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Episode 28: Breaking the Mold on Postpartum Care With Sonal Patel

Sonal Patel is a pediatrician and a neonatologist who left the traditional hospital/clinic setting to start a specialized practice providing in-home newborn care. Listen as Sonal talks about: • Her time as a NICU doctor and experiencing birth and postpartum newborn care as a patient. • Seeing the holes in postpartum care provided to parents in our country, sparking her passion to start her practice, NayaCare. • The services NayaCare offers, including the 2-3 day newborn exam, 2 week baby...


Episode 27: Fighting For Her Life and For Motherhood With Emily Sandusky

Emily had leukemia four(!) times after first being diagnosed when she was 5 years old. She had an amazing journey of becoming a mother. Listen as Emily talks about: • Balancing her chemo treatments, school and soccer when she was younger. • The last time she was diagnosed at 19 (as a freshmen in college) and how she finished college while doing chemo for 2 years. • How she managed to get through being diagnosed and relapsing with leukemia 3 times, all while keeping up her spirits. • How...


Episode 26: The Long, LONG Road To Growing A Family with Melissa Dias

Melissa Dias went through an unbelievable journey to grow her family and never gave up on her dreams of having children. She now is an active advocate for ethical surrogacy in hopes of inspiring and assisting others who are going through the same or similar journeys. Listen as Melissa talks about: • Her struggle with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) diagnosis in her early 20s which began her infertility journey. • Her many rounds of clomid, IUIs, and IVF. • The tragic decision she was...


Episode 25: It’s Not Just The Hormones! Mental Health Is Key To ART with Carole LieberWilkins

Carole LieberWilkins is a renowned Marriage and Family Therapist in the West Los Angeles area. She’s been working in family building, infertility, reproductive medicine, adoption, egg donation, sperm donation and surrogacy for the past 30 years. Listen as Carole talks about: • The devastating news she received about her own infertility at the agof 30. • The adoption experience with her first son (before egg donation was even available!). • Her experience being one of the first people in...


Episode 24: From Rock Starts To Babies with Geina Horton

Geina Horton has been an acupuncturist in Denver for 20 years. She holds the honor of being the first licensed acupuncturist to become credentialed to perform acupuncture in the State of Colorado in the Operating Room at the University of Colorado Hospital. She specializes in infertility. Listen as Geina talks about: • What made her change her career from being a disc jockey to touring with rock stars to helping make babies! • How she takes Western medical conditions and symptoms and...


Episode 5: The Agency of All Agencies — Gail Sexton-Anderson

Gail Sexton-Anderson is the Founder and CEO of Donor Concierge, a service that finds egg donors and surrogate mothers, helping intended parents have the baby they always wanted. She also has her Masters in Counseling from Harvard University and is a board member of SEEDS (Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy). Tune in to listen to Gail talk about: • How Donor Concierge works and how she came up with the concept of her business. • Intended parents who have gone through almost 20...


Episode 4: Stories From a 3-Time Surrogate — Suzie White

Suzie White is a 3-time surrogate and previous egg donor and is currently the Marketing Outreach Coordinator with Colorado Surrogacy. Suzie discusses her amazing surrogacy experience: • What inspired her to be a surrogate for the very first time back in the 90s (it involves Oprah, of course) • Her different experiences between traditional surrogacy the first 2 times (singletons both times) versus gestational surrogacy the 3rd time around (with twins!) • How the Pre-Birth Order her 3rd time...


Episode 2: An Angel and Her Eggs — Jennifer Nelson

Jennifer Nelson is the Founder and Program Director of An Angel’s Gift, a full service egg donation and embryo donation agency. She is a 7-time egg donor herself and has also been a gestational surrogate. Hear Jennifer discuss all the aspects of the egg donation process: • How she found out about the possibility of egg donation and why she decided to do it. • The process of egg donation from the LONG application process to the medical tests, psychological testing, legal agreements,...


Episode 1: 3 Assisted Reproductive Technology Stories — Amira Hasenbush

Amira Hasenbush is an attorney and expert in LGBT law and policy, family formation law, surrogacy, sperm and egg donor agreements, adoptions, and name and gender changes in sunny Los Angeles, California. Hear 3 stories from Amira as they relate to the Assisted Reproductive Technology field: • Hiring two surrogates simultaneously? Getting a contract shoved in your face while you’re in labor? A gestational surrogacy case gone wrong. Lesson learned: ALWAYS go through an agency. • A sperm...