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Episode 18: Supporting Hope (and RESOLVE) — Jessica Fields

Jessica is the Chair of the Walk of Hope in Colorado, a fundraiser for the national organization RESOLVE, which raises awareness and provides support for those experiencing infertility. Jessica has also walked that long road of infertility. Hear as Jessica discusses: • Her husband and their high school love story beginnings. They started off not liking each other! • Their infertility journey — starting with an ectopic pregnancy and emergency surgery. And learning firsthand the importance of...


Episode 17: Legally Recognizing ART-Formed Families — Eric Wrubel

Eric, a preeminent New York matrimonial and family law attorney, has been on the frontlines of the fight for legal recognition of non-traditional families. Hear Eric discuss: • The hoops he and his husband had to jump through to adopt their two children. • His most exciting case and how it has changed the way New York courts now recognize parents. • A messy (I mean, really messy!) case with a UK same sex couple involving multiple countries, a surrogacy, a divorce, a new boyfriend, a...


Episode 16: One More Shot — Maya and Noah

Maya and Noah are the stars (or “subjects” as they like to say) of a documentary providing a very personal and in-depth look at infertility. One More Shot (check it out on Netflix!) gives you a front row seat into their four year journey to have a baby. We get the behind-the-scenes scoop. Hear from Maya and Noah as they share: • How they met and fell in love (despite their opposite personalities). • Their initial idea of shooting a short 5 minute clip about their IVF procedure and how it...


Episode 15: Escrow — It’s Not Just For Houses! — Dominique Side

Dominque Side is the Founder and Director of Surrogacy Escrow Account Management. They specialize in escrow management for surrogacy and egg donation arrangements. Hear from Dominique as she shares: • Her personal connection to this field and how she got involved in assisted reproductive technology. • Her experience as first an egg donor and then a gestational surrogate (not just once)! • What escrow is and what the purpose of it is (it’s not just for buying and selling real estate!). • A...


Episode 14: An Egg and An Act of Sisterly Love — Lanie Wolff

Lanie Wolff is a clinical physicians liaison for Conceptions Reproductive Associations of Colorado. She has a wonderful personal story to share about how her sister Tessa helped her start her family. Hear from Lanie and Tessa as they share their story: • How they went from instant family (including an incident of classic sibling blackmail) to long-distance pen pals.. • Lanie and her husband confronting an only 5% chance of IVF working with her eggs and her husband’s sperm. • Tessa’s blunt...


Episode 13: Super Lawyer and Awesome Mom. Doing It All In Surprising Ways. — Danielle Kitson

Danielle Kitson is an attorney and partner at an international law firm. She is also a mother (proving that you can have it all!), but took a long and unique road to get there. Hear from Danielle Kitson as she shares her story: • Her plan in her twenties to throw an artificial insemination party if she didn’t find Mr. Right. • How her ex-husband helped her pick out her sperm donor?! • Failed IUIs, surgery, and IVF cycles (oh my!). • The challenges of being a single mother and being in a...


Episode 12: Solving The Fertility Puzzle — Dr. Althea O’Shaughnessy

Dr. Althea O’Shaughnessy is a Reproductive Endocrinologist at Concep-tions Reproductive Associates of Colorado, one of the top clinics in Colo-rado. Dr. O’Shaughnessy won the Castle Connolly Top Doctor Award for 7 of the last 8 years. She’s originally from New York City and has recently moved to Colorado. While she had dreams of being a professional tap dancer, she put those dreams on hold to pursue her medical dreams (thankfully for those whom she’s helped get pregnant!). Hear from Dr....


Episode 11: All About Sperm. Storing Your Super Swimmers — Betsy Cairo

Betsy Cairo has her PhD in Human Reproduction and is the Founder and Director of CryoGam Colorado, Colorado’s only commercial sperm bank. She’s a college professor, Executive Director of a non-profit helping vulnerable communities, and a featured TED talk presenter. Girl has done it all. Hear from Betsy as she discusses: • How long sperm can be stored and still be viable – including the incredible story of a man who fought cancer at 18 years old and, with a little pre-planning, preserved...


Episode 10: A Lifetime of Surrogacy (Being One, Running an Agency, Changing Laws) — Sharon LaMothe

Sharon LaMothe is the Owner of LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting and LaMothe Services, LLC. She’s also been a gestational surrogate two times, both times with twins! She has a wealth of knowledge in the assisted reproductive technology field. Listen to this podcast and find out about: • How it all began - her own infertility issues and her tales of clomid turning her into the wicked witch of the west • Finding out on vacation about her surprise second pregnancy after her long span of...


Episode 9: Death, Turkey Basters and Insurance — Sarah Paige

Sarah Paige has been working with ART Risk Financial Insurance Solutions for 7 years. They specialize in insurance for the assisted reproductive technology field to help minimize the risk for Intended Parents, Surrogates, Donors and others throughout their journeys. Tune in to find out: • How many states offer infertility insurance coverage • How often the gestational carrier’s insurance covers medical bills from the surrogacy (it’s more common now than it used to be!) • All about...


Episode 8: Meet Bison Baby IVF1 (An Exploration in Non-human IVF) — Jennifer Barfield

Jennifer Barfield is a Professor from Colorado State University in the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. She specializes in reproductive physiology and assisted reproductive technologies in a variety of species. Tune in to find out: • Unique aspects of reproductive in different non-human species - naked mole rats, anyone? • Which species are born with their eyes open and their teeth out and start fighting immediately. Oh and the females give birth through a...


Episode 7: Passports, Burner Phones, and International Intrigue — Marc Gilland

Marc Gilland is a passport and visa expert with Passport Visa Advisors and responsible for helping countless families make it home. Think Homeland. But with more babies. Tune in as Marc tells us: • His amazing stories of international drama with parents trying to get their US-born surrogate babies home. • Complications when one parent dies before conception or mom dies months before the birth (assisted reproductive technology is changing the biological limits of reproduction!). • Why you...


Episode 3: A Father’s Gestational Surrogacy Journey — David Lat

David Lat, Founder and Editor of Above The Law, has gone to Harvard and Yale, is the author of the novel, Supreme Ambitions, and is most importantly, a new father. Listen to David talk about he and his husband Zach’s beautiful gestational surrogacy journey: • How he and his husband Zach met and how they arrived at the decision of gestational surrogacy. • How they decided on their surrogacy agency, their gestational surrogate, their egg donor, their fertility clinic, their attorneys, and...


Episode 6: Dealing With Loss as a Gestational Carrier — Patience Bleskan

Patience Bleskan is a Developmental Psychologist who is the Founder of the Family Room. She’s also the mother of four kids. Her personal experience as a gestational carrier went very differently than she anticipated. Tune into listen to Patience talk about: • Her long road to being a gestational carrier and if she’d do it again. • How she picked her intended parents and why the first preliminary match didn’t work. • The importance of the gestational carrier speaking up about preferences...


Episode 5: The Agency of All Agencies — Gail Sexton-Anderson

Gail Sexton-Anderson is the Founder and CEO of Donor Concierge, a service that finds egg donors and surrogate mothers, helping intended parents have the baby they always wanted. She also has her Masters in Counseling from Harvard University and is a board member of SEEDS (Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy). Tune in to listen to Gail talk about: • How Donor Concierge works and how she came up with the concept of her business. • Intended parents who have gone through almost 20...


Episode 4: Stories From a 3-Time Surrogate — Suzie White

Suzie White is a 3-time surrogate and previous egg donor and is currently the Marketing Outreach Coordinator with Colorado Surrogacy. Suzie discusses her amazing surrogacy experience: • What inspired her to be a surrogate for the very first time back in the 90s (it involves Oprah, of course) • Her different experiences between traditional surrogacy the first 2 times (singletons both times) versus gestational surrogacy the 3rd time around (with twins!) • How the Pre-Birth Order her 3rd time...


Episode 2: An Angel and Her Eggs — Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson is the Founder and Program Director of An Angel’s Gift, a full service egg donation and embryo donation agency. She is a 7-time egg donor herself and has also been a gestational surrogate. Hear Jennifer discuss all the aspects of the egg donation process: • How she found out about the possibility of egg donation and why she decided to do it. • The process of egg donation from the LONG application process to the medical tests, psychological testing, legal agreements,...


Episode 1: 3 Assisted Reproductive Technology Stories — Amira Hasenbush

Amira Hasenbush is an attorney and expert in LGBT law and policy, family formation law, surrogacy, sperm and egg donor agreements, adoptions, and name and gender changes in sunny Los Angeles, California. Hear 3 stories from Amira as they relate to the Assisted Reproductive Technology field: • Hiring two surrogates simultaneously? Getting a contract shoved in your face while you’re in labor? A gestational surrogacy case gone wrong. Lesson learned: ALWAYS go through an agency. • A sperm...