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Episode 55: Michael reads A Christmas Carol!

Happy Holidays, listeners! This isn't really a proper episode of The Queencast. But Michael recently tried his hand at recording his first audiobook, which is the Charles Dickens story A Christmas Carol. He thought it might be fun to surprise the listeners with it, should they be interested in receiving the gift of him tripping over words such as 'genii' or 'excrescences' or 'laocoon' while making his way through the holiday classic. Or hey, if you can't sleep during the holidays, this might...


Episode 54: A Miserable Little Pile of Secrets

This week on the Queencast, there's good news and there's bad news. The bad news is, we've decided to put the podcast on hiatus and this is going to be our final episode for a while. The good news is, it's a new episode of the Queencast! You're invited to join Soha and Michael as they talk about all sorts of good stuff before turning out the lights and shutting the door. Don't worry, the episode is a lot better than this description of it would have you believe, it's just that the person...


Episode 53: Soha's Birthday Episode!

This week on the Queencast, according to Soha: "This is a very special edition of the Queencast, this is the 'Soha's Birthday episode.' Today is Wednesday; it is not my birthday, and Michael just dropped off the mic to me because we can't record an episode this weekend. So I decided to record through the week and you guys are going to get a non-literal of my life outside recording the podcast." Editor's Note: The audio between 23:35 and 1:01:43 has a lot of noise from the road baked in, but...


Episode 52: Re-Permanenitizing

This week on the Queencast: Start your journey halfway there with Soha and Michael as they bring all of it while Debra is in Dubai! This trip may only be an hour long, but we'll be stopping to see a play at Actor's Theatre of Louisville, we'll be lunching at a Tim Horton's, and we'll learn how to tie our shoes TWO DIFFERENT WAYS!!! And if that's not enough to quench your thirst for blood, we can also stop at the Bourbon Bash and maaaaybe sing some private karaoke. You don't have to be six...


Episode 51: Lies are ok sometimes

This week on the Queencast: Come with Soha and Michael on a safari, where you can shoot guns at a prison, where you can discover what gets white people beyond turnt, and where we don't meet anybody with a famous last name. And there's definitely no talk about spiders because Michael cut that part out. Also, this episode had some audio issues and Michael tried really hard to fix them so hopefully it's more easy to listen to.


Episode 50: Queencast Bonus Mixtape Volume 3

This week on the Queencast: We were unable to get together to record this week, so Michael compiled another fun episode of content that didn't make it into the last handful of regular episodes. As always, you'll get some fun pre-show banter, a little mid-show shenanigans, and one particularly hilarious post-show discussion wherein Soha learns how babies are made. 50 may seem like a milestone, but as you'll hear in this episode, we decided that 52 is the magic number. Here are the track...


Episode 49: International Ignoramus

This week on the Queencast: We're living large in Soha's sanctuary of Junk & Justice to bring you torrid tales of Michael's move, Debra's dating, 9/11, Nike, and much more! Just join us!


Episode 48: Honda

This week on the Queencast: With MIchael in the prcess of moving and the recording studio being disassembled, this week you'll be treated to an episode we recorded late on a Saturday night in July where basically we take quizzes for an hour. Also Michael tells a story about refusing to give a homeless man money and really comes off sounding like a jerk. Enjoy!


Episode 47: Everything is itchy

In this final episode of the Queencast recorded in Michael's apartment, Debra is in Lexington but Soha and Michael are here to discuss Facebook, Backdraft, the passing of John McCain, and more! They also learn about the tragic Madden Challenge shooting on-air, and we at the Queencast hope that everyone affected by the tragedy is as safe and happy as they can possibly be.


Episode 46: Live from the KY State Fair!

This week on the Queencast: Join Debra, Soha, and Michael as they take a trip to the Kentucky State Fair! Explore Kentucky's culture with them! Eat severely unhealthy food with them! Get lost in the parking lot with them! So pretty much it's just a regular episode of the Queencast.


Episode 45: Sneezeable Allergies

Your favorite podcast about food with a side of social justice is back this week to talk about food with a side of social justice! Hey, look. I write these episode descriptions every week. If you're already listening, you know what's coming. And if you aren't, I would like to invite you to begin at the beginning of this episode description and read it again. And then listen to the episode. And then go back and listen to the very first episode. And so on and so forth, ad infinitum.


Episode 44: Whimsicles

This week on the Queencast: We start things off right by eating into the microphone, and things only go up from there as Debra tells the crew about her trip to Jamaica! They take a sharp downward turn when Michael talks about his lack of sleep, but they climb back up again when talking about dealing with failure. We also hatch a new scheme that will hopefully make us rich. A warning though, food poisoning is discussed this episode, so if you know what that means and it bothers you, take that...


Episode 43: Peppergeist

This week on the Queencast, there's some good news and some bad news. Bad news first: The bad news: We were unable to meet and record a new episode this week. The good news: We had an episode banked just in case! The bad news: Michael previously said that he thought this episode wasn't very good. The good news: It's much better than he remembered! The bad news: We go overboard with sound effects in this episode. The good news: Michael finally tells the Shari's Berries story! And finally, the...


Episode 42: Extremely late title card

This week on the Queencast: Ride along with Soha and Michael on an 11 pm run for the border, followed by a late night podcast recording sesh wherein you will learn that Michael has gone to heaven and that Soha had an important and victorious week! Also included is some in-depth conversation about juries and attorneying, and also some Buffy the Vampire Slayer! This week, we ask our first Question of the Week: What do you think Heaven is? Let us know!


Episode 41: Finishing each others' _____.

As soon as you finish your sandwich, you should listen to the season 4 premiere of the Queencast! We discuss (without specifics) Soha's trial, the worst papa in the pizza game, taking fabulous vacations and more! Don't be intimidated by the giraffes, though; one google search will tell you everything you need to know.


Episode 40: Silent but harmless

This week on the Queencast: Jump into the podcast submarine with your three favorite stooges as they discuss the rescue attempt of the trapped children in Thailand, Soha's Chicago trip, Michael's continued moving adventures, and of course we discuss everybody's favorite dinner table subject, Necrotizing Fasciitis! And as always, don't forget to enter the promo code ADAMANDEVE to get an extra 30% off!


Episode 39: Reclaiming our time

This week on the Queencast: Soha is in Chicago doing stuff like visiting family and going to Medieval Times (laaaaaaame), but Debra and Michael are reclaiming their time by crawling into the past and talking about their weddings, strolling through the present with talk about Food, Cigarettes, and Oppressive Heat, and racing into the future with discussion of Michael's move and some podcast business talk. And if that's not enough, they also play a game of 20 questions that will surely find...


Episode 38: xxxApes**t Rollercoaster

This week on the Queencast: Debra, Soha and Michael are reunited as a trio for the first time in over a month, and are briefly joined by a special guest! Emotions (and sound effects) are all over the place as they follow up on the Trump Administration's policy of separating children from their parents, Michael's potential home invader, and the death of XXXtentacion. Can you separate art from the artist? Let us know at!


Episode 37: You are hiding a child

This week on the Queencast: It's a brand new episode! After several weeks of not quite as new episodes, there's finally a new one! Join Soha and Michael (Debra is doing Father's Day things but she joins us in spirit) as they recap the last few weeks in their lives and the world, as well as trying and almost succeeding in not using curse words with a little help from a sound effects app. It all takes place on Father's Day, so happy late Father's Day to all of the dads out there (unless they...


Episode 36: Queencast Bonus Mixtape Volume Two

In the final pre-recorded episode of the Queencast before returning from our Summer break, we have Volume Two of our incredibly popular and very downloaded Bonus Mixtape series! You could just as easily say that the theme of volume two is as much food as the theme of volume one was about sex. Try saying it aloud. See? That was easy, right? Anyway. Here is what you can expect from this hot new mixtape: Welcome back to the Queencast! Use the effing word Dingleberries Hair all over your hair Go...