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We are Orange County's only online, community radio station. Think of it as "live podcasting" where we stream each of our 25+ weekly shows live and then turn them into a traditional podcast. Giving local businesses and business leaders a voice on the Internet.

We are Orange County's only online, community radio station. Think of it as "live podcasting" where we stream each of our 25+ weekly shows live and then turn them into a traditional podcast. Giving local businesses and business leaders a voice on the Internet.
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We are Orange County's only online, community radio station. Think of it as "live podcasting" where we stream each of our 25+ weekly shows live and then turn them into a traditional podcast. Giving local businesses and business leaders a voice on the Internet.








A New Twist on Crowdfunding for Those in Need

Listen as wealth manager Tyrone French talks with United Success Network about their unique "help those in need" crowdfunding platform. Here on Orange County's only community radio station, www.OCTalKradio.net.


002-Don't fear FINAL EXPENSES

Why are we so afraid of planning for final expenses? It's not like we can avoid them by just putting them off. Is it just because we're part of the Peter Pan generation and never going to get old? Or do we just think we can't afford to cover them in advance. Tune in as financial planner Tyrone French talks us thru this taboo topic and shows us how we can (for a few bucks now) buy everlasting peace. On this week's installment of CLOSING THE WEALTH GAP. Only on www.OCTalkRadio.net.


001-Closing the Wealth Gap w/Tyrone French

There’s a widening wealth gap between the “haves” and the “have nots”. So which side of the divide are you on? And how do you bridge that gap and gain greater economic control, freedom and security for yourself and your loved ones? Welcome to CLOSING THE WEALTH GAP. The only show with weekly, workable tips, ideas and suggestions for average income earners LIKE YOU on how to regain control of your financial future, from the man who’s helped millions….Tyrone French from TYRONE FRENCH and...


001-Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) and the "sue your boss act"

Join us as Tom Manzo from California Business and Industrial Alliance (CABA) as he talks with attorney Rob Pepple from Epstein, Becker, Green as they discuss the controversial Private Atttorney General Act (PAGA) here in California, commonly known as the "sue your boss act" which empowers employees to sue their employer on behalf of the state. Here on Orange County's only community radio station, OC TALK RADIO.


Greenpeace Raising Brown's Climate Game

Greenpeace's vessel the Artic Sunrise has been pulling into ports along the CA coast as part of a larger campaign bringing attention to the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco next month, Sept. 12-14 as well as Governor Jerry Brown’s climate legacy. Mary Sweeters, Climate and Energy Campaigner with Greenpeace "leads" us around the vessel as well as maps out the plan to hold Gov Brown more accountable in leaving an environmental legacy of reducing the numbers of oil and gas drilling...


CONFIDENT ROI talks with Angelo Ponzi fr/THE PONZI GROUP

CONFIDENT ROI talks with Angelo Ponzi fr/THE PONZI GROUP


OC Fair 2018

THis week we talk we jlkjkljkljkl re: OC FAIR on this week’s OC SPOTLIGHT right here on OC Talk Radio.


Have we lost faith in faith itself? 05-17-18

We produce a fascinating show called The Next Chapter that tries to answer (from a practical and philosophical point of view) what comes next...particularly for us aging baby boomers who've been gifted with a whole extra inning in life. As a group, we baby boomers will live longer than any generation in history with many of us making it well into our nineties or beyond. So what will we do with that bonus time and our new found next chapter? Hosted by former CEO coach and evangelical minister...


Don't Miss This Weekend's FAMILY PET EXPO

Don't miss the worlds largest PET AND PET PRODUCTS EXPO this weekend (Friday, April April 27 thru Sunday, April 29th) at the OC Fair and Event Center. Listen to this week's OC SPOTLIGHT as we share all that you'll see including bldgs full of cats and dogs, birds and reptiles (this being the largest reptile exhibit around). Watch the police dog demos, catch the SplashDog demos (as they judge which dog will jump the farthest into an above ground swimming pool to catch a frisbee) and see a...


Confident ROI launches weekly podcast w/Alex Vorobieff 04-24-18

Confident ROI launches weekly podcast w/Alex Vorobieff here on OC Talk Radio.



Got a chance to chat with one of the cast members for the latest DISNEY ON ICE production skating thru SoCal this week. This version focusing on the film FROZEN won't make it to OC this tour. But for those willing to make the drive to Citizen's Business Bank Arena in Ontario next weekend (April 26-29), I can tell you (as one Disney fan to another) the trek is well worth it! For more info, visit https://www.disneyonice.com/frozen



For those of you that couldn't make it to the OC Fairgrounds recently for OC's LARGEST MIXER, you missed one heck of a party. Thousands of people packed into a bldg at the Fairgrounds sampling local cuisine and connecting with the most amazing cross section of OC business owners imaginable including OC TALK RADIO (that was priviliged to be a media sponsor and streaming live from the event from 4-8pm.) Check out their website to see all that you missed. Get more information on next year's...


Learn all about CAL OPTIMA

Can you name ALL the people Cal Optima covers and serves here in Orange County including DREAMERS, Foster Kids and the severerly disabled? Tune into this week's OC SPOTLIGHT and hear Claudia Shambaugh (OC Talk Radio's Public Affairs Director) talk with CAL OPTIMA CEO Michael Shrader about the size and scope of their organization and mission. For example, did you know that Cal Optima currently serves 1/4 of our OC population? Then tune in and you'll be surprised at all they do (and who they...


All About South Coast Repertory

This week our OC SPOTLIGHT is shining brightly on our next door neighbor, the incredible South Coast Repertory Theatre, one of the few places promoting, developing and producing original plays here in Southern California. Our Public Affairs Director Claudia Shambaugh talks with SCR's Public Relations Director Tania Thompson about the theatre's 50 year odyssey from "beachfront to Broadway" and their Tony award winning history. Plus their upcoming Playwright's Festival and new productions and...


The Power of Podcasting for Marketers Today

Matt Heinz from Heinz Marketing talks about the success of his podcast SALES PIPELINE RADIO and how he went from being a skeptic to a fanatic about the power of podcasting to brand yourself, build an audience and create meaningful engagement with prospects and customers alike. As he says, "what's it worth to get 30 minutes of someone's time to tell your story?"


How to Bullet Proof Your Marriage

On this week's OC SPOTLIGHT we talk to a long time forensic accountant, John Stirling Kinross, who has collected and chronicled his most amazing divorce cases in a new book specifically for women entitled HOW YOUR HUSBAND SCREWS YOU IN DIVORCE (and how you can protect yourself by BULLET PROOFING YOUR MARRIAGE). In it he gives fascinating case studies ("horror stories" as he calls them) of affluent, intelligent women who in the name of love did NOT treat their marriage as a real contract nor...


United to End Homelessness

There is a united way here in the OC to tackle homelessness and it's being led by the actual UNITED WAY of Orange County. With a wide assortment of public and private partners in business, churches, cities and community groups, their goal is to solve this persistent problem once and for all (or at least make a meaningful dent in the size and suffering of this persistent population). We recently invited United Way-OC's new President and CEO Susan Parks into our studios to talk about their...


The Power of Podcasting

Listen as Charley Wright, host of STRATEGIC INVESTOR RADIO (sydicated on AssetTV, Daily Alts and the Thomson-Reuters financial terminals) talks with OC Talk Radio founder Paul Roberts about the Power of Podcasting.


See the MARVEL Universe LIVE at Honda Center

See all the characters in the MARVEL UNIVERSE from Spiderman to Ironman and The Avengers come to life at Orange County's HONDA CENTER, June 20-23. As we interview the actor who portrays "Spiderman" in this action packed live show. Go to www.MarvelUniverseLive.com to learn more...


Collective2 Founder Discusses Peer-to-Peer Platform

Listen as Collective2 Founder, Matthew Klein, discusses their new Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform on the first episode of their new weekly show Collective2's TOP TRADER RADIO, right here on OC Talk Radio.