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#853: ‘Ominous Potentialities’: Brexit Threatens to Bring Down Yet Another British Government

The United Kingdom has finally unveiled the Brexit deal, and it could bring down Prime Minister Theresa May's government. Mrs. May unveiled the deal to her cabinet last night. This morning, ministers started resigning. Could this be the beginning of the end for another British government—as a result of Brexit? Back when the UK joined the European Economic Community (now called the European Union), Herbert W. Armstrong warned that its decision would be “fraught with ominous potentialities.”...


#852: The EU Was Supposed to Prevent German Domination

In the mid-1990s, Margaret Thatcher warned, “You have not anchored Germany to Europe. You have anchored Europe to a newly dominant, unified Germany. In the end, my friends, you’ll find it will not work.” Mrs. Thatcher is one of a few who, throughout history, have sounded the alarm about German domination, while most of the world yawns or even encourages Germany to take the lead. What started out as a simple trade union has now turned into a resurrected Holy Roman Empire—united politically,...


#851: France’s Finance Minister Calls for a European ‘Empire’ and Urges Germany to Take the Lead

France is ready for a European empire, according to French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire. “The ball is now in Berlin’s court,” he said in his interview with Germany’s Handelsblatt newspaper. Le Maire’s comments come just days after France’s president said Europe needs a “real army” to defend itself. These are startling comments from European leadership, and now all eyes are on Germany. Using Bible prophecy, Herbert W. Armstrong warned about the final resurrection of the Holy Roman Empire...


#850: French President Extols Nazi Collaborator, Calls for a European Army, and Slams Donald Trump

French President Emmanuel Macron called for the formation of a European army last week. He said Europe needs this army in order to defend itself from China, Russia and the United States of America! Macron also praised a French Nazi collaborator, Marshall Philippe Petain, calling him a “great solider.” Then, during his Remembrance Day speech yesterday, Macron directed several putdowns at U.S. President Donald Trump. Why is France suddenly turning on America? This is part of a broader trend...


#849: Remembrance Day

On today’s show, I talk about these major historical events and the lessons we can learn from them. There are a lot of important anniversaries this weekend. November 9 marks the 80-year anniversary of Kristallnacht, or the Night of Broken Glass, when Adolf Hitler incited riots that triggered Germany’s campaign to destroy European Jewry. The 9th is also when the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. And then on Sunday, November 11, Britain celebrates Remembrance Day. On today’s show, I talk about...


#848: The Enemy of the People

The media’s combative behavior yesterday during United States President Donald Trump’s 70-minute press conference was disgraceful. The media's combative behavior yesterday during United States President Donald Trump's 70-minute press conference was disgraceful. Reporters frequently interrupted the president and fellow reporters; some didn't ask questions, but stood up to challenge the president and tell him why he is racist and divisive. As my father recently wrote, the problems that will...


#847: Satan Tightens His Grip on the Radicals

America the divided. To make sense of what is happening in Washington, D.C., you need to understand the spiritual dimension behind all the fighting and strife. On today’s radio show, I discuss what the Bible says about America’s current state. I also cover more about Europe’s quest to build a European army.


#846: America’s Unending War With Iran

Why does Iran keep getting a free pass from America’s mainstream media outlets? The Islamic nation was recently exposed trying to plot a string of assassinations on European soil. Five Americans are currently imprisoned in Iran, most of whom are in jail for being critical of Iranian leadership. Iran is at the forefront of anti-Semitic attacks aimed at the Jewish state. And it’s run by a theocratic dictatorship that leads chants of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.” On today’s show, I...


#845: Farrakhan in Iran: ‘Death to America’

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan visited Iran yesterday, on the 39th anniversary of the 1979 U.S. Embassy takeover. He gave a speech at Tehran University, where he called the U.S. the “Great Satan” and told Iranians that if they kept fighting against the U.S., “victory will be yours.” If anyone else made Farrakhan’s inflammatory comments, they would be dominating the newswires today. But because it is Farrakhan, the media ignores it and moves on. This despite the fact that in the past,...


#844: The Politics of Vengeance

“What am I going to do to you? What I am going to do to you is fair. I’m going to do to you what you did to us.” This is the new guiding principle of the American left. At a rally earlier this week, Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters described what she would do to her opponents when she becomes chair of the Financial Services Committee. This, of course, assumes the Democrats win back the House. Waters said, “What am I going to do to you? What I am going to do to you is fair. I’m going to...


#843: A Momentous Middle East Meeting

Europe is desperate for German leadership. Britain has decided it no longer cares about thrift, and is spending like there’s no tomorrow. And four nations gather for an unusual meeting on the future of Syria. All this and more on the Trumpet Daily Radio Show with Trumpet contributing editor Richard Palmer.


#842: In the Grip of Mass Derangement

We are living in a deranged world where good is evil, right is wrong, and according to the mainstream media, United States President Donald Trump is the root cause of all trouble. It is truly difficult to make sense of the spectacle in the U.S. right now. On one hand, leaders talk about peace, but on the other, they threaten with violence if they don’t get their way. On today’s radio show, we turn to the Bible for answers about why we are living in such an evil world.


#841: Crossroads for Germany and the Vatican

With long-time Chancellor Angela Merkel on her way out, we ask: What's next for Germany? So far, there's no clear successor. Some speculate that Ms. Merkel's protégé could fill her position, but there's no way to know if this would satisfy voters and solve the election setbacks in Merkel's Christian Democratic Union. Just over a year ago, Germany entered a political crisis and took months to form a government, and now it is entering another political crisis. History and Bible prophecy...


#840: Angela Merkel’s Big Announcement and the Media Rage at Donald Trump

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced today that in December she will be stepping down as leader of Germany’s Christian Democratic Union, which she has led since 2000. This is the first step of Ms. Merkel’s departure from the office of German chancellor and marks a massive political turn of events in Germany. I discuss where this is leading on today’s radio show. In the second half, I talk about the deepening division in America after the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre.


#839: The Coming Civil War

On today’s show, I draw attention to an article my father wrote after the election of Donald Trump in November 2016: “America’s Coming Civil War.” As shocking as it was to see Donald Trump win in 2016, as my father wrote, the “shocks for America aren’t going to go away.” So true! Besides this important flashback, I also discuss a valuable lesson we can learn from one of America’s founders: John Adams.


#838: Media Blame Donald Trump for the American Mail Bomber

It wasn’t long after news broke about pipe bombs being sent to prominent Democrats that the mainstream media blamed President Donald Trump. Despite knowing virtually nothing about the bombs or the bomber(s), the media rushed to judgment, accusing the president of inciting violence with his verbal “attacks” on the media. The Washington Post ran the headline “Amid Incendiary Rhetoric, Targets of Trump’s Word Become Targets of Bombs.” Is the media without blame, though? What about all the ways...


#836: ‘What Shall We Do?’

On today’s show, I summarize parts of the second lecture I gave at the recent Personal Appearance Campaign in London. Following the Apostle Peter’s stirring Pentecost message recorded in Acts 2, the prospective Church members around him asked: “What shall we do?” Many people hear God’s Word and agree with it, but very few are willing to do what God says. On today’s show, I summarize parts of the second lecture I gave at the recent Personal Appearance Campaign in London.


#835: Personal Appearance Campaign Returns to London

For the first time in its 29-year history, the Philadelphia Church of God hosted a public Bible lecture in the United Kingdom. On today’s show, I talk about the first night of this exciting two-day event. I also speak about Herbert W. Armstrong’s tremendous work in Britain—specifically, his first Personal Appearance Campaign in 1954.


#834: Selective Outrage: Media Use Gruesome Khashoggi Murder to Attack Donald Trump

On today’s program I talk about media duplicity and more. After news broke of the gruesome murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the mainstream media blamed United States President Donald Trump for being complicit in the murder. Mr. Trump has been criticized for having a close relationship with Saudi Arabia. Where were these voices of outrage when Barack Obama literally bowed to the Saudi Arabia's king or when Hillary Clinton's foundation happily accepted tens of millions of dollars...