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Episode 42 - Kendall Glaser

On this episode of the Team Stripes podcast we talk with Kendall Glaser, a collegiate official who has moved his way through the ranks in the US. He was sidelined from playing football in high school so made the big switch to pursuing officiating. A native Minnesotan - Kendall talks to us about his path, the role of professionalism as an official, and we even get some awesome insight into officiating in the State of Hockey.


Episode 41 - Jordan Kraabel

On this episode of the podcast we chat with journey-man official Jordan Kraabel. Jordan has worked quite a few different leagues including the NCAA (Div 1/Div 3), the NWHL, and the Federal Hockey League. We talk about his development, dealing with coaches in difficult situations, how to help mentor younger officials, and game management. Hope you enjoy the episode and big thanks to Jordan for being a guest on the show.


Episode 40 - Kerry Fraser

On episode 40 of the Team Stripes podcast, we got to speak with the legend himself, Mr. Kerry Fraser! Kerry is one of the NHL's most accomplished referees, having worked almost 2000 NHL games, 250+ playoff games, and 13 Stanley Cup Finals. This is perhaps one of our most insightful interviews we've conducted. Be sure to share this interview to other referees! The knowledge that Kerry shares is outstanding. Hope you enjoy!


Episode 39 - The Return of Keith Kaval

Fresh off his recent retirement from the AHL - veteran referee Keith Kaval makes his return to the Team Stripes podcast. Keith makes our podcast history being the first returning guest. As a recap to those who don't know Keith - he is a former AHL, KHL, and IIHF referee (among many other leagues). He is currently the director of officiating for the NAHL. On this episode we talk about his retirement, some stories from his season as an officiating coach, along with answering some special...


Episode 38 - Sean McIndoe (aka Down Goes Brown)

On this episode of the Team Stripes Podcast, we interview reporter Sean McIndoe. Many of you will know Sean McIndoe as the creator of Down Goes Brown. He is considered one of hockey's favourite and funniest writers. He has recently published a book called "The Down Goes Brown History of the NHL". In our interview we talk about the history of the NHL - but specifically the referees, and the stories he was able to discover. We also touch on the rules and some advice Sean has for helping...


Episode 37 - Tommy George

On this episode of the Team Stripes podcast, we get to speak with one of the top linesman in the United States, Tommy George. Tommy has an impressive background having worked across a variety of leagues, but most notably the AHL and NCAA - and has worked several frozen fours. He is also well known for making the Olympics in Sochi - one of the few non-NHL officials that was selected. Tommy is an awesome guy both on and off the ice - and he was gracious enough to share his experiences with...


Episode 36 - Training for Officials ft. Kyle Kostynski

On this episode we bring in a trainer named Kyle Kostynski, who has helped Team Stripes in providing training tips and advice. During the episode, we talk about what officials should be doing to maximize their fitness and improve peak performance. We talk about nutrition as well! This episode is a must-listen! Especially for those officials aspiring to higher levels.


Episode 35 - Ross Beck (A Team Stripes Academy Student)

On the podcast, we like to interview officials from all different levels. This week is no exception. On this episode we talk with Ross Beck who is an up-and-coming official in Connecticut. Ross is a member of Team Stripes Academy. During the episode, we talk about his perspective as an up-and-coming official, and ask him his insights on what he faces as an official. Some of the topics include the challenges he faces, the type of feedback he appreciates from supervisors and much more! This...


Episode 34 - Olympic Official Jess Leclerc

On this episode of the podcast, we talk with Jess Leclerc, a high-level female official who works several different leagues, including a trip to the Olympics in South Korea. She talks about her rapid ascention in the international officiating ranks, going from working the U18's in Buffalo to the Olympics a few years later. Jess also works several leagues based while she is based out of her home state of Maine, including NCAA and NAHL. Jess also serves as the RIC for amateur hockey in the...


Episode 33 - Ron MacLean

On this episode of the Team Stripes Podcast - we are lucky enough to get to talk with famed Canadian broadcaster Ron MacLean. Ron is well known for being on Hockey Night in Canada alongside Don Cherry - as well as more recently more Rogers Hometown Hockey. While Ron is well known for his work in front of the camera - for 23 years he was also a high-level official, working junior, university, and minor pro levels. On this episode we talk about his career, memorable moments for him, as well...


Episode 32 - Former NHL Linesman Mike Cvik

On episode 32, we talk with former NHL linesman, Mike Cvik. Mike had a long career in the National Hockey League, working more than 1800 games. Some career highlights for him include working the 2002 gold medal game in Salt Lake City between Canada and the United States, Stanley Cup playoffs, and an NHL All-Star game. He is also well known for his size, being a staggering 6'9''. On this episode we talk about his career, memorable games he's worked, his work after his time on the ice, as...


Episode 31 - The Adventures of a Local Linesman with Matt Brady

On this episode of the podcast, we talk with Matt Brady - who currently is a top linesman working in the AHL, ECHL, and NCAA. On this chat - we get Matt's insight into the life of a local linesman working in the league's he does. How did he get to that level? What are some of the advantages of being a local liney? What advice do you give other officials? To find out these answers give the episode a listen!


Episode 30 - AHL/OHL Linesman Kevin Hastings

On this episode of the podcast - we chat with longtime American Hockey League and Ontario Hockey League linesman, Kevin Hastings. Kevin is one of the veteran linesman in both leagues, entering his 17th in the AHL and 20th in the OHL. He is also a supervisor in the ECHL. We talk about his career, his passion for officiating, his role as a mentor, and much more!


Episode 29 - Don Koharski (with preview of Team Stripes Academy)

This is a special episode of the Team Stripes Podcast. On episode 29, we get to speak with former NHL referee Don "Koho" Koharski. Don worked over 2000 NHL games, including 11 trips to the Stanley Cup Finals. This episode is special because Don has partnered-up with Team Stripes to create the "Team Stripes Academy" which will provide comprehensive learning tools to officials. We talk about where this idea came from and what we plan to achieve with it! Get a preview of the course here:...


A Team Stripes Update - What's coming next?

Thank you to everyone out there for all your support! Find out more about what we're doing at


Episode 28 - Matt Leaf, Director of Officiating Education for USA Hockey

On episode 28, we get to talk with Matt Leaf, USA Hockey's Director of Officiating Education. He has worked for USA Hockey for almost 25 years, primarily in a role where he helps develops officials. In his role he works closely with many Referees-in-Chief across the country. During our discussion with Matt, we talk about his career in officiating education, how development of officials has changed, and how USA Hockey is addressing issues facing officials. This is a great episode - and Matt...


Episode 27 - Olympic Referee Tim Mayer

In this episode we talk to AHL Referee, Olympic Referee, and all-around good guy, Tim Mayer. When it comes to officials to look up to - Tim is a great role model. He has excelled on the ice, having worked in the AHL for a good many seasons, and even got the nod to officiate in the 2018 winter olympics! During the interview, we touch on his career, and talk about those "off-ice" elements like bringing a positive attitude to the rink and getting to know everyone that helps at the rink. Be sure...


Episode 26 - Stephanie Normand

In this episode, we talk with former high-level official, Stephanie Normand. Stephanie worked the highest ranks of female hockey, including a trip to Torino for the 2006 Olympics. In this episode, Stephanie discusses her career, the hurdles she had to overcome, as well as advice she has for female officials. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram:


Episode 25 - AHL Linesman and PEOC Director Zach Roberts

In this podcast we talk with Zach Roberts - who works in the AHL and ECHL (among other leagues). He is also well known for his work running the Pittsburgh Elite Officiating Camps and other programs for officials. Zach is a great guy who has a lot of great advice for aspiring officials. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram:


Episode 24 - Former NHL Referee Greg Kimmerly

In episode 24, we talk with former NHL referee, Greg Kimmerly. Greg worked for 20 years in the NHL, and has gathered a lot of experience and insight into the art of officiating. During the episode, we ask him a lot of questions that are referee specific, such as what goes into calling a penalty? How do we make impact calls? How do we communicate properly with coaches and players? And how to work together as a group of officials. It's a great episode where Greg shares a lot of great wisdom...