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Talk • Music • Entertainment Entertaining talk and Indie Music for new school seekers of old school radio.

Talk • Music • Entertainment Entertaining talk and Indie Music for new school seekers of old school radio.
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Talk • Music • Entertainment Entertaining talk and Indie Music for new school seekers of old school radio.






Clapper?! I Hardly KNOW Her!-Part 2-[Ep273] 2018-10-16

Scary spaceship shakeups, momentary McConaughey movie messages, freaky phone fingers, and foreboding forays for foul football fans! Plus we go ballistic with music from Electro Void, Gold From Grief, and Hazel Iris!


Clapper?! I Hardly KNOW Her!-Part 1-[Ep272] 2018-10-12

Wasteoids warm up their wee-wee, Fyre Festival fells flashy felon, Sears says so long, and some joy for Geoffrey Giraffe! Plus we get clap happy with music from Raker, the Wombombs, and Pralaya!


Pot Lobster?! I Hardly Pot KNOW Her! [Ep271] 2018-09-28

Lit up lobsters, Mollied up mollusks, a cheeky chicken fight, a Florida futbol farce, a greasy grandpa gift, and a bad day for dad. PLUS, a tasty dessert of music from Afrobeta, The Holstered, Jackie Got Lemons, Modern Mimes, and Stonefeather!


August 31, 2018-Pusser?! I Hardly KNOW Her!-[EP 270]

On this episode: a bare-assed interstate biker, a filthy French Flipper, a course in Capitol corpses, a pay bump for Disney park people, a Doctor drafted to the Dark Side, an STD snacking on scrotum, and a bit of birthday boozin'! PLUS we fill our wounds with music from Listen Little Man, Dama Vicke, Convey, Blocked Bones, and the Bellrays!


August 17, 2018-Solar Probe?! I Hardly KNOW Her Probe!-[EP 268] 11.18

On this episode: we salute the Queen of Soul, Chipotle issues a bad burrito bulletin, some Satanists stage a civil sit-in, the Oscars put on a popularity contest, a hot spot takes a cool probe, Corona corporate boosts the bud business, a small businessman meets a big wiener, and Pearl Jam helps house their homies! Plus we keep cool in the heat with music from The Valium, Raspberry Pie, Pink Cocoon, Madrina, and Benjamin R!


August 10, 2018-Cicada?! I Hardly KNOW Her!-[EP 267] 11.17

On this episode: Florida Man runs a-fowl of the law with duck dropkicks, Patrick Stewart makes it so on a new Star Trek show, we get giddy about Goldblum's curiosity, Dave "Drax" Bautista goes off on the Twitter-istas, James Gunn is still pumping despite Disney dumping, there's a fungus among us in the buzzy bugs' bungus, and some kids return a wallet! PLUS we get the knots out of our chord with music from Modern Mimes, The Wombombs, Hazel Iris, Gold From Grief, and Glass Body!


EP11.16-Joker Origin?! I Hardly KNOW Her Origin!-August 3, 2018 [266]

On this episode: Florida woman's whizzy end in a big tizzy, Leia's gone but the Rebellion Carries on, Maron goes Hollywood to do what Bobby would, and a pitbull's sharp looking saves a baby from cooking! Plus we LIVE with another visit from The Godfather, Oski Gonzalez and, World Premiere music from The Oski Foundation, Ryley Smith and Above the Skyline!


EP11.10-Clutterbuck?! I Hardly KNOW Her Buck!-June 01, 2018 [260]

On this episode: Sheriff Rick Grimes ending Walking Dead times, hurricanes batter with quick antimatter, we prep your head for the flood of undead, sensitive six pack makes a sea turtle snack, and some of these movie reboots were made for walking! Plus we get radiated with music from Cobra Ramone, Listen Little Man, Steve Minotti, Glass Body, and A Victim A Target!


EP11.08-Kurva?! I Hardly KNOW Her!-May 18, 2018 [258]

On this episode: stimulated swine cerebrum, time traveling teen trilogies, Schoolhouse Rock scribe's so long, late Lois Lane, creepy cochlea crawler, and reassuring rodent rebound! Plus we enthusiastically consent to music from New Morning Blues, Mummula, Gold From Grief, the Electric Hand, and Admiral Contempt!


EP11.07-Avenger?! I Hardly A-KNOW Her!-May 4, 2018 [257]

On this episode: Dead fans petition to keep Ash on his mission, Marvel's big heroes rack up world record zeroes, new Avenger toys for the big girls and boys, foolish missionary makes premiere night too scary, and a clever TED teen tries to make the sea clean! Plus we feel the fourth flow through us with music from Raspberry Pie, Pans, New Mayans, the Holstered, and Dynasty Electrik!


EP11.06-Record Store Day?! I Hardly Record KNOW Her Day!-April 27, 2018 [256]

On this episode: America's Dad gets a new grey bar pad, the movies' littlest guy says an early goodbye, Starz hero Ash gets tossed out like trash, new male pill makes tadpoles sit still, science launches race for semen in space, and we head outdoors to some great vinyl stores! Plus we spread the seed with music from Tear of the Red Eye, the Super Fuzz, Masha Qrella, Chase the Jaguar, and the Bellrays!


EP11.05-Stoner Day?! I Hardly KNOW Her Day!-April 20, 2018 [255]

On this episode: time draws nigh for robotic pizza guys, restaurant takes snack bids on burgers with arachnids, weed law goes lighter on a Tampa cancer fighter, a CBD gets OK from the US FDA, and we unroll the mystery of real 420 history! Plus we fill a bag with music from Blocked Bones, Electro Void, Inna Sense, Killmama, and Dama Vicke!