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S1: E5 Chris Noble & Doug Robinson

C​hris Noble is ​one of the world’s leading adventure photographers​. Also an accomplished author, his new book "Why We Climb" is a celebration of the aspects of the climbing life that are most universal, meaningful, and long-lastin​g. These include ​the strong connection to partners and nature, ​the ​physical and mental mastery​ of the sport​, and the rewards of exploring oneself and the world through climbing. ​His work asks what compels men and women to dedicate their lives to the...


S1:E4 Brendan Leonard

Brendan Leonard is the creator the popular website Semi-Rad.com. He is also the author of Sixty Meters to Anywhere, a deeply honest and original story of substance abuse, addiction and recovery. Leonard ultimately found personal redemption and identity through a “transformative personal journey, that shows the power of climbing and the courage that lies within.” His “unflinchingly honest” memoir depicts how he deals with addiction through skills he’s learned while climbing, namely...


S1:E3 Will Gadd

Red Bull athlete Will Gadd is the most accomplished ice climber on the planet. In addition to his cutting edge feats in the ice climbing arena, Gadd is also a world-class paraglider and kayaker that holds world records in both genres. However, Gadd would be the first to tell us that he’s really not a gifted athlete, but rather “a serial obsessive compulsive about learning sports.” In our conversation Gadd speaks to how his success comes from wrestling, and ultimately dancing, with fear…....


S1:E2 Dave Nettle

Dave Nettle is a rock climbing legend responsible for a litany of first ascents across the globe, with a noted emphasis in the Sierra Nevada High Country. Nettle possesses an undying love of climbing and skiing, as long as it is done with good style, laughs and with great partners. He is known as one of the world’s premier adventure storytelling athletes. We talk at length about the power of shared stories, the heritage of Alpenglow Sports (which Dave managed for nearly 20 years) and those...


S1:E1 Adrian Ballinger & Cory Richards

Approximately 200 people have ever summited Mt. Everest, the world’s tallest peak, without using supplemental oxygen. In 2016, elite high altitude climbers Adrian Ballinger and Cory Richards attempted to do so. Cory made it to the top. Adrian had to stop just before the summit. The first episode of Afterglow is a deeply personal and inspirational conversation with both climbers, recorded in February of 2017. Ballinger opens up about how he was able to process and harness his “failure” for...


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Welcome to the new Afterglow Podcast! A series of organic, long-form and intimate conversations that reveal the personalities, motivations and inspirations of iconic mountain athletes. Join host Brendan Madigan on December 1st, 2017 for a different kind of mountain story telling. Subscribe now.


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