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Episode 37: You are hiding a child

This week on the Queencast: It's a brand new episode! After several weeks of not quite as new episodes, there's finally a new one! Join Soha and Michael (Debra is doing Father's Day things but she joins us in spirit) as they recap the last few weeks in their lives and the world, as well as trying and almost succeeding in not using curse words with a little help from a sound effects app. It all takes place on Father's Day, so happy late Father's Day to all of the dads out there (unless they...


Episode 36: Queencast Bonus Mixtape Volume Two

In the final pre-recorded episode of the Queencast before returning from our Summer break, we have Volume Two of our incredibly popular and very downloaded Bonus Mixtape series! You could just as easily say that the theme of volume two is as much food as the theme of volume one was about sex. Try saying it aloud. See? That was easy, right? Anyway. Here is what you can expect from this hot new mixtape: Welcome back to the Queencast! Use the effing word Dingleberries Hair all over your hair Go...


Episode 35: Queencast Bonus Mixtape Volume One

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes with the Queencast before or after the recording actually starts? Or have you ever wondered about the content that Michael chooses to cut when editing episodes? Well, an episode of this kind will answer allllll of your questions (as long as those are your only two questions). Yes, it's volume 1 of The Queencast Bonus Material Mixtape, in which you will hear deleted scenes, false starts, and other provocative content that the mics just...


Episode 34: Food Safety Dance

This week on the Queencast: Take a trip with us back in time (to about three weeks ago) as we discuss the top 10 foods that food safety experts won't eat, which we follow up with a fun discussion about death, funerals and burial customs. Because we here at the Queencast know there are only two things in life you can't escape: Food and death. It's a fun conversation, and even though it's prerecorded, you can still listen well past the expiration date. Which is to say there isn't one. Enjoy!


Episode 33: Ramadan

In this very special episode of the Queencast, Soha discusses Ramadan with Debra and Michael, and the group discusses religion, spirituality, and of course, food. It's a very educational and enlightening episode, but it's also entertaining. So it's...educalightentaining? Let's say that's what it is. Let's say that's what all of the episodes of the Queencast are, actually.


Peace and Justice

In this very special episode of the Queencast, Debra, Soha, and Michael have an in-depth discussion about Debra and Soha's trip to the Peace and Justice Summit in Alabama, which is then followed by the Audio of Debra and Soha discussing their trip while returning home from it. It's a powerful episode, and it's longer than usual but it's definitely worth your time.


Episode 31: Put down your pack pack and listen

In this all new (and mostly unedited) episode of the Queencast, Debra, Soha, and Michael reconvene at the table after taking a week off to discuss Soha's Stop Traffic gala, Debra and Soha's trip to Alabama to attend the Equal Justice Initiative's Peace and Justice Summit, Kanye West, and a deep dive into actual peace, justice, and equality. It's a long and sometimes heavy episode, but it's important and it's worth it.


Episode 30: Prequel Trip Mixtape

This week on the Queencast: Debra and Soha are in Alabama. You may be asking why. You may have heard discussions leading up to this episode, where they vaguely discussed going on some kind of trip, and thought to yourself "self, what do you suppose they're talking about?" Well, wonder no more! In this collection of deleted and bonus material recorded during the last few episodes, you will hear the exciting tale of two friends who are about to go on a roadtrip, where all will be revealed! The...


Episode 29: BQOLLLAE

Here at the Queencast, we keep on keepin' on in this hot new episode, wherein we discuss Thunder Over Louisville, The Harriet Tubman 20 dollar bill, and raw water! Also Debra gives Michael and Soha some diversity training. We're strong in all the places that count this week, which now happens to include Spotify! So if you know someone who listens to podcasts on Spotify, tell them to look us up!


Episode 28: Pooplets

This week on the Queencast: Your favorite food podcast returns with all the stinky talk you love on the season 3 premiere! Join as as we discuss racism in Starbucks! Join us as we discuss food! Join us as we discuss us! If you're smarter than at least one sixth grader and you have an hour to borrow, then you've come to the right place!


Episode 27: The Queencast Detective Agency

This week on the Queencast: It's our six month anniversary special! The gang's all here to celebrate, even though there's some sad news at the top of the show. But don't let that ruin the party, because we then go through a little of The Queencast Detective Agency, a fun story Michael wrote about the group that you can read for yourself here: Here's to another great six months, and to many more six month periods after that!


Episode 26: Untitled Episode

The week on the Queencast: The whole crew is reunited, and it feels so good! Join us in not giving several regards as we discuss Easter, fake news, our parents (and how we care for them), and perhaps the most important thing of all, Soha's benefit to stop human trafficking, which you can find more info about here:


Episode 25: Alex Returns!

This week on the Queencast: Debra is in Chicago, but Alex has returned and regales with tales good and bad from her recent trip to Germany! We then talk about March For Our Lives, followed by responding to a listener email for the first time on-mic! This is another long one, but it's worth it (and there are only so many hours in the day, to devote to editing, ya know?)


Episode 24: Get leeched!

This week on the Queencast: Debra, Soha, and Michael talk about fake news like it's real, and somewhere along the way they learn that being technically correct is the worst kind of correct.


Episode 23: Yasss

In this episode of the Kweencast, Debra, Soha, and Michael are all over the place talking about the proper ways to use a few slang terms in the most on fleek way possible. There's some Steve Bannon talk in there somewhere too, and eventually some actual gun control discussion. But the real news is that Soha will be unable to attend the royal wedding due to scheduling conflicts, so please don't be on butt; bring back some wedding food for her if you happen to be attending.


Episode 22: Derby City Consent

In this very special episode of the Queencast: Soha, Debra, and Michael have a powerful and candid discussion with Avalon Sutherland from Louisville, KY organization Derby City Consent about her own journey as a sexual assault survivor and how she uses her experience, strength, and hope to help others who have gone through similar experiences. She also explains the nature of her project and gives the rest of us helpful information on how we can better help and support the people in our...


Episode 21: Love Tank

Put on your big girl panties and join us for the 21st episode of the Queencast! Turning 21 means we're all grown up, so we'll be having a grown up conversation about grown up things like pap smears and the difficulties of relationships. If you have a choice, don't grow up. But if you must grow up, you can top off your love tank (or your hate tank) and join us on this rainy night for a wet episode of the Queencast hosted by Alex!


Episode 20: #heyyyclients!

This week on the Queencast, half of the cast is too sick to record a new episode! So instead we break the emergency glass on an episode that we recorded waaaay back in Olden Times (about three weeks ago when Alex was still in Mexico). In this episode, we try to get to the bottom of cryptocurrency. What is it? Can you buy stuff with it? Is it even real? Spoiler: We don't really know, and we don't really come to any conclusions one way or the other. But one thing we can say for sure is that...


Episode 19: Happy Valentine's Day!

In this special Valentine's Day episode of The Queencast, we decide to talk about what we all REALLY love: Stuff! And Things! But if you want to get specific, it's mostly about this exercise video Debra posted. Oh, and food. Didn't anybody ever tell you this is a food podcast? So if you're worried about being lonely on Valentine's Day, download this episode and we'll keep you company. Whether that's good or bad is up to you, but there's no denying that you'll be hungry (or thirsty, if...


Episode 18: All these beautiful cultures

In this episode of the Queencast, Debra is hosting and Alex has returned from Mexico! After Alex fills us in about her trip, we kick off Black History Month by celebrating Shirley Ann Jackson's contributions to the world and discuss ways to be better allies to people of other races. We then talk about the Queencast's group outing to see Padmaavat, which leads to an interesting discussion about India and the similarities that India and Mexico share. Oh and also, we have a new theme song!