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Pens Playoff Autopsy and Offseason Trade-a-Thon

Sean Gentille returns to discuss the Pens' embarrassing 4-game sweep by the New York Islanders. Who do you point fingers at when literally everyone sucked? And where do the Pens go from here? Should they actually consider a Phil Kessel trade? Will Jim Rutherford outlast Mike Sullivan? Is the Pens' analytics guy still alive? And does The Athletic have a super secret premium subscription for feet-pics? We've got all the answers right here.


Pens Playoff Preview and Jinxathon (with Ryan Wilson)

Ryan Wilson (aka @GunnerStaal) joins us to extremely confidently break down the Penguins / Islanders Playoff Series and jinx the crap out of the Pens. We pick our ideal line combinations, debate if the Islanders are lucky or just Trotzing, pre-Twitter-shame the usual suspects (Kessel, Murray, Letang), and Ryan issues a HARDCORE and EXTREMELY REAL CALLOUT of the Islanders and their TERRIBLE fans. Let the countdown to frustration begin!


Folks, What If The Pirates... Are Good? (with Alex Stumpf)

Pirates writer Alex Stumpf joins us to celebrate Opening Day by saying ONLY NICE THINGS about the Pirates' upcoming season. What would a best-case scenario for the 2019 Pirates look like? Will Jung-Ho Kang crack 60 homers or top out at 50? Can Trevor Williams once again vanquish his evil nemesis FIP? Would Neal Huntington rather slam his crotch in a car trunk than sign Dallas Keuchel? Wait! Sorry. Too negative. It's ALL POSITIVITY TIME, baby!! :) :)


Pens Trade Deadline Recap: Jim Rutherford Is Bad, Folks

The Penguins made an absolutely insane trade at the Trade Deadline -- let's talk about it! Dan & Sean usher in the Golden Era of Jack Johnson AND Erik Gudbranson by breaking down what Jim Rutherford could've possibly been thinking. Do the Pens have a plan at all? Are they going anywhere with this? Is there any possible upside here we're missing? Why is any of this happening? Enjoy the first-ever EXCLUSIVE Erik Gudbrancast.


Penguins Midseason Grades (with Adam Gretz)

NBC's Adam Gretz joins us to dish out some HARSH report cards to the Penguins at the season's midpoint. Who's wrecking the curve and who's failing? It's all very official, and the results WILL be mailed to each player so their salaries can be adjusted accordingly. Plus an encore edition of Yinz or Out, and a very special Rico Fata story (is there another kind??)


Goodbye Brown and Brassard, HELLO Manny Machado!

In a special all "Yinz or Out" episode, we tackle 3 Big Questions: Is Derick Brassard a Manchurian Candidate? COULD the Pirates sign Manny Machado if they wanted to? And are the Steelers a literal circus? With lion-tamers and fire-eaters and stuff? Will Art Rooney Sr. rise from the dead to rescue the franchise??? Tune in here and only here for the definitive answers.


The Antonio Brown Reckoning

We break down the most broken-brained Antonio Brown hot takes, then assign blame to EVERYONE INVOLVED and discuss what an Brown trade would even look like. We also talk Dancing Hippos, the LONG OVERDUE firing of HATED running backs coach James Saxon, and the long lost Rocky Bleier sketch on The Muppet Show.


What is the Point of the Pirates' Offseason? (with Wilbur Miller)

Wilbur Miller from Bucs Dugout joins us to discuss the Pirates' offseason so far and other potential moves they might make, but it quickly devolves into a conversation about what the point of the Pirates offseason even is and why we should care. Join us for a fun discussion of marginal shortstop upgrades and potential impact prospects while we all collectively stave off the existential dread that comes with being a Pirates fan in the MLB Offseason!


Tomlin Goes Insane and Things Only Get Dumber

Mike Tomlin made two absolutely insane decisions in the Steelers' loss to the Raiders, but things just kept getting stupider from there. We dig into Tomlin's bizarre postgame quotes, Oakland's 19th Century Medical Technology, Roethlisberger getting lost in the halls of Oakland Coliseum, Chris Boswell struggling mentally, physically, and spiritually, and all the quotable quips from a devastatingly dumb week of Steelers football.


The 8 Ways This Steelers Season Can End

How does it all end? How frustrated will we be? How many linebackers will end up covering #1 receivers on game-deciding plays? Will our grandkids live to see another defensive turnover? After insane losses to the Broncos and Chargers, Dan and Sean break down the 8 possible ways this Steelers season can end and what they all mean.


17 Insane Trades To Fix The Penguins

With the Penguins struggling, we open the floor to ANY AND ALL TRADE SUGGESTIONS, from the crazy to the crazy-plausible! Join us on a journey of rampant speculation that'll leave you saying, "some GM's probably stupid enough to do that."


It's Penguins Panic Time, Baby!!!

It's November, which means it's time for the annual PRE-THANKSGIVING PENGUINS PANIC! Are the Penguins bad or just checked-out? We discuss Jim Rutherford's scathing comments about the team, Jack Johnson's predictable suckiness, Matt Murray's less-predictable suckiness, and take some shots at Rutherford's past two terrible offseasons, even though we're not Cup-winning GMs so we can't possibly notice and mention obvious things!


The Steelers: 1-1-1? More Like One One and FUN!

The Steelers are 1-1-1 and things are getting weirder by the millisecond -- Dan & Sean dig into the Steelers' NSFW Defense, Le'Veon's last resort, a SHOCKING Colin Kaepernick conspiracy theory, the NFL's Penalty Fetish, and welcome the Four Horsemen of the QB Apocalypse.


Steelers Football Is BACK, And It's Already Stupid

The Steelers TIED the Browns in their season opener, so let the bad takes fly!!! Dan & Sean discuss who we're already firing and try to guess the worst takes we're gonna hear from Pittsburgh media this week. We also make our Steelers season predictions, give our obligatory Le'Veon Bell warm-takes, and throw a special shout-out to that one Dolphins fan who's always alone at the sports bar.


Let's Talk About The Penguins' Stupid Offseason (with Jesse Marshall)

Jesse Marshall from The Athletic joins us to help us try to make ANY sense of the Jack Johnson signing. If we all squint really hard at his game film, is there something we're missing? We also talk about John Tortorella's explosion, Matt Cullen's return, Derick Brassard's possible departure, and the forthcoming blockbuster Jeff Skinner or Max Pacioretty deal we all know is coming. No Pirates talk this time, we promise.


Are The Pirates In Free Fall? (with Alan Saunders)

Alan Saunders from Pirates Prospects joins us to carve into the bursting appendix that is the Pirates' recent painful collapse. Can they still turn it around? And if they can't, how do they handle the rest of the season? Is any help on the way next year? Join us as we all try really, really hard not to feel completely hopeless about the next few years of Pirates baseball.


The Penguins Offseason: Who's Getting Traded?

Dan and NEW CO-HOST Sean Gentille deep-dive into the Penguins' offseason to figure out which Penguins won't be here in October after their DISGRACEFUL non-threepeat. Are Phil Kessel and Kris Letang on the way out? Whither Daniel Sprong? And what about John Tavares in a Pens jersey? Strap in for a long-ass podcast on a long-ass offseason.


Penguins vs Capitals, Chapter 47 Billion (with Ryan Wilson)

Ryan Wilson from HockeyBuzz joins us to preview the annual Pens / Caps Playoff matchup. Is THIS the year things are different, or do we already know how this ends? What matchups will the Pens look to exploit without Evgeni Malkin? Can Murray outplay Holtby? We don't have the answers to any of these questions, but we DO talk about it, so, enjoy!


It's Flyers Time (with Adam Gretz)

Adam Gretz from the NHL on NBC joins us (sans DJ) to worry if we're all taking the Flyers a little TOO lightly. We crack the Matt Murray and Kris Letang mysteries, reopen old wounds from the 2012 Crapathon, make fun of Tom Kuhnhackl a bit, and size up a matchup that the Penguins SHOULD win, while worrying the whole time if we're being a little too comfortable about everything. It's the only playoff preview you'll find anywhere on the internet, so buckle up!


Sidney Crosby's 5 Worst Wingers Of All Time (with Sean Gentille)

Join us on an epic quest for the elusive #WingerForSid: forever the white whale of the Pittsburgh sports ocean. Sean Gentille from the Post-Gazette helps us look back at the ridiculous cast of characters who have suited up next to the greatest hockey player of our generation, as we utter cursed names like "Tomas Surovy" and "Ziggy Palffy" to make us feel WAY better about the upcoming Playoffs, but way worse about the ravages of Father Time.