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Rare legal perspectives on controversial cases, issues on civil liberties, privacy, right to dissent, US tortue practices and police state legislation. Interviews with activists and authors. Hosted by top progressive attorneys.

Rare legal perspectives on controversial cases, issues on civil liberties, privacy, right to dissent, US tortue practices and police state legislation. Interviews with activists and authors. Hosted by top progressive attorneys.
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Rare legal perspectives on controversial cases, issues on civil liberties, privacy, right to dissent, US tortue practices and police state legislation. Interviews with activists and authors. Hosted by top progressive attorneys.




Law and Disorder May 21, 2018

Middle East Round Up: Brian Becker Iran and Gaza are at both at critical and potentially catastrophic junctures. Iran faces new challenges due to because of Donald Trump’s denunciation of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and the re-imposition of sweeping sanctions. As well, recent elections in Iraq pushed Iran’s allies in Iraq’s Shia militias–the […]


Law and Disorder May 14, 2018

North and South Korea Diplomacy In a historic diplomatic break-through the leaders of North Korea and South Korea met earlier this month. The North Korean leader Kim Jung-Un promised to give up his country’s nuclear weapons declaring that its not necessary to have them if the United States formally ends it’s provocations and promises […]


Law and Disorder May 7, 2018

Political Analysis: United States Attacks On Syria The recent American cruise missile attack on alleged chemical war infrastructure in Douma, Syria have been defended as legitimate, if not legal. Trump called Syrian president Assad “ an animal“ who gassed his own people and had to be deterred from further attacks on them. Critics of […]


Law and Disorder April 30, 2018

Kisela vs Hughes: Qualified Immunity All too often government officials including law-enforcement agencies get away with gross abuses of power because they invoke the doctrine of qualified immunity. This is a doctrine which protects police who kill civilians. In the United States, 2,934 civilians were shot and killed by police since 2015. That is […]


Law and Disorder April 23, 2018

Speaking In Turkish: Denying the Armenian Genocide Around the world, April 24 marks the observance of the Armenian Genocide. On that day in 1915 the Interior Minister of the Ottoman Empire ordered the arrest and hangings of Armenian intellectuals and community leaders in Constantinople. It was the beginning of a systematic and well-documented plan to […]


Law and Disorder April 16, 2018

Mass Support Needed For Julian Assange Two weeks ago, WikiLeaks founder and internet publisher Julian Assange , who is holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, had his Internet access cut off due to pressure by the British and American governments on Ecuador. Ecuador had granted him political asylum in their embassy where […]


Law and Disorder April 9, 2018

Updates: Co-host Michael Smith Discusses Being Plaintiff In Saudi Arabia Terror Lawsuit —- President Donald Trump Picks John Bolton For National Security Adviser In these unsettling times it was particularly disturbing to a lot of people to learn last week that President Trump chose John Bolton to replace general H. R. Macmaster as his National […]


Law and Disorder April 2, 2018

Herman Bell Granted Parole After Serving 45 Years In Prison After serving 45 years in prison, 70-year old Herman Bell was recently granted parole in his seventh appearance before the parole board. Not surprisingly, the decision of a three-member panel of the State Parole Board, was criticized by the police union, NYC Mayor Bill […]


Law and Disorder March 26, 2018

Gina Haspel, Rule of Law And Torture Nazi generals and Nazi leaders were prosecuted at the end of World War II for war crimes and crimes against humanity and genocide. These crimes were incorporated into international law. The chief prosecutor was Robert Jackson, a Supreme Court judge. The Nazis defended themselves by arguing that […]


Law and Disorder March 19, 2018

Pipeline Resistance Groups and the film On A Knife Edge It’s now more than one year since law enforcement evicted the last Dakota Access Pipeline resistance camps. The pipeline was near completion and was supposed to cross sacred Indian land in South Dakota in order to bring Canadian tar sand oil from north to […]


Law and Disorder March 12, 2018

Victory: West Virginia Teachers’ Strike After nine days on strike, the West Virginia governor and the state legislature caved, granting the teachers and all school staff a 5% wage increase. The pay raise also covers all state employees. In an attempt to save face the Republicans talked about funding the pay increase by cutting […]


Law and Disorder March 5, 2018

The Granny Peace Brigade If you’ve attended NYC protests over the past few years you might have seen a group of women that stand out from the crowd. A lot of credit is given to younger generations for their increasing presence in marches and protests, but this group is made up of women who […]


Law and Disorder December 11, 2017

CCR: Current Supreme Court Dockets We are currently living through an attack on every aspect of American democracy. This phenomena predated the Trump presidency and has been qualitatively accelerated by it. This across-the-board constriction of the power and rule of the American people, to the extent that it had existed, has encompassed the suppression of […]


Law and Disorder December 4, 2017

Law and Disorder Editorials: Jared Kushner Middle East Policy Advisor —- Free Press: New FCC Rules On Net Neutrality The Federal Communications Commission recently released a plan to do away with landmark regulations ensuring equal access to the Internet. They pave the way for Internet service companies to charge the public higher rates to […]


Law and Disorder November 27, 2017

Defend J20: First Protestors Last January, at Donald Trump’s Inauguration, over 230 people—some protesters, some not—were trapped and arrested by police. Federal prosecutors charged them with a crime that actually doesn’t exist in DC: “felony rioting.” Armed with secret warrants, prosecutors then probed deeply into the defendants’ personal lives. Charges were dropped for some arrestees, […]


Law and Disorder November 20, 2017

Law and Disorder Editorials: FDA Approves Digital Pill by Heidi Boghosian —- Release Aging People in Prison Campaign The number of persons 50 years and older in New York State has risen more than 98% since 2000; it now exceeds 10,000—nearly 20% of the total incarcerated population. This reflects a national crisis in the prison […]


Law and Disorder November 13, 2017

Law and Disorder Editorials: Peeved and Churlish by Michael Smith Google Out of Classrooms by Heidi Boghosian —- Lessons From The Greensboro Massacre Thirty eight years ago, on November 3, 1979, 35 heavily armed members of the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi party drove nine vehicles through the city of Greensboro, North Carolina, […]


Law and Disorder November 6, 2017

Special Prosecutor Mueller Indictments Paul Manafort, who had been Donald Trump’s campaign manager, was indicted last week by special prosecutor Mueller for 12 counts of money laundering involving at least $18 million, setting up a secret overseas bank accounts through which $75 million flowed, lying to federal authorities and operating as an unregistered foreign […]


Law and Disorder October 30, 2017

Cuban US Embassy Sonic Weapons Scare The Trump administration is considering closing the recently reopened US Embassy in Havana after several unexplained incidents that allegedly hurt American diplomats in Cuba. Some lawmakers are calling for the ouster of all Cuban diplomats from the US in addition to the 15 they’ve kicked out of […]


Law and Disorder October 23, 2017

Updates: Co-host Attorney Heidi Boghosian Discusses Robert “Sugar Bear” Lark Case Government Targeting Black Resistance Groups —- Victory In Al Shimari v CACI President Trump told us during the campaign that he was in favor of torture because “it works.“ The Center for Constitutional Rights recently won a significant round in a case against a […]


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