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Featuring transformative stories and conversations. Each episode, a true and very transformative story is presented followed by an entertaining, uncensored and inspiring conversation. Listen to dreamers, adventurers, the notable, the ordinary, and other personalities presenting their true and transformative stories. This is what living sounds like.

Featuring transformative stories and conversations. Each episode, a true and very transformative story is presented followed by an entertaining, uncensored and inspiring conversation. Listen to dreamers, adventurers, the notable, the ordinary, and other personalities presenting their true and transformative stories. This is what living sounds like.


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Featuring transformative stories and conversations. Each episode, a true and very transformative story is presented followed by an entertaining, uncensored and inspiring conversation. Listen to dreamers, adventurers, the notable, the ordinary, and other personalities presenting their true and transformative stories. This is what living sounds like.




Achieving Balance - Andre La Brocquy

This is a story about a wake up call. Andre La Brocquy witnessed his father work incredibly hard for his family, but by working so hard, his father sacrificed his health. Hear how Andre responds. I believe this story will really hit for those looking to achieve work/life balance. Andre La Brocquy is a speaker, voice artist, coach and more...but most of all he is a family man. Today he presents his transformative story of turning his attention from his career and instead towards helping...


Idea: Essentialism, Doing More With Less

Have you experienced days, weeks or even longer of feeling completely overwhelmed by the stuff you need to do? Have you said yes to doing something and later regretted it? Are you missing out on the things you want to do because of other obligations? If so, then maybe the idea of essentialism is for you. The reality is...if you don’t prioritize your life then someone else will prioritize it for you. Find Colin Wright presenting “This is It”...


Rejecting Wealth to Pursue Something More - Colin Wright

Why would someone turn their back on guaranteed huge financial success and instead pursue a life of minimalism, content creation and full-time travel? Would you take the money or rather move towards an unconventional lifestyle? Today, the very notable Colin Wright presents his very true and transformative story regarding the experiences that led him to move away from a career of financial wealth and instead towards a life of full time travel, minimalism, and building his impressive platform....


Idea: Declutter Your Mind and Life with The Minimalist Practice of a Packing Party

The practices and ideas of essentialism and minimalism is something I've attempted to incorporate the past seven years. About six years ago we downsized our entire house and moved 2,000 plus miles away to a smaller home in a strange new world. When we arrived at our new home we filled one garage spot with all of our possessions. We kept these items in the garage and only brought in what we needed, such as beds, coffee makers, clothes, etc. Anything that wasn’t needed or didn’t bring us value...


Adventure Changed My Life - BASE Jumper, Skydiver and Adventure Athlete Jim Jennings

How does adventure improve one’s life? This is a story of how taking flight changed elite adventure athlete Jim Jennings' life. Jim Jennings suffered a TBI and other complications after an accident. Post accident Jim felt very hopeless at points. What helped in his recovery was an introduction to flying, and by flying, I mean skydiving, BASE jumping, gliding and more. This is a very true and transformative story that you don’t want to miss. Jim Jennings is an elite adventure athlete that...


A Tribute to Rhonda Ramsay

Today in this episode we pay tribute to Rhonda Ramsay. Rhonda was a writer, speaker and was known for her platform The Pink Project. This interview is from some years ago and is remastered. Rhonda passed away this past week after many years of thriving despite cancer. Rhonda was first diagnosed in 2012 with Stage 2 breast cancer. She was cancer free after treatment, but cancer returned in 2017 and was diagnosed as stage 4. Rhonda Ramsay once stated, "My goal is to help people living with...


If Your Life Should Fall Apart…SaraMae Hollandsworth

This is a story of a high performing athlete that got an infection that almost took her life. Saramae was on life support, lost both her legs, left a toxic relationship, lost some of her identity and more. I’ve covered countless stories of individuals facing adversities and this is one of the best. Despite the adversities, SaraMae Hollandsworth regrouped and became one of the best adaptive athletes on earth. Really, she’s one of the best athletes on earth, not just adaptive. SaraMae...


A Message to My Birth Mom - A Transformative Adoption Story by Lisa Gerard Braun

How to become okay, when things feel not okay. This story focuses on Lisa Gerard Braun’s adoption story and the challenges, feelings surrounding this experience, meeting her birth mom, and eventually a transformation from uneasiness to acceptance and peace. Lisa Gerard Braun is a writer that dreams to inspire the world to spread peace, joy, and love. Today, Lisa presents A Message to My Birth Mom. More about Lisa Gerard Braun...Lisa is a freelance writer, blogger, mental health advocate,...


Asking the Homeless, “What is the Happiest Part of Your Day?” - Jordan Gross

Today, prolific personal development author Jordan Gross presents I Asked 6 Homeless People “What is the Happiest Part of Your Day?” and the Answers Brought Tears to my Eyes. Jordan Gross is an author focusing on personal development. Jordan is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and all around good dude. His writing will bring optimization and joy to your life. In this story, Jordan states, “In studying happiness, I questioned, who are or should be the unhappiest people? This is who I...


We’ll Be Feral by the Time You Find Us - Vanessa Torre

“Instead of wishing for a tender hand to comfort us, the calm touch of a selfless partner, we fear the strong hand that wants to tame us.” Vanessa Torre presents “We’ll Be Feral by the Time You Find Us” and then sits with us to share the story behind her story. Vanessa Torre describes herself as a flaming pinball, nerd, music lover, wine snob, and horrible violin player. She’s also a talented writer with a strong platform. Find Vanessa Torre...


When Your Home is also a Hostel - Alla Gonopolsky

“In a hostel, friendships are measured by openness, not by time. It’s amazing how fast people go from strangers to dear friends. To dear family, really. I am constantly making friends and losing friends as they travel onward. But when time together is short and transient, walls seem to come down faster. We would rather be ourselves, be vulnerable, than be cool.” Alla Gonopolsky lives with her partner and they own and operate a hostel in Mexico. This hostel serves as not just a home but also...


Start a Podcast and Change Your Life and You Lost Your Way (2 stories)

Scott Davidson presents two stories in this episode. Story one, “Start a Podcast Now and Change Your Life.” Starting a podcast changed so my life and it can change your life too, for real! Story two, “Quit Your Job, You Lost Your Way.” Do you ever feel like you lost your way? Do you feel stuck in your job? You probably didn’t grow up dreaming of the job you’re in, but there’s a way out. Scott Davidson is an adventure athlete, content creator Review This is a True Story Podcast in Apple...


Figure It Out - Jacob Pacheco

When you face adversity you have a choice to quit or keep charging after your hopes and dreams. Surfer, speaker, content creator and entrepreneur Jacob Pacheco chose to keep charging and he presents "Figure it Out" a very true and incredibly inspiring story about adapting to a life of significant disability and how he creates opportunity from adversity. Jacob Pacheco is the founder of ProneToRide and focuses on a mission to empower others to discover their best. Jacob Pacheco was born with...


Life as a Palestinian Doctor on the Front Lines of Conflict

Today we hear from Dr. Fekri, a Palestinian doctor from Gaza and he shares his story of how and why he became medical doctor. Dr. Fekri then sits with us and shares his perspectives as a Palestinian doctor on the front lines of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict and he describes what it's like to grow up in a region of the world where conflicts can occur at any given time. It’s all pretty intense and this is a true story. Find Dr. Fekri...


What it’s Really Like on a 10-Day Silent Meditation Retreat - Caitlin Kratz

“I am changed. Even in the almost 5 years that have passed since my first sitting, I find it difficult to lace the right words together to truly convey the impact of the experience. Enlightening, without a doubt, but I might go as far as to say profound. Numerous fellow meditators have described it as the most important thing they’ve ever done for themselves.” Caitlin Kratz Today Poet, Writer, and Experientialist Caitlin Kratz joins us from Los Angeles, CA and presents her story, “What...


The Terrible Price of the Unlived Life - Crystal Jackson

I have so much love for the version of me who shaped a life around fear. She did the best she could for as long as she could. I’m so grateful for the version of me that found the courage to take a big risk for an even bigger payoff. It all worked out in the end” Crystal Jackson. Today, writer Crystal Jackson presents her story “The Terrible Price of the Un-Lived Life” and you don’t want to miss this episode. More about Crystal Jackson Crystal Jackson is a former therapist turned writer....


The Life Changing Joy of Minimalism on the Road - Kayli Kunkel

“My minimalism was making me happy. But still, life and unattended emotional baggage was getting in the way. So when I made the choice to travel the world and indulge in some long overdue mental health time, I was slightly more equipped for what I needed to do.” Kayli Kunkel presents her story “The Life Changing Joy of Minimalism on the Road” and you don’t want to miss this episode. Kayli Kunkel, in her words, is a sometimes traveler, creating new narratives on mental health and...


A Day in the Life of a Stunt Person - Nicholas Daines

Today, we have Nicholas Daines and he is an absolutely top stuntman, a TV Presenter with a specialism in natural history, a microbiologist, former Great Britain gymnast, and you’ve likely seen him on your screen as he’s in Star Wars films, Harry Potter Films, Fantastic Beasts, Mission Impossible, Wonder Women, World War Z, and so many other incredible films and TV series and it’s just too much to list here. Nicholas Dianes will present his story A Day in the Life of a Stunt Person. More...


Growing Up Gay in the Middle East was Terrifying

“Sweet mother, I cannot weave – slender Aphrodite has overcome me with longing for a girl.” Today Maria Atallah shares her story, “Growing Up Gay in the Middle East was Terrifying.” Maria is a Lebanese writer living in Paris and currently working for Vogue. Maria’s story dives deep into the current issues and especially dangers the LGBT community faces in the middle east. Maria Atallah writes about fashion, films, books, social issues, and my everyday life as a bisexual Arab woman...


I Discovered the Entire Universe - Marta Wanderlust

“Even the scary and intimidating process of ceasing to exist, itself, may end in bliss.” Marta Wanderlust. Marta Wanderlust threw herself into the abyss and found a featherbed on the other side of letting go. Marta Wanderlust presents her story of taking part in a Shamanic healing ceremony. During the ceremony, Marta experienced no longer being and through this experience she discovered the entire universe. She delivers a profound message that the answers you seek are found within. Marta...