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WDEV’s Public Affairs Program. The Dave Gram Show is WDEV’s public affairs program. It airs Monday through Friday from 9am to 11am. Hosted by Dave Gram. The Dave Gram Show features important topics and important guests and your phone calls!

WDEV’s Public Affairs Program. The Dave Gram Show is WDEV’s public affairs program. It airs Monday through Friday from 9am to 11am. Hosted by Dave Gram. The Dave Gram Show features important topics and important guests and your phone calls!
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Waterbury, VT


WDEV’s Public Affairs Program. The Dave Gram Show is WDEV’s public affairs program. It airs Monday through Friday from 9am to 11am. Hosted by Dave Gram. The Dave Gram Show features important topics and important guests and your phone calls!




A Dog Lawyer and Dairy Farmers

Jeremy Cohen of Boston Dog Lawyers talks about representing pets and pet owners and some of the pet-related legislation he has advocated for. Bill Rowell, Chair of the Vermont Dairy Producers Alliance and dairy farmer, and Amanda St. Pierre, Executive Director and dairy farmer, talk about what being a dairy farmer in Vermont is like and what their organization advocates for.


New England Cooks and A Fresh Take on College

Steve Pappas hosts the show while Dave continues to recover at home from illness. Tony Campos, Executive Producer of New England Cooks talks about how he started his live audience cooking show and how an episode is made. Philip Ackerman-Leist, Dean of the School of the New American Farmstead at Sterling College talks about how Sterling is trying to reinvent farming education and the small college model.


Guest Host Paul Ralston

Former State Rep. Paul Ralston hosts the show while Dave continues to recover from illness at home. Dan Barlow of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and Betsy Bishop of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce discuss what they believe the role of the state government in business is and where key bills in the legislature stand in the final days of the session. Cathy Davis of the Lake Champlain Chamber of Commerce calls in to tell us about the bills that business organization is following....


Guest Host Pat McDonald

Former State Rep. Pat McDonald hosts the show while Dave recovers at home. Pat invites Eric Lamontagne of Campaign for Vermont talks about why he wrote an article called "Vermont is in Trouble." Ben Kinsley, Principal for Imperium Advisors, talks about three bills he's been following in the legislature. Guy Page, Editor of Page Communications, fills us in on the bills that passed this legislative session that might not have been covered too much by news media.


Minimum Wage and Paid Family Leave

Colin Meyn of VTDigger hosts the show while Dave is recovering from an illness at home. Sen. Anthony Pollina talks about the issues with the final bills of the legislative session and getting Democrats in the House and Senate to agree on the small details. Rep. Cynthia Browning updates us on the status of paid family leave and minimum wage issues in the statehouse. Lola Duffort of VTDigger details what compromise the legislature has come to on testing school water supplies for lead...


Mushrooms and Potatoes

Peter Burke and Joel Najman talk mushrooms in response to a listener question. Peter gives his tips for growing potatoes and gives a few varieties to try.


Public Access TV and Boston Sports

Times Argus Editor Steve Pappas hosts the show while Dave continues to recover at home. Rob Chapman of Onion River Community Access (ORCA) talks about PEG Access Television and why it continues to be important today. Chad Finn, sports writer for the Boston Globe, talks about the difficulties of following Boston sports teams and writing about them.


Statehouse Outlook and a Newspaper Cartoonist

Times Argus Editor Steve Pappas hosts the show while Dave recovers at home. Neil Goswami calls in to talk to Steve about the key issues facing the Vermont legislature at the end of the session; including tax and regulate, paid family leave, and the minimum wage. In the second hour, Times Argus Cartoonist Tim Newcomb talks about what it's like being a cartoonist and why he does it.


Guest Host Rusty DeWees

Rusty DeWees hosts the show while Dave recovers from pneumonia at home. Natalie Miller and Nathan Hartswick, owners of Vermont Comedy Club, talk about their beginnings in comedy and their transition into business owners. John Fusco, Hollywood screenwriter, talks about his latest film he wrote, The Highwaymen. John also describes working on the set of Young Guns and his music career.


Lake Carmi, Rep. Welch, and a Trump 2020 Challenger

Misha Cetner of the Department of Environmental Conservation outlines his departments ideas on how to deal with the pollution in Lake Carmi. Rep. Peter Welch calls in to talk about what he's been up to in Washington to get more funds to states for infrastructure improvements on and legislation to get generic versions of prescription drugs on the market quicker. John Greg, political columnist at Valley News recaps Bill Weld's visit to White River Junction. Weld is the sole Republican...


Business Issues, Funding State Employees, Immunization, and a Tax and Regulate Bill

Lee Kittell broadcasts from the statehouse while Dave is ill. State auditor Doug Hoffer discusses how he goes about auditing state incentive programs for businesses. Joan Goldstein, Commissioner of the Department of Economic Development talks about the challenges facing businesses in Vermont. Essex County State's Attorney and State Senator Vince Illuzzi breaks down the issues facing funding the state employees association. Dr. Mark Levine reviews the recent immunization report from the state...


Guest Host Steve Pappas

Steve Pappas, editor of the Times Argus, hosts the show while Dave is out ill. Jack Gierzynski of UVM talks about the thesis of his book, The Political Effects of Entertainment Media, which addresses how fictional media has influenced how we see the political world. Matt Dunne, Executive Director of the Center for Rural Innovation, discusses the issues facing rural economies and some solutions for addressing them and attracting more young workers to Vermont.


Advance Directives, Measles Outbreaks, and Burlington News

Lee Kittell hosts the show while Dave is recovering at home. Cindy Bruzzese of Vermont Ethics Network discusses how people can assist their loved ones with their final arrangements. It's National Mental Health Awareness Month and Lee talks with Sarah Squirrell, Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Mental Health. Dr. Jane Orient, Executive Director of the Association American Physicians and Surgeons covers the recent measles outbreaks. Aiden Quigley of VTDigger updates us on recent...


Guest Host Chris Graff

Vermont reporter Chris Graff hosts the show while Dave is recovering from illness. Chris invites on Garrett Graff, reporter and historian with expertise on the situation in Washington following the release of the Mueller report. Garrett gives us an update on what's happening in the Capitol and why this ongoing situation is important to our elections. Following Garrett is Lindsay Graff, marine biologist, on why sharks are returning to New England waters.


Pornography and F-35s in Vermont

Lee Kittell fills in for Dave while he's away. Lee invites Rich Curtis of The Nathan Project to talk about pornography addiction in America. After, we switch topics to the arrival of F-35 airplanes in Vermont and a possible nuclear mission for those aircraft. James Elhers and Richard Czaplinski of Veterans for Peace argue why these aircraft should not come to the state and Nicole Citro of Green Ribbons for the F-35s argues why they should come to the state.


Tax and Regulate and Waterways Cleanup Program

John Walters of Seven Days fills in for Dave at the Statehouse. John invites Rep. Nader Hashim (D) of Drummerston on to talk about how his experience as a state trooper has helped him in his first term on the House Judiciary Committee as well as the legislature's efforts to create a tax and regulate system for cannabis. Julie Moore, Natural Resources Secretary, gives an update on the waterways cleanup program. Rob LeClair, Deputy Republican House Leader of Barre, talks more about the tax and...


Guest Host Brent Curtis

Brent Curtis of VTrans hosts the show while Dave is ill. Brent invites two transportation experts to discuss getting around in Vermont. Ross MacDonald of Go! Vermont talks about the program and what projects they've created to reduce congestion and environmental impacts of Transportation while increasing access. Vermont Chief Engineer Wayne Simmons talks about ongoing construction projects occurring around the state this summer and how they happen. Read Brent's construction updates on our...


Strolling of the Heifers, Thunder Road Season Opener, and Allergies

Lee Kittell hosts a shortened Dave Gram Show. Orly Munzing talks about the upcoming Strolling of the Heifers in Brattleboro in June. Chris Michaud, Co-Owner of Thunder Road, previews the season opener on May 5th. Dr. Cass Ingram discusses some natural treatments for seasonal allergies.


The Damascus Road and Call Me American

Lee Kittell hosts Jay Parini of Middlebury College to talk of his newest book, The Damascus Road, about the travels of Paul the Apostle during the New Testament era. After he is joined briefly by Don Paul to talk about picnicking as the weather warms up. In the last segment, Lee talks with Abdi Nor Iftin about his book, Call Me American, about how he made his way to the US.


Abortion Bills and New Deer Rules

Colin Meyn of VTDigger guest hosts while Dave is ill. Colin invites on a pro-life advocate to discuss the bills currently in the Vermont legislature aimed at protecting abortion rights. After that, Colin is joined by the Vice President of Planned Parenthood Norther New England to give the organization's view on the bills. In the second half of the show, Colin is joined by Mark Scott of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife department to talk about new deer hunting rules being considered by the Fish...