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Episode 32- “Wide Open Will”! Wilbur Hancock

Episode 32- Wide Open Will! Wilbur Hancock This week we get to hear all about the life of “Wide Open Willy” and what it’s like to be an Ameriswede! Wilbur recently became a teenager and he explains his international lifestyle as a kid, student and a speedway rider amongst many other things. A true mix of languages, cultures and talents make “Wide Open Will” the unique character that he is. Listen and follow the Reel45 Podcast on ITunes, Podbean and ACast or follow @reel45podcast on...


Episode 31- I can make the Tools to Slide! Hans Andersen

Greg recently ran into long time friend and fellow speedway competitor Hans Andersen down in Småland, Sweden. They met up at the MX World Collection on route to their first home match with Dackarna. Hearing the whole story of how hard Hans has worked to get where he is today as well as maintaining a family lifestyle is impressive. The youth of today could learn a thing or two about dedication and working to achieve your goals. Success starts with a dream as well as looking up to your...


Episode 30- “Get a Room”! Renaissance Hotel Warsaw Airport

Welcome to Episode 30 of the Reel45 Podcast. We recently made a stop to the newly opened Renaissance Hotel Warsaw Airport and caught up with some key people on sight for the hotel. Warsaw airport is a frequent stop for Greg as well as an overnight stay numerous times throughout the year. With this newly opened hotel at the airport and only 64 steps away from the airport terminal, we had to drop in and get a tour as well as to see this amazingly beautiful facility. Its a must see and an...


Episode 29- We Fly -a- LOT! RZE-EWR with Michal Tabisz

We were invited to the inaugural launch of the LOT Polish Airlines flight from Rzeszow, Poland to Newark, NJ in the USA. First we attended Greg’s race with Stal Rzeszow against Rawicz on Sunday April 29th which they won and then joined this huge event at Rzeszow Airport at 9AM the following morning April 30th! Greg rode into the airport on a Harley provided by Game Over Cycles in Rzeszow and then joined Rzeszow Airport CEO Michal Tabisz on stage to make an official presentation to all the...


Episode 28 - Making Magic

This week’s episode 28 is with Maciej Janowski and we are calling it: “Making Magic”! Everyone knows my log time relationship with Magic and this is truly one of the most awaited episodes that I’ve wanted. He is such an amazing kid with a huge heart and massive love for the game. I’ve had the pleasure of helping him a little on his run up to the current day but it has to be said that Magic has made it on his own. My mechanic Rafal Haj picked up Magic from an early age of about 12 years old...


Episode 27- Magnus Frodig! I have a couple of bikes and a Ferrari!

Greg made a trip to Småland in Sweden this week to visit his friend and sponsor Magnus Frodig from the MX World Collection Museum. Magnus holds a unique story and background! He has now devoted a large part of his life to motorcycles in recent years. His museum holds an assortment of 340 motorcycles and massive amounts of memorabilia from Riders, manufactures, sponsors, mechanics and fans from all over the world. He has some special equipment from Darcy Ward and more recently acquired the...


Episode 26: In my Sparetime! Tai Woffinden

Today we had a entertaining yet interesting discussion with “Woffy” Tai Woffinden about his position in life, family, business and fun. Between being a family man, renovating their farm style home, building his TW brand and thinking about the future we also found out what he does in his sparetime. ) There’s much more to come with Tai on the Reel45 Podcast and we are honored that he is willing to come back to tell us what its really like to be “Woffy”! Thanks for listening and remember...


Episode 25- Stranded!! Chris Holder

Stefan and I caught up with Chris who is stranded in the UK without a passport and therefore cannot leave the country to go to work and chase his racing career ambitions not can he compete in the UK either. It’s a difficult time for Chris who has been battling some personal issues for the last year and a half. All he wants to do now is get everything cleared up, have his time with his son Max and move forward with his racing. We are happy that Chris agreed to join us yet again and wish him...


Episode 24- Speedway Best Pairs

Episode 24 was recorded on Sunday evening March 25th over a web link from the Hotel lobby in Gdansk, Poland. Greg was joined by Jack Holder and Darryl “Dizz” Thornton from Monster Energy Europe. Greg and Jack along with Pawel Przedpelski were teamed up for the Monster Energy Team at the Speedway Best Pairs last Sunday. Pawel couldn’t be with us but Darryl “Dizz” was our Team Manager replacing Monster Joe who was at another event in the desert. We had a cool and very casual chat about the...


Episode 23- Planes, trains and automobiles

With the speedway season about to kick off, Greg brings Luke Becker back to the Podcast to discuss their first week in Europe. Battling the extended winter blast, they elaborate on their last weeks travel between Sweden and Poland as well as chasing a place to practice somewhere in Poland. They’ve been plagued with sun, snow and rain along with freezing temps but that doesn’t stop them searching. It’s not all fun and games when making your first career move to another part of the world but...


Episode 22- A bunch of Gumballs

Today we discussed the season opener for European Speedway and Greg’s anticipated return to racing. He is leaving the California shores in a matter of hours to start his mission back to the top. We also had a great recap of the recent JR Speedway Gumball Rally which was a massive success for all the kids including King Karl who made his Gumball debut. The Thrills of Victory and the Agony of Defeat! Thanks again for listening and be sure to tune in next week for another rad...


Episode 21- Youth Gone Wild / Sebastian Palmese

We had a cool chat with Sebastian Palmese who is the current USA 250cc National Champion and one with a huge future in the sport. Sebastian is one of the most humble and caring people that anyone could meet. He was born to get sideways! His father Jason was a BMX National Champion from California so Sebastian has the winning ambition in his blood. He already has 2x 150 National Championships, 2x 250 National Championships but is yet to win the hugely popular Jr Speedway Gumball Rally that...


Heat 20! Opening Doors with Luke Becker..

Welcome to this weeks Episode 20- Heat 20! Opening Doors with Luke Becker Listen to this inspirational story of an only kid who truly wants to make the great and become a World Speedway Champion. Luke Becker grew up as any other young dirt loving kid who just wanted to go fast. His no holds barred, just give me the chance attitude is incredible. A broken Tib and Fib in round 2 of the 2017 US Nationals is the only thing that stopped this kid from getting the green light to race in the...


Episode 19 - “California’s Not Going Anywhere”!

Welcome to this weeks Episode 19- “California’s Not Going Anywhere”! This Episode is a cool story about the American riders who have been to Europe for a year or more as well as those who have not yet made the hop across the water to chase their dreams and why. Many people continuously ask me why there are not more Americans in Europe and what’s going on with American Speedway. Here you will get the story straight from the sources: Greg - Not Really the Past ) Ricky - The Present Max...


Episode 18 - Its all a mindset

Its all a Mindset! Welcome to Episode 18- Speedway of Nations. With the recent announcement of the new Speedway of Nations, we wanted to have a chat about the new format and what Greg thinks it will do for the sport and American Speedway. It’s great to see a new happening with Speedway and this adds light to the future of World Team racing. We also discussed the current prognosis of Greg’s shoulder injury and his anticipated return to the track. The Season is fast approaching so what’s in...


Episode 17- Kelly Inman- The True Friend & a Freak of Nature! :))

Thanks Titans of Dirt and be sure to follow and like there FB and Social Media In this episode we meet Greg’s long time friend Kelly Inman. They’ve been friends since Greg was about 10 years old and have shared so many good times, memories and experiences. From riding wheelies up and down the street to running business or flying around the world chasing the dreams, they have maintained a great friendship. Kelly’s story is a fascinating one filled with fun, work, racing bikes and cars plus...


In Depth with Chris Holder!

Welcome to Episode 16 “In Depth with Chris Holder”. We caught up with Chris in his travels and dug deep into his childhood, family, sports and how he became the 2012 World Speedway Champion. There was a lot of fun included in this episode but also a look at the ups n downs of racing and life in general. Chris tells his story in a unique manner explaining to us what it’s really like living this lifestyle. 2017 was a year to put behind for both Chris and Greg but now they have been...


EPISODE 15- Gabriel Waliszko

Welcome to Reel45 and Episode 15 with Gabriel Waliszko from the Polish TV network NC+ and Canal+ Sport. We had an in depth chat with Gabriel about his life growing up in Krosno, Poland watching Speedway, playing sports and later studying journalism. This all led him to eventually become a TV commentator and personality well known throughout Poland and to the worldwide speedway viewers. Greg has developed a friendship with Gabriel over the years and we felt that people needed to know what...


Episode 13- Brotha Dave. I’ve never beat him!

Welcome to the Reel45 Podcast and Episode 13 with Brotha Dave. We sat down with Greg’s brother David Hancock Schneider and turned back the clock to see what it was like to chase your big bro around the house, the block and the track. This episode is a deep and informative story about Dave which includes some of his life’s darkest moments right up to where he is today as a happily married man with 3 amazing boys. We were close to tears at times during the recording but its wonderful to say...


Episode 12 - Monster Joe a.k.a. Joe Parsons

Episode 12: Meet Joe Parsons. This is the ever interesting story behind Monster Joe which outlines his life from his birthplace to present day life. A regular kid who grew up surfing, skating and living the California lifestyle which is a dream to many. The road which started with a paper route led him to his current position as Director of Special Markets for the energy drink giant “Monster Energy”! Hear his views on life, school, work ethic and networking. We are stoked to have him on...


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