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Check out the OST show! (Opinionated Sports Talk Show) Listen & get addicted! The show where your Opinions MATTERS! Where real sports fan go. Where we give our opinions & listen to yours. We are wrong around 50% of the time. A place where your opinions are heard & never wrong!

Check out the OST show! (Opinionated Sports Talk Show) Listen & get addicted! The show where your Opinions MATTERS! Where real sports fan go. Where we give our opinions & listen to yours. We are wrong around 50% of the time. A place where your opinions are heard & never wrong!
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Check out the OST show! (Opinionated Sports Talk Show) Listen & get addicted! The show where your Opinions MATTERS! Where real sports fan go. Where we give our opinions & listen to yours. We are wrong around 50% of the time. A place where your opinions are heard & never wrong!




NFL LA Super Bowl? Rams vs Chargers + more, NBA & MLB talk + much MORE

I talk about the NBA's latest and up to date news and reports. Warriors, Lakers, Miami, Celtics, 76er's + more MLB free agency, who's going where? NFL, what are the chances of a LA Super Bowl? LA Rams vs LA Chargers. Plus all the up to date NFL newws and reports. PLUS SO MUCH MORE!


NFL. NBA, College football and all the latest & up to date news is discussed.

I discuss all the latest and up to date news in the NFL, NBA, UFC and MLB. I'm very opinionated and open with what I have to say. You don't want to miss the next epiisode


Gruden madman or genius? NFL, NBA, College Football + More

What's going on in Oakland with the Raiders and Jon Gruden? Is he madman or is a mad genius? Sam Bradford released from Arizona, where is he going to land next? San Francisco 49ers mookie make statement with rookie Quartback. Will La'Veon Bell step foot on a Heinz football field this year or any football field Houston Rockets start panicking Problems with LeBron James, Luke Walton and Magic Johnson in LA Klay Thompson worth to the Warriors Can any team beat the Warriors 4 times in postseason...


Joining me, The Rookiee & KJ Bad as we talk MLB, NFL & NBA & our NFL Picks +more

Rich “The Rookiee” Alforque & The KJ. Bad will be LIVE with me in studio on The Opinionated Sports Talk Show’s “Debate Dispute Controversy. You don’t wanna miss this show. The Rookie has an incredible system when making your picks that almost guarantees you a win. Plus we gonna discuss all the latest up to date sports topics & news -SF Giants & Oakland A’s, what’s next for them? -NFL, who’s the GOAT QB and why? Raiders in Las Vegas & Gruden...Plus more -The Rookiee tells everyone about what...


NFL week 4 preview, Jon Bones Jones, MLB playoffs, College football +more

Special Friday Night Show I’ll make my Pick 6 lockdown and week 4 NFL preview Tiger Woods wins MLB 2018 playoffs Jon “Bones” Jones is back so what does the UFC have in store for him PLUS SO MUCH MOR


NFL week review, Browns win with Mayfield, McGregor/Nurmagomedov, MLB + more!!

NFL week 3 review, winners, losers Overreaction Monday Raiders and Patriots looking at signing Kaepernick..Just a rumor? Jon Gruden really messed up with trading Mack McGregor vs Nurmagomedov preview PLUS SO MUCH MORE


Posey out for 8 months, College Football talk, Thomas retires study CTE + more

All Star catcher for the SF Giants is out for 8-9 months College Football predictions and Urban Meyer in hot water Thomas retires from football in the NFL to study CTE NFL talk PLUS SO MUCH MORE


A's is 1st place? Elway & Kap, NFL preseaon in not needed +MORE

NFL preseason games are not needed Kaepernick and John Elway the Oaklnad A's in 1st place? Are they for real? Patriots not far from last place PLUS SOOOO MUCH MORE


Cousins is a Warrior, I have no issues with Super Teams, NFL 2018 is here +more

Why are people complaining about the DeMarcus Cousins signing with the Warriors. I have no issue with an athlete trying to better their life or their career. The rest of the NBA free agency signings and moves. In football is here I break down some NFL teams. Plus so much more!!


I’m back with NBA free agent, Paul Geroge stays, LBJ it’s out, NBA draft, NFL+

LeBron James make wrong choice going to Lakers Paul George resigns w/ Thunder What now for the Cavaliers? NFL season is almost here PLUS SO MUCH MORE!!!


NBA draft, NBA offseason moves, NFL 2018, Bryce Harper a Yankee + more

A look at the upcoming NBA draft. Some of the NBA off-season moves, LeBron James, Paul George, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, plus more . The 2018 NFL season, teams needs and off-season moves. This year’s world cup in the next World Cup in Mexico, Canada and the USA . Any look at this year‘s baseball season who’s hot who’s not, and K


2018 NBA Finals, People need to STOP hating on success, NFL pre-pre-season +MORE

2018 NBA CHAMPIONS! Good series or bad series? Good for the NBA or bad for the NBA? NBA's next season moves that could happen LeBron James stays in Cleveland? Could Klay Thompson leave Golden State at be the MAN? A look at NFL's up coming season And people really need to STOP hating on athletes success! Plus more on why I think the game is NOT "RIGGED" ( I have my index cards)


NBA Finals, NBA's 2018 MVP? STOP with "The Game Is Rigged" NONSENSE + much more

NBA Finals: Crazy game 1 and what about game 2?Kevin Love NOT suspended why?Tristan Thompson fined $25K; foul downgraded to flagrant 1LeBron James performance in game 1 PROVES that its a TEAM SPORT and championships shold define a players career Here we go again with the nonsense of "the game is rigged" STOP the game is NOT RIGGED and your a FOOL if you think so Some NFL talk: Answers for the five biggest NFL questions left in the offseason


NBA Finals are set. Dubs/Cavs good for the league. NFL's new anthem rule + MORE

The NBA Finals are set. Warriors Cavs Curry Durant James Love are back. I’ll tell you why that Warriors Cavs Finals for the fourth straight time is NOT bad for business and should be appreciated. The last eight years straight LeBron James has reached the finals and the hating should stop! Also some NFL talk, the new anthem rule Dez Bryant reaches out to the 49ers. Plus so much more!


NBA Playoffs, NBA passed MLB, NFL off season Priorities, Ruben Foster + MORE

The NBA playoffs, Warriors, Rockets, Celtics and Cavs. NBA biggest offseason star dilemmas, Kawhi Leonard, Chris Paul, Boggie, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony NFL, San Francisco 49er's Reuben Foster Ex 'LIED a lot" about domestic violence incident? The NFL top off season priorities: Catch rule, concussions, anthem plus more Has the NBA passed the MLB in popularity? PLUS SO MUCH MORE!!


NBA Playoffs. Why hate on GREATNESS. Joe Montana overrated. PLUS MORE

The NBA Playoffs. Eastern and Western Conference Championship games. Warriors to their 4 straight Finals or can the Rockets stop them? Can LeBron James carry the Cavs back to Finals? What makes a "Dynasty" Joe Montana is the MOST overrated player in all of sports history and I'll tell you why Why do people HATE on greatness like Brady and LeBron? PLUS SO MUCH MORE!!


NBA Playoffs Warriors, Durant Curry. Kawhi vs Spurs. Witten retires + MORE

NBA playoffsDurant and Curry leading the Warriors to another FinalsLeBron James turns it up a notch in the playoffs with his mind on the Finals...againRockets and James Harden trying to get to the Western Conference 76er's young and can they take down the Celtics with no Kyrie Irving NFL talkJason Witten retires SHOCKED? what does that mean for the Cowboys?Joe Flacco is on limited time in Baltimore with Lamar Jackson waitingAre salary caps good for sports or does it force franchises to play...


NFL Draft Recap & Grades. NBA Playoffs 2nd round, OKC, Paul George + MORE

I'm going to recap the 2018 NFL Draft and grade each team, winners and losers. Record break draft with 4 QBs in the first 10 picks Cleveland Browns go Baker Mayfield with 1st overall pick, did they muck their pick again? The New York Giants get batter by adding Saquon Barkley Filling needs or getting the best player on the board? San Francisco 49ers get OLine man to protect their $137 Million dollar man, Jimmy Garoppolo The AFC East goes QBs...and I'll tell why? NBA Playoffs second round Are...


NFL draft is here, NBA Playoffs, LBJ's legacy, Kerr's success, MLB 2018 + MORE

The 2018 NFL draft is just days away. Whats your team going to do? Who's going where? Any big trades? Moving up moving downMy top 5 Defensive of players coming out in this years draftBaker, Josh, Sam, Lavar where are they going to land?NBA playoffs first round. Warriors in control, Cavs down, Thunder, Jazz and BostonLeBron James will leave one of the greatest legacies in NBA history...even with a first round lostSteve Kerr's crazy ride and all his success in Golden State. His? Owned?...


NFL Draft, 49ers, Raiders. Dez Bryant, NBA Playoffs, Warriors no Curry +MORE

Where does Dez Bryant land? 49ers offseason moves. Raiders with Gruden. The NFL draft. Warriors in the Playoffs back to the Finals? Finales with no LeBron. NBA MVP? Triple doubles in the NBA. MLB 2018. + so much more!