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This podcast features a story and an original song inspired by it.

This podcast features a story and an original song inspired by it.
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This podcast features a story and an original song inspired by it.






BONUS: Deconstructed Ep 3. "Wandering One"

Deconstructed is a series of bonus episodes for Stories To Write Songs About that will be a deep dive into the writing and recording process of each of the original songs from season 1. This episode I'll talk about "Wandering Onet" written for Ep 3. I discuss the concept from the initial chord progression, lyric construction, and tracking process. I also reflect on the importance of collaboration among musicians and what it has meant to work with the members of my band.


BONUS: Deconstructed Ep 2. "New Kind Of Love"

In this episode of Deconstructed, I talk about the process of writing New Kind Of Love, original song inspired by Episode 2's story by Calvin Gimpelevich. discuss the concept from the initial chord progression, lyric construction, and recording process. Song can be found HERE.


BONUS: Deconstructed Ep 1. "You Aint Getting Me Yet"

This is the first episode in a bonus series I am calling Deconstructed, where I take a deep dive into the writing and recording process for each of the songs from the first season. This episode I will deconstruct "You Ain't Getting Me Yet" from the first episode of season one of Stories To Write Songs About. Starting with the formation of the chord progression and melody I go through the entire process of writing the lyrics, adding the layers, and asking my friend Eric Vanderbilt-Mathews...


Ep. 7- The Rorem Family "The Cars We Grew Up With"

For the Final episode of the season, the entire Rorem family discusses the slew of less than desirable cars they grew up with. There are societal and cultural celebrations for coming age moments. Getting your first car is one such marker. The hard work of suffering through drivers ED classes, studying for and passing the written exam, and absolutely nailing the parallel parking in the driving test make for a sweet moment when you hold the keys to your very first car. This quaint and lovely...


Ep. 6- Afrose Fatima Ahmed "Season's Grievings"

Ep. 6 “Season’s Grievings” Afrose Fatima Ahmed has experienced tragedy. In the span of just a few years she lost both her father and her sister. The latter was an absolute shock. Her experience in dealing with this tragedy lead the formation of her poem entitled “Season’s Grievings”. In this episode we discuss the influence that culture and family have on ones work as an artist. We discuss the origins and aftermath of her poem and the lessons she learned from experiencing a premature...


Ep. 5- Shin Yu Pai "The Guilt of Parenting"

This week my guest is a wonderfully talented poet named Shin Yu Pai. She and I discuss the challenges of having a child with a speech delay. We talk about the life of being a creator and writer, the challenges of wishing the best for your child but feeling guilty for any developmental delays they may experience. We end with the reading of two poems. Shin Yu Pai lives in Seattle with her family. She is the author of eight books of poetry. Her work has appeared in publications throughout the...


Ep. 4-Kristen Millares Young "Every Woman Holds a Flame Against The Wind"

This week’s episode features a longer story from author and journalist Kristen Millares Young. Her personal essay “Every Woman Holds a Flame Against the Wind” is about finding her way in a world that wants so little for women and everything from them. The essay is forthcoming in the anthology Latina Outsiders: Remaking Latina Identity, edited by Grisel Acosta. Kristen Millares Young is the author of Subduction (Red Hen Press, spring 2020) and Prose Writer-in-Residence at Hugo House, a...


Ep. 3- The Brothers Grimm/Ian Bond "The Singing Bone"

Ep. 3 “The Singing Bone” Feat. Ian Bond Many of you may be familiar with stories like Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and The Beast, Sleeping Beauty and others that have been presented by Disney and other movie companies. Many of these common tales have a long history and roots within the European folktales of old, that were popularized by the Brothers Grimm, 19 century scholars who sought out and compiled them into books. The original manifestations, as told by the brothers, have a much...


Ep. 2- Calvin Gimpelevich "She Looked Like Him"

Ep. 2 Calvin Gimplevich “She looked like him.” This week’s episode features an excerpt of a larger work from Seattle based writer Calvin Gimplevich. It’s a tale in and of itself that centers around a character that is consistently an outcast in every situation they find themselves in. Beyond the drudgery of daily existence there is a deeper sense of longing for what is outside of their shitty town with shitty people who do shitty things to each other. A ghostly image appears one night and...


Ep. 1- G.G. Flint "Rock climbing is a terrible first date"

Ep. 1 “Rock Climbing is a terrible first date” This week we hear stories from the frontlines of the dating scene in Seattle, WA. My guest is my friend G.G. who shares her perspective on what it is like to be a single female that is actively dating. We start the episode with a little bit of background on who G.G. is and what brought her to Seattle. She talks about some dating mishaps in Chicago that include the illegal scaling of a fence, awkward hand holding, and a forced kiss while waiting...


Ep. 0 Stories To Write Songs About

My name is Tom Rorem and I am starting a brand new podcast called Stories To Write Songs About. The basic premise is that I get someone to tell me a story and I then write a song about inspired by it. For the first season I have 7 different stories featuring friends, family, and Seattle based writers. I have recruited many musician friends to play on the songs. Please enjoy!