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The Free For All Ep. 131 – Mayor Of Bayside

Andrew, Coco, and Spencer recall their crazy Memorial day weekend and Spencer's 50th birthday celebration. How much trouble did the guys get themselves into? Andrew and Spencer discuss Uber. Is Uber better than getting a cab? Coco recalls getting kidnapped once by a cab driver. How did Coco get away? Spencer explains how news producers change stories to fit their narrative. Is media bias too blatant? And Spencer talks about going to Hebrew school and nearly not getting a bar mitzvah.


The Free For All Ep. 130 – The Yelp Card

Coco talks about his desire to move up in his career. Andrew blows up at Coco. What did Coco do this time? Spencer talks about turning the big five oh in a few days. Andrew and Spencer complain about how awful Yelp is. Are Yelp reviews utterly phony? Andrew tries to figure out why anyone would use Craigslist. And the guys recall the glory days of public access TV.


The Free For All Ep. 128 – Spencer Lemons 3-28-15

Andrew, Coco, and Spencer discuss the crash of the Germanwings flight this week in the French Alps. Did the co-pilot suffer a mental break down? Andrew and Coco rant about link bait headlines on Facebook. Joe Tillman calls to weigh in on link bait headlines. Andrew talks about a crazy woman at the bar. Why do some people act immature for their age? Marvin from Florida calls to talk about the Goodfellas reunion.


The Free For All Ep. 127 – A New Yorker Abroad 3-13-15

Andrew and Spencer talk about their trip this past week to Vegas. How did they rack up a $1200 dinner bill? Spencer explains why you should never drink coffee on an airplane. Andrew talks about powdered alcohol. How does one consume powdered alcohol? Andrew and Spencer talk about their special arrangement they have if their significant others leave them. Andrew, Coco, and Spencer talk about travelling abroad. What does Spencer have against travelling to Europe?


The Free For All Ep. 107 – Bowery Bum 5-23-14

Andrew discusses his birthday party at Press. Did Coco get weird again? Coco and Andrew rant about the current popularity of Motley Crue. What do they have against Motley Crue? Andrew and Spencer bring up drunk driving. Can you refuse a breathalyzer test? Andrew, Spencer, and Coco share what their favorite drinks are. Spencer talks about a friend that is a food snob. And Andrew and Spencer debate the difference between a coffin and a casket. How would Andrew and Spencer want to be buried?


The Free For All Ep. 106 – Vaseline On The Face 5-16-14

Andrew talks about all of this birthday shenanigans. How much trouble did he and Spencer get into? Andrew and Spencer also discuss the absolute craziness that ensues when Jessica and Common Law hang out. Coco shares a story about getting girl blocked by an acquaintance. Andrew asks Coco how much he's spent at strip clubs over the years. Andrew brings up all the things you have to do before a Catholic wedding. And Coco is haunted by a bad decision to date a stripper/hostess from his past.


The Free For All Ep. 105 – Apes, Religion, and Love 4-25-14

Andrew questions what the heck Coco is posting to his Facebook and Coco's new feud with Brian Monroe. Does Coco get to aggressive with comments on his Facebook? Brian Monroe calls in to give his side of the story. Cancer Jerry calls in to tell us about blacking out and a very important message about not smoking. Andrew brings up his birthday coming up and feeling weird about turning 30. Would Andrew and Jessica have liked each other if they met now? This leads to Andrew and Jessica get...


The Free For All Ep. 102 – Bloated Guy Eyes 3-14-14

Andrew discusses how his diet is going. What made Andrew decide to go on a diet? Joe Tillman calls in to offer some diet tips to cut out the bad calories. Andrew and Joe also bring up Spencer's unique walk. Irish Adam calls to shame Andrew for not meeting him when he was visiting New York. Adam also shares how his experience went visitng New York for the first time. Andrew and Spencer bring up the missing Malaysian Air plane. How does a jumbo jet go missing?


The Free For All Ep. 101 – The Depressing Truth 3-7-14

Andrew and Spencer discuss Andrew’s new diet. What kind of foods should Andrew cut from his diet to lose weight? Coco calls in to talk about his weight loss struggle. Bald Jerry and Joe from Staten Island call in to share how meeting each other in person went. Are they inseparable now? Mike Phillips Skypes […]


The Free For All Ep. 100 – Very Superstitious 1-31-14

Andrew downloads a ghost detecting app for his phone. What happened when he tried detecting ghosts in his home? Andrew helps fill in Spencer what happened at Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse after not remembering anything from that night out. Did Andrew rufie Spencer? Chaunce Hayden calls in to talk about Andrew’s wife coming over for a […]


The Free For All Ep. 99 – Rubber Dolls 1-17-14

Coco talks about his continued bad luck socializing with the opposite sex. Is Coco doomed to never have a girlfriend? Andrew shares his experience getting stuck in Mexico during his vacation. How did he get back home? Andrew also discovers he’s really Italian after his mother had a DNA test. Spencer and Andrew bring up […]