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Here Be Tygers, Ep7 - Interview with a Webcomic Writer

Joining today: creator of Phables, Greystone Inn, and Evil Inc, writer of The Webcomics Handbook, and host of ComicLab, Brad Guigar Brad and I met at a Patreon live event earlier this year and within the first five I knew we had to invite him. He’s full of stories and advice; just the kind of people we like. And he’s had quite the interesting career: from newspaper apprentice and early webcomic writer (think Geocities, Angelfire) to successful creator, mentor and advisor. So join us as...


Here Be Tygers, Ep 6 - A Mid-sized Sea Journey, Part 2

And we’re back! Hope you all enjoyed the break while we set things up at our new home. Last time, Dave and I talked about a few of our favorite tales and how they pull the reader in right from the beginning. So now we’ll share a few of our own, mostly from actual play or in-real-time storytelling games: the kind where the players can decide their own fate, the characters take on a strange life, and failures, mistakes, and the unexpected, shared delight can lead to a surprising...