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Let's Talk About The Penguins' Stupid Offseason (with Jesse Marshall)

Jesse Marshall from The Athletic joins us to help us try to make ANY sense of the Jack Johnson signing. If we all squint really hard at his game film, is there something we're missing? We also talk about John Tortorella's explosion, Matt Cullen's return, Derick Brassard's possible departure, and the forthcoming blockbuster Jeff Skinner or Max Pacioretty deal we all know is coming. No Pirates talk this time, we promise.


Are The Pirates In Free Fall? (with Alan Saunders)

Alan Saunders from Pirates Prospects joins us to carve into the bursting appendix that is the Pirates' recent painful collapse. Can they still turn it around? And if they can't, how do they handle the rest of the season? Is any help on the way next year? Join us as we all try really, really hard not to feel completely hopeless about the next few years of Pirates baseball.


The Penguins Offseason: Who's Getting Traded?

Dan and NEW CO-HOST Sean Gentille deep-dive into the Penguins' offseason to figure out which Penguins won't be here in October after their DISGRACEFUL non-threepeat. Are Phil Kessel and Kris Letang on the way out? Whither Daniel Sprong? And what about John Tavares in a Pens jersey? Strap in for a long-ass podcast on a long-ass offseason.


Penguins vs Capitals, Chapter 47 Billion (with Ryan Wilson)

Ryan Wilson from HockeyBuzz joins us to preview the annual Pens / Caps Playoff matchup. Is THIS the year things are different, or do we already know how this ends? What matchups will the Pens look to exploit without Evgeni Malkin? Can Murray outplay Holtby? We don't have the answers to any of these questions, but we DO talk about it, so, enjoy!


It's Flyers Time (with Adam Gretz)

Adam Gretz from the NHL on NBC joins us (sans DJ) to worry if we're all taking the Flyers a little TOO lightly. We crack the Matt Murray and Kris Letang mysteries, reopen old wounds from the 2012 Crapathon, make fun of Tom Kuhnhackl a bit, and size up a matchup that the Penguins SHOULD win, while worrying the whole time if we're being a little too comfortable about everything. It's the only playoff preview you'll find anywhere on the internet, so buckle up!


Sidney Crosby's 5 Worst Wingers Of All Time (with Sean Gentille)

Join us on an epic quest for the elusive #WingerForCrosby: forever the white whale of the Pittsburgh sports ocean. Sean Gentille from the Post-Gazette helps us look back at the ridiculous cast of characters who have suited up next to the greatest hockey player of our generation, as we utter cursed names like "Tomas Surovy" and "Ziggy Palffy" to make us feel WAY better about the upcoming Playoffs, but way worse about the ravages of Father Time.


The 5 Worst Opening Day Lineups In Pirates History (with Pat from WHYGAVS)

Pat from WHYGAVS joins us for a deep, dark dive through the years of Derek Bell, Ron Villone, Raul Mondesi, Tike Redman, Pat Meares, and Bobby Hill, as we rank the 5 Worst Opening Day Lineups in Recent Pirates History. We guarantee it'll make you feel better about the 2018 Pirates, and have you saying "oh my God, THAT guy?" at least seventy times.


Are All Baseball Owners Terrible? (with David Roth)

Deadspin's David Roth joins us to talk about the weird, worsening world of MLB Owners. Is Bob Nutting actually that different from every other owner? Is anyone even trying to win? What the hell happened with free agency this offseason? And how can fans root for teams when their owners transparently aren't even trying? Enjoy a fun, lively conversation about a deeply angering topic!


Will The Penguins Three-Peat? (with Matt Gajtka)

Matt Gajtka from Pittsburgh Hockey Now joins us for a deep dive on the Penguins. We debate the Pens' ideal lineup, Derick Brassard's uneven start, the risky Hornqvist deal, the stupid Ryan Reaves trade, Kris Letang vs Paul Coffey, Malkin's MVP chances, and Matt offers his unique insight into the SHEER-EY / SHARE-EY debacle as a fellow victim of last-name-butchering. We also badger Matt into making some #HOTTAKES about INJURY PRONE Matt Murray and GUARANTEEING the Pens won't threepeat.


Spring Training Stockholm Syndrome (with Wilbur Miller)

Wilbur Miller from Bucs Dugout joins us to douse what little enthusiasm about the Pirates we were starting to talk ourselves into. We talk about Neal Huntington's bottomless pit of relievers, get drunk off the phrases "years of control" and "compete," and play Is This The Year Gregory Polanco Takes The Next Step: Part 7. Let Wilbur's calm, soothing voice talk you riiiight back out of getting excited for the season!


Penguins Trade Deadline Primer (with Josh Yohe)

Josh Yohe from The Athletic hits us with all the scorching hot PENS TRADE DEADLINE NEWS -- we talk Derrick Brassard, Michael Grabner, Tomas Plekanec, Matt Cullen, centers vs wingers (or both!) and whether Daniel Sprong has played his last game in Pittsburgh. Josh also shares stories about Jim Rutherford, Phil Bourque's chances of surviving Las Vegas hockey, and GUARANTEES us Erik Karlsson is totally Pittsburgh-bound.


Dave Dameshek on the State of the Steelers

NFL Network analyst, prediction savant, and native yinzer Dave Dameshek is here to talk about the Steelers' playoff thud, their offseason plans, Mike Tomlin's hot seat, and how to improve the defense from "DEAR LORD MAKE IT STOP" to "ok." We also discuss Tomlin's future career as Pitt coach, our favorite Twitter pet peeves, and the backlash to the Juju Smith-Schuster backlash.


The Marc-Andre Fleury-cast (with Gary Lawless)

Vegas Golden Knights beat writer Gary Lawless joins us to talk about Marc-Andre Fleury's emotional return to Pittsburgh, and the insane Vegas Golden Knights' season so far. Marc-Andre also LITERALLY WALKS BY as we're talking, so we're counting this as an EXCLUSIVE FLEURY INTERVIEW. We also talk about Daniel Sprong, Jagr's retirement, and the dreaded "Vegas Flu".


Randy Baumann on Pittsburgh's Nightmare Super Bowl

WDVE Morning Show host Randy Baumann is here! We ask him who Pittsburghers can possibly root for in the Patriots / Eagles Super Bowl, then discuss the mood in Pittsburgh after the Steelers' loss, his personal favorite sports moments and athletes, and the post-apocalyptic future of Pittsburgh sports fandom. Also contains an ***EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL*** involving Patriots' ex-QB Scott Zolak and his love of Ren & Stimpy.


Surviving The Pirates Trade-pocalypse (with Tim Williams)

Tim Williams of Pirates Prospects joins us for an emergency podcast about the Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole trades to help contextualize everyone's boiling hot death-rage at Bob Nutting and Neal Huntington. Are there ANY positives to take out of these trades? And where the [bleep] do the Pirates go from here? Tim also breaks down the new pickups, some fringe prospects, and the Pirates' latest reclamation project, Whitey Ford.


The Fire Everyone Episode!

The Steelers lost to the Jaguars, and after a couple days of screaming F-words into pillows, we composed ourselves enough to start firing people. Who's on the firing block?? Answer: Literally everyone. Also the firing block's fired. Fire away!


The 5 Worst Playoff Losses In Steeler History

We count down the 5 most painful playoff losses in Steelers history to get us pre-furious at the upcoming Steelers / Jaguars Playoff game. Join us on a fantastic voyage of frustration through the lowlights of the Kordell Stewart and Tommy Maddox eras we'd all love to collectively forget! And not one, but TWO Amos Zereoue sightings.


What Magic Trade Will Save The Penguins? (with Jason Mackey)

Jason Mackey from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette joins us to talk potential Penguins trades, specifically the ones where the Pens end up with every other team's best players and everything is magically fixed. We talk Kris Letang, Daniel Sprong, Matt Murray, Conor SHEERY and Conor SHAREY, and of course, Francois Leroux.


Football Is Bad Again (with Neal Coolong)

USA Today's Neal Coolong joins us to make sense of the Steelers / Patriots debacle before erasing it from our brains forever. We make fun of the NFL's extremely stupid catch rules and Ben Roethlisberger's gossipy passive-aggressiveness, then talk Penguins trades, defend Neal Huntington's reputation for some reason, and reference Limas Sweed more than zero times.


Steelers / Patriots Preview (with Jon Ledyard)

Steelers writer Jon Ledyard joins us for an extremely thorough preview of the Steelers/Patriots showdown with in-depth X's and O's insight that we totally could've done ourselves if we wanted to. We talk about what the Steelers have to do to beat New England, Keith Butler's weird schemes, Mike Tomlin's clock management, and finally answer the age-old question: WHY WAS THAT GUY SO OPEN?