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Episode 15 - Filler Up and Check the Rye

Join Craig and Jolyn on a wild van trip to New England to bring back some friends who were relocating to the warmer climes of Florida. See what happens when Murphy's Law steps in and tries to turn this act of kindness into an insanity trip involving space age technology, two pounds of rye, the rising price of gas and an old Dodge van that stood up to every test the devil threw at them along the way.


Episode 14 - It All Began with Christmas

Today's story goes back to a Christmas night in Hong Kong where I had a run in with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer during a night of torment that took me to the edge of insanity and changed my view of Christmas forever. See what happens when my strict prophetic view clashes with my Christmas loving wife Jolyn and our four children, in a showdown where God decides to take their side.


Episode 13 - Faith Grace and A Trip to Baskin Robbins

Travel with Craig back to 1980 when he ran The Good Samaritan Coffeehouse in Orlando Florida, a Christian outreach to the local homeless and a place where anything could happen on almost any Friday or Saturday night. In this story you will hear about Don Dugan, a man who died twice and got a chance to live life right the second time. His story might help you to come face to face with your own miracle, like it did for so many in that little Christian coffeehouse in 1980.


Ep:12 - The Great Beef Shortage of 1971

Today's story takes us back to 1971 when there was a growing beef shortage in America. Being addicted to Big Macs at the time some band buddies and I decided to do something about it to make sure we had a stash of red meat stored up in case things got worse. Hear what happens when my brother Terry's friend Ray and I visit a nearby pasture to see if we can find any volunteer cows that want to spend the summer in my brother Bruce's freezer.


Ep11: Grandma and the Big Grey Dog

Want to hear a story about six eyed fish, mink coats and a tragic fire? Hop on the old Mule today with Craig's little English Grandma Knowles as they tackle the challenges of life with a big grey dog who made things fun and crazy all at the same time.


Ep10 - Juan Valdes and the Man with a Thousand Shelves

Join us as we journey to the late 60's in Washington DC where my brother Terry and I meet a man named Roy. From him we learn the value a few friends, a cigarette and a cup of coffee can bring when the world around you is in an uproar of change.


Ep09 - The Oldest Man In China

Join the Marlatt family during their years in Hong Kong where Craig was mistakenly taken for a mysterious U,S, Government agent and invited into a plot to stop China from taking over Taiwan. See what happens when Craig invites the oldest man in China and


Ep08 - The Rooster, the Dog and the Horse

Rover was a good dog but he just couldn't stay out of trouble. See what happens when he tries to stop over at the chicken pen for a light snack and comes face to face with dad's prize rooster. Some folks just have to learn the hard way. I guess sometimes it works the same for dogs too.


Ep07 - Impetigo and the Exploding Beans

Join Craig & his brother Terry as they spend two weeks at Pretty Lake summer camp in Mattawan, Michigan when they were just young boys. But, as always, trouble was never far away when those boy got started. Dennis the Menace would be proud.


Ep06 - Fire On Honeymoon Mountain

The story takes place in 1979 during the wedding and honeymoon of Craig and Jolyn. The trip takes a detour into insanity where they experience every imaginable mishap and test their ability to survive with their faith and their marriage still intact.


Ep05 - Designer Genes

Join Craig as he travels back to the 1950's when he spent his meager savings to buy a new microscope from Woolworths. With two wars now behind us America was experiencing a time of tremendous growth and science was pointing us to new horizons. See what Craig discovers as he looks into the world of germs with his new microscope and wondered if anyone else was there looking back at him.


Ep04 - Stranded 'neath the Mason Dixon Line

Take a journey with Craig on a late 60's road trip through the South that left him stranded in a North Carolina town where getting out alive was the least likely option.


Ep03 - The Beautiful Blonde On Burr Oak

A young mans desire for true love brought him face to face with his fears and taught him that, in spite of popular belief, perception is not always reality.


Ep02 - The Glutton Special and the Quest for Manhood

Thought provoking stories from the unique and sometimes crazy life of the MulesWriter Craig Marlatt on his quest for the meaning of life. Sometimes funny, sometimes challenging, sometimes almost unbelievable, but always uniquely Craig Marlatt, the Muleswriter. In this episode A young Craig Marlatt and his older brother Terry face the challenge of double giant banana splits in their local ice cream shop to take their place on the record books in the historical quest for manhood. See what...


Ep01 - The Yellow Volvo from Hell

Join the Muleswriter Craig Marlatt and his family on a crazy vacation adventure where surviving the trip becomes the quest of a lifetime. It starts with a refund check from the IRS and ends with a plane ride home towing the Volvo on a rope.