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Your daily dose of Ohio State football recruiting news, basketball news and sports headlines from Bucknuts.com and 247Sports.com.

Your daily dose of Ohio State football recruiting news, basketball news and sports headlines from Bucknuts.com and 247Sports.com.
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Your daily dose of Ohio State football recruiting news, basketball news and sports headlines from Bucknuts.com and 247Sports.com.






DeanCast: How Tim May sees the Brett McMurphy situation

Today we have the return of the DeanCast. DeanCast guest today is 35-year Buckeye football beat writer for the Columbus Dispatch Tim May. On today’s show we talk: ** May talks about how he sees the Brett McMurphy/Urban Meyer situation ** May’s initial reaction to what McMurphy wrote and what he found most interesting ** May talks about Urban Meyer and his reaction to McMurphy’s article ** May talks about his impending retirement after 35 years of covering Ohio State football - what he...


Bucknuts Morning 5: Nov. 16, 2018

The New Orleans Saints (also known in some circles as the New Orleans Buckeyes) are arguably the best team in the NFL this season. They also have a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Drew Brees, who is having an outstanding season. Yet, the Saints often use backup QB Taysom Hill in red zone and short yardage situations. Ohio State is starting to do the same thing with Dwayne Haskins and Tate Martell. Will the Buckeyes continue giving Martell more opportunities, or is that more in the...


Bucknuts Morning 5: November 15, 2018

We are here ... albeit late thanks to a Gem City ice storm. But have no fear, 247Sports Director of Recruiting Steve Wiltfong is here. The topic gamut was run: ** Why did Steele Chambers and Ronnie Hickman rise so high in the latest 247Sports Class of 2018 rankings update? ** Will the last four members of Ohio State 's Class of 2019 haul all be flips? ** Has the Zach Harrison ship sailed out of Columbus for Ann Arbor? ** Buckeyes vs. Terps: Beatdown coming? ** Ohio State in the College...


Bucknuts Morning 5: Nov. 14, 2018

Ohio State remained at 10th in the College Football Playoff rankings, which were released Tuesday evening. If the Buckeyes win their next three games, will they make the CFP? Why or why not? The People's Champ, Matt Baxendell, joins Dave Biddle for today's show to discuss all things CFP, plus we talk at length about the latest Brett McMurphy "report." Will Ohio State actually sue McMurphy and his employer? That and more on the midweek extravaganza.


Bucknuts Morning 5: November 13, 2018

Ohio State made strides against Michigan State. But did we see a new blueprint for success? Duane Long is here in his usual Thursday spot to answer some questions: * Why the improved effort in East Lansing? * Was the offensive line's showing something we can bank on going forward? * How much credit should Brendon White get for the defense's improved play since he entered lineup? * The Two-QB system: Is it here to stay? Will the approach be expanded? What does it all mean for Tate...


Bucknuts Morning 5: Nov. 12, 2018

There are several 2019 prospects who could flip to Ohio State late in the recruiting process. On today's show, we bring in the Dean of Ohio State Football Recruiting (and freshly-minted grandfather) Bill Kurelic to get the inside scoop on who might flip to the Buckeyes, plus: * Thoughts on Zach Smith going after Tom Herman on Twitter on Sunday. * Was the Michigan State game a really impressive win for Ohio State? Or are the Spartans actually a mediocre team with a banged-up...


Bucknuts Morning 5: Nov. 9, 2018

However, far too often, it seems like it is the opposing coaching staff that has the better game plan. Is this just a classic case of nearly every team playing over their head and pulling out all the stops when they face OSU? Or could it be that the Buckeyes' coaches are just too stubborn? Mark Neal -- the former host of the Bucknuts 90 and the former host of Dayton Sports Scene -- joins Dave Biddle for today's show to discuss that, plus: * What are Mark's thoughts on how the season is...


Bucknuts Morning 5: November 8, 2018

It's Thursday. It's 247Sports Director of Recruiting Steve Wiltfong. It's knowledge for days. * Why the Crystal Ball move for Zach Harrison to Michigan? * The latest on in-state flip candidates Tommy Eichenberg and Jestin Jacobs? * Has the national Ohio State angst affected recruiting (see: Battle, Jordan)? * Does Steve think Ohio State will win out? * We break down a possibly crazy College Football Playoff hypothetical including the Buckeyes. Spend 5ish with us, 'Nutters!


Bucknuts Morning 5: Nov. 7, 2018

Many people expected Ohio State would move up in the College Football Playoff rankings this week, but that did not happen. The Buckeyes remain No. 10 in the CFP rankings, and not only need to win out to make the four-team field, they likely need some help from the outside. And the Buckeyes also need to pass the eye test down the stretch. You know, actually look the part of a playoff squad. Patrick Murphy joins Dave Biddle on today's show to discuss that, plus: * What is the biggest...


Bucknuts Morning 5: November 6, 2018

It's Ohio State vs. Michigan State this Saturday in East Lansing. It's always a big game. But this is a BIG game. If Ohio State wins in impressive fashion, sincere faith in this version of the Buckeyes could be 'restored.' If the Buckeyes see the Spartans' No. 1 rush defense dominate ... yeah, you know that will be awful. Can the Buckeyes get it done? Does the Nebraska game offer any evidence towards an answer to that? Duane Long is here to wax poetic about the current state of the...


Bucknuts Morning 5: Nov. 5, 2018

Ohio State sophomore safety Brendon White had his personal coming-out-party against Nebraska on Saturday with 13 tackles in less than 3 quarters of play. Why did it take so long for White to see the field this season on defense? And which other backup players perhaps deserve a chance to play for the Buckeyes? Alex Gleitman joins Dave Biddle for today's show to talk about all of that, plus: * It was a big recruiting weekend for the Buckeyes with them landing 2019 RB Marcus Crowley and...


Bucknuts Morning 5: Nov. 2, 2018

Ohio State, fresh off its bye week, will get back in action on Saturday against visiting Nebraska. What wrinkles might the Buckeyes roll out against the Cornhuskers on both sides of the ball? Jonah Booker joins Dave Biddle to discuss that, plus: * What do we expect to see in the OSU-Nebraska game in general? * Is Shaun Wade finally going to move into the starting lineup at safety? * What is JBook's take on the Urban Meyer situation and the comments the Buckeyes' boss made earlier this...


Bucknuts Morning 5: November 1, 2018

Tanned, rested and relaxed. That's how we'd describe 247Sports Director of Recruiting Steve Wiltfong. Back this week after a brief Florida hiatus, Steve waxes poetic on the following topics: * Ohio State vs. Nebraska (and after that) * Running back recruiting: Crowley, Cain and Glass ... oh my. * Wandale Robinson decision: Wildcats over Huskers and Buckeyes? * Julian Fleming: Another Penn State-Ohio State marathon tussle brewing? Spend 5ish with us today!


Bucknuts Morning 5: Oct. 31, 2018

Ohio State is No. 10 in the first College Football Playoff rankings of the 2018 season, which were released Tuesday evening. Is there good reason for Buckeye fans to be optimistic their team will run the table and make the CFP? Or, especially with it being Halloween, are you a bit scared when you think about how this season might finish for the Buckeyes? Steve Helwagen joins Dave Biddle on today's show to discuss that, plus dish out other treats such as: * Other than Shaun Wade perhaps...


Bucknuts Morning 5: October 30, 2018

Everyone is relaxed, refreshed and recharged following the bye week, right? Let's hope that's true of the Buckeyes. Their last public effort was anything but inspiring. Hopefully, you'll be inspired by today's show as Duane Long and I discussed: ** Urban Meyer says he is coming back. Are we surprised? Thrilled? Still concerned? ** Will there be three Ohioans to flip their commitment to the good guys this cycle? ** What changes can be expected to Ohio State's offensive and defensive...


Bucknuts Morning 5: Oct. 29, 2018

It feels like a coin-flip when it comes to predicting if Zach Harrison will select Ohio State or Michigan. Bill "Bank" Greene joins Dave Biddle for today's show to give his take on what will happen with Harrison and why, plus: * Will the Buckeyes get offensive lineman J.D. Duplain from Strongsville, to flip from Michigan State to OSU? * Will defensive tackle Cavon Butler flip from Kentucky to Ohio State? And is that pretty much a lock at this point? * What will happen with Wandale...


Bucknuts Morning 5: Oct. 26, 2018

How much is all the talk from people like Paul Finebaum that Urban Meyer could step down after this season hurting Ohio State's recruiting efforts? Jonah Booker has some strong feelings on that, and he joins Dave Biddle for today's show. What does JBook think will happen with Meyer’s future? How long would Meyer stay at OSU if it was up to him and his health was good? Will the Buckeyes win out this regular season and win the Big Ten championship? How good really is Michigan? All of...


Bucknuts Morning 5: October 25, 2018

Controversy. Haters. Agenda-driven, ratings-motivated media commentary. If you came here today for that ... bummer. You'll get none of it. What you will get is the most comprehensive Buckeyes talent acquisition update thanks to Bill Kurelic, the Dean of Ohio State Recruiting. Where is 247Sports Director of Recruiting Steve Wiltfong, our usual Thursday guest? Think beach, (adult) beverages and bikinis. Steve will be back next week. So sit back, relax and get a whole lot smarter about...


Bucknuts Morning 5: Oct. 24, 2018

Former Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith's court case involving his ex-wife, Courtney, was resolved on Tuesday. The most notable item is that any charges of domestic violence by Zach Smith were dropped. He pleaded guilty to a minor misdemeanor of “disorderly conduct.” That won't fit with the national narrative, but it is reality. Also, what is up with the report that there is strife between Urban Meyer and Gene Smith? Meyer refuted it yesterday, and we believe him. But we also...


Bucknuts Morning 5: October 23, 2018

Did the bye week come at the right time for the Buckeyes? Definitely. Why? Because this team (program?) is at a 'crossroads.' Will the Buckeyes double-down on what they've done thus far? Or will they use the extra time off to make personnel or scheme changes? Duane Long has strong opinions on this so it's good timing that he is today's featured guest. Sit back and enjoy 5ish with us!