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Join Nate Heitzig and Stevo Jeter for this live call-in show on various topics and issues facing you.

Join Nate Heitzig and Stevo Jeter for this live call-in show on various topics and issues facing you.


Albuquerque, NM


Join Nate Heitzig and Stevo Jeter for this live call-in show on various topics and issues facing you.






4/15/2015 - Fostering an Unbroken Home and Being a Friend to Someone Walkin

Welcome to a Tax Day Edition of Shock...wait, I mean USSR Space Program (pew! pew!). Today Pastor Nate, Stevo, and even Matteo throw out advice to listeners concerning broken homes and fostering an unbroken home, preparing to be a Christian summer camp team member, and how to be a friend to friends that might be wavering in their faith. Nate also changes the name of the show. You'll hear it.


4/8/2015 - The All-New Shock Therapy Live

Welcome to the first edition of Shock Therapy Live with Pastor Nate Heitzig on Star88fm! What do you do when a fellow worker at church has started smoking pot before showing up to help at Awana? What about when your cousin takes advantage of you letting him stay with you for a while, but he's making no moves to make his life better? What about when life just weighs you down? Tune in for some answers to these questions and more on Star88's Shock Therapy Live!


3/4/2015 - Questions Concerning Sex, Respect, Re-marriage, and Work Relatio

It's time for this week's edition of Shock Therapy Live and Pastor Nate Heitzig and Stevo take some tough questions about sex after marriage and how to truly love and respect your spouse in a biblical way. We hear from a few listeners today, so buckle in and get ready for a great Shock Therapy Live!


2/25/2015 - Working Through Depression, Absolute Truth , and Long Distance

On today's edition of Shock Therapy Live, Pastor Nate Heitzig and Stevo from Team Awesome Morning Party (along with Matteo) dig in deep with some tough questions from listeners. Relationships, absolute truth, and everything in between crops up in a great hour of personal issues and truth from the Word. Check it out!


2/18/2015 - Relationships, Relationships, Relationships :D

Today is ALL about relationships. Dating, listening, letting go of past's all here! Listen in as Pastor Nate Heitzig and Stevo from Team Awesome Morning Party help some listeners out with some sweet listener life questions.


2/11/2015 - Further Discussion on Marriage Strife, Church-Hopping, and More

It's time for Shock Therapy Live! Listen in as Pastor Nate Heitzig and Stevo take listener questions and emails and try to tackle those tough issues that can often fill up journal/diary pages in the lives of believers. Today the boys talk about marriage communication, church-hopping, and meeting people where they are with Christ's love. Check it out!


2/4/2015 - Appropriate and Inappropriate Signs of Affection and Taking Thin

Welcome to another sweet podcast of Shock Therapy Live featuring Pastor Nate Heitzig and Stevo from Team Awesome Morning Party! Today the guys tackle tough topics ranging from appropriate signs of affection between family members to an asian teen cutting off his hand in order to quit his internet addiction. We also learn more about Jesus Love People (, the amazing study currently happening at Calvary Albuquerque!


1/28/2015 - Strife Within Marriages and Jesus Jukes

It's time for another Shock Therapy Live and today Stevo and Pastor Nate Heitzig answer questions about marriages that are serious trouble, the new Calvary Albuquerque series called Jesus Loves People, and even the definition of a "Jesus Juke." Check it out! Do you ever have a question for the guys? Please email it to with "shock therapy live" in the subject line! We definitely keep it anonymous if you'd like, so don't hold back. Thanks for listening!


1/21/2015 - More Family Matters, Wearing Cologne at Church, and Going Out o

It's time for another edition of Shock Therapy Live and Pastor Nate and Stevo are ready for your questions! Listen in as they tackle a listener's familial issues, abiding by the checks in our spirit, and even singing some Neil Diamond. Yeah, Neil.


1/14/2015 - Shock Therapy Live Returns for 2015!

We've got the first episode of Shock Therapy Live for 2015 waiting right here for you in this podcast! Today Pastor Nate and Stevo discuss friendships between believers and unbelievers, overcoming cultural and racial boundaries with love, and Pastor Skip Heitzig's upcoming series Jesus Loves People! Check out and get in the know!


12/3/2014 - Relationships, relationships, and relationships.

Welcome back to another great Shock Therapy Live with Stevo and Pastor Nate Heitzig! Today we talk a lot about relationships, all the way from the shallow end of things to the deep! It's a good one, so check it out!


11/5/2014 - Back to Alcohol and Marijuana, Setting Boundaries, and Lecrae

It's time for another brand new Shock Therapy Live with Stevo and Pastor Nate Heitzig! Today we take it back to a couple of weeks ago and re-discuss alcohol consumption and smoking marijuana, we discuss boundaries in relationships, and we have a pretty dang good time. Tune in for a good one!


10/22/2014 - Family Matters, Salvation and Frog-stomping, and Condemning an

It's a new episode of Shock Therapy Live for you, and Pastor Nate, Stevo, and Matteo are fielding some tough questions from callers and emailers alike. Today we have questions about a friend's new faith, a leader who thinks it's fine to smoke weed and a friend who doesn't know how to approach it, and some family issues that are very unique. Check it out!


10/15/2014 - Mediums, Being a Best-Woman at a Friend's Wedding, and Violenc

Today is a jam-packed, solid edition of Shock Therapy Live with Pastor Nate Heitzig! We discuss violence in video games and other forms of media, a caller asks about how to tell her gay friends that she can't be their Best Woman because of her convictions, and then we get a smidge spooky with a question about a medium (someone who talks to spirits). Listen in!


10/8/2014 - Shock Therapy Live Has Returned!

That's right people, Pastor Nate Heitzig is back and he's bringing a brand-spankin' new Shock Therapy Live in his train! Join Nate and the guys in Team Awesome Morning Party as they tackle some questions that came in over the summer!


5/28/2014 - The Final Shock Therapy Live (For the Summer)

Tune in today to hear the final Shock Therapy Live until the fall, as we take a little hiatus for the summer. Today Pastor Nate and Steveo (and Matteo) give a little advice on situations that can be used for a little witnessing, parenting, and Paul and...Nero? Check it out!


5/7/2014 - Nate and Stevo Take On New Age Goddess Parties, Cussing in Movie

It's time for Shock Therapy Live and Pastor Nate and Stevo (and Matteo) take your questions over email, facebook posts, AND phone calls. Today we run a gamut of topics including abusing grace, cursing in movies, and going to Purple-Themed New Age parties and how to even handle it. Tune in!


4/23/2014 - "How Do I Deal With My Friend Who Just Came Out? I Hate My Daug

Today Pastor Nate Heitzig, Stevo, and Matteo discuss depression, rejection, friends coming out of the closet, and family strife on another hard-hitting edition of Shock Therapy Live. Listen in and hey, if you wanna hit us up with some feedback, email us at We'd love to hear from you!


4/16/2014 - Perservering in Forgiveness for a Brother, Struggling with Porn

Today we have a great discussion on forgiveness and how long we should persevere when a family member is in a cyclical pattern of addiction or wrong doing, and we get to hear from many sides of the situation and get some great perspective. We also talk about pornography and it's grip on a struggling listener.


4/9/2014 - Addiction, Tattoos, Praying Out Loud, and World of Warcraft.

Today Pastor Nate and Stevo (along with Matteo) tackle a few inquiries about justifying tattoos, praying out loud in front of demons, separation vs. divorce, and a few more. The guys also confess to getting back into World of Warcraft. Except for Matteo, who is an eternal noob.