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The official podcast of The Phinsider - SB Nation's community dedicated to the only franchise in NFL history to have an undefeated team: the Miami Dolphins

The official podcast of The Phinsider - SB Nation's community dedicated to the only franchise in NFL history to have an undefeated team: the Miami Dolphins
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The official podcast of The Phinsider - SB Nation's community dedicated to the only franchise in NFL history to have an undefeated team: the Miami Dolphins




Phinsider Radio: New alternate uniforms, around the NFL, fantasy football & more

It’s our final edition of Phinsider Radio before our official re-launch when we return the week of July 16! This week, Cannata, Houtz and Sutton talk about their 4th of July and everything they did. Spoiler Alert – none of us have any lives. We also talk about a new alternate uniform that could be coming our way in 2019. We all know the current throwback – will the Miami Dolphins tweak this and make it white? One high ranking Dolphins official says it may be in the plans. We have the...


Phinsider Radio - Becoming a Dolphins fan, 4th of July, training camp & more

This week on Phinsider Radio, we talk about out 4th of July plans, how we became a Dolphins fan, Jameis Winston, training camp and more! After a one-week hiatus, MC$, Sutton and Houtz are back for the latest edition of Phinsider Radio! With not much news happening regarding the Miami Dolphins, we kick off the show talking about our 4th of July plans and how we became a Dolphins fan. We also give our take on the situation with Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston and what it...


Phinsider Radio - Landry's hurt feelings, Dolphins training camp preview & more

This week on Phinsider Radio, MC$, Surton the Creepy Soccer Dad and Houtz M.D. talk about a variety of topics as we head into one of the most boring parts of the year – the lull between mini-camps/OTAs and training camp. We kick things off with Jarvis Landry and his latest comments about not having a relationship with Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. What’s gotten into Landry and was this festering for years or is it something new? Switching gears to actual Dolphins football, we...


Phinsider Radio - Jarvis Landry, Chambers vs. Parker, WR position battles & more

This week on Phinsider Radio, MC$, Houtz and Sutton talk about a few controversial topics surrounding the Miami Dolphins. One of the more talked about issues right now is Chris Chambers vs. DeVante Parker. What is Chambers trying to accomplish with Parker and is he jumping out of his lane? Should Parker be returning his phone calls and messages? Are the coaches telling Parker to ignore Chambers? We have some information as well as some quotes straight from Parker and the coaches. We try to...


Phinsider Radio - Dolphins OTAs, Bobby McCain, rookies, Albert Wilson, & more

This week on Phinsider Radio, MC$ and Houtz are flying solo as Surton the Creepy Soccer Dad takes a vacation day. We break down all the latest news from the Miami Dolphins OTAs, including the signing of four rookie draft picks. We also dive into the mega contract extension for cornerback Bobby McCain, which now makes him the highest paid slot corner in the NFL. Was it a good move for Miami to lock him up now to this rich of a contract? We touch on Albert Wilson and his challenge to every...


Phinsider Radio - First OTA session and the NFL policy regarding national anthem

This week on Phinsider Radio, we dive into the Miami Dolphins’ OTA sessions while celebrating that football is back! What’s the latest on Ryan Tannehill, Raekwon McMillan, Tony Lippett, Danny Amendola, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Reshad Jones and others? We have all the details! Additionally, we touch on the latest policy from the NFL regarding the national anthem. While we don’t dive into the politics of it, we do talk about the possible ramifications from players, coaches, owners and fans alike....


Phinsider Radio - Interview w/ Greg Camarillo, sports betting, and twisted humor

This week on Phinsider Radio, former Miami Dolphins WR Greg Camarillo joins us. We all remember where we were on December 16, 2007 when Camarillo caught a 64-yard touchdown pass from Cleo Lemon in overtime against the Baltimore Ravens, clinching the Miami Dolphins' first and only win of the 2007 NFL season. Hear his take on the story and some behind-the-scenes scoop surrounding that dreadful season. We also discuss the implications of the Supreme Court’s landmark gambling decision this...


Phinsider Radio - Interview with LB Quentin Poling, draft room leak and more

This week on Phinsider Radio, we talked to Miami Dolphins seventh round draft pick Quentin Poling, linebacker from Ohio University. Poling tells us what it was like on draft weekend waiting for his name to be called. What was it like for him to get a call from the Dolphins? How surprised was he to be picked from the Dolphins? How is he going to approach the NFL playbook compared to the college playbook? What are the Dolphins asking him to study and prepare for this coming season? What was...


Phinsider Radio – Analyzing the Miami Dolphins 2018 draft class

This week on Phinsider Radio, we talk about every one of the Miami Dolphins draft picks from the 2018 NFL Draft. What led up to the Dolphins selecting Minkah Fitzpatrick? One moment at the Alabama Training Facility may have sealed the deal for the Dolphins scouting department. We look at tight end Mike Gesicki and tell you what the Dolphins think of him and how they plan to use him. We also discuss Jerome Baker, Durham Smythe, and Kalen Ballage. In addition to that, we even look at the...


Phinsider Radio – The latest news from Pauline, Hasan, Klassen and Allbright

We have an all-star lineup for you this week as we get ready for the NFL Draft. Tony Pauline (@TonyPauline) gives us the latest rumors regarding the first round of the NFL Draft, including what he’s hearing about Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen. Where will Mayfield end up? Most likely in the AFC East, but will it be with the Dolphins? If it’s not Mayfield or even Rosen for Miami, what mid-round guy makes sense for Miami? Pauline answers that question and also gives insight as to...


Phinsider Radio - Schedule, Uniforms & taking a look at Day 2/3 of the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is just under a week away and we’re here on Phinsider Radio to help you sort through all the smoke as we bring you the latest information from Davie regarding what the Miami Dolphins are currently thinking as we approach Thursday evening. To help us sort that out, we were joined by Dan Kadar, NFL Draft Editor for SB Nation. What is he hearing about the Dolphins and who does he think they’ll end up with in the first round? Who are also some other guys the Dolphins can look at...


Phinsider Radio - Interview w/ Kyle Crabbs of NDT Scouting and talking NFL Draft

This week on Phinsider Radio, we are joined by Kyle Crabbs of NDT Scouting. He breaks down the latest rumors of the NFL Draft, including his likely landing spot for Baker Mayfield. Hint: It’s in the top five. He also gives us an update on who the teams in the top ten are looking at. In our interview with Crabbs, he touches on what he thinks the Miami Dolphins will do in round one and the ensuing rounds. Will Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds be taken by San Francisco due to the latest news...


Phinsider Radio - Breaking down the cornerback and safety prospects in the Draft

After discussing the linebacker and tight end positions over the past two weeks, the Phinsider Radio Crew is back to talk about prospects in the secondary. Like we have been doing with the other position groups, we take a look at guys in the first round and then more in the middle rounds. We dive into analysis for Minkah Fitzpatrick, DErwin James and Mike Hughes. While Hughes would be more of a second round pick, he’s still in the discussion as someone who can be a dynamite player for the...


Phinsider Radio - Breaking down the tight end prospects in the NFL Draft

This week on Phinsider Radio, the crew breaks down a few of the tight end prospects in the upcoming draft. It’s no secret the Miami Dolphins need a tight end so who might be a good target for them? We take our top three tight ends on the board – Dallas Goedert from South Dakora State, Mark Andrews from Oklahoma and Hayden Hurst from South Carolina – and break down the pros and cons with each of them. Which one of them may be the right fit for the Dolphins? History shows that not a lot of...


Phinsider Radio: Looking at linebacker options for the Dolphins in the NFL Draft

This week on Phinsider Radio, we dive into the linebacker group for the upcoming draft. On the surface, it appears the Miami Dolphins are going to take a hard look at this position with a very high probability that they’ll draft one in the first round. Who though, should they pull the trigger on? Is it Tremaine Edmunds from Virginia Tech? At 19-years-old, he’s raw, has a ton of potential and is considered by many the best linebacker in this draft. However, he’s quite tall for a...


Phinsider Radio - The mass exodus of players, new additions & contract changes

This week on Phinsider Radio, we kick things off talking about the mass exodus of talent from the Miami Dolphins. Since the last time we recorded the show a little more than a week ago, the Miami Dolphins have moved on from Jarvis Landry, Ndamukong Suh, Mike Pouncey, Lawrence Timmons and Julius Thomas. While Timmons and Thomas were foregone conclusions and while Landry was just about there, none of us thought it would come down to Suh and Pouncey being released (despite the rumors)....


Phinsider Radio - Tony Pauline discusses QBs in the draft, Jarvis Landry & more!

In this special edition of Phinsider Radio, we talk to NFL Draft Analyst Tony Pauline about the QBs in the draft and what the Miami Dolphins plan of attack is! Will they go with Baker Mayfield or perhaps will it be Josh Rosen? Is there a dark horse candidate that is out there that Miami may be interested in? Pauline tells us. We also hear about Jarvis Landry and what the Dolphins current line of thinking is. Can they realistically hold onto him until the draft? Tony weighs in and offers...


Phinsider Radio - Interview with Dan Orlovsky, Ryan Tannehill and Jarvis Landry

Note: This podcast was recorded before the news broke regarding Jarvis Landry and the ability for him to seek a trade. This week on Phinsider Radio, we have an in-depth discussion with former NFL Quarterback, Dan Orlovsky. He talks to us about what it's like to be a backup quarterback and just how important it is. We also talked NFL Draft and a few prospects coming in, including Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold. Who does he think is the best one coming into the draft?...


Phinsider Radio - A chat with former NFL Scout Greg Gabriel and more!

This week on Phinsider Radio, we talk with former NFL Scout Greg Gabriel, who provides a wealth of information. What do front offices do during draft season? How much do they lie? You won't want to miss the story he tells about Kyle Boller. We also talk in-depth about the Jarvis Landry and the franchise tag situation. Was this the right move for the Miami Dolphins and where do they go from here? What are Gabriel's thoughts on Landry? Spoiler: If you're a Landry fan, you won't be happy. We...


Phinsider Radio - Interview with Patrick Claybon of the NFL Network and more

This week on Phinsider Radio, we talk with Patrick Claybon on the NFL Network. During the interview, we hit on topics regarding the coaching carousel around the NFL. Who is most likely to succeed right away and what are Claybon's thoughts on Josh McDaniels? We also talked to him about the national perception of Ryan Tannehill. Is it better or worse than the perception of Tannehill down in South Florida? The answer may surprise you. Another answer that may surprise you? Claybon's thoughts...