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Ep 40: The Art of Letting Go

A lot of people get confused about what it really means to let go. We know that we need to let go of negative soul ties, but we don’t really understand how to do that. So, today I am giving you three practical steps to letting go and cutting those negative soul ties. Plus we take a deep dive into Insecure Season 3 and this foolishness that is R. Kelly! Sinn Ginn- “FLOTUS” Video: https://youtu.be/GwrQseCHxm0: R. Kelly- “I Admit”:...


Ep. 39: Might Be Vegan

Latrice sits down with Kimberly Barnes of Might Be Vegan meal planning service to discuss what it means to live a plant-based lifestyle, and taking responsibility for your health. Beyonce’s Vogue September Issue: https://www.vogue.com/article/beyonce-september-issue-2018 Use my special code UNICORNS TALK for $5 off your tickets for A Pod Connection Atlanta: https://apodconnectionatl.splashthat.com/ and vote for Unicorns Talk Podcast to do a LIVE show at the event on IG:...


Ep 38: It's a Celebration

My bff, Dalton, joins me for a conversation about the importance of celebrating yourself. Plus, I finally get a chance to celebrate a few things with yall. Use my special code UNICORNS TALK for $5 off your tickets for A Pod Connection Atlanta: https://apodconnectionatl.splashthat.com/ and vote for Unicorns Talk Podcast to do a LIVE show at the event on IG: instagram.com/apodconnectionatl or Twitter: twitter.com/apodconnection Register for my FREE EmpowHER Your Vision Masterclass:...


Top Ten: Season One Minisode

Latrice counts down the top ten most downloaded espisodes from season one. Did your faves make the list? Use my special code UNICORNS TALK for $5 off your tickets for A Pod Connection Atlanta: https://apodconnectionatl.splashthat.com/ and vote for Unicorns Talk Podcast to do a LIVE show at the event on IG: instagram.com/apodconnectionatl or Twitter: twitter.com/apodconnection Register for my FREE EmpowHER Your Vision Masterclass:...


Episode 37: Jayden Hollywood: Unapologetik-ly Intersectional

Latrice talks with the host of Unapologetik Podcast, Jayden Hollywood for the season finale. June is LGBT Pride month so this episode is dedicated to all of the LGBTQ listeners. Jayden discusses his intersectionality as a professional, creative, Black, gay, male; what that means for him, how it has affected his life and how he manages to maintain an unapologetic fierceness about him despite it. Web: latricesampsonrichards.com/unicornstalkpod Follow on Socials: Unicorns Talk...


Episode 36- Keys to a Successful Relationship

Latrice takes a moment to remind herself of what it takes to maintain healthy relationships and connections. Then today’s high five is all about the Met Gala and your reality check for the day is a reminder as well to stop wasting people’s damn time with your bullshit ass excuses! Follow on Socials Unicorns Talk Podcast FB/IG/Twitter @unicornstalkpod Web: latricesampsonrichards.com/unicornstalkpod Latrice Sampson Richards FB/IG @latricesampsonrichards Twitter @lsamrichards Music...


Ep. 35: Bekezela Mguni- The Other Black Unicorn

Latrice sits down with Bekezela Mguni of the Black Unicorn Library and Archive Project to discuss her work in the LGBTQ community, sowing seeds in our youth, and what it’s like to walk through this world as a Black queer femme. High 5: Janelle Monae Reality Check: NASA Donate to the BWWPC GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/hidden-figures-2018 Learn more and Donate to about the Black Unicorn Library and Archive Project: http://www.bekezelamguni.com/ Email:...


Episode 34: Un-Checking Your Boxes

Latrice talks about how and why we contribute to setting the unrealistic expectations and boxes others put us in. And y'all already know who this week’s High 5 goes to, right? Bey-chella, of course! But the twist is that It’ll be this week’s Realty Check as well as we tackle the age old debate of HBCU vs. PWI. Follow UTP: FB/IG/Twitter: @unicornstalkod Music by: bensoundmusic.com


Episode 33: Alone, Not Lonely

Being alone is not the same as being lonely. So today we are going to talk about that difference and I’m going to give you some tips on how to be okay with being alone and how to get past feeling lonely. Then later, we have two High 5’s today; Cardi B and Sybrina Fulton (mother of Trayvon Martin). And, i’ll do some shoutouts, including a very special shout out to a very special person, you know who you are! Plus, I have some updates on EmpowHER Your Vision Masterclass that I’m really super...


Episode 32: Ava's Glam Camp

Latrice wraps up women's history month with the founder of Ava's Glam Camp, Ashley Williams. Ashley talks about the non-profit and it's mission, how her relationship struggles with her own mother led to her being terrified of parenting a daughter, and how she overcame that fear when she held her baby girl, Ava, for the very first time. This week's high 5 goes to the most enlightened 11 year old on the planet, and Black Ink Crew's Sky gets a much needed reality check. Follow Unicorns Talk...


Episode 30- That's My Mama

This is the third week of women's history month and Latrice introduces us to the woman who started it all, her mama! Tune in as my mother talks about getting married at 19, moving to another country, and making sacrifices for family. Black Panther claims this week'sHigh 5, again, and EmpowHER Your Vision Masterclass is finally available!!! Follow us: FB/IG/Twitter: @unicornstalkpod


Episode 30: Mrs. Melanin Exposed

Latrice sits down with unicorn, Yvette Henry author of the blog Mrs. Melanin Exposed. Yvette talks about her journey of self discovery, transitioning from the classroom to being a stay-at-home mom, supporting her husband, Glen "Beleaf Mel" Henry, and the role she plays in building their business around his wildly successful YouTube show "Beleaf in Fatherhood". High 5 goes to Canada and National Geographic. Follow us: FB/IG/Twitter: @unicornstalkpod Join Trust Village Follow...


Episode 29: True Love Movement

Latrice kicks off Women's History Month with a phenomenal conversation with Ayanna "Mama Fiyah" Molina of True Love Movement. The pair discuss how she overcame sexual assault and premature promiscuity to grow into the woman she is today. Latrice also gives us a clinical breakdown of the angry outburst displayed by Kamiyah Mobley on the most recent episode of Iyanla Fix My Life. Get in Touch with Ayanna and True Love Movement: www.truelovemovement.com Follow Us: FB/IG/Twitter:...


Episode 26: Change in the Face of Family

Latrice circles back to Episode 26 to close out the EmpowHER Your Vision Masterclass series. Learn how to overcome potential blocks and obstacles to your change, specifically related to lack of support from family and loved ones. Plus, there's Black Girl Magic all up and through this week's High 5 and Latrice makes a huge announcement at the end of the show that you don't want to miss! Follow: FB/IG/Twitter: @unicornstalkpod Join Trust Village: www.facebook.com/groups/trustvillage/


Episode 28: The Evolving Chair

Latrice sits down with the host of The Evolving Chair Podcast, Lakiesha Russell. Join us as we discuss the reality of life as a single mother, therapist, podcaster, and business owner. Plus, this week's High5 goes to the ENTIRE kingdom of Wakanda! Follow Unicorns Talk Podcast: FB/IG/Twitter:@unicornstalkpod Follow: The Evolving Chair Podcast FB/IG: @theevolvingchair Twitter: @theevolvingchai Join Trust Village: facebook.com/groups/trustvillage/


Black. Married. Fly.

Latrice Sampson Richards sits down with the hosts of BlackMarriedFly podcast, Treblemaka and Candace Denea', to discuss the realities of Black married life; putting Black love in the forefront! This week's High 5 goes to the fans of the Black Panther movie. Follow BlackMarriedFly FB/IG/Twitter: @blackmarriedfly web: www.bynkradio.com/black-married-fly/ Buy BlackMarriedFly Merchandise: www.BYNKradio.com Follow Unicorns Talk Podcast FB/IG/Twitter: @unicornstalkpod web:...


Episode 25: S.M.A.R.T. Goals

It's week 4 of the EmpowHER Your Vision Masterclass, and finally time to start strategic vision planning. Latrice is giving you all the information you need to give yourself the best chance at success by making your goals S.M.A.R.T.! This week's high 5 goes to the Black Panther world premier and all of the Black and brown excellence that took place at the Grammy's this weekend. Get social: FB, IG, Twitter: @unicornstalkpod email: UnicornsTalkPodcast@latricesampsonrichards.com Trust...


Creating Mission and Vision Statements for Your Life

Everybody always talks about creating a vision board, but has anyone ever really taught you how to create a vision for your life? Latrice is here to provide the ins and outs of creating mission and vision statements for your life. Get tips and info on how to get started organizing your life for manifestation. Plus, this week's High 5 goes to Hulu; and lots more girl talk. Get Social FB, IG, Twitter: @unicornstalkpod Join Trust Village: www.facebook.com/groups/trustvillage


Episode 23: New Me, Who Dis?

Latrice talks about the importance of having a strong support network when you are embarking upon your change journey. She also give 4 tips on how to find your people and make connections that can support you to success. Plus, High 5 to the Black superhero moment happening right now, some shout outs, and info about what's coming up. Get social: IG, FB, and Twitter: @unicornstalkpod Join Trust Village FB Group Like Latrice on FB


Episode 22- New Year New You

Happy New Year! In the first episode of 2018, Latrice is getting you ready to make some major changes in your life. She addresses how to make peace with you past so you can start building a future you deserve. Also, she gives the first #High5 of 2018 to Essence Magazine, Sterling Brown, and Mama Oprah. Get social: FB, IG, and Twitter- @UnicornsTalkPod Trust Village FB Group: www.facebook.com/trustvillage EmpowHER Your Vision Masterclass: www.subscribepage.com/empowHERyourvision