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KSS-06/19/18( Big Man Centers Extinct?)

Tuesday, June 19th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss some World Cup talk with Sam (Burrito). Kevin says Don't take my guns! The NBA Draft is this Thursday and there are actually a few good big men centers. The crew discuss whether or not if the true big man center position is gone. Who was the last player to actually be this position?We end the show with #TimeWarpTuesday


KSS-06/18/18(Orlando Future Starz Girls Basketball)

Monday, June 18th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss Mayra running for Orange County Commissioner district 3. We are joined by Orlando Future Starz girls basketball Assistant head coach Victor, and one of the most talented players, Victoria. This girl is only 11 years old and she's one of the best 3 point shooters out there. The crew discuss whats next for the Future Starz and where they are headed. Did I mention that shes got 6 rings?? Hello Lebron!! We end the show with...


KSS-06/15/18(Lebron James Summer Coverage)

Friday, June 15th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss the World Cup. We are joined by Frank Velez who runs the largest hispanic sports page on Facebook: Fiebre Deportiva. Everyone throws their hat in the ring to discuss where we think Lebron is going and what matchups could benefit him the best. The Lakers? Boston? Philadelphia? We end the show with #FactOrFiction


KSS-06/14/18(World Cup 2018)

Thursday, June 14 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss World Cup and Mayra gives Sam (Burrito) a hard time right off the bat. Mayra gives us a Total Divas update about how difficult it is for injured Nikki to compete. Phil asks Sam about how he feels whether or not pro wrestlers are athletes. It's World Cup time! The crew school Phil about all that's going on with the World Cup in Russia, Who is going to win!?


KSS-06/13/18(Are Pro Wrestlers Athletes?)

Wednesday, June 13th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss the latest about the Lebron soap opera. It's #WrestllingWednesday so you know what that means! Nick has been talking trash about wrestling again, and the debate starts: Are pro wrestlers considered athletes? CM Punk loses his latest UFC fight, but wins in the courtroom. We end the show debating whether or not if wrestlers can transition into other sports and vice versa


KSS-06/12/18(Where Will Lebron Go?)

Tuesday, June 12th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss Xbox and PS4 games. How great was Halo compared to Call of Duty. Rob Gronkowski bets $69.. yep $69 on a horse names after him and wins big! The Big question of the day, Where will Lebron James go during this offseason? He doesn't owe Cleveland anything. Will his legacy be tarnished if he decides to take his talents to the Western Conference? We end the show with #TimeWarpTuesday


KSS-06/05/18 (Fox Buys WWE's Smackdown Live For 1 Billion)

Tuesday, June 5th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew give a shoutout to Nick for his 5th year anniversary at ESPN. Mayra gets into with Sam about the upcoming World Cup. Lebron and the Cavs are down 0-2 in the NBA finals and the crew all but give up on the Cavs. NBC Universal took a gamble with WWE and lost Smackdown Live to Fox. The deal is for over 1 Billion dollars! Mayra hates Total Bellas and the charade with Nikki and Cena has been exposed. The White house uninvites the NFL...


KSS-06/01/18(Wakeboarders The Harris Brothers)

Friday, June 1st 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss the crazy ending to game 1 of the NBA Finals. J.R. Smith is an idiot. We are joined by the twin sensations Brandon and Josh Harris. These guys are great wakeboarders. They discuss what drives them and what brought to them to the sport and where they think the sport is headed for the future.


KSS-05/29/18(Warriors Vs Cavs: Season 4)

Tuesday, May 29th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss how horrendous the game was where the Rockets lost to the Warriors. Which Game 7 was better? We are joined by our good friends and attorneys: Crews and Pesquera as we discuss how Lebron and Jordan can't be compared. We also bombard Bryan with some great legal questions. We end the show with #TimewarpTuesday


KSS-05/18/18( Is Lebron Done In Cleveland?)

Friday, May 18th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew decide if they hear "Yanny" or "Laurel". We are joined by Kenny Laurence of the Special Olympics. It's going down at Disney's Wide World of Sports and he gives us the 411. Lebron and the Cavs are down 0-2 in the Eastern conference finals. Is this the end for Lebron in Cleveland? Could he go to the 76ers? We end the show with the returning #FactorFiction Friday TAGS**** ignore #sports #podcast #radio #espn #orlando...


KSS-05/10/18(Argentina Vs Brazil Nonsense)

Thursday May 10th 2018 Welcome to the show, today the crew get into early about Mayra being confused for Mexican. There's nothing wrong with it, its just not her. After that, all hell breaks lose as Mayra and Sam(Burrito) get into the ENTIRE SHOW about which soccer team is better. We take a break from that to discuss the NBA playoffs with Frank who runs the largest hispanic sports page on Facebook: Fiebre Deportiva. We also compare past and present NBA stars. TAGS****...


KSS-05/09/18(Why Hate On Wrestling?)

Wednesday, May 9th 2018 Welcome to the show. Today the crew quickly make fun of Kevin for having a grey hair. It's #WrestlingWednesday and Phil has an issue with WWE's #RomanReigns. Something isn't working right. After that, things get a bit heated as the crew debates on why wrestling has such a negative stigma and why people love to hate on it.


KSS-05/08/18(Lebron Owns The Raptors)

Tuesday, May 8th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today, the crew give a happy birthday to Lincoln. The Big 1! The NBA Playoffs are in full swing and Lebron James and Cleveland sweep the Toronto Raptors. Lebron has their number. We play an unreleased clip from SNL which discusses the "Other Cavaliers". We end the show with #TimewarpTuesday


KSS-05/01/18(Shaquem Griffin Makes History)

Tuesday, May 1st 2018 Welcome to the show! Today, the crew discuss the heartbreaking defeat the girls volleyball team faced in the playoffs. Kevin and Mayra run into a Hall of Fame NBA player (WHO?). UCF graduate Shaquem Griffin makes history as he is drafted to the Seattle Seahawks. His story is truly incredible. Can't wait to see the movie! We end the show with #TimeWarpTuesday


KSS-04/25/18(WWE Leaving Women Behind In Saudi Arabia)

Wednesday, April 25th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew are excited over their Volleyball win in the playoffs Go Mustangs. The WWE is headed to Saudi Arabia in what is being held as "The Greatest Royal Rumble" but there is some controversy regarding the women of WWE. No women are allowed to attend or participate in the event. What does the mean for the WWE Women's Revolution? We are joined by MLW's Court Bauer as we discuss the potential ramifications behind the decision to exclude...


KSS-04/24/18(Lee "The American Bulldog Morrison")

Tuesday, April 24th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss quickly what's going on with the NBA Playoffs and how things aren't going as quickly as predicted. We are joined by Jason Ellis from Relentless Sports Management and he brought a special guest. Lee "The American Bulldog" Morrison. Lee has a fight on Bellator May 12th on the Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV). The crew and Lee discuss what it takes to be a fighter and his strategies for winning. We end the show by...


KSS-04/19/18(MLW Has A TV Show)

Thursday, April 19th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew is joined by the brand new MLW Champion: Shane "Swerve" Strickland and MSL to discuss MLW's return to the ring. MLW is back Fridays on beIn TV at 8pm. Check your local listings for channel. We also debut a new game where we blitz Shane with #ThisOrThat


KSS-04/17/18( NBA Playoffs Begin)

Tuesday, April 17th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss the two budding football leagues: Vince McMahon's XFL and Charlie Ebersol's AAFL. Which "Has Been" QB's would we select for the leagues. It's Christmas time! The NBA Playoffs begin and it's gonna be a wild one! We all predict who will come on top, and whether or not there will be any surprises. We end the show with #TimeWarpTuesday


KSS-04/13/18(Steven Nowak For FLBMX Finals)

Friday, April 13th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew discuss the recent firing of Magic had coach, Frank Vogel. We have our guest Steven Nowak in Studio to talk about this weekends FLBMX finals at Oviedo Skatepark. Also, we will hear from Dave Brumlow live from the event during the show.


KSS-04/05/18(Wrestlemania 34)

Thursday, April 5th 2018 Welcome to the show! Today the crew is joined by Mike from Crews and Pesquera! IT's Wrestlemania week and this Sunday is the big event. The crew discuss all the great matches and give our in depth predictions for who we believe will come out on top.