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Ep 54: The Stories We Tell

Status update on the selling of Vicki’s home. There’s a bit of an RV life contemplation, fair warning. And a stationary life contemplation - is bigger better? Is more more? Life lessons and all that. #theumcastreads book is: White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo - are you reading it too? Book club is coming up! Our feminism MUST be intersectional. On race: being in the middle, where do we most often identify, how has the systemic racism in this country impacted us? Revisiting last week’s...


Ep 53: Family Matters

Facebook posts from family members that make us want to throw our phones across the room... What the hell are we supposed to do with these? How do we talk to those we love about how their opinions make us feel? Tears are a sign of strength, crying is totally OK, showing emotion is human and it connects us all. Just a little reminder. One of us was in a band, have we mentioned that? Can you guess which of us? Here's a clue: the band only had a MySpace page. Celebrating all body types is...


Ep 52: A Big, Huge Announcement

KavaNOPE. This fool. Let’s discuss how gross this whole Supreme Court nominee bullshit is. And in case you’re wondering, Michelle gets her news from Instagram and it’s actually a really great source! @JessicaYellin REMEMBER TO VOTE IN NOVEMBER! Opening ourselves up to being vocal about the things we believe in - especially to those closest to us. If we push the comfort levels, even a little, we can make a huge impact, collectively. Using our voices to promote equity takes practice and we...


Ep 51: The One Where We Both Cry

When nothing matters but it also absolutely, 100 percent matters. Emotions are high, we make mistakes, we apologize. It’s messy sometimes. And, “It’s ok to be shitty sometimes.” An update from a few episodes ago, Michelle went to her aunt’s birthday party and there was a situation. A fun little shame story from Vicki when she was 19 and knew nothing about nothing and made awful decisions. She’s still mortified but ready to make amends. Conscience clearing . com - not an actual website that...


Ep 50: Snafu This, Snafu That

THIS IS A REMOTE RECORDING, there may be some interference but it’s very rarely annoying so thanks for sticking with us. Hoon time STORY to start! It involves balls. A cute story about explaining same sex marriage to kids. Spoiler: it’s very easy Listener Questions: 1. When is the LIVE show? Good question. Let’s explore this. 2. What are your thoughts and opinions on relationships with significant age gaps? 3. Bonus Mom here! Anyone out here sharing their bonus parent or co-parenting...


Ep 49: Nobody Loves to Pull Out

Geography is hard, don’t judge. Church daycare with prayers - worth it for the cheap deal? Saying “bless you” - do you? Creepy men in grocery stores and trusting your intuition. Teaching kids about boundaries with their bodies, instilling that they have the right to decide who touches them and when. No means no is something we’re saying a lot, already. Michelle’s first glimpse of a penis, in a bus, on the freeway… Standing up for ourselves. Sexism is real. It’s everywhere. The sooner we...


Ep 48: Nothing Really Matters

Anxiety - it hath cometh. Depression - nice to see you again. Work woes that come and go. Making decisions and sticking with them - how hard is it? Kindergarten feelings are killing Vicki. It’s all too damn much. Doing a deep dive on the experience. Anyone else crying every day this school year?? It’s cool though, she has a solution and it requires an RV and perhaps a road map. Headspace app was recommended to us recently so let’s all meditate together. Would you be comfortable acting in a...


Ep 47: Mailbag, Etc.

Why no Hoon? - well, let’s let Michelle tell ya. This is a lesson to put in your pocket for later. Listener questions commence! 1. Enneagram results - we just took the test for the first time 2. Butt foreplay - are you in? That’s what she said. 3. What do we wish we had known about being pregnant? So very much. 4. What do we do for a living? This one had us struggling. 5. What about dream jobs/pursuits? How do we make them real? Should we be aiming higher? - we added this question on our...


Ep 46: Meet Abi & Carrie - Homeschoolers All Grown Up

Bob Jones. Abeka. - Do you recognize these names? If so, this episode is for you! I mean, it’s for everyone because we need to know all the stories! But, you get it. Today is all about homeschooling! We have two veteran homeschooled ladies in the studio this week to discuss their unique experiences in education at home. Why did their parents choose to homeschool? How did they like it? Would they do it with their children? Do they teach sex ed in homeschool? What names were used for your...


Ep 45: Mothering in Fear, Divorce, & the Timing of Baby Making

How do you feel when making mistakes, do you get embarrassed? Should you? Vicki tells a story about a big one and how she dealt. A little tidbit about singing and talent shows - R.E.S.P.E.C.T., rest in power, Aretha! Let’s discuss an article! Motherhood in the Age of Fear by Kim Brooks in the NY Times - it's a good one. Double standards are everywhere, one that comes up when we discuss this is: Fathers not facing the same level of judgement as mothers do - SO LAME Instagram Mailbag! Taking...


Ep 44: Can We Talk About _____ ?

After a recording snafu, we get back on track and immediately ponder... Are we promoting alcoholism with all the “wine o’clock” memes? An instagram account (Laura McKowen) is making Vicki consider just how often we should be perpetuating this mentality. Are you also getting a ton of random phone numbers calling your phone every day? Because we are. We call one of those numbers back to see what the fuss is all about. Can we really make an extra $10-14k more a month, Coach Christi?? Book vs....


Ep 43: Do You Talk to Yourself?

From Hoon time to parenting fails (ahem, the tooth fairy forgot), we're just talking it all out over here. Things we're loving: Yeti coffee cup & Nanette **** Connect with us on Instagram & Twitter: @theumcast Via email: Leave Us a Voicemail, Yay!: 442-273-0026 Don't forget to subscribe to us on iTunes, rate and review. And if you like what you heard, tell a friend or two or ten! Thank you so much for listening and following along with us. We really appreciate this little...


Ep 42: Oral Sex And Prayer

Ever found yourself in a surprise prayer circle and ya just don't know what to do? We have. I'm sure a good segue after "amen" is a good old fashioned discussion on oral sex, right? Because yeah, we're going there. Lots of topics, tips, and even techniques. Calling all partners! Keeping to the general vicinity, you'll hear some more talk about menstrual cups and how much Vicki is loving her periods lately. #reallytho We get a live caller, there's a website in the works AND a LIVE show is...


Ep 41: In Real Life

Some weeks we interview inspiring moms, others we talk about Brazilian bikini waxes, the Bachelorette, needless routines/road blocks, and politics as we drink wine by candlelight. It's called balance and it's real life. Grab a glass of your own and gab along with us, won't you? Things we're loving this week: Wet Brush Stainless Steel Straws - Michelle bought some from a place called Home & Harvest - Hooray for the environment! **** Connect with us on Instagram & Twitter: @theumcast Via...


Ep 40: Meet Darlene - When Your Baby is Born at 24 Weeks

When Darlene got pregnant, she had no idea she'd be giving birth to her son at 24 weeks. Listen to her tell all on what life has been like these past 3 years; from meeting her micro-preemie babe, to the trials that led to a tracheostomy, the long road back home, and everything in between. Darlene is pure joy and light; her story is sure to inspire you. You can follow her here: Instagram: @daabrams Blog: Stoma Stoma website: Stoma Stoma...


Ep 39: Penis On The Weekend

Ok, here we go! Remember Titanic?? Ahhh, so good. Scandalous middle school moments, you remember these, we're sure. Atheist - to declare or not to, does it even matter? Weekends are for penises; masturbation; and other sex topics. We listened to a Feminist Sex webinar to bring you the deets on what we learned. If it sounds like something you want to learn more about, she’s on instagram @magamamas ! Friendships in the Trump era - can they survive the divide? Should they? A real life story...


Ep 38: Living in Gilead

It's a passionate week over here. Here's what we covered: Do habitual liars deserve the benefit of the doubt? Handmaid’s Tale interlude - promise, no spoilers Awkward Family Conversations in these highly divisive times, including racism, sexism, and everything in between - What to do? How to react? It’s OK to cry, right? Right. The current immigration crisis tho! On speaking up and speaking out, spoiler, we encourage it. We're all brothers and sisters, it's true. Things We’re Loving: Jane...


Ep 37: Cohabitation, Compromise, & Finances

Michelle kicks us off with a dramatic freeway incident. Moving in together is exciting and also, surprising? We tell all about our favorite [read: most annoying] examples of adjusting to living with our husbands. But fear not, we have ideas on how to keep your cool and come out the other side a happy roommate. Combining spaces makes combining finances necessary. This is how we’ve done it in the past and how we still do it today. Aaaaaand then the conversation just turns into a credit card...


Ep 36: You Don't Know 'til You Know

This Week's Topics Include: Parenting Lessons in PHASES Suckers for Booths at the Fair Instagram Follows and recommended updates Co-Sleeping - did you do it? Feel any guilt about it? Family Feud Simulation Thoughts on Running How Much Sex is Everyone Having? Things We’re Loving: Sonos Speakers, Being Active, Knock-off ear buds…maybe AND Michelle’s Special Gnat Killing Recipe! We read our latest review! Thank you!!! Connect with us on Instagram & Twitter: @theumcast Via email:...


Ep 35: In Which 2 Year Olds Make Us Cry

Michelle's oldest child is now 2 years old and has morphed into an unrecognizable tyrant. It's scaring her. Can you relate? Let's talk it out together. **** Connect with us on Instagram & Twitter: @theumcast Via email: Leave Us a Voicemail, Yay!: 442-273-0026 Don't forget to subscribe to us on iTunes, rate and review. And if you like what you heard, tell a friend or two or ten! Thank you so much for listening and following along with us. We really appreciate this little...