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The show for American soccer fans. We talk USMNT, World Cup, EPL, MLS and more. We're the show for intelligent American soccer fans who love tactics as much as trivia.

The show for American soccer fans. We talk USMNT, World Cup, EPL, MLS and more. We're the show for intelligent American soccer fans who love tactics as much as trivia.
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The show for American soccer fans. We talk USMNT, World Cup, EPL, MLS and more. We're the show for intelligent American soccer fans who love tactics as much as trivia.




Best national teams outside UEFA and CONMEBOL, tips on starting a podcast, and more listener questions

1) If FIFA allowed it, could two non-UEFA/non-CONMEBOL teams pair up to compete with or even surpass the likes of Brazil, Spain, France etc? 2) Do you have any tips on starting a new podcast? Any pitfalls to avoid? 3) Do the smaller national teams make more money because of the UEFA Nations League? 4) Would a West Indies football team (similar to West Indies cricket) be dominant in CONCACAF? 5) Why do Daryl and Taylor support Wolves and Man Utd? 6) Can you explain the effect (if any)...


What happens to the USMNT if Christian Pulisic gets hurt, where does MLS rank in terms of global soccer leagues, and more listener questions

Daryl and Taylor answer 5 USMNT/MLS-centric listener questions: 1) If MLS were to play a regular season game in England, which two teams should play and where should it take place? 2) What happens to the USMNT if Christian Pulisic gets injured before the next World Cup? 3) If Gregg Berhalter becomes the USMNT coach, will Zardes & Trapp become mainstays? 4) Why doesn't Luca De La Torre get more looks with the US Men's National Team? 5) If we were to put all of the top division global...


Champions League Wednesday review: Lyon roar against Man City, Ajax clean up, Ronaldo sees red

We review Wednesday's Champions League action. Today's show is sponsored by Away Days Football. Get 15% off anything you see at with code TSS


Champions League Tuesday review: Liverpool's late win, Messi's hat-trick, McKennie and Pulisic make an impact

Better late than never! We review all the Tuesday Champions League action we could watch. Today's show is sponsored by The Athletic! Go to for a 40% discount on a one-year subscription.


Weekend Review: Ronaldo scores, Douglas Costa spits, Zlatan kicks, and Liverpool win

We take a look back at all the post-international break action, including Juventus' 2-1 win over Sassuolo (and all the drama that ensued), Liverpool's 2-1 win over Spurs, all the craziness in Toronto-LA Galaxy, and much, much more. Today's show is brought to you by... SEATGEEK! Download the SeatGeek app and enter code "TSS" to get $20 off your first ticket purchase.


How does the CONCACAF Nations League work? How do you get in an opponent's head? (and more listener questions)

We answer six glorious listener questions: 1. What's the best way to get in an opponents head during a game? 2. Which UEFA Nations League division would the US be in? 3. Why is it better for a goalie to bowl the ball to a teammate than throw or bound it them overhand? 4. What’s going on with the CONCACAF Nations League? Why does the 1st round have 34 teams each only playing 4 games? 5. Why does Daryl keep saying he wants defenders playing on the same side as their dominant foot? 6....


UEFA Nations League roundup — thumbs up, thumbs down

We offer a quick-fire thumbs up, thumbs down review of he UEFA Nations League action. Here's the Vegedream song, Ramenez la Coupe a la Maison: Today's show is sponsored by Ministry of Supply. Go to and enter your email address for a $10 discount. Today's show is sponsored by Greats. Go to and used code TSS for 15% off.


USA v Mexico Review: What We Liked

No spoilers: we take an in-depth look at USMNT v Mexico, and discuss the things we liked, the things we didn't like, and the things we loved (specifically Matt Miazga's height comparisons). SPONSORS! Download the SeatGeek app and enter code "TSS" to get $20 off your first ticket purchase. Get 40% off a subscription to The Athletic when you visit


USA v Mexico preview, plus: the search for a new USMNT head coach

We open start with a discussion about new GM Earnie Stewart's search for a new USMNT head coach. At 19:00 we talk about the Mexico team, which players we expect to see against the US, and what we should look out for. And yes, we talk Jonathan Gonzalez. At 37:15 we get into what we'd like to see from the USMNT in this game, not just in terms of lineup but also the individual little things we're looking. Today's show is sponsored by: BLUE APRON — Get your first three means free when you go...


USA v Brazil In-Depth Review

We do a deep dive (but not like the one Fabinho is alleged to have done) review of the USA's match against Brazil. What were the Americans trying to do defensively and how dd Brazil nullify their efforts? Who stood out for the USMNT? Can Daryl and Taylor cram 10+ clunky analogies into one show? The answer to the last one is emphatically YES! ---SPONSORS!--- GREATS! Get 15% off any sneakers or boots at with discount code "TSS" GRIP6! Grip6 belts are terrific! Go to...


USA v Brazil: Quick Take/Hot Take Review

No spoilers: We give our instant reaction to the USA's match against Brazil.


USA v Brazil preview and lineup predictions

We preview the USA's upcoming game against Brazil by attempting to figure out how Brazil will lineup and how the USA should deal with that incredibly imposing attack.


What is the UEFA Nations League, and is it actually important? (plus: more listener questions)

We answer seven listener questions: 1. What is the UEFA Nations League, and is it actually important? 2. What is the purpose of UEFA Nations League pro/rel? 3 .Will the UEFA Nations League make it harder for young players to get international debuts? 4. How far down the pyramid in England and Germany are players still full-time professionals? 5. How seriously should we take the reported lack of progress in the hiring of a USMNT coach? 6. How would the MLS All-Stars fare in the Premier...


USMNT roster reaction, plus: Weekend Review, featuring Leo Messi, Wayne Rooney, Usain Bolt

We review all the weekend's action that we saw, from Adama Traore's unstoppable acceleration to Watford's win over Tottenham, pls Usain Bolt's soccer debut and some classic Leo Messi magic. Starting at 57:10, we review the USMNT roster for the games against Brazil and Mexico. Roster is passted at bottom o show notes, if you'd like to take a look SPONSORS! Download the SeatGeek app and enter code "TSS" to get $20 off your first ticket purchase. Get 40% off a subscription to The Athletic...


Building Safe Soccer Pitches Around the World with love.fútbol's Drew Chafetz

Taylor talks to Drew Chafetz, CEO and Co-Founder of love.fútbol, a non-profit that mobilizes and engages communities around the world to plan, build, manage and maintain safe soccer fields around the world. Thus far, they've worked with 29 communities in 8 countries to help grow the beautiful game at a (sometimes literally) grassroots level. He explains how the organization started, how they've managed to bring their message to new communities, and what their plans are for the future...


Favorite Dempsey moments, USMNT roster preview, Champions League draw reaction

At the top of the show, we pay tribute to the retiring Clint Dempsey by each naming our favorite Deuce moment. Starting at 4:00, we go through all (and we maybe do mean ALL) the possible US roster options for the upcoming games versus Brazil and Mexico. At 1:00:05, we give our quick reactions to the Champions League draw Today's show is sponsored by The Athletic. Get 40% off your subscription and get access to all the great Athletic content by going to To...


How to market La Liga in the US, NPSL PRO rumors, and more listener questions

We answer five listener questions, including: How would a strong national team (say, France or Brazil) fare in the Premier League? What do we think of NPSL PRO? How would we brand our own MLS teams? How do Chelsea keep their shape? How should La Liga market itself in the US? Today's show is sponsored by The Athletic — get 40% off a subscription at Today's show is sponsored — for the final time, for now at least — by Liverpool Jeans. Get 30% off at...


Manchester United v Tottenham: Extended Review

Daryl and Taylor are still in studio to discuss Manchester United's crucial match against Tottenham. Spoilers to follow... . . . Wow, did that go poorly for Jose Mourinho's side. How did Spurs turn the tables after looking troubled in the opening minutes? What happened on that second goal and do the United defenders understand the offside rule? How clever is Harry Kane when it comes to shoving people? Will Jose Mourinho have a shaved head next week? All that and much, much...


Weekend review: Wolves hold Man City, Arsenal fire back, Bundesliga returns

We round up all the weekend action.Starting with the Premier League, movie to Brooks, McKennie, Pulisic in the Bundesliga, and then an analysis of Josef Martinez' cord-breaking goal. Today's show sponsored by SeatGeek. Download the app and enter promo code TSS for $20 off your first ticket purchase. Today's show is sponsored by HIMS. Go to and get a trial month for $5.


Discussing Manchester City's season thus far, plus revisiting the Wimbledon-MK Dons saga with Ryan Bailey

Our old Goalmouth friend Ryan Bailey joins Taylor to discuss Manchester City's season so far, with particular emphasis on their documentary "All or Nothing" (which is available on Amazon Prime). What does the future hold, how can they be stopped, and why is the kit man so beloved? All that, plus we revisit the Wimbledon-MK Dons saga/travesty with an eye on how it applies to the current situation with the Columbus Crew. TODAY'S SHOW IS SPONSORED BY... RUFFNECK SCARVES! They've got so many...