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Episode XIV: The 2018 Summer Movie Preview Episode

Maggie and Will consider it their duty to make sure that dads have something to watch this summer. They did the next best thing to watching and critiquing this season's most exciting films—they watched and critiqued the trailers. Maybe you can't judge a film by its trailer, but you can rate its "dadness." Watch the trailers for this summer's blockbusters along with Maggie and Will, and decide whether you think any of them are very dad movies. Don't touch that thermostat! Solo: A Star Wars...


Episode XIII: Honey, We Love Rick Moranis

After taking a brief break from the podcast, Maggie and Will are back with what they'd like to call a "deep-dive episode" (better name to come), where they delve into a specific topic of dadness and analyze it through this new lens of film criticism they're slowly developing. This first deep-dive episode is about Rick Moranis, the comedic actor best known for playing roles like Louis Tully, Dark Helmet, and Wayne Szalinksi. Maggie and Will highlight the highs and lows of his career,...


From the Archive: Episode I - Blade Runner and What Makes Us Human

Will and Maggie are taking a little break from podcasting, but they'll be back with a new episode soon. Why not listen to an episode from the archive while you wait? Like this very first episode of the podcast. Don't touch that thermostat! Hosted by: Maggie Blaha & Will Young Produced by: Josh Mackey Theme Music by: Kim Fenner, Fenner Music Logo by: Aaron Scott Mercer, Our website: Sign up for our newsletter: Twitter:...


Episode XII: Living and dying in Synecdoche, New York

Maggie and Will chat with dad guest Randy Osborne about Charlie Kaufman's 2008 film "Synecdoche, New York." You'll either love it or you'll hate it. Maggie and Will liked it better the second time they watched it. Randy says it's a masterpiece and is much easier to watch on the eighth or ninth viewing. Watch the film, listen to this episode, and come to your own conclusions. 'Synecdoche: new york and my lonely, fucked-up being' by Randy Osborne:...


Episode IX: Creed - Carrying on the Legacy of the Rocky Universe

Maggie and Will talk with dad guest Robby Simon about the "Rocky universe" and how the 2015 film Creed—starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone—fits into it. Notes - R. Kelly did, in fact, sing "I Believe I Can Fly" - We really do want to talk about Space Jam. If there are any dad Space Jam fans out there, please let us know on Twitter (@verydadmovies)and Facebook. Or send us an email at -Oh, and here's the list of 2016 Academy Award...


Episode VII: National Treasure - That's How They Getchya

Will and Maggie discuss the 2004 adventure-heist film "National Treasure" with dad guest star Jack Walsh. As the film is pretty much just a vehicle for Nick Cage, we found that certain elements—like character development—leave something to be desired, but this could actually be what endears "National Treasure" to dads: All they're really looking for is a movie that's kid friendly and easy to follow along with, so they can tune in at any point. Much to Jack's disappointment, there is no...