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KungFu Podcasts | Explore the Culture, Adventure and Impact of Martial Arts


TW. Smith brings you the History, Culture and Adventures that Impact Modern Martial Arts. This audience of this program is some of the finest and sharpest martial artists in the world.

TW. Smith brings you the History, Culture and Adventures that Impact Modern Martial Arts. This audience of this program is some of the finest and sharpest martial artists in the world.


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TW. Smith brings you the History, Culture and Adventures that Impact Modern Martial Arts. This audience of this program is some of the finest and sharpest martial artists in the world.




Training Tips from 1930 BaGua Manual Pt2

We pick up with the Bagua training manual from 1932 with a highly regarded expert of the art. Training tips, practical suggestions, and by his words, 'no magical interpretations'. Learn how the practical Traditional Chinese Martial Artists approach it. You can download the episode and book : https://www.patreon.com/posts/45987832


A Crisp BaGua 1930 Training Manual

Nearly 100 years ago, there were several martial art institutes designed to stamp out the 'magic' and 'non-sense crap' that was running in several systems of martial arts. This concise Bagua training manual was released by an excellent practitioner, who was also a son to one of the best Bagua practitioners known. Yin Fu also became the equivalent of the secret service for the Emperor's circle, and was successful during battle testing. This 24 minute episode of part 1 lays the frame work of...


Yip Man Starting in South China

Private Lineage stories are not history. Characters are added and removed, while other character relationships are altered. Not to mention that most lineages are a marketing tool, tilted to who-ever is being marketed. If you want to get a snapshot of the 'bigger' picture, you have to look into broader sources. Which is why we are going to look into the environment that Yip Man was walking into when he started his professional career in Southern China in 1950. **Spoiler Alert** This will...


Dad, How Do You Forget Something You Don't Want to Talk About?

My young son and I were driving home, when he dropped a question that made me pull over. "Dad, How do you forget something you don't want to talk about?" It captured me in such away, we decided to turn on the mic and record it. Originally aired in 2014.


The First Nationally Recognized Wing Chun Man

The media would have us believe that Bruce Lee and Yip Man were the only nationally recognized Wing Chun man. However, the Wing Chun man that was first mentioned through national voices was never portrayed on screen. In fact, most Wing Chun / Chinese Martial Artists will not even know him. Come learn about this man's hard life and hard death. If you would like to listen on website : https://www.patreon.com/posts/42015057


Man Down : A Day That I Can't Forget

One day at the hospital, we get a call that changed hundreds of lives and during the fall of every year, I am taken back : http://www.cnn.com/US/9510/sniper/am/ Originally are October 2014


Repel the Invaders

Debut of Martial Arts is Medicine, we will look into the process of “Repel the Invaders”. Following the sciences of, How your martial arts training provides 3 important layers of keeping virus’s, including Covid. You can also listen to it : https://www.patreon.com/posts/41252530


5 Steps to Policing Ourselves

KFP 201 Civilian life today has changed in perhaps every imaginable facet, with more to come. With the violence, riots and defunding police actions taking place, you may want to consider your role as a Martial Artist. During this Podcast: This Episode Recorded outside before practice.


Wiser Through the Fog and Friction

US Air Force Lt. Colonel Retired Mark Wiser Few men have put the hours and missions that F15 Fighter Pilot Mark Wiser has. He sat with me to share the experience of starting as Air Force Graduate to pilot, then to a fighter pilot. Eventually he became an instructor at the Weapons School. We know it as Top Gun. There are huge take aways for every martial artist in this episode. Enjoy, and look up Mark Wiser : https://www.facebook.com/mark.wiser or Twitter :...


From Warrior Training to National Treasure

The direction and reasons for changing the Traditional 'relic' to a new shinier treasure. Fortunately, some hold onto the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts expectations.


Training in 5 Village Organizations

Chinese Martial Arts with Traditional Warrior Training. You are the police and protection of your community and countryside.


The State of Martial Affairs

In Part 1, we took one Professors approach to defining Martial Arts, during part 2, 2 Professors are going to give excellent arguments for other approaches. Professor Judkins is going to take both arguments and give them a twist to consider, to make your messages more inspiring. Laying the framework for the next 2 episodes.


Swimming in Quicksand

Sometimes, the harder you try, the worse it gets. That can happen in many things, take 'creative art', someone takes an old bed box spring, welds an old bucket and a chair on it, gives it a name and paints it.. calls it art. Someone else sees junkyard material that is in the middle of a campus. Martial Arts can take the pressure. Does it include weapons? If you don't practice self-defense, its not martial arts at all could be another argument. Before you start swimming in the quicksand,...


Native Language of Okinawain Karate

If you want to understand Karate before the Japanese influence, this is a must listen. Professor Samantha May https://kungfupodcasts.com/kfp-123-okinawain-karate-the-native-language/


Interview Doug Perry Pt 2

Part 2 The inverted mountain perspective great stories of the 50's https://kungfupodcasts.com/interview-with-doug-perry/


Interview with Hanshi Doug Perry

I drove hours to a little town in FlatRock, NC to meet Doug Perry, USMC Retired Major, Hanshi 9th Degree in Okinawain Karate, Father and a wonderful gentleman shares with you what it was like in Okinawa, learning martial arts in the 1950’s, how it changed through the 70’s and till today. https://kungfupodcasts.com/interview-with-doug-perry-pt-1/


Fake Empowerment Pt 1

Agent of Action : Kai Morgan In This Episode : 3 Phases to Undeniable Empowerment True Story of the Use of Law of Power 6 of 11 of the Identifiers of Fake and Real Empowerment https://kungfupodcasts.com/realempowerment/


Saving Traditional Judo

Saving Traditional Judo "Judo was 'Westernized' sooner than the other Eastern Martial Arts when it became an Olympic sport. And it has been reduced to a “sport” ever since." Kevin Cavalcanti is a Traditional Judo instructor and a respected member of the academia. He has written many books on martial arts, and is referenced by many. You can find more of his work at: Where can you find his work: Judoinfo.com Gentle Ways.com The episodes associated with his book, 'The Tao of Judo" began...


Find the Common Denominator

From the Podcast of Tibetan Kungfu, My original podcast for my students. During this episode, I share insights of how I realized that I was the core of most of my own problems. Originally aired in 2014 There is a youtube version too : https://kungfupodcasts.com/find-the-common-denominator/


Bubishi Returns to its Chinese Roots

The Bubishi is one of the most of the important documents to a Traditional Karateka. During this 5 part series, together we will trace it back to its Chinese origins. The WuBeZhi is the Chinese origin of the Bubishi, and equally important to any Chinese Martial Artist. Get started in this part 5 series. Webpage : https://kungfupodcasts.com/bubishi-pt-1-returning-to-its-chinese-roots/