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052: Michelle Ward Talks Surviving Boob Cancer, Fertility Issues, and Empowering Yourself to Start Your Dream Business

AN EPISODE WHERE WE TALK ABOUT BOOBS...A LOT. Michelle Ward is perhaps one of the most inspiring guests I've have ever had on the show--and this isn’t hyperbole. I mean...I have the coolest off-the-cuff conversations with people so you know this one is good! Michelle is a two-time breast cancer survivor, business coach, and badass parent who uses her emotional and physical struggles with both breast cancer and fertility issues to see what really matters in life. In today’s episode, you’ll...


051: Christine Meyer on Coaching, Empowerment, and Self-Fulfillment

"You're not broken, you're evolving" ~ Christine Meyer Do you believe that you are the creator of your reality? Join me today in a conversation with esteemed life coach Christine Meyer as we delve into how our own perceptions influence our experiences in life. Christine helps successful, influential, and passionate people empower themselves as the creators of their own realities in life. Together we explore how Christine’s life hardships shaped and inspired her to become a life coach and...


050: Rachel Allen on Loss, Relationships, and Finding Her True Identity Through Life’s Hardships

"Sometimes fate is like a small sandstorm that changes directions: ~ Haruki Murakami For my fiftieth episode of Going There, I had the utmost pleasure of journeying with Rachel Allen, a word wizard who overcame many of life’s biggest challenges and discovered herself in all of her shining glory at the end of it all. We discuss how she navigates through the emotional labor, grief, and guilt caused by the loss of her long-term relationship, her family, and the life that she thought she...


049: Mary Ann Clements Discusses Non-Profit Work, Burnout, and Why Self-Care is Crucial For Both People and Professionals

Repeat after me - self-care is NOT selfish! Mary Ann once worked as the CEO of “AbleChild Africa” and has decades of experience in developing charities and programs meant to make a positive difference in lives all around the world. However, even with all of her great success, she found herself combating a common plague in the professional world: burnout. Join me today as we discuss how to maintain your fiery passion in the face of stress, time constraints, and professional burnout. Mary...


048: Womanhood, Aging, and Healing with Confidence Coach Liz Applegate

"That is some old lady shit right there!" ~ middle-aged ladies still discovering themselves Have you ever woken up and realized that you spent your entire life trying to fit into a label that you aren’t? Do you feel guilt over not feeling close to somebody that you think you should? Us too! Join me today as I talk with Liz Applegate, a kick-ass confidence coach for women over forty who also want to continue living their best lives throughout your midlife and beyond! Liz gets candid about...


047: Leslie Peters on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Their Impact on Your Adult Life and How Awareness and Resilience Can Heal You

"It means nothing about me..." In today’s ridiculously deep, emotional episode, you will learn why it’s important to teach your children those words like a mantra. Listen in as I learn about ACE or Adverse Childhood Experiences with RN, Speaker, and fellow compassionate, Leslie Peters. Leslie Peters dives into her own personal childhood experiences and trauma in order to explain the origins of her own ACE and explains why it is important for everyone to know their own ACE score in order...


046: Tyler McCall talks Depression, Authenticity, and Owning Who You Are

You belong. BUT, you gotta own your weird! Today, I have an absolutely transcendent conversation with Instagram expert, Tyler J. McCall about the deep stuff: depression, authenticity, and finding belonging by owning who you are and your reaction(s) to the shit that happens in life. And, boy, there’s a lot of shit that happens. In this episode, Tyler explains how he dealt with ongoing, clinical depression and discovered his own responsibility in owning his identity, his depression, and his...


045: Becca Piastrelli and How to Find Belonging, Identity, and Sisterhood in the Age of Loneliness

What's the fear in you? Today, I delve deep into the innermost caves of identity, womanhood, and loneliness with creativity “coach” and fellow kindred spirit, Becca Piastrelli. Seriously, get ready to explore what makes you uncomfortable– dealing with isolation, oppressive culture(s) and/or ancestral roots, and deep loneliness– in order to begin the work of positive, affirming self-exploration. You will leave this episode feeling light, liberated, and ready to spread self-love, sisterhood,...


044: Cultivate Your Confidence with Cinamon Laughten: Building Self-Confidence and Self-Love Through Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

"Certainty minus comparison equals confidence" - Cinamon Laughten, Badass Confidence Cultivator Join me today as I talk with the wonderful and brilliantly-named Cinamon Laughten, a phenomenal confidence coach and rapid transformational therapist (RTT)! Together, we discover the value of deep, powerful self-love and the healing power of your own mind. We delve deep into what matters: learning how to love yourself in the midst of life’s spiritual and emotional woes, such as depression,...


043: Take a Horseback Ride with Dominique Rondeau for Mental Health, Spiritual Healing, and Some Equine Therapy

How does that saying go? Something about falling off a horse and getting right back on again? CUE SYMBOLISM!! Today, join me on horseback as I ride off into the “self-care sunset” with equine therapy heroine Dominique Rondeau! Life can be a bit bumpy, but when you experience emotional hardship, mental health issues, or traumatic life experiences, learn how to heal these emotional wounds with a horse by your side. Listen in as Dominique shares a few (anonymous yet 10000% heartfelt) stories...


042: Put Your Knives Down and Make Peace with Your Plate; Ali Shapiro on Calling a Truce with Food

We all know that diets don't work long-term, or do we? Today, I have the honor and privilege of speaking with holistic nutritionist and integrated health coach, Ali Shapiro (MSOD, HCCH), who survived childhood cancer, health, and weight issues and now spends her life helping others forget diets, labels, and self-criticism in order to call a truce with food. Listen in to learn more about how this inspiring woman uses her own experiences with health trauma and weight issues, along with...


041: Spiritual and Emotional Healing in a BITCH-SLAP: Gwynne Montgomery Talks Toxic Patterns, CPTSD, and Putting in the Work to Transform Your Life

Do you feel like you're in a place in your life where you need a good, honest bitch slap for your soul? How many times do you ask yourself, “Why? Why am I here?” Listen in and hear the marvelous sound of a bitch-slap to your ego with Gwynne Montgomery, author of Bitchslap Journaling: 100 Prompts to Kick Your Spiritual Ass. This woman fearlessly tackles the hard stuff: toxic behavioral patterns, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), hyper-vigilance, and how you can use honesty...


040: Bridget Pilloud, Pet Psychic, Practicing Human, and How Her Intuition Can Help Heal Your Relationship With Your Pet

Do you ever wonder what your pet is thinking or want to tell a fly to eff off? ME TOO!! Today I had an absolutely mind-boggling and eye-opening conversation with Bridget Pilloud, Pet Psychic and practicing human. This is possibly one of the most interesting conversations I’ve had about expressing emotion, feeling deep connection, and practicing empathy – with your pets! Join me as I learn the value of communicating with your beloved animals, tips on how to do it, and why it is important...


039: Maureen Clancy (LCSW & EMDR) on Storming Through the Gates of Your Life and Finding the Right Therapist to Help Along the Way

If your therapist isn't working for you, ditch 'em and find a better one! Today I had the pleasure of discussing the importance of finding the right therapist to deal with life’s crazy moments with licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), sensitive soul, and healer, Maureen Clancy. Join us as we delve into how Maureen’s job as a newspaper reporter led her to discover her true passion: healing women who have experienced trauma and hearing their stories. Through personal experience, Maureen...


038: Darla Antoine on Healing Your Spirit and Finding Yourself Through Food, Cultural Discovery, and Diving Deep Into Your Own Ancestry

What if discovering your past could help you and your family heal together? Spiritual worker, ancestral activist, and coach of the Sacred Domestic Arts complete with an MA in Intercultural Communication, Darla Antoine answers this deep spiritual question and more in this wonderfully open and spiritually enlightening conversation! Darla grew up as an "other' and through her own lived experiences as a mixed race woman faced with generational oppression by dominant culture and society, Darla...


037: Beautifully Broken with Jo Casey - Being a Business Coach While Learning to Confront, Live With, and Even Grow With Anxiety, Depression, and Mental Health Issues

Do you suffer from “tightly-wound woman syndrome?” If so - hell yeah! - and you are in great company! Listen in on my conversation with the amazing Jo Casey. Jo is a fierce, feminist business coach determined to live her best life despite - or perhaps, inspired by - her own personal struggle with anxiety and depression. We delve into the deep stuff: being somebody with anxiety and depression while trying to help others, how society creates a fucked up, false image of how people live their...


036: Navigating Sexuality When You're on the Asexual Spectrum, Everyone Can Benefit from Therapy, and Being Diagnosed with Autism as an Adult with Olivia James

On this week's #goingtherewithjen, I have a fly-on-the-wall conversation with fellow podcaster and super cool human being, Olivia James. Listen in as I very awkwardly and Olivia very graciously talk about languaging around autism and asexuality, her path to an autistic diagnosis as an adult and how things finally clicked into place, the support she gets from her husband to say - hey - I think that's the autism speaking and why she can still irritate him (er...I mean...don't we ALL irritate...


035: Law of Attraction Fuckery, Drinking the Natural Birth Kool-Aid Until It Goes to Shit (literally), and Learning to Do No Harm as a Spiritual White Woman with Anna Holden

You know what I love? Unicorns (listen to the episode to hear why this is relevant). Know what else I love? Anna Holden. Anna is magical, highly sensitive, clairvoyant, and her filters are about as good as mine which means non-existent. You'll love her too, lol. Anna and I talk about the realities of motherhood (er...ego shattering I believe is the word Anna uses), the dangers of drinking the law of attraction kool-aid fuckery, how fun it is to stew in the messy middle, finding your...


034: Numbing To the Point of Almost Dying, Finding Yourself Surprisingly Alone, and Getting Over Your Fears to Heal with Plant Medicine with Shanda Catrice

MEET SHANDA Shanda Catrice is a fiercely compassionate healer and spiritual mentor who combines practical wisdom with sacred healing arts to guide women through inner transformation. Her work is centered around the integration of the whole self, through radical love and raw authenticity. Shanda encourages women to embrace the love and light, as well as the shadowy parts of their soul. She has over 10 years of experience learning from various cultures and spiritual traditions from around...


033: Just Say No to People Pleasing, You Have a Choice - Victim or Victor, and Learning to Put Yourself First Because Survival with Heather Thorkelson

Meet Heather Heather Thorkelson is a coach who works with entrepreneurs to grow their impact and visibility while growing their bottom line. She has been location independent for 7 years and runs her businesses from all over the world, including, on occasion, Antarctica. Heather is also the owner of Twin Tracks Expeditions, a polar expedition company. BUT THIS CONVERSATION, YOU GUYS. THIS CONVERSATION! TWO VICTORS HAVING COME THROUGH ABUSIVE CHILDHOODS THE BETTER FOR IT. Resilience,...