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Your daily dose of Ohio State football recruiting news, basketball news and sports headlines from Bucknuts.com and 247Sports.com.

Your daily dose of Ohio State football recruiting news, basketball news and sports headlines from Bucknuts.com and 247Sports.com.
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Your daily dose of Ohio State football recruiting news, basketball news and sports headlines from Bucknuts.com and 247Sports.com.






Bucknuts Morning 5: April 20, 2018

Ohio State has been getting the best of Michigan on the field and on the recruiting trail for almost this entire century thus far. However, there is one area of recruiting where the Wolverines lead 22-6 over the Buckeyes over the last 2.5 years. The only problem for UM is it's not a category you want to "win." Quite the opposite, in fact. Can you guess what it is before listening to the show? Jonah Booker joins Dave Biddle for JBook's usual Friday visit, and he reveals the "22-6"...


Bucknuts Morning 5: April 19, 2018

247Sports Director of Recruiting Steve Wiltfong is a man of the people. He proves it today. We asked the 'Nutters to pose questions to Steve. You did a great job with that. So here's what we have for you today: * Steve's thoughts on the commitment from Steele Chambers las night. Hint: He liked it. * Who is the top player in the Class of 2019? * Which tackles will land at Ohio State? * Brandon Smith and Bru McCoy: Is there a chance? * Joe Burrow or Dwayne Haskins? * How does Tate...


Bucknuts Morning 5: April 18, 2018

Will Joe Burrow stick around at Ohio State if Urban Meyer says the quarterback competition is still equal between Burrow and Dwayne Haskins? Or is Burrow likely to transfer in that scenario? Burrow said he was not sure when asked that question following Saturday's spring game. The People's Champ, Matt Baxendell, joins Dave Biddle on today's show, and Bax does not think Burrow will be on the Buckeyes' roster this season if he is not named the starter -- or at least the leader -- by Meyer in...


Bucknuts Morning 5: April 17, 2018

It's mid-April and there is snow on the ground in Dayton. That has nothing to do with the show. It's simply a complaint. But we aren't complaining about Buckeye recruiting! How's that for a segue? Noah Potter is in. Ronnie Hickman. The Spring Game is in. So Duane Long is in. Get his thoughts, vibes and predictions as we spend 5ish talking Buckeyes this a.m.


Bucknuts Morning 5: April 16, 2018

Bill "Bank" Greene makes his debut on the Bucknuts Morning 5 today, and as you can imagine he comes strong with opinions and analysis. Bank joins Dave Biddle to discuss Ohio State's quarterback competition, and as you can see from the headline, he's in the Dwayne Haskins camp. However, he also loves Joe Burrow's game. He just loves Haskins' more. Will Urban Meyer tell the media this week that the QB battle is still even? Or will he name a leader? What are the chances both QBs stick...


Bucknuts Morning 5: April 13, 2018

What are the main storylines for each of Ohio State's position groups for the spring game on Saturday? Jonah Booker joins Dave Biddle on the Friday 5ish and they go position-by-position, including: * Quarterback * Running back * Wide receiver * Offensive line * Tight end * Defensive line * Linebacker * Cornerback * Safety All of that and more on the Friday extravaganza.


Bucknuts Morning 5: April 12, 2018

The Spring Game is less than two days away. Serious recruiting business is impending. Yes, the annual event is a chance to review current Buckeyes in their quest to make 2018 special. But is also serves as a gathering for many of Ohio State's commitments, targets and interests. Who will be here? Who could leave a verbally-committed Buckeye? Names, names, names: Garrett Wilson, Harry Miller, Jordan Battle, Ronnie Hickman, Noah Potter. Will any bite? Sounds like info we need to get out of...


Bucknuts Morning 5: April 11, 2018

It's a steady dose of recruiting chatter and spring game discussion on today's show. The People's Champ, Matt Baxendell, joins Dave Biddle to discuss: * Bill Kurelic putting his Crystal Ball in for four-star prospect Ronnie "Rocket" Hickman. * The latest on Jordan Battle, per Bill "Bank" Greene's VIP post on Tuesday. * Are we ultra confident Zach Harrison will be a Buckeye? Or is there any reason to be concerned? (Spoiler: Bax is not concerned.) * Ohio State's basketball program landing...


Bucknuts Morning 5: April 10, 2018

The Spring Game is almost here. Ohio State will not only give the fans a taste of what's to come, the Buckeyes will entertain a number of recruiting targets. It's an important weekend. So it's time to do a review of where Ohio State stands with prime targets like Zach Harrison, Devyn Ford and Rocket Hickman. Who will be in the Shoe this weekend? Also: One of Ohio State's quarterback targets opted for Florida State. How does that affect the Buckeyes? Duane Long is under the weather so we...


Bucknuts Morning 5: April 9, 2018

Spring football practice ends for Ohio State this Saturday with the spring game. Will head coach Urban Meyer name a leader at the quarterback position after spring ball? Patrick Murphy joins Dave Biddle to discuss that, plus: * Could OSU use the dreaded two-QB system this fall? (Please no!) * What are the chances that Dwayne Haskins, Joe Burrow and Tate Martell will all be on the roster this fall? * Does Meyer have a leader, he just isn't letting the cat (Simba?) out of the bag...


Bucknuts Morning 5: April 6, 2018

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer's new contract not only makes him the highest paid coach in the Big Ten -- and the third-highest in college football -- but runs through the 2022 season. If Meyer stays for the life of the contract, that would mean he has at least five seasons remaining as the Buckeyes' boss. Will he actually stay that long? Alex Gleitman joins Dave Biddle for today's podcast, and Gleitman thinks the answer is a resounding yes. The show also includes an in-depth look at...


Bucknuts Morning 5: April 5, 2018

What if you had to make the choice? The heavyweight down the road from home or the elite destination where you used to live? Join your high school quarterback or join a staff led by a supposed quarterback guru? These are just some of the questions facing Garrett Wilson. We break down the star receiver's recruitment and impending Austin and Columbus visits with 247Sports Director of Recruiting Steve Wiltfong. * Which NFL Hall of Famer does Wilson compare Bladwin to? * How will Wilson's...


Bucknuts Morning 5: April 4, 2018

Following Ohio State's practice on Wednesday, the media will get opportunities to interview linebacker coach Bill Davis, plus 2-3 linebackers. Plus, we will interview cornerbacks coach Taver Johnson and a few corners. The People's Champ, Matt Baxendell, joins Dave Biddle to take a close look at the Buckeyes' LBs and CBs heading into the 2018 season. We all know linebacker is a concern, but there is a lot of talent to work with. Is cornerback a concern? Bax and Biddle agree on this one...


Bucknuts Morning 5

Linebacker. Quarterback. Do you have the answers? Urban Meyer met with the media yesterday. Did he provide answers? He definitely provided some info ... but answers? Has Baron Browning taken the middle linebacker spot? Who has emerged at quarterback? Better yet: HAS anyone emerged under center? Spend 5ish with me and Duane Long this a.m.!


Bucknuts Morning 5: April 2, 2018

What is the very latest on 12 of the top targets on Ohio State's board for the 2019 recruiting class? Well, who better to ask than the Dean of OSU Football Recruiting himself, Bill Kurelic? The Dean joins Dave Biddle to give the scoop on: * Zach Harrison * Grant Gunnell * Devontae Dobbs * Darnell Wright * Brandon Smith * Garrett Wilson * Devyn Ford * Jalen Curry * Cade Stover * Zeke Correll * Ani Izuchukwu * Jordan Battle Yes, it's a jam-packed, informative edition of the...


Bucknuts Morning 5: March 30, 2018

We have a lot of important topics on today's Bucknuts Morning 5 ... but we'll get to the food in a moment. We kid, we kid. Of course spring football is the most important topic on today's show, and Dave Biddle welcomes in Jonah Booker for his weekly Friday visit. J-Book opines on the following: * What is to be made of Ohio State offensive coordinator/TE coach Kevin Wilson's comments that his role is exactly the same as it was last year? * Was everyone too quick to assume that Ryan Day...


Bucknuts Morning 5: March 29, 2018

There are serious questions who Ohio State wants to be the center for the Buckeyes this season. It's not that murky on the recruiting trail. The Buckeyes have dialed in on their (desired) center of the future: Harry Miller. We break down Miller's recruitment and why he is in such demand with 247Sports Director of Recruiting Steve Wiltfong. Also: With Indiana prep star Sampson James in the fold at running back, what does that mean for Ohio State's recruiting of IMG standout Noah...


Bucknuts Morning 5: March 28

Linebacker was already a concern for Ohio State before the Tuf Borland injury. Now with the sophomore middle linebacker out indefinitely with an Achilles injury, what is the state of affairs for the Buckeyes' linebackers? If Borland is unable to play in 2018, who will be OSU's starting middle linebacker? The People's Champ, Matt Baxendell, joins Dave Biddle to discuss that, plus: * Who will be the starting outside 'backers? * Is Brady Taylor getting a secure hold on the starting...


Bucknuts Morning 5: March 21, 2018

It is the story of spring and we are going knee-deep in regard to discussion about Ohio State's quarterback position on today's show. Patrick Murphy joins Dave Biddle, and the topics of conversation include: * Is Dwayne Haskins the leader to be the starter, even if OSU won't say so publicly? * Where does Joe Burrow stand? Will he definitely transfer if he's not named the starter after spring? What if Urban Meyer says the battle is equal following spring? Does Burrow still leave? * What...


Bucknuts Morning 5: March 20, 2018

Did Sampson James commit to the Buckeyes yesterday knowing ASK DUANE was coming the next day? Unlikely ... but we can dream! It was certainly a productive start to the week with Indiana's star running back in the Class of 2019 pledging to the Buckeyes. Duane Long is here to talk about the big news and answer all of your questions in another death-defying edition of ASK DUANE. Spend 5ish this a.m. with us, 'Nutters!


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