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Surrealism and irreverence abounds as a digital fossil (Artist D) discusses the disturbing world now found around him. The Artist D is exec editor of Fourculture Magazine and lives on the underground.

Surrealism and irreverence abounds as a digital fossil (Artist D) discusses the disturbing world now found around him. The Artist D is exec editor of Fourculture Magazine and lives on the underground.
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Surrealism and irreverence abounds as a digital fossil (Artist D) discusses the disturbing world now found around him. The Artist D is exec editor of Fourculture Magazine and lives on the underground.






The Perception of Free Speech

Free speech and the discrimination of it. A show about the importance of understanding other people's perceptions. Important talking points no matter if you are left, right, middle, alt, queer or a lizard person. The Artist explains the importance of stepping back, reading alternative and subversive literature, taking heed to History. Many topics are unearthed including the persecution of Milo Yiannopoulos and taking other people's perceptions too personally. A guide is provided to finding...


The Obsolete Man

The obsolete man is upon us. Your degree is useless. The YouTube Superstar has taken your job. All of that time at Harvard for nothing. The Artist D explains the Internet injection into life's jugular vein and what it has caused. The perspective presented from an Internet pioneer now watching all generations fail miserably at mastering a new rapid speed to life. PewDiePie and Donald Trump add to a new silver lining for our technological age. Keywords discovered during this broadcast include...


Thom Savino Experiences Dead Air

Comedian, Satirist, and Radio Personality Thom Savino (host of Savino Veritas on SRNone) joins Artist D in open conversation. Together they discuss the Cotolo/Savino 1970's show Dead Air. A broadcast tediously taped together and mastered in digital audio for the 21st Century, currently downloadable on Thom reveals the roots of the Dead Air show, his kindred friendship with Frank Cotolo, and the eerie parallels to our current time. In whine the truth, and you don't get much...


Festival Lights and Idiots

The Artist D is furious that people do not celebrate Christmas all year round. The annual discussion of the festival of lights commences as D makes his argument to keep lights up forever. In addition to a brief explanation of why 2016 is no better or worse than any other year. It's all in your heads.


Stupid Little Things

The Artist D wanders out from the back room and tells us why it's been a little while. It's a drag listening to everyone else, so why not listen to Artist D? We're all night creatures here. Many topics abound about all of the Stupid Little Things you've been focusing your attention on lately. Our host provides so alternatives on tonight's broadcast.


Tempering the Future

The Artist D discusses making the best of it now that Donald Trump has been elected. He shares his vision of Bob and Betty Beercan in Middle America. Find out where we could go and if this is a good or bad thing. It's time to temper what we've got and make it work. *Music played during broadcast is removed for copyright protection.


The Gentrified Man

The Artist D arranges for your pleasure an explanation of the building block for Art. The Gentrified Man's destruction of our most cherished artistic beings. The stuffy man asks how it was that this thing came to be so he could tear it down. A show that shall piss on gentrification among many other fabulous land mines.


Howling Hallows Eve

It's not nostalgia! It's Halloween 1984! Artist D relives Halloween eves past in the attic with the terrestrial radio (bunny ears included). Not a Hallow went by without the howling Wolfman Jack or vapers from the Dr. Demento show. The old costumes. The trashy adults. The cross dressing husbands exiting the closet for the first time. Artist D brings it all to his favorite Fabulous Halloween Show. But after all, it is Halloween every day of the year for Artist D and his tribe.


Life in Germany (with Valerie Renay)

Valerie Renay (Performer, Director, Singer, Painter, DJ, Half of Electro Art Pop duo Noblesse Oblige) joins Artist D to discuss her first independent solo release, LIVING IN GERMANY. Together they shall talk of the punk underground and go on a passionately hypnotic journey into the intoxicating playground of the Berlin zeitgeist. Valerie paints a picture of the Berlin punk art landscape as well as answers the question, Are We Everywhere? *Music played during broadcast is removed for...


Manic Bipolar Junk Fiend

The good and the bad. The black and the white. We human creatures cannot decide. Artist D tells stories about dreams, realities, and lucid invigorating mental adventures. Nightmares can be enjoyable, but waking up early every morning is for the birds. Artist D feels like a rust bucket. Tonight's show explains the manic bipolar in us all and how we just can't decide! ADAM?!? *Music played during broadcast is removed for copyright protection.


Lucifer's Hammer

It's the end of the world(s) on The Artist D's Fabulous Show! The Artist D explains how he's absolutely giddy thinking about living in a post-zombie apocalypse world. Doom, gloom, asteroids raining down, and ZOMBIES!!! We know what makes this Talk Show Host Tick. Learn about the epic 1977 novel Lucifer's Hammer and a whole bunch of other ways the population may ride a rocket. But don't worry, what has happened now will happen again. Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever ... *Music...


Co-opting Corruptors of Fabulousness

Artist D defines the co-opt of Fabulousness, of queerness, of gay lifestyle, and your ratty knit poncho from 1998. There's nowhere to get to know anyone on the interwebs anymore and it's really pissing him off. Go on a journey back to a time when Artist D traveled the country like a Glittery Carnivale and the people who just couldn't handle it. *Music played during broadcast is removed for copyright protection.


Angry Rage Bunny from Outerspace

The Artist D is angry talking about anger. The types of anger vs. hostilities vs. just going with a universal flow of frustration. Is it the moon? Don't you hate when people say that? It's all things anger with a quick lesson of Instagram etiquette thrown in. All from the underground.


Check Your Juices

This week Artist D talks getting your juices checked. The burden of getting older and the childish ghosties that follow us from early tantrums. They were climbing the walls and things on tonight's Fabulous Show. Learn how a simple blood draw can turn into a diatribe of inspirational proportions.


Proxima B Quiet

Episode 2, Season 1, The Artist D discusses Proxima B and space travel to find aliens. Aliens as organisms. Alien orgasms. Fish on the moon of Jupiter. Shrimp Muppets swimming in space. Ground control to Artist D? The Earthlings were watching Trump tonight while we on the Fabulous Show were digging towards the new underground. Away, away, away, from it all.


Artist D's Fabulous Show - Pilot Episode

Episode 1, Season 1, The Artist D returns to call muster on The Devil. A reading of "Temple" by Artist D. With many rabbit holes to travel. The point. The underground is alive. You just have to find it. Attend the school of unlearning. *Music played during broadcast is removed for copyright protection. View on Juiced: