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Join Cesar and Paul as they improvise original stories with lovely guests. Here's how to connect with us: Hang out with us on our discord: Follow us on twitter: Like us on facebook: See our videos on tiktok:


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Join Cesar and Paul as they improvise original stories with lovely guests. Here's how to connect with us: Hang out with us on our discord: Follow us on twitter: Like us on facebook: See our videos on tiktok:






The Take w/ Curt Mabry : All about Applied Improvisation

The Offer take a journey into interview, with THE TAKE: where Caesar and Paul interview a guest about their passions, their life, and their dreams. Normal stories will return in March! Today on The Take: Curt Mabry! Founder of Zmack Improv family, renowned international coach individuals and corporate teams, and most importantly all around Renaissance mensch. Curt discusses with us the world of "applied improv" one of the primary ways he plies his trade as improviser. We pick his brain about...


One Punch Woman: a Christmas story ft Ben Browder Thompson!

When his proposal doesn't go as planned, one man must learn to fight... for love! And then fight to save his friend, and THEN for love. A grunge adventure of the ancient past (the 90s) comes to you now as part of The Offer's Christmas Past/Present/Future/Diehard stories! Check out the wonderful wonderful Ben Browder Thompson at these places: Instagram (for the art!): @Browderartist (for the games!): --- Send...


The Carnival Del Luna: the finale part 1: the Feywilds

Mick, Thing and Corbar make their way through the mirror into a dark a wild swamp. They deal with some bugs, then find an adorable kitten. What could go wrong! --- Send in a voice message:


Ep.4: The Carnival del Luna Finale Pt. 1!

Join us for a live steamed part 2 of this finale on twitch: We'll live stream on November 7th, 8:00PM Beijing time, 7:00AM Eastern Time! Thing, Mick and Corbar stride into the Mirror Hall and confront its guardian, a tricky shift mirror fiend who shows them visions of their past. Will they manage to beat its trials to find their way into the Hag's lair? Find out! #ttrpg #improv #horror --- Send in a voice message:...


Carnival Del Luna Ep 3: Illusions at the Tower

Thing, Mick and Corbar hurry across the chaos of the carnival to try to stop whatever magics have caused the chaos. At the top of the lookout tower, they find a Monsieur Moon... but everything is not as it seems. This will be the penultimate episode of this adventure! Make sure you subscribe so you can join us for the next one. --- Send in a voice message:


Spooky Episode 3: The Masked Man: With the Impossible Face ft. Julien Bertrand

A mysterious old beta max arrives at a local news office, and a spate of murders follow! Will our journalist hero manage to find out who is behind these gruesome attacks and unravel the mysteries of the small town? Find out! Find out all about Julien Bertrand by going to or searching facebook for "Julien Bertrand Actor." He's got a twoprov in Paris, and improv classes! This episode was inspired by a image from The Offer's Discord bot--join our discord to try it out...


Episode 2 of The Carnival del Luna: The Big Top Disaster

Thing, Mick and Corbar must attempt to save the acrobats before they mauled... or will Mick instead shoot them? Well, you'll see. The Carnival descends into madness and our heroes must try to escape the big top to find out why everything has gone so wrong. --- Send in a voice message:


Spooky Month Episode 2: The Twisted Venus (ft. Shweta Bhat!)

A string of mysterious murders... a dedicated cop, and a promising photographer. Will they mange to unravel the vines that bind? Find out, in THE TWISTED VENUS. Featuring the wonderful wonderful Shweta Bhat, find her poetry on Instagram: @shwetabhatpoetry And she's on Facebook as Shweta Bhat. This episode was inspired by an image, pulled by the Offer's very own improv assitance bot. To join our discord and try it out yourself, follow this link: You can...


The Carnival del Luna: Episode 1

The Offer's first TTRPG! Join Paul, your GM, and Cesar, Chris, and Benjamin, as they explore the magical world of a traveling carnival, coming through the sleepy town of Ledgewood. The Offer's TTRPG (The Roll-fer? Roll-for?... we're taking suggestions for a name!) will feature improvisers creating worlds and playing together in short and long stories. This is a "one-shot" campaign, meaning it will have limited run. We will continue through the month of October, and briefly into November....


Spooky Month Episode 1: Nuclear Cookies

Etriiip joins Cesar and Paul for hijinks and shenanigans galore! It's October again, and so we are once again diving into the genres of horror and surprise! We begin, like all the best stories, with an apocalypse. Sponsored by Peter, who will eat your Calzones! W --- Send in a voice message:


The Time Child ft Shweta Bhat

When Ferdinand and Ferdinand come to a wealthy rural family to showcase their newest invention... the TIME CAMERA---not all the shutters click with utter perfection. Find Shweta on ZMACK's team TYPICAL HEROES! Here's the link to their next live stream:[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22search_results%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22search%22%7D]%2C%22ref_notif_type%22%3Anull%7D And join our discord to connect with...


The Dance of Dread at the End of the Decade! ft. Gan!

When a young maker of music has his beat stolen by an unscrupulous DJ, will he manage to track down the record producer and prove his case? Or will that record producer turn out to be a terrible villain with Russian bodyguards?! All of the above, on this episode with our good friend Gan! Check out Gan over on youtube at Gan and Another: And check US out on youtube, where you can WATCH this episode if you want!...


The Handkerchief Secret: The Dream Police ft. Curt Mabry Part 2!

We return to the trouble town beside a corn field, besieged by all their greatest fears. Will our lonely agent manage to solve the mystery, or will someone else bring down the forces that assail this town? Make sure to follow ZMACK on facebook, so you don't miss our next live stream (which by the way is Thursday July 29th at 8am EST, 8pm Beijing time with Shwe of Typical Heroes!) --- Send in a voice message:


The Handkerchief Secret: The Dream Police (Part 1) ft. Curt Mabry

When a town is besieged by all their worst nightmares, the shadowy forces of the US Government leap into action to conceal their secrets. Will those who want tear down the powerful succeed? Or will the Quaker... whoever he is... will he be able to save the world? Featuring the wonderful Curt Mabry! Subscribe to the Offer so you don't miss part 2! --- Send in a voice message:


The Age of the Tomato ft Charmika Stewart

When young Raphaello and Donatello (Raph and Donny) are sent on a quest to recover the newly in demand tomato from the new world, what world will they return to? Featuring a lot of exquisite and exaggerated codpieces, this story is set in a version of Florence, 1548 or so. --- Send in a voice message:


Tickle-Mania: A Tribute to (a generic version of) W.W.E. ft. Pete Grella!

When BANG BANG Bullet Johnson is dethroned by the evil heel The Shadow, will he manage to return to his position as beloved king of the ring? Will he overcome his traumas to actualize as the most fearsome fighter? Find out! Pete Grella improvises with Hong Kong Improv, Typical Heroes and many others! You can find out about him in all these places: Pete Grella Facebook: Hong Kong Improv: Typical Heroes (a...


The House With The Voice ft Julien Bertrand

Seriously, go check out this wonderful man: 19 people remain, stuck in the house with the voice: who will be kicked off this week? What strategies will the particpants use to hang on to their chance to win 10,000 dollars? Find out, on this week's THE HOUSE WITH THE VOICE. Also introduced by our host and panel of experts from the studio. This week, things get spicy between Kermit, Jennah, and Brad. Brad gets angry, and Kermit makes a surprise trip to the...


FROM THE ARCHIVES: You Should Have That Checked Out ft. Julien Bertrand (FRIENDS tribute)

The Cicadas are all talking about FRIENDS, so we thought we should too. Here's our FRIENDS episode, recorded with the wonderful Julien Bertrand. JUNE 10th--join us as we make an Offer LIVE! With Pete Grella! We'll be live at 8pm Beijing time, 8am EST, here: --- Send in a voice message:


The Doc on the Roc: the offer makes a documentary! Ft. Iris Park!

Hearing tales of an indigenous ritual around some strange rocks, a film crew sets out to record the rite--but instead finds... a Roc. Created with the wonderful actor, improviser, travel, artist, Iris Park, who you can find on instagram: @@irisiapark and on facebook! Or on her project expressly languages, on instagram @expressly.languages or website if you enjoyed please give us a rate if you're in apple podcasts! AND catch us live on June 10th, 8pm...


The Planet Formerly Known As: or the Frost Beacon

When an ancient beacon is activated, smsll planet must rally to a young boy in the bitter cold to destroy it. Meanwhile Pirates are drawn by the Beacons' signal and Star Kid may not arrive in time to save the folks of Frostulon 5... err... Xenon 5? Joining us: Curt Mabry and Etriiip. It's incredible! Editing by Paul Deichmann Join us for our next live taping on 5/20 at 9pm China time, 9am EST, and 3pm PARIS time, because it's with JULIEN BERTRAND! --- Send in a voice message:...