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Melissa and Kate, two laid-back moms, explore the topics you most want to hear about it--family minimalism, adventuring with your kids, balancing family and work, and more--all in the time it takes you to brew your morning coffee. Sometimes ridiculous, always on point, these two best friends put the fun back in parenting and creating your happier, simpler home.

Melissa and Kate, two laid-back moms, explore the topics you most want to hear about it--family minimalism, adventuring with your kids, balancing family and work, and more--all in the time it takes you to brew your morning coffee. Sometimes ridiculous, always on point, these two best friends put the fun back in parenting and creating your happier, simpler home.
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Melissa and Kate, two laid-back moms, explore the topics you most want to hear about it--family minimalism, adventuring with your kids, balancing family and work, and more--all in the time it takes you to brew your morning coffee. Sometimes ridiculous, always on point, these two best friends put the fun back in parenting and creating your happier, simpler home.




51: Simple Holidays

Already feeling stressed by the holidays? Need permission to simplify and celebrate in the way that is best for YOUR family? In this episode, Kate and Melissa share the ways they've uncomplicated their holiday celebrations and how to find traditions that feel right for yours. They also share about how to deal with family that doesn't agree with the way you celebrate and how to keep your values in mind when creating new traditions. In this episode: > Why Kate and Melissa quit trying so...


50: Jennifer Pepito

For Episode 50 of the Cohesive Home Podcast, we're welcoming Jennifer Pepito: homeschooling mom of 7 and owner of Peaceful Press, a homeschooling curriculum and resource shop to the show. Melissa and Jennifer chat about seasons of life and knowing when it's time to make a change, along with the steps they took to make those changes with a large family. Why she chooses essentialism over minimalism and living intentionally as a family while still creating memories together during the...


49: Living Simply at Home

Do you know all the ways you can lead a simple life at home? In this episode of the Cohesive Home Podcast, Kate and Melissa share the 4 main ways you can live an intentional and minimal life. The two share about their experiences with capsule wardrobes, zero waste living, clearing their family schedules, and decluttering with plenty of wisdom and tips for your own simple living path! Read on for more: What's your favorite way to live simply? Capsule wardrobes--for more listen to Episode...


48- The Nester

The Nester is in the (Cohesive) House! Join Kate and Melissa for a chat with Myquillin Smith, better known as the Nester, about how you can create your own Cozy Minimalist Home. You are going to love all of the tips and suggestions she offers. In this episode: Kate and Melissa share about one of their favorite podcasts: the Friendlier Podcast with Sarah Kopper and Abby Olena, a show in which two incredibly related moms share their favorite recipes, books, and chat about the most relevant...


47: Change

Have you ever faced a really difficult decision about your kids? In episode 47 of the Cohesive Home Podcast, Melissa and Kate are bringing it with vulnerability and honesty, sharing how they handle difficult situations and decisions. Melissa opens up about her decision to stop homeschooling her kids and what's next for them. Kate shares how the launch of her podcast got pushed back by a death in her family and how she's dealing with both. This episode will help you feel encouraged and less...


46: Back to Fall Routines

Homeschooling, planners, and fall routines for the win! Kate and Melissa are back fun and informative episode about how they are working the homeschooling in a small space life. Melissa shares about their transition to apartment living and Kate gives the lowdown on homeschooling in her home on wheels. The two also share their planner systems and how they organize their days. Read on for more. In this episode: -- Melissa shares their homeschooling curriculum and the places they homeschool...


45: For the Love of Homemaking

Has homemaking gotten a bad rap? In Episode 45 of the Cohesive Home Podcast, Melissa and Kate tackle the meaning of the word "homemaker" and update it for today's home creators. They share their own personal experiences with homemaking and their top tips for creating a home of your own, whether you live in a physical home, an apartment, or even a home on wheel; it all counts! Covered in this episode: *The qualifiers to being a homemaker (big hint: there are none!) *Why you should...


Episode 44: Back in the Saddle

Melissa and Kate are back from their epic break and jumping back into the podcasting saddle with Episode 44 of the Cohesive Home Podcast. In this episode the two share what life was really like behind the scenes and why a break from the podcast was a necessity. They dig into the value of rest and share the major life lessons learned from taking a step back. If you've ever wondered if your life has become too hectic, this episode will give you the courage to put yourself and your family...


Interview Series | Grace Druecke : The Bali Market

In our first interview of 2018 Melissa chats with Grace Druecke of the Bali Market. She shares her inspiration behind her beautifully curated shop and minimalist living journey, as well as tips on how to bring calm and balance into your home. We hope you enjoy this episode! Visit The Bali Market Use discount code COHESIVEHOME for 20% off! Listen to our Less But Better | Bathroom episode.


43: Kids Spaces

No matter their age, all kids crave a space to call their own, whether it's a bunk in a shared room with siblings or their own bedroom. In EP 43, Kate and Melissa share their thoughts on creating kids spaces: from decluttering to design and function. If you have little people in your life, you'll enjoy this laidback chat about giving them a space of their own. This episode is sponsored by one of our favorite go-to snacks for our kids: KIND bars. You can get your very own box of 10 bars...


42: Dreams Over Fear

Overcoming fears and chasing dreams: in episode 42 of the Cohesive Home Podcast, Melissa and Kate share step-by-step how to face down your fears and make progress toward your family's dream. The two unpack some of the hurdles you might face going after a dream and strategies to make it happen. They also share their own personal experiences with facing down fear and encouragement to help you do the same! Head to to subscribe for the latest podcast episodes and...


41: The One About Christmas

DISCLAIMER!! We talk about SANTA in this episode. Please do not listen with your children if you don't want any childhood dreams crushed. =) SECOND DISCLAIMER!! Melissa's mic didn't work in this episode so please ignore the sound quality and just know the content of this episode is really good...we promise you'll love it. In episode 41 of the Cohesive Home podcast, Kate and Melissa chat about how, even with life getting in the way, they are trying to find peace this Christmas season....


40: Food Part Two

In Episode 40 of the Cohesive Home Podcast, Kate and Melissa revisit one of their favorite topics: food. In this follow-up to episode Episode 9 "Simple Family Food" the two talk about the latest in their personal food journeys, helpful resources, and thoughts for incorporating minimalism into your food philosophy. Listen on or read more below: Mentioned in this episode: Oh She Glows cookbook by Angela Liddon How Not to Die by Dr. Michael McGreger Rich Roll Interview with Dr....


Interview Series | Jeff and Andre Shinabarger

In another round of our Interview Series, Kate chats with Jeff and Andre Shinabarger-- social entrepreneurs, community builders, and parents with an inspiring view on life. Listen in as Kate talks with them about their views on the connection between minimalism and generosity, showing your kids the world, and overcoming fears. You will love this thoughtful conversation on living purposefully and with less. To find our more about Jeff and Andre...


39: Your Life as a Story

Ever wonder if your life would make a good movie? Or is your life still stuck in the opening credits? In this episode, Kate and Melissa share a unique approach of visualizing your family's life as a story. They share specific steps to implement so that you can move from a mundane life to one full of passion and without regret. Three major points to think about when imagining your life's story: 1. What are you drawn to? 2. Where have you gone? 3. Where are you going? More questions...


Interview Series | Sarah Kopper

What would it be like to live with no car? In today’s episode, Melissa interviews Sarah Kopper. She’s the co-host of both the Friendlier and Family Pedals Podcasts, she’s an advocate for car-free family transportation, a writer, and a mother of two. We hope you will be inspired and look at bicylcing as a family totally differently! Family Pedals Podcast Sarah's Instagram @FamilyPedals Friendlier Podcast


Q & YAY: 005

Kate and Melissa are back with another short and sweet Q&YAY! In Q&YAY episode 5, they answer the listener question, "how do you do it all?" The two openly share how the last few months have gone for them individually as Cohesive Home has grown. They also talk about their plans for Cohesive Home over the next several months and how running a business impacts their families. What We're Into Now: Kate: "The End of Absence: Reclaiming What We've Lost in a World of Constant Connection" by...


38: Building Online Community

In episode 38, Melissa and Kate team up with 4 other lady podcasts to chat about community. The two share their thoughts on building online community, ways to find your people online, and the value of believing in abundance over scarcity. Let's jump in! People/topics mentioned in this episode: scarcity mindset vs. abundance mindset: read this article from The Simple Dollar Muse and the Catalyst Podcast Erin Tannehill of A Welder's Wife Idea of community over...


Q & YAY: 004

The Cohesive Home Q&YAY is a quick and feisty chat with Melissa and Kate to kick your weekend off right. In this episode, the two answer the question: “As a mom I find it hard to meet other like minded mamas. Do you have any advice on how to make this easier?” Listen to the full episode to hear their answer as well as what they're reading and thinking about this week or read more below: Cohesive Homies Community Groups: sign up online, make some new friends, and build your...


Interview Series | Larisa Barth

Join Melissa as she speaks with Larisa Barth in the latest edition of our interview series. Larisa is a mother, entrepreneur, maker, and minimalist living simply, zero waste, and intentionally in Wyoming. She shares how tragedy in her family's story ultimately changed her direction and led her to start a non-profit serving her community. That's not the end of her story though, but the beginning of a new chapter in which Larisa and her family realize what they really value is intentional...