLine in The Country"? We're all a...


S4E18 - Everybody Stinks Part II

S4E18 - Everybody Stinks Part II Is #Ohio state a 2nd half team? If so, Why? Is it time for Bill Davis to go? How much of the defensive struggles are due to injury? Slants & Slants & Slants & Slants Who is the playmaker, game changer, tide turner for the defense? Where were Chase Young & Dre’Mont Jones? Do we expect too much from this young defense? Will Urban Meyer do the right thing? What’s better the KJH’s TD catch? How many records will Haskins own by year’s end? What the...


S4E17 - Say Something Nice

S4E17 - Say Something Nice Gonna start throwing to the TE ..yeah right Is the pass rush failing, could it get worse? New(?) alternate uniforms go public Burrow vs Bulldogs, and more in the #SlooPicks Is WVU on upset alert? Wisconsin vs Michigan... who's more overrated? Know Your Enemy: The Gold Gophers of Minnesota Say something nice about Minnesota Will #OhioState give up ANOTHER big play Saturday? Maroon & Gold... underrated? #OhioState is a pass-first offense... do you...


S4E16 - Everybody Stinks

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S4E16 - Everybody Stinks Always Indiana… we should of seen this coming Players are human, players get tired Bigger concern, running-O or passing-D In defense of the QB run Haskins missed the single game record by 3yds Is #OhioState using Ben Victor wrong? Is the DLine slipping? Can #OhioState beat beat Bama? Is Urban ok? What's up with the secondary? National review: everyone sucks After six weeks, who is still in contention? Texas and the...