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Here Be Tygers, Ep 9 - In the Matter of...

Joining today: author, essay writer, and advocate for mental health and criminal justice reform, Dave Geiger Not every life goes according to ‘the plan’: be it God’s, some shadowy conspirator’s, or our own expectations at the time. We like to think in those moments—when we’re asked to change, to ‘do what’s right’, and revise our plans—that what we see and feel and act upon is irrefutable, or at the least, something we can rely on. But what happens, and how do we define ourselves, when...


Here Be Tygers, Ep 8 - The Unforgiving Tree

Joining today: longtime friend and fan of sci-fi, horror and Picard, Ken Hurt. Sometimes, the world of Here Be Tygers is a kind, forgiving place. And sometimes, it’s an evening or night away from the fires that ‘those who dream too much’ cannot escape. On today’s episode, Ken and I talk about what it’s like to give a part of your world it’s own sense of time and space—before the story or your main characters arrive there. From places fantastic to the more mundane aspects of daily life,...


Here Be Tygers, Ep 7 - Interview with a Webcomic Writer

Joining today: creator of Phables, Greystone Inn, and Evil Inc, writer of The Webcomics Handbook, and host of ComicLab, Brad Guigar Brad and I met at a Patreon live event earlier this year and within the first five minutes I knew we had to invite him. He’s full of stories and advice; just the kind of people we like. And he’s had quite the interesting career: from newspaper apprentice and early webcomic writer (think Geocities, Angelfire) to successful creator, mentor, advisor and Eisner...


Here Be Tygers, Ep 6 - A Mid-sized Sea Journey, Part 2

And we’re back! Hope you all enjoyed the break while we set things up at our new home. Last time, Dave and I talked about a few of our favorite tales and how they pull the reader in right from the beginning. So now we’ll share a few of our own, mostly from actual play or in-real-time storytelling games: the kind where the players can decide their own fate, the characters take on a strange life, and failures, mistakes, and the unexpected, shared delight can lead to a surprising...


Here Be Tygers, Ep 5 - A Mid-sized Sea Journey, Part 1

Joining today: frequent guest and Odder Worlds host, David Herman of TheBrothersHerman. Though it may seem odd, the starting point of any tale we devise is often the hardest to find. Sometimes it helps to see what other bodies of work have done well (or not) and why. And sometimes we wander off into the wilds of the stuff we like before we talk about the tools, ideas and techniques we’ve tried. - J Like what you hear and want to see more of what I write? Leave a review or show your...