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Seven Top Investment Ideas for 2014

As the global economy continues its recovery, Credit Suisse's top investment ideas focus on carefully selected themes which aim to help you generate more bang for your buck in 2014 – from China to cash-rich companies. In this video, Giles Keating, Head of Private Banking Research, explains the rationale behind the ideas and theinvestment implications.

The Emerging Consumer in 2014: A Reversal of Fortunes

The cyclical backdrop for emerging economies and capital markets has proved more challenging in 2014 and sentiment in the Credit Suisse Research Institute 2014 Emerging Consumer Survey reflects this. However, despite cyclical negatives, structural optimism is retained. China, Brazil and Indonesia top the "scorecard."

Stocks Likely to Keep Outperforming Bonds

Stocks enjoyed a spectacular showing in 2013, and Credit Suisse believes the market will continue its upward trend in 2014. Increases, however, may be less significant and further investment opportunities will arise later in the year. Michael Strobaek, Global Chief Investment Officer of Credit Suisse's Private Banking & Wealth Management division, discusses the prospects and the risks.

Bail-In – The Key to Ending "Too Big To Fail"

In late 2008, markets plunged into a deep systemic crisis when big banks like Lehman began to fail. In a recent speech, Wilson Ervin, who was the Chief Risk Officer of Credit Suisse in the crisis, discusses the key elements of systemic risk and how we can avert future failures or costly taxpayer bailouts. The key is "Bail-in" – a new technique for resolving failing banks without costly bail-outs.

Skill Versus Luck in Investing

Luck plays a much greater role in short-term investment results than many investors may think. Michael Mauboussin, Head of Global Financial Strategies at Credit Suisse, explains how investors can learn to avoid mistakes, and the 'dumb money effect'.Click on the image below to watch the video interview.

Battle of the Brands: Emerging-Country Players Pile in

Like Coke, Pepsi and Nike before them, brands from the developing world also want to become household names – and not just in their home countries. Thanks to an ongoing boom in consumer spending, they just might get their wish.

Sir John Major: US and UK Will Exceed Growth Expectations

The global economy is gathering steam. Although it remains slow and unsteady, Sir John Major, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Senior Advisor to Credit Suisse, believes that the US and the UK will exceed growth expectations in the next 12 months. In this video interview, he also explains why the economic slowdown in China is actually a healthy development for the long term.

Jimmy Wales and the Wiki Workplace

The use of social computing tools, like wikis, is a growing trend within companies. They harness the wisdom of crowds, and are used for knowledge sharing. Wikipedia Founder, Jimmy Wales, discusses what makes wikis work and how companies can benefit from using them.

E-commerce: The Marketplace of the Future?

The e-commerce industry is a force that no investor can afford to ignore. Jason Goldberg, founder and Chief Executive Officer, Fab, shares his expert knowledge on the booming industry and explains why being in the business of creating "Wow" generates good financial returns.

Emerging Markets: Korea and India Set to Outperform

Emerging markets are fast becoming a driver of global growth and are a force investors should not ignore. Sakthi Siva, Credit Suisse's head of Asia Pacific, and Global Emerging Markets Strategy explains why.

Will India's Economic Reform Proposals Succeed?

India's economic future continues to capture headlines. But the economy will recover and the growth rate should return to 7 or 8 percent, says Gurcharan Das, former Managing Director, Strategic Planning division at Procter & Gamble Worldwide. He adds that investors with a long-term focus should build exposure to the country.

Trends in the New World of Investing – BlackRock

Investors must focus on "objective-based" investing, rather than the headline of the day, says Laurence D. Fink, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackRock – the world's largest money manager. In this interview, he identifies the megatrends investors should take note of, and why the trends of ageing and longevity could create a global crisis if not addressed now.

Impact of New Leadership in China

How will China's new leadership impact the country's economic fortunes? Markus Rodlauer, China Mission Chief and Deputy Director, Asia Pacific Department at the International Monetary Fund, discusses the new leadership's commitment to economic reform and the country's growth prospects.

China National People's Congress: Key Targets 2013

Vincent Chan, Head of China Research, Credit Suisse, discusses China's key economic targets announced at the National People's Congress and the country's role in resolving the economic downturn.

China's New Urbanization Initiative

Chinese leaders have put the New Urbanization Initiative as a key growth driver for the next decade. Tom Miller, author of 'China's Urban Billion: The Story Behind the Biggest Migration in Human History', discusses the move from the 'urbanization of land' to the 'urbanization of people'.

Geopolitical Disputes in Asia Pacific: A Real Threat?

Mounting geopolitical issues in the Asia Pacific region are a constant backdrop to investing in the region. Zhang Weiwei, Professor of International Relations at Fudan University, explains the strategic and political importance of the South China Sea.

Entrepreneur Insights: Competing with Giants

"Be flexible, but don’t lose sight of your vision" – Siggi Hilmarsson, CEO and Founder of siggi's dairy, provides advice on how to gain a competitive edge by specializing in a niche market and shares his company's recipe for success.

A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose

An organization's culture can have a significant impact on productivity, says Tony Hsieh, CEO of In this interview, he discusses the importance of service and culture and how he has applied this successful model.

Risk Vs Reward: Equities Lead the Way

As tensions in North Korea escalate and the Eurozone battles with new and ongoing troubles, the uptrend in equities remains intact. Anja Hochberg, Head of Investment Strategy at Credit Suisse, discusses the current search for yield.

Indonesia: World's 7th Largest Economy by 2030?

The Indonesian economy has enjoyed 9 consecutive quarters of GDP growth in excess of 6 percent. Muhamad Chatib Basri, Chairman of the Investment Coordinating Board, Republic of Indonesia, discusses Indonesia's success story.