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Your daily dose of Ohio State football recruiting news, basketball news and sports headlines from Bucknuts.com and 247Sports.com.

Your daily dose of Ohio State football recruiting news, basketball news and sports headlines from Bucknuts.com and 247Sports.com.
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Your daily dose of Ohio State football recruiting news, basketball news and sports headlines from Bucknuts.com and 247Sports.com.






Bucknuts Morning 5: June 25, 2018

Friday Night Lights wrapped up three evenings ago -- we're told -- and we have a lot of recruiting insights to pass along on today's show. Of course Ohio State landed its 2019 quarterback recruit on Sunday, former Michigan State commit Dwan Mathis. But what is next on the recruiting trail for OSU? Bill "Bank" Greene joins Dave Biddle to discuss the following: * Is 2020 QB Jack Miller a near lock to commit to the Buckeyes? * What is the latest on top 2019 prospects Jordan Battle and Zach...


Bucknuts Almost Live: Blame it on the rain?

Milli Vanilli was nowhere to be found. The Dean? Oh, he was there. Think a little rain can stop Bucknuts? Of course not. Ohio State hosted its annual 'Friday Night Lights' recruiting extravaganza despite the rain (or threat thereof). Clarity at quarterback? Receivers catching on? 5-star linemen on both sides of the ball? Standard stuff in Columbus. We break it all down with the Dean of Ohio State Recruiting Bill Kurelic and then offer The People's Champ Matt Baxendell for a...


Bucknuts Morning 5: 6/22/18

Friday Night Lights is tonight at Ohio Stadium, and Jonah Booker has a lot of things he will be looking for. JBook joins Dave Biddle for his usual Friday visit to give his expectations on what might happen at FNL. Will there be over or under 1.5 commits for the Buckeyes tonight? And switching gears from FNL, but keeping with the over/under theme, JBook gives his predictions on over/unders for OSU players in the 2018 season, such as: * O/U 800 receiving yards for Austin Mack? * O/U 35...


Bucknuts Morning 5: June 11, 2018

What did you do over the weekend? Ohio State's staff did what they do: Recruit. And they do it well. A one-day Friday camp produced a ton of storylines. But a huge commitment yesterday was the exclamation point every big recruiting weekend craves. Heavy analytic artillery was needed. So we brought in The Dean. Our very own recruiting guru Bill Kurelic is here to bring more wisdom than should be legal to distribute. Let's go!


Bucknuts Almost Live: June 10, 2018

What a weekend it was for the Buckeyes and it is not over yet. Recruiting was the name of the game as Ohio State hosted its first one-day recruiting camp in Columbus on Friday. There were new names, new offers, future-altering performances and much more. But did you know the staff represented in Houston last night? We get a complete recruiting update from - who else? - The Dean of Ohio State Recruiting ... our very own Bill Kurelic. Then it is on to more inflammatory matter as Matt...


Bucknuts Morning 5: June 8, 2018

Grab your thermos, compass and sleeping bag ... we're going camping! At least plenty of Buckeye schollie hopefuls are going camping. At Ohio State. With Urban Meyer and staff in tow. It's an extremely important time for campers and Buckeye coaches alike. Serious evaluations will be made and futures will be determined. Who's expected to attend? What could happen? Our Alex Gleitman is on the case and helps us preview camp season. We also talk about his feature story coming up this...


Bucknuts Morning 5: June 7, 2018

Ohio State's freshmen are all on campus now. The early arrivals have been joined recently by the rest of the crew. And what an impressive crew it is. But this is Ohio State and freshmen don't routinely make an impact. This group has the chance to go off routine. Which Buckeyes will help most early? Can the new guys match the high school hype? 247Sports Director of Recruiting Steve Wiltfong scouted these prospects for years before their Columbus matriculation. So who better to predict...


Bucknuts Morning 5: June 6, 2018

Last season, the Buckeyes basically doubled up on their sack total from the year before. Three of the dudes that helped key that surge are getting NFL checks right now. We know Nick Bosa and Chase Young are back to handle the edges. But who will assist? Will Ohio State be able to utilize the 'Rushmen' package that bolstered the defense in recent seasons? And how will that affect the secondary? Is there a No. 1 corner ready to emerge in the back like there has been the last five seasons...


Buckets Morning 5: June 6, 2018

Ready for some serious judgements based on dudes in street clothes? You've come to the right place. The remainder of Ohio State's Class of 2018 - those freshmen that did not enroll early - have arrived. As is customary in these parts, a lot was made of the 'eye test' for the newbies upon arrival. We have the 'test' results. Also: Is the next quarterback commitment for the Buckeyes visiting Columbus today? Who is the chief competitor for the signal caller and what could be the...


Bucknuts Morning 5: June 4, 2018

Just what are the newest guys on campus in for? Plenty. It's not easy being a true freshman at Ohio State. The one and only Steve Helwagen is here to shed light on what these guys are going through. What's expected? A lot. A whole lot. Also, which freshmen is Steve expecting big things from? And we'd be remiss if we didn't tap Steve for the latest on Chris Holtmann and Co. chasing one of the nation's elite point guards. Sorry for the delay this a.m. ... but spend 5ish with us anyway!


Bucknuts Almost Live: Maiden voyage!

Welcome back ... sort of. This is the first edition of 'Bucknuts Almost Live' and you can expect this feature to run until 'Bucknuts Live' returns on August 19. What is 'Bucknuts Almost Live'? It's basically the not-as-smart cousin of the BM5. We hope you enjoy. It's Dan Rubin, Bill Kurelic and Matt Baxendell for 30 minutes or so. They cover the gamut from recruiting to expectations for the 2018 season. Be gentle! It's the first time back in a while!


Bucknuts Morning 5: June 1, 2018

Ohio State will have the player who is probably the best defensive end in the country -- junior Nick Bosa -- leading the defensive front for the Buckeyes this year. Assistant coach Larry Johnson's unit also has a possible rising star in sophomore Chase Young, and another very solid defensive end who will push Young for a starting job: third-year junior Jonathon Cooper. That is an excellent top-three, but do the Buckeyes have enough depth at DE this year? Jonah Booker joins Dave Biddle...


Bucknuts Morning 5: May 31, 2018

What is the latest on Ohio State football recruiting? Steve Wiltfong, the director of recruiting for 247Sports, joins host Dan Rubin to give you the skinny. As it turns out, the Buckeyes keep clashing with a particular program on the recruiting trail. And if not for the headline, you would have a tough time guessing who it is. But yes, it is Stanford. How is this happening? The boys discuss that, plus give you other intriguing insights on the recruiting front for OSU.


Bucknuts Morning 5: May 30, 2018

Is there any chance Ohio State will not take a quarterback in its 2019 recruiting class? Hell no says Bill Greene, and you can take that to the bank. Bank joins Dave Biddle to explain exactly why the Buckeyes will definitely take a QB this cycle, plus: * The luxury of having Tate Martell around for the next four seasons, theoretically. * Whether Ohio State might offer 2019 QB Connor Bazelak. * Thoughts on Matthew Baldwin. * Moving away from quarterback for a moment, what are...


Bucknuts Morning 5: May 29, 2018

Ohio State will definitely end up taking a quarterback in its 2019 recruiting class, right? Not so fast says Duane Long, who joins Dan Rubin for a lively version of the Bucknuts Morning 5. Duane thinks the Buckeyes might just wait until the 2020 class before signing a QB. Or two. Also on the docket: * Duane's thoughts on the 2019 QB class being one of the worst in memory nationally. * Duane's take on the good WR haul in the 2019 class. All of that and more on the Tuesday extravaganza.


Bucknuts Morning 5: May 25, 2018

Dwayne Haskins is going to be Ohio State's starting quarterback, and that means many things to Buckeye fans. One of them is that Haskins is a QB who is "ballsy" according to Jonah Booker. JBook drops by for his usual Friday visit to chat with Dave Biddle about that, plus: * Comments former Alabama quarterback and current ESPN analyst Greg McElroy made about Haskins and J.T. Barrett. * Charles Woodson's theory on why OSU has dominated Michigan this century. Is he right? * What are...


Bucknuts Morning 5: May 24, 2018

What is the latest on the recruiting front for Ohio State? Well, who better to ask than the director of recruiting for 247Sports, Steve Wiltfong? Wiltfong joins Dan Rubin for his usual Thursday visit, and you won't want to miss his insights today. What is the latest on Darnell Wright, Wandale Robinson and David Bell? And just how good is OSU commit Cade Stover? (Hint: Really, really good.) All of that and more on the Thursday extravaganza.


Bucknuts Morning 5: May 23, 2018

What is your confidence level in Ohio State's offensive line and linebackers on a 1-10 scale entering the 2018 season? The People's Champ, Matt Baxendell, joins Dave Biddle to discuss that, plus: * Who is really the Buckeyes' rival in this day and age? Is it still Michigan? Or might it actually be Penn State? (This is piggybacking on a topic from Tuesday's BM5.) * What is the confidence level in Ohio State's running backs and wide receivers this year? All of that and more on the...


Bucknuts Morning 5: 5/22/18

Penn State has certainly established itself as the main threat to Ohio State in the Big Ten, both from a recruiting and competitive standpoint. This was proven further on Monday when the Nittany Lions landed a recruit the Buckeyes really wanted, five-star linebacker Brandon Smith. Duane Long joins Dan Rubin to discuss that, plus: * The recruitment of safety Jordan Battle. Is it OSU all the way for him? What type of player is he? * Faatui Tuitele has Ohio State in his top 5. All of...


Bucknuts Morning 5: May 21, 2018

What are Ohio State's chances of landing Zach Harrison? According to Bill "Bank" Greene, pretty darn good. Bank joins Dave Biddle to give his take on Harrison, plus: * Bank's take on some of the other top uncommitted recruits from Ohio in the 2019 class, such as Jowon Briggs, Zeke Correll, Jamir Thomas and Jonathan Allen. * How does OSU's coaching staff feel about the quality of quarterbacks in the 2019 class nationally? * What is the latest on 2020 cornerback Henry Gray? * What are...