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Join Jared & Kyle as they talk Ohio State Buckeyes, as well as other topics including NFL, NCAA Football & Basketball, and pop culture. We're your new favorite Buckeye podcast. Join us at,, & @SloopCast on Twitter.

Join Jared & Kyle as they talk Ohio State Buckeyes, as well as other topics including NFL, NCAA Football & Basketball, and pop culture. We're your new favorite Buckeye podcast. Join us at,, & @SloopCast on Twitter.
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Join Jared & Kyle as they talk Ohio State Buckeyes, as well as other topics including NFL, NCAA Football & Basketball, and pop culture. We're your new favorite Buckeye podcast. Join us at,, & @SloopCast on Twitter.






S4E18 - Everybody Stinks Part II

S4E18 - Everybody Stinks Part II Is #Ohio state a 2nd half team? If so, Why? Is it time for Bill Davis to go? How much of the defensive struggles are due to injury? Slants & Slants & Slants & Slants Who is the playmaker, game changer, tide turner for the defense? Where were Chase Young & Dre’Mont Jones? Do we expect too much from this young defense? Will Urban Meyer do the right thing? What’s better the KJH’s TD catch? How many records will Haskins own by year’s end? What the...


S4E17 - Say Something Nice

S4E17 - Say Something Nice Gonna start throwing to the TE ..yeah right Is the pass rush failing, could it get worse? New(?) alternate uniforms go public Burrow vs Bulldogs, and more in the #SlooPicks Is WVU on upset alert? Wisconsin vs Michigan... who's more overrated? Know Your Enemy: The Gold Gophers of Minnesota Say something nice about Minnesota Will #OhioState give up ANOTHER big play Saturday? Maroon & Gold... underrated? #OhioState is a pass-first offense... do you...


S4E16 - Everybody Stinks

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S4E16 - Everybody Stinks Always Indiana… we should of seen this coming Players are human, players get tired Bigger concern, running-O or passing-D In defense of the QB run Haskins missed the single game record by 3yds Is #OhioState using Ben Victor wrong? Is the DLine slipping? Can #OhioState beat beat Bama? Is Urban ok? What's up with the secondary? National review: everyone sucks After six weeks, who is still in contention? Texas and the...


S4E15 - Bottom of the Diaphragm

#OhioState to face another mobile threat QB Injury updates: Bosa, Weber, Big Bob and more Who is Texas? Ain’t nobody played nobody pauuuuuul! Is Kentucky (football) for real? Everyone is overrated But what if everyone wins out? How to properly say HOOsiers Will #OhioState give up another big play? Does this game have “sleepwalk” potential? How can #OhioState beat the blitz? Was the play calling really so bad? Can #OhioState end this one by halftime? -Outro Music- The...


S4E14 - Number 2

S4E14 - Number 2 Ben Victor never says die If this offensive has one identity, its this #OhioState almost got JTB’d Thanks James Franklin Hey Urb & Co… its ok to go under center… on occasion #OhioState needs to develop their running game Why no 2-RBs sets or downfield passing? The one adjustment that saved #OhioState the most Chase Young is your daddy The linebackers had a bad night… but... #Ohio state misses Luke Fickell Is it past time for the #SunspearPackage? Why the...


S4E13 - Paper Lions

S4E13 - Paper Lions Has Bosa played his last game as a #Buckeye? Jared plans your weekend… you might need a credit card Never bet on Notre Dame Is #JoeyB enough to carry LSU? Wait… Cal is ranked? Who is #PennState’s best win… seriously… who? Penn State has a great offense… right? How big of a concern are the LBs this weekend? #ArmPunts Could #OhioState get a big commitment this Friday? Is #PennState a rival? No, and here’s why… Will we see the return of #P6U? Has Mike Jordan...


S4E12 – Don’t Forget Parris

S4E12 – Don’t Forget Parris Day in waiting Is there something wrong with the #OhioState Running attack? Oh, just Dwayne Haskins having another near-perfect game Parris Campbell goes bonkers How do you stop Haskins? The rest of College Football is in real trouble We keep taking about PSU instead of Tulane Who was the real MVP for #OhioState? #BuckeyeNation & BlockO still showing love for #JoeyB #GraySleeves Why no word on #OhioState alternates yet this year? Army does their Army...


S4E11 – It’s Not Easy Being Green

S4E11 – It’s Not Easy Being Green Urban not fixing what isn’t broken. A good weekend to knock stuff off the old to-do list Bobcats vs Bearcats… why not? Who is Alabama? Is TCU (-3.5) easy money (Reminder: Don’t IRL gamble)? But have you seen 300? Why (and how) you should stay up for the UW vs ASU game. It’s a wave…. It’s green We have water puns Is Tulane in good position to score some points this Saturday? With a name like Darnell Monney… We’d rather do math than talk about...


S4E10 – Dwayne Train

S4E10 – Dwayne Train Weather updates… but important this time Is Haskins NFL ready? Our thoughts on Austin Mack, and the choice to keep targeting him Who are the best WRs on this team? Return of JKD Haskins vs Braxton vs JTB Issues in the redzone and on third down… concerned? Linebackers still need some work, but are they improving? Best DLine in the country… fight me. Ryan Day is star, but let’s chill. This is Urban’s team. Just enjoy Day & Haskins while you’ve got them. What...


S4E9 – FrogHorn Leghorn

S4E9 – FrogHorn Leghorn Ryan Day gives Haskin control This is still Urban’s boat PSU gets some #MACtion Can JoeyB take down Auburn’s mighty defense? Who is the most not back… USC or Texas Don’t let the jersey colors full you… this is a road game TCU has VERY impressive stats so far this year If you think #OhioState hasn’t played anybody……. Who is #OhioState…? Who is TCU…? How good is TCU’s OLine? How good is OSU’s OLine? TCU is fast BBQ tips… why not What will Patterson draw...


S4E8 – In The Past

S4E8 – In The Past Ohio State, then and now Making it look easy… in the wind and rain Punts & penalties Regretting Rutgers Rutgers has never won a football championship… or have they? How you’re funding the least favorite news outlets Is Shogun a literal goat? The different styles of Haskins & Martell One example of why the play calling has been so effective The talent rich and poor Good weekend for the basketball schools Nebraska isn’t allowed to have nice things Death to the...


S4E7 – Urban in Charge

S4E7 – Urban in Charge How does this new power dynamic work? How big of is deal is Urban’s remaining suspension? Jordan Fuller injury updates… should we be worried about the safeties? #BuckeyeNation still loves Joe Burrow Not many deeps balls from Haskins… why that’s great news #SlooPicks… we can only go up from here Jared pulls a George Costanza Jimbo vs Dabo… we all lose @chettios17, our guest picker, is no stranger to Love #SpartyAfterDark Know Your Enemy: The Rutgers Scarlet...


S4E6 – Bacon

2018 starts the way 2017 ended A brand new #OhioState offense Is Mike Weber is the real RB 1-A? #Zone6 playing with new Heart(line) Our favorite rushing stats Haskins & Martell… pick your bad news The CBs played well and the DL FEASTED Who’s the best Bosa? Should we be worried about the LBs and Safeties? Who is THE WR on this team? Why PSU beat a far superior AppState, 11 years later. Is the #B1G-East is actually all the great? Michigan, Texas, Tennessee… NOT back Praise, don’t...


S4E5 - Beavers

S4E5 - Beavers We finally have a depth chart, and position battle answers The OLine huge, talented, but inexperienced How many QBs will play for #OhioState this weekend? Is this a good game to get the redshirts some time? A (welcomed) lacked of “OR” on the depth chart Pre-season predictions Why #OhioState will win it all The return of the #SlooPicks with guest picker @SunCard19 Oregon State are called the Beavers… that is all Does Oregon State stand a chance in hell? Bigger day…...


S4E4 – B1G Preview

S4E4 – B1G Preview Meyer suspended… What was right, what was wrong. Did Meyer and Gene Smith fail in their responsibility to report? Where Urban absolutely failed Is the #B1G West already won? Can Iowa go to their first ever #B1G Championship game Is Northwestern worth getting excited over? Is Sparty being completely overlooked? What does PSU look like post-Barkley? Can Michigan finally place higher than 3rd in the #B1G East? We run through #OhioState’s & Michigan’s...


S4E3 – What Is This Episode?

S4E3 – What Is This Episode? Zach Smith updates that we wish we never saw Does your boss open your mail… inspect your phone? Is Urban Meyer still the head coach at #OhioState? Black Stripe UPDATES!!! Captivating camp updates from Interim Head Coach Ryan Day The importance of quality media coverage We’ve missed out on one of best parts of the season… Jared is pissed Everything sucks Is the SEC a two-team race? Can Florida or Auburn compete? Is there any way that USC doesn’t win...


S4E2 – Talking About Actual Football

S4E2 – Talking About Actual Football We talk Zach Smith Scandal for no more than 5 minutes. When will we find out Urban’s punishment... if any? What #Buckeyes can take home awards at season’s end? Can JKD win the Heisman or the Walker? Can #OhioState three-peat the Rimington? Can Nick Bosa win the Bednarik or Hendricks in 2018? Have you noticed #OhioState produces a lot of great defensive backs? Who are #OhioState’s starting five OLinemen, week one? True freshmen most likely to...


S4E1 – The Doctor Lies

THE BUCKEYE SLOOPCAST S4E1 – The Doctor Lies Zach Smith: What we believe, and what we know Rule 1: The Doctor Lies Not all lies are equal Is Title IX an issue now, or moving forward? Where Brent McMurphy succeeded, where he failed #BuckeyeNation, be better than Brent McMurphy Courtney Smith is not your enemy Urban lied at #B1G media day… is he still lying? How Urban could have shut this story down nearly 2 weeks ago The coach always knows Did Meyer and Zach Smith coordinate...


S3E71 – B1G Expectations

S3E71 – B1G Expectations Zach Smith out, Brian Hartline in Why the removal of Zach Smith is right and necessary B1G expectations for Dwayne Haskins Rule 1: The Doctor Lies Borland is Tuf, will be ready for the fall Urban plays “Two Truths & a Lie” How does the B1G & B1G East compare nationally? How will Urban Meyer & Nick Saban use the new redshirt rule? Don’t sleep on Mathew Baldwin Will Dre’Mont Jones lead #OhioState’s best ever DLine? #OhioState gets two new commitments this...


S3E70 – 7071 Crossover - !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!!

7071 Crossover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 7071 reviews New Bomb Turks' 1993 album !!Destroy-Oh-Boy!! New Bomb Turks Official Site: New Bomb Turks Store: New Bomb Turks on Facebook: New Bomb Turks on Twitter: 7071 on Apple Music: 7071 on Bandcamp: 7071 on Twitter:...