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Episode 44: Voices Carry a Lot of Weight in a Story

The way a story is told out loud adds another layer to a story. On this episode, we’re talking about how our physical voices can carry a story with inflection, pace, volume, tone, and pitch. Voice can even make us love a story we might otherwise not like, or understand. Meet Asia Sampson renown poet and founder of The Asia Project (spoken word, poetry and storytelling)as he performs his new poem Desks Are Not Bulletproof and takes you through his creative process. If you love the way Asia...


Episode 43: Voices in Your Head

Writing is a gift of yourself. It should give the reader or listener a glimpse inside. It should be something true and new and vulnerable. In a story, we reveal ourselves through voice. What we mean by voice in a story is the tone, the mood, and the personality of the narrator. Voice can be created by word choice, sentence structure, and even punctuation. The way someone tells a story out loud plays a big role in how we receive the story, but in today’s episode, we are talking about voice...


Episode 42: Secret Pleasures, Who Are We to Judge?

Writing Class Radio is a podcast where you hear true personal stories from the students in our class and learn a little about how to write your own stories. Writing Class Radio is equal parts heart and art. By heart we mean the truth in a story. By art we mean the craft of writing. No matter what’s going on in our lives, writing class is where we tell the truth. It’s where we work out our shit, and figure out who we are. There’s no place in the world like writing class. And we want to...


Episode 41: The Moment I Knew Everything Was About to Change

We’re in season 5! We decided, after 40 episodes, to follow a schedule. So please look out for us on the first Wednesday of every month. On this episode, we’re talking about moments. Going to a moment is a storytelling technique that requires the narrator to first remember something dramatic or important and then paint a scene. This technique works in memoir writing, fiction writing, in college essays and in your business marketing materials. If you remember a moment from childhood or last...


Episode 19: I'm Obsessed with Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Steve Almond, and my Spin Instructor

EPISODE 19: I’m Obsessed with Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Steve Almond, and my Spin Instructor. This episode is about obsessions. Andrea Askowitz, the teacher of the class speaks to Allison Langer, co-producer and student in the class. They discuss what she learned from the Tim Ferriss podcast when he interviewed Tony Robbins. Allison heard Robbins say, “Rejection breeds obsession.” And,”The parent whose attention you were trying to get is the person who shaped you.” Andrea talks about how...


Episode 18: Who is Jahn Dope? From H.S. Football Star to Homeless Man to the Great Philip Sylverin

This episode is about self destruction. Jahn Dope, one of the students in our class, reads his story, Dark Matter. Jahn’s story begins after he overdoses on LSD after a crazy night of drinking and drugs, then backtracks to childhood. After Jahn’s story ends, the class was left with questions. So, producers Diego and Misha met Jahn at work to get the whole story. Listeners will hear why Jahn dropped out of college and what happened next. Jahn tells us how he got deeper and deeper into drugs...


Episode 16: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone...Where the Magic Happens.

This episode explores the different zones we live in: comfort zone, stretch zone and panic zone. Allison talks about her experience at dinner with new friends and how she complained the entire night. She realizes she ventured too far into her stretch zone and panicked. Misha Mehrel tells his story on the stage at Lip Service, a live storytelling event in Miami. The story is about his hairy ass. The story was written in his very first writing class in response to a prompt. Misha worked on...


Episode 15: Dear Listener

EPISODE 15: Dear Listener This episode explores the epistolary form, which is just a snobby way to say stories written in the form of a letter. Andrea Askowitz starts with a letter written to her from her best friend in high school, Robin. Robin and Andrea wrote hundreds of letters back and forth to each other throughout their friendship. The letters in Episode 15 were written 30 years ago, when Andrea spent a summer at camp away from Robin. Andrea saved the letters Robin wrote her. She...


Episode 14: Taboo: Fat, Fuck, Masturbation

In this episode, we discuss what is taboo. Is it a word, a topic? Is it the same for everyone? We learn why we need to talk about things considered taboo, and when to actually write taboo words instead of referring to them. You’ll hear from our weekly classmate Inessa Freylekhman who’s mom tells her what not to say on a date. You’ll also hear from Nicki Post, who feels that abortion is more taboo in the United States than in Korea. We’ll take you into our community workshop where several...


Episode 13: Rejection Sucks. Why Do We Put Ourselves Out There?

In this episode, student and co-producer Allison Langer puts herself out there in writing and in love. The first story she tells was submitted to Modern Love, a column in the New York Times. Allison’s story got rejected, which is the subject of the second story she tells. Also in the second story, Allison compares the Modern Love rejection to rejection in love. Allison shares her motto for dealing with rejection. A motto she borrowed from author Cheryl Strayed. You’ll also hear Andrea...


Bonus Episode: Will You Love Me Forever or Just on Valentine's Day?

Today, we are stepping out of order because it’s February and we’re in the U.S. and we can’t avoid thinking about love. So, we’re bringing you a Valentine’s Day bonus episode. This episode is a little different. Slightly less teachy, thought not without this lesson: A good way to approach a story is to ask a question and then to try to answer it. You’ll meet students from season two and you’ll hear from some of regulars that you already know. You’ll hear their questions about love. Miriam...


Episode 8: You Don't Have to be a Clown to Write Funny

This episode is about writing humor. Andrea tells a joke only she thinks is funny, then calls our humor expert, Jay Wexler, who confirms just how funny her joke is. Jay is an attorney and the author of five books. You can find his books at Jaywex.com. Later in the show, Jay shares his ten suggestions for writing humor. Andrea adds four. Together, they have 14 suggestions for writing humor. Terry DeMeo introduces herself before telling a story in front of a live audience, at Lip Service. In...


True Story: Nobody Likes New Year's Eve. Bonus Episode

This is Writing Class Radio's New Year’s bonus episode. We’re interrupting our first semester to give you a taste of who’s to come in our second semester. You’ll meet Frenchy, who took Andrea’s writing class years ago and is now back. Does she get a kiss on New Year’s Eve? You’ll also meet Tobi Ash and hear why she’s been avoiding New Year’s celebrations for 30 years. Cynthia Castillo who wished for a tragic life to write about until tragedy hit. Nicki Post takes us on a trip to Korea, one...


Episode 7: Story Structure Is Sexy

How should a story be structured? Start from the very beginning by using the concept of story spine. Story spine, a technique articulated by the playwright Ken Adams, is the backbone of every traditional story. In this episode, Allison uses the story spine to write about her return to dating after having children on her own. Inessa writes about a date that goes wrong and Jahn uses this structure to tell stories about the first time he got a boner. In each story, the story spine structure...


Episode 6 : Wendi Tells the Story of her Ex-husband’s Murder. Writing Is an Exercise in Trust.

Writing Class Radio is a podcast of a writing class. Andrea Askowitz is your host and teacher. The purpose of Writing Class Radio is to connect with people who love stories and who get inspired by hearing other people tell their stories and who want to learn a little bit about how to write their own stories. This podcast broadcasts stories that were written and read in class. Some are raw bursts inspired by in-class prompts. Other stories may have started from a prompt and are then...


Episode 5: The Lies We Tell

Danny and Bo reveal the lies they've told, especially to themselves. And then the fallout. Danny falls in love with two women but neither knows about the other. Everyone is happy, until he hears a knock at the door. Bo admits to his many sexual encounters with women, sometimes in the same day; all an attempt to cure himself from being gay. Andrea talks about the importance of feedback and encourages the listener to find a writing group. She says feedback can be delicate, especially with...


Episode 4: Field Trip to the Fertility Clinic. Freezing Eggs at 6 a.m.

Andrea follows Inessa to the fertility clinic early one morning as she goes through the process of harvesting her eggs, an undertaking not entirely of her doing. We heard in the second episode that Mama put down $10,000 toward the procedure. Inessa paid the remaining $2,000. Turns out Inessa is not the only one in class who has or is currently going about having children without getting knocked up.


Episode 3: What Is the Story You Tell about Your Relationship with Your Mother?

Hear what Inessa, Danny, Bo, Jahn, Allison and Andrea confess about their relationships with their moms and how those relationships have shaped their lives. We all tell stories, including to ourselves. The truth is, you never know how the people you love will respond to what you write about them. You may be surprised.


Episode 2: How Are You? Really?

In our first class of the semester, we got the writing prompt, "How are you? Really?" Danny and Inessa are two students in the class who share exactly how they are. Danny's story involves underwear. Inessa's involves stabbing hormones into her belly to create eggs that may become her future children. Both stories are about how they are influenced by their parents. Aren't we all?


Episode 1 The Pilot: The Hardest Thing To Write About

Allison and Andrea create a podcast of their writing class. You'll hear what qualifies Andrea to be the teacher. And why Allison insisted the world needs this podcast. Because everyone needs a writing class. Because once you write about the thing you don't want to write about, that thing has less emotional power over you. Allison reveals the hardest thing in the world to write about.


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