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WDEV’s Public Affairs Program. The Dave Gram Show is WDEV’s public affairs program. It airs Monday through Friday from 9am to 11am. Hosted by Dave Gram. The Dave Gram Show features important topics and important guests and your phone calls!

WDEV’s Public Affairs Program. The Dave Gram Show is WDEV’s public affairs program. It airs Monday through Friday from 9am to 11am. Hosted by Dave Gram. The Dave Gram Show features important topics and important guests and your phone calls!
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Waterbury, VT


WDEV’s Public Affairs Program. The Dave Gram Show is WDEV’s public affairs program. It airs Monday through Friday from 9am to 11am. Hosted by Dave Gram. The Dave Gram Show features important topics and important guests and your phone calls!




Firearm Purchase Waiting Periods and Health Concerns with Young Chickens

Alyssa Black joins the show to talk about why she's lobbying the Vermont legislature for a waiting period on firearm purchases after her son committed suicide with a firearm. Ed Cutler of Gun Owners of Vermont then joins the program after to argue against the waiting periods. Megan Price, author of Vermont Wild, talks about the importance of independent book stores and the upcoming Books for Bears event. The Vermont State Epidemiologist for Infectious Diseases discusses recent health...


VTDigger’s Annual Report and Sanctuary Cities

Readers, donors and newsroom staff at all are on the increase, according to the nonprofit news group’s new annual report. Founder Anne Galloway joins Dave to talk about what success looks like in the modern news media. Later, sanctuary cities and reflections on the Mueller Report.


The Fate of Columbus Day and Improving Internet in Vermont

Lee Kittell hosts the show while Dave is ill. Andre DiMino of the Italian American One Voice Coalition offers his opposition to renaming Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day in Vermont. Author Craig Winn calls in to give insight into the recent terror attacks in Sri Lanka. Jeremy Hansen of CV Fiber outlines his organization's goals to bring high-speed broadband to rural Central Vermont. Author Stefan Aarnio discusses his book "Hard Times Make Strong Men."


F-35s and Climate Issues

While Dave is out sick, Colin Meyn and Xander Landen host the show. Richard Czaplinksi of Veterans for Peace talks about military issues both in state and out of state including the basing of F-35s in Vermont. Rep. Selene Coburn (Progressive) calls in to discuss the carbon tax and climate change. Rep. Sarah Copeland-Hanzas (Democrat) talks about the proposal to ban new carbon infrastructure and a tax and regulate system for legalized cannabis.


The Statehouse Green Show

With Earth Day approaching Monday, Dave devotes Friday's visit to the Statehouse to environmental issues percolating through the legislative process. Reps. Mary Sullivan and Mari Cordes join Dave to talk about action and inaction on climate. Gov. Phil Scott stops by and Dave asks him a range of questions on environmental issues. House Natural Resources Chairwoman Amy Sheldon updates Dave on challenges with planned reforms of the Act 250 land use law. Sen. Anthony Pollina talks with Dave...


Spring Hiking, Pharmacies in the Opioid Crisis, and the Notre Dame Fire

Experts from the Green Mountain Club and the state Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation talk about why folks should stay off many hiking trails in the spring. Kinney Drugs pharmacist Steve Simpson talks about how pharmacy chains can help address the opioid crisis. Times Argus Editor Steve Pappas talks about his editorial on the Norte Dame fire and some of the online pushback he’s received about it.


Police Accountability, Statute of Limitations in Civil Sex Abuse Complaints, and the Music of Frank Zappa at UVM

Wednesday's Dave Gram Show has a full lineup: James Duff Lyall of Vermont's ACLU office joins Dave to talk about a Supreme Court hearing later Wednesday over access to police bodycam footage.Zack Hiner of Survivors' Network of Those Abused by Priests, or SNAP, talks about legislation to eliminate the statute of limitations for civil suits in sex abuses cases.Alex Stewart, director of jazz studies at UVM, talks about an upcoming seminar and concert devoted to arranger Ed Palermo's work with...


Women’s Roles in the Economy

Dave’s Tuesday show begins with a visit by Colin Meyn of VTDigger and a review of recent Vermont news stories. Later, writer Rickey Gard Diamond joins Dave to talk about her work to improve the economy and the roles women play in it.


Unionizing State’s Attorneys and Drumming Therapy

Dave’s show starts with Steve Howard of the Vermont State Employees’ Association and Attorney General TJ Donovan talking about the vote by deputy state’s attorneys to unionize. Diana Moore of Central Vermont Home Health and Hospice stops in to talk about drumming as therapy for grief.


From the Statehouse

House Majority Leader Jill Krowinski updates Dave and listeners on the major issues of the current session. Sen. Dick Sears explores some judiciary issues with Dave. House Institutions Chair Alice Emmons talks with Dave about hopes to replace the deteriorating women’s prison in South Burlington. And Rep Heidi Sherman brings us up to date in efforts to delay final implementation of the Act 46 school district merger law.


Water Pollution Settlement and 2020 Media Coverage

Deputy Natural Resources Secretary Peter Walke joins Dave to talk about the settlement of pollution of drinking water wells in Bennington. Former St. Michael’s College, now Temple University journalism chair David Mindich visits with Dave to talk about media coverage of Bernie Sanders and other candidates early in the 2020 race. Later: open phone lines.


Welch on Mueller; ACLU Chief on Prisons

Wednesday's Dave Gram Show includes Congressman Peter Welch, who provides an update on his views of the still-unreleased Mueller report; and James Duff Lyall of the Vermont ACLU and his critique of plans for a new prison complex in Franklin County. Later, questions for listeners.


Ben & Jerry’s, A Young Woman With Heart, and Hungry Farm Workers

Ben & Jerry’s CEO Matthew McCarthy is Dave’s guest, followed by Jamie Heath of Barre. She suffered strokes when she was 7 and 12, but now is a successful high school senior already studying at Vermont Technical College, and speaks this week at an American Heart Association event. Later, University of Vermont Prof. Teresa Mares and Will Lambek of Migrant Justice talk about Mares’ book on food insecurity among farm workers.


Ranked Choice Voting and Helping Refugees

Ranked-choice voting is slated to get some attention at a Statehouse meeting this week. Monday’s Dave Gram Show starts with a preview, with lawmakers supporting the measure, a critic, and an election official who would have to implement it. Later, students from Harwood Union High School talk about their efforts to help refugees trying to start new lives in Vermont.



Friday’s show begins with an overview of Statehouse news with John Walters of Seven Days. Rep. Sam Young stops by to talk about paid family leave. Later, Dave talks with with a couple of the pages just winding up their six-week Statehouse sojourns.


Estate Tax, Association Health Plans, and Joe Biden

Thursday’s Dave Gram Show starts with a conversation with Tax Commissioner Kaj Samsom and state Sen. Christopher Pearson about whether Vermont should lower its estate tax. Then, more on association health plans, which pending legislation would put on the ropes. Later, Vermont Women’s Commission member Lisa Senecal talks with Dave about Joe Biden’s promise to change his touchy-feely ways.


Central Vermont Job Fair

Wednesday’s Dave Gram features Lee Kittell filling in while Dave is ill. Lee travels to the Central Vermont Job Fair at the Barre Auditorium, where employees and job seekers gather to see if they can find a match. Guests include Jamie Stewart of the Central Vermont Economic Development Corporation and other organizers, as well as exhibitors and job applicants.


Health News and Abortion Amendment

Tuesday’s show starts with a conversation with Times Argus editor Steve Pappas; then health care advocate Mike Fisher stops by to share some health news. President Pro Tem Tim Ashe discusses the proposed amendment to the Vermont Constitution protecting abortion. Later, Dave opens the phone lines for listener calls.


Upcoming Forums and April Fool’s Puns

Monday’s Dave Gram Show starts with a visit with news editor Colin Meyn, to talk with us about recent Vermont stories. James Haslam of the progressive-leaning group Rights and Democracy stops by to talk about a series of forums the group is organizing. Later, a special April Fools’ Day feature: Dave hosts The Pun Show.


From the Statehouse

Original Air Date: March 29, 2019 Friday’s Dave Gram Show from the Statehouse starts with Sen. Randy Brock talking about the state’s 911 system and other technology issues. Sen. Ginny Lyons then joins Dave to talk about efforts to streamline and strengthen substance misuse prevention and treatment. Sen. Jeanette White stops by to talk about the state ethics commission and a constitutional amendment relating to slavery. And Sen. Chris Bray brings us up to date on several environmental issues.