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Crawl | A Creepypsata

When you crawl through the sewers you find nothing but scary spirits to make you scream. The original story. EXCERPT The air is heavy, stagnant, waiting. The drips and humming sound muffled now. Tall Man retrieves the matchbook, tears off a match, and tries to light it. Nothing – it’s a dud. So is the second one, and the third. Tall Man starts to panic. He wants a scrap of light, now. He fumbles with the fourth match, anxiously swipes it along the striking surface. A fizz of sulfur spells...


Scary Halloween Stories: The Devil's Toybox

Original Story Music by Myuu Always be cautious where you go on Halloween. You never know what kind of creepy attractions are available on Halloween. The Devil's Toybox is a creepypasta story about an evil man-sized never-ending room that makes people go insane because of the evil within. EXCERPT “The Devil’s Toy Box” is an urban legend that savvier horror fans will recognize as the inspiration for the infamous Lament Configuration from Clive Barker’s seminal Hellraiser series. Though in...


Scary Stories LIVE! OPEN LINE SUNDAY - Paranormal and True Scary Stories

Call in your scary stories tonight as I will be reading scary stories LIVE for this Sunday broadcast.


Under the Blood Moon by Joseph Paul Write

Good evening, it's Spooky Boo, Mistress of Midnight. Goddess of the Scares! Tonight I bring to you a story from the anthology Unlucky 7 Volume III by Joseph Paul Write. This story, Under the Blood Moon, will make you think twice the next time you decide to go out and admire any lunar eclipse happening in your lifetime. You can find "Under the Blood Moon" and the other terrifying stories in the Unlucky 7 books *The text to his story has been omitted. To read a copy, please visit Amazon.com to...


Terrifying Stories About Hospitals Plus Your Calls

These two terrifying stories about hospitals will make you wonder why you want to go at all! This is just the tip of the iceberg, I have more coming in the next few days!


Seven Scary Dark Stories About Demons and Angels

Seven dark scary stories about demons and angels. Have you seen a demon? I would LOVE for you to tell me about it. Listen to the podcast here or at http://www.scarystorytime.com. The show will be lived and the edited after.


Scary Stories and Special Guest Jim Harold, Host of Jim Harold's Campfire

Tonight is a special treat! I have Jim Harold from Jim Harold's Campfire on the show. First, check out his amazing podcast where people call in their spooky stories then tune in to Scary Story Time with a few stories around our virtual fireplace and listen to scary stories told by Spooky Boo and then an interview with our guest Jim Harold. :) You can find Jim Harold and all of his great podcasts at https://jimharold.com/. Unlike our show, his is family rated so please try to keep it clean...


Three Horrifying Stories About Freaky Monsters

These three horror stories about monsters and cryptids will creep you out. This hour-long program of creatures that cannot possibly exist yet frighten and horrify in these stories will keep you listening to all the sordid details of these demons of the night. For information on these creepypasta scary stories, please visit http://www.scarystorytime.com.


Sludge A Horror Story by Spooky Boo

You've been wondering what that awful goo in your sink was for days! It gurgles and moans and slithers away when it gets hurt. Then one day, it notices you! --Written by Spooky Boo, Goddess of Darkness Tales --Background music by Spooky Boo --Heartbeat Sound with permission by SoundBible.com -Special Thanks to Creature Features - www.creaturefeatures.tv WEBSITE ---- http://www.scarystorytime.com PODCAST ----- "Alexa or Siri, play podcast Scary Story Time" Patreon/Membersite -...


Terrifying Ghost Stories Plus Your Calls

Terrifying Ghost Stories from www.scarystorytime. Call in your own scary stories. Learn how you can call in and tell your own ghost stories or have Spooky Boo read them by visiting www.scarystorytime.com Get access to the archives not available on any other site at www.scarystorytime.com


Ghost Stories from Listeners

Listen to these creepy ghost stories! Stories from 8 to 8:30 pm. Calls from 8:30 to 9 pm. :) Music/background by spooky boo For information on the stories visit www.scarystorytime.com.


War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells and Your Alien Abduction and UFO Calls

I present this classic tale of War of the Worlds by HG Well to you. ENJOY! Your calls after the first show. Tell me about your alien abduction stories!


Listen to these crazy prison stories of murder and meyham!

Listen to these crazy prison stories of murder and meyham! Telling prison horror stories then a guest calls in with a couple of horrorifying stories of why prisoners get let go early. For more information on the story visit http://www.scarystorytime.com Get more stories that have never been heard on any other platform as well as stories that are no longer availble to the public without being a member of Spooky Boo's Patreon. http://www.patreon.com/spookybooscarystorytime


Stories of Crazy Inmates, Haunted Prisons, & Murderous Meyham

Listen to these crazy prison stories of murder and meyham! For more information on the story visit http://www.scarystorytime.com Get more stories that have never been heard on any other platform as well as stories that are no longer availble to the public without being a member of Spooky Boo's Patreon. http://www.patreon.com/spookybooscarystorytime


Scary Stories About Computers Including Ghosts, Creepers, the Internet, Dark Web

Listen to an hour of scary stories about computers and the internet then call in your true scary stories. Visit my website at http://www.scarystorytime.com for more information and credits. Call in your stories about ghosts, scary computers, hauntings, the dark web during the second half at (646) 787-1694. Rated for language. Want more stories told by Spooky Boo that are no longer available? Join my Member Site!


Scary Stories of the Paranormal with Spooky Boo and Callers

Call in your scary stories with Spooky Boo! During the first hour Spooky Boo tells scary stories for those wanting a nice story to fall asleep to (beware of nightmares!) and then during the second hour she invites listeners to call in and talk about their true stories of the paranormal. Anything from ghosts, hauntings, alien abductions, freaky people, killer clowns, serial killers, demonic possession, strange conspiracy theories and all of that craziness that goes on behind the scenes of...


Scary Ghost Stories and Your True Paranormal Calls

Creepy, scary ghost stories and haunted houses. Listen to stories from the internet and then call in your own true scary stories to the audience LIVE! Music - Haunted Halls by Spooky Boo http://www.scarystorytime.com http://www.patreon.com/spookybooscarystorytime


Scary Stories About Demons | The Shadow Girl Plus Your True Scary Stories

http://www.scarystorytime.com http://www.patreon.com/spookybooscarystorytime PODCAST: http://www.707spookyboo22.com I will be playing all of my stories from day one on this line and see how long it lasts and how long I can last chatting until I fall asleep. :) :) :) Story The Shadow Girl https://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/The_Shadow_Girl Background Ambiance by Spooky Boo Moans from Hell by Spooky Boo


Horror Stories of the Cryptid Kind

For the first hour I will tell horror stories of cryptids and creature then you can call in your horror story. Let's have some fun! More information at www.scarystorytime.com. To find out more about supporting the show, please visit Patreon. Cryptids are mythical like creatures that may or may not exist. Many of these creatures are large in size and some even seem to have mystical powers. There are stories of crytpids all over the globe that have lasted for many, many generations. Some claim...


Scary Ghost Stories and Things That Go Bump in the Night

Ghost Stories! Hosted by Spooky Boo from Scary Story Time Spooky, scary ghost stories in the beginning and then taking your calls during the last hour. Call in those haunted house stories! *Rated for possible language and situations. MUSIC/SOUND EFFECTS Echos of Pain by Spooky Boo STORIES Bed of Sorrow https://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Bed_of_Sorrow Don’t Go Into the Cellar https://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Don %27t_Go_into_the_Cellar Echos on the radio...